God's cross - divine protection, love and wisdom

The Prime Creator of all Universes and Creator of our Universe

Our beloved Creator of our Universe

Holy Spirit - creative activity of the Prime Creator of all and everything

The High Council in Petala and help for pregnant women

ORTHON (or Jesus Christ) - the spiritual guarantor of our Galaxy

Radiaton of spiritual energy


Stimulation of opening the fourth chakra - chakra of feel and love

Charging up with positive energy

Creator's love and grace for us, people of planet Earth

The Golden Gate - through which our Creator's grace and love flow to help planet Earth

Protection from negative and coarse vibrations from surroundings

Symbol of members of family of Light

Symbol of Pleiades stellar system

Symbol of planet Erra of Pleiades

Symbol of planet Ummo

Symbol of knowledge

Uplifting physical body with energy

Illustration of the entire hierarchy of our Creator and his Universe

Weather forecast

Planet Earth

Protection from negative energies and coarse vibrations from surroundings

Purifying AURA from negative energies


Stimulation of opening the third eye (the sixth chakra)

Healing bronchitis and bronchi

Healing urinary track

Healing stomach

Healing spermacy

Healing and improving male potence

Healing vascularization of legs

Stimulating the first chakra

Pulling illness out of body

Relief at the location of illness

Compensation for Reiki

Healing womb and uterine suppository

Healing gall-bladder and gall-duct

The formation of Divine Trinity

The formation of Divine Trinity