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ARTEMIS – she is spirit of freedom and adventures. She is characterized by courage, free love (love freed from earthly limitations) and also unity of heart and mind.


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ASHTARA – she is helping beings to discover abilities of creation, to keep open mind and she leads to more significant possibilities. She conveyes to people visions of new worlds, ideas and experiences, which we are still only discovering.


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CLAIRE  – helps in understanding nature and cosmic love. She collaborates with Elohim of purity, with master Serapis and with Archangel Raphael.


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FLORA – she is characterized by joy and harmony in the rhythm of nature.


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ISIS – represents essence of pleasure and so she helps beings to overcome some difficulties that show up during earthly life.


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MARY – respects all beings in her unlimited love, and she forgives everything. She joins children in unity and harmony.


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NADA – (member of karmic leadership) – she keeps her eye on beings who still work on their karma. She helps one to join intelligence with love and so to become living wisdom.


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ROWENA – guides beings on their way of discipline toward mastery. Her essence is linked to St. Theresa (Spain).


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SAMARA – emanates limitless love for all. She guides beings to see spiritual essence in all things, in Earth, in watter, in air, in fire, in birds, in animals, in people. She represents Christ’s consciousness.


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VENUS – represents power of love and beauty of the Creation, she helps with transformation. She also is a Divine partner of Sanat Kumara (Lord of Venus star). They are beings of fire.


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QUAN – YIN – she is characterized by calmness and presence of love. She brings pleasure and internal joy regardless of what situations are happening in the external.