Archangels are not one being, but an entire big society (civilization) of lots of beings with the same mission in the Creation. Members are very alike to each other (unity, integrity), and therefore, they present themselves to a human being (who lives in disunion) mostly as one being who appears and looks in accordance to its type of energies and mission focus, and thus to results of its creation (see “Heaven and Hell” by Emanual Swedenborg at ,

You can find these texts also in the VI. part of book “TALKS WITH TEACHINGS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS” – in messages 1506, 1507, 1517.

MICHAEL + AURIEL + RAPHAEL + GABRIEL are ready to protect you at any time throughout your existence in the world of polarities.


Archangel MICHAEL

Archangel MICHAEL

MICHAEL – a creator, guardian and corrector of programs of beings of light in the Father’s Universe. He supports beings in their true identity, in their free will. Helps with transformation of sheepish, low-spirited will to a will of God’s intention. He is guardian of galaxies that are influenced (intervened) by biological-spiritual forces of lower lights, with some exceptions – e.g., zones that serve for testing (training) of souls for further progressions.


Archangel URIEL

AURIEL (URIEL) – represents HARMONY, he focuses on the most harmonious degrees of Creation, and so when you contact with him, you’ll feel qualities of harmony in those areas. He is able to harmonize discrepancies and disharmonies between organizations or groups. He does that by means of his harmonious energy (he adjusts those situations – tension, torpidity).

Auriel leads and guides every artist who ever lived or is living – every musician, every painter, every dancer – of course, not personally, but by means of energetic (essential) communication.


Archangel RAPHAEL

RAPHAEL – represents logic area of concentration. If you wish to understand in the mental area, you can ask him for assitance. He will enable you realization of almost anything – in the sense of bringing a suitable type of higher consciousness on planet Earth.

We in spiritual worlds also call on Raphael when we are not 100 % sure about our intentions – realizations of our plans. Archangels know how to work in these aspects, and so they can assure us in these intentions. It is quality help.


Archangel GABRIEL

GABRIEL – works in areas of purity of frequencies. He works on anchoring Divine essences from higher worlds down to physical worlds. And, on the other hand, he makes it possible for those living in physical worlds to connect to higher Divine worlds.

In addition, he works in the astral world and enables seeing through astral illusions and seeing a real Divine existence in everything, as these realities show up in physical worlds. And so, if we have perspective of what is up to come, then we perceive what should we be working on.