Every planet has 12 physical dimensions (+ 24 intermediate dimensions + 12 spiritual dimensions, making a total of 48 dimensions = realities = spheres = worlds occupying quasi the same position with different vibrations). Some of them are inhabited by civilizations, some of them aren’t.


Cosmic master SOLARIS KUMARA - planet The Spiritual Sun

SOLARIS KUMARA – member of The Higher Leadership (Council) of Cosmic Spiritual Sun. He leads beings to look on things from rather cosmic perspective and he calms down tempestuous discussions of The Planetary Leadership. He represents Sun (at the level of Spirit).


Cosmic master HORUS - planet Sun

HORUS – represents Sun. He coordinates activities led by members of The Planetary Leadership and members of The Higher Leadership (Christ’s beings).


Cosmic master HERMES - planet Mercury

HERMES – member of The Planetary Leadership. He represents planet Mercury. He is helping beings in improvement of contact and communication between human consciousness and cosmic consciousness.


Cosmic master ADONIS - planet Venus

ADONIS a cosmic being (master). He is a guardian of every soul of Light in this Universe. You can call Adonis for help, we have the luck he is available to beings of planet Earth at this time. He represents The Planetary Leadership on Venus.


Cosmic master ENOCH - planet Earth

ENOCH – he is master of records (files, writings) from Father. He initiates into Godly worlds. And he is responsible for interpreting and conveying these scientific writings of living light to many worlds of life. These writings (records) are also named “64 keys from Enoch”. These keys are to prepare beings for entering the many Divine Paradises of Father. He represents The Planetary Leadership on Earth.

Note: It is not needed to read that book (64 keys), it is sufficient to call for Enoch and ask him for delivery of the 64 keys, for example during sleep, and then, these keys will be gradually, in sequence, delivered to you in a form of light letters. (The book was published in U.S.A. in 1973, see pic. 385 - 397 – processor’s note).


Cosmic master CROESUS - planet Mars

CROESUS – member of The Planetary Leadership and coodinator of activities of planetary masters. He represents planet Mars.


Cosmic master JOVE - planet Jupiter

JOVE – he emanates optimism. He works on harmonization of magnetism (of all planets). He represents The Planetary Leadership on Jupiter (Jupiter is becoming Sun).


Cosmic master ZOROASTER - planet Saturn

ZOROASTER – member of The Planetary Leadership. He represents planet Saturn. Saturn is an academic (school) center of Solar System, where souls are preparing and training for further incarnations. Zoroaster leads beings to responsibility, good organization and service (mission).


Cosmic master QUETZALCOATL - planet Uranus

QUETZALCOATL – is helping beings in changes from a run-in system (e.g., an obsolete religion) to the New Age. He works on changes of philosophy. He is member of The Planetary Council and he represents planet Uranus.


Cosmic master MERLIN - planet Neptune

MERLIN – member of The Planetary Leadership. He works at the level of cosmic consciousness and so he helps beings to attain a higher intelligence and a new thinking. He represents planet Neptune.


Cosmic master LAO-TZU - planets Pluto & Volcano

LAO - TZU – represents the all-inclusive (non-personal) wisdom. He is member of The Planetary Leadership. He represents planets Pluto and Volcano.


Cosmic mistress ATHENA - asteroid Belt

ATHENA – she is characterized by truth and justice. She is member of The Planetary Council (asteroid Belt).