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Conversations with God
www.conversationswithgod.org (home page)
divine@conversationswithgod.org (e-mail)
scott@cwgcenter.com (e-mail)
Angel's Music Of The Light
www.aeoliah.com (home page)
www.universe-people.cz/aeoliah copy of the web from 09/12/2002
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Missionary Referral Office, 50 East North Temple
Salt Lake City, Utah 84150
U.S.A., tel. 001-801-240-221
www.lds.org (domovská stránka)
CUR-Liahona-IMag@ldschurch.org (e-mail)
Celestine vision www.celestinevision.com/main.html (home page)
jamesredfield@celestinevision.com (e-mail)
WingMakers www.wingmakers.com (home page)
What knows NSA and ACIO about extraterrestrials
Ariana Sheran, Canada www.cloverleafconnection.ca - Contact 15 years with Ashtar Sheran - audio-info
Message of Ashtar Sheran www.symbolsite.com.br/ashtar.htm - sonic record of message of Ashtar Sheran from radio in Brazil (in Portuguese)
Warning against chips www.statewatch.org (home page)

NO VERICHIP IN SIDE www.noverichipinside.com (home page)  ( backup of the Website 07/02/2007 )

ELECTRIC CAR www.eliica.com (home page)

WIKIPEDIA Encyclopedia www.wikipedia.org (home page)