CONDITIONS FOR CONTACT WITH COSMIC FRIENDS OF FORCES OF LIGHT AND WITH OUR CREATOR   Message 1603.                              Ivo A. Benda   February 26, 1998.


Motto:   Contacts with peaceful extraterrestrials

in Czech republic are at full pace ...


Dedicated with love to all peaceful people of this Earth and to our Friends from Cosmos.


Dear reader,


I would like to present you the conditions for contacts with FRIENDS from Cosmos and with our Creator. These conditions are listed in texts of "Talks with teachings" books, and I present them here summarily. Those of you who have too materialist thinking and have your sentiment inhibited, focus on removal of these barriers.

The conditions here are actually conditions of abidance to Cosmic Laws of PRIME CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, and thanks to them, you will increase and stabilize your vibratory - spiritual level. Cosmic people long for contacts with every earthman fulfilling these conditions. As of July 6, 1998, 670 000 people in the Czech Republic have experienced such contacts. After fulfillment of these conditions, everybody can contact the Creator, too.


1. Live a loving, harmonious, well-ordered and spiritually - sentimentally founded life. Love your Prime Creator of everything and everybody, your Spirit and physical body - by this you love your Creator, for you are part of him/her. Don't drink alcohol excessively, preferably not at all; don't smoke cigarettes excessively, preferably not at all. Forgive yourself and your fellows.


2. Love other human beings, even those who harm you, for they do only what they can.


3. Love all other Creations, the "living" and "non-living" ones, i.e. nature, plants, animals, and the planet Earth who is a higher being than us.


4. Reduce eating of meat to minimum, best no meat at all.


5. Eliminate - destroy any negative literature, i.e. books and magazines about wars, eroticism and negative extraterrestrials (UFO - abductions, crashes of ships, etc.) - irradiators of coarse-vibratory energies.


6. Don't read negative books and magazines, don't watch negative movies. It's recommended   to ignore politics since it's full of coarse vibrations.


7. Don't possess excessive property (2 and more houses for yourself, 2 and more cars for yourself, etc.)


8. Help people in need according to your potentialities.


9. Work for people at least in the matter of spreading information about Friends from Cosmos (in a moderate, unobtrusive manner).


10. Don't harm other creations.


For such contacts you need no radio telescopes, no projects CETI or SETI !!!



One can ask for a contact with these words:


“Dear Creator, the beloved one, I'm asking you for a contact

        with You (easier contact)

        with my cosmic friends, with Ashtar, Ptaah, ...”


At the same time, it is necessary to have the purest thoughts and love in the heart, a pen in the hand and paper prepared. While writing, beam with love and don't insert your own thoughts and, especially, doubts. The best communication is IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CHEST via 4th – the heart chakra ("in spirit", no hearable voice), which, when open, serves as a filter from negative entities; or via 7th chakra (hearable voice), but there can be the both sides, i.e. also negative entities – more intuition-intensive! Wish you a lot of joy, edification and lovely experiences at building-up of friendship with Cosmic People!