A lot of people are watching lights of the ships of Cosmic people during clear evenings which fly at an altitudes of circa 15 - 80 km. These are mostly big mother ships (of kilometric dimensions), thousands of which are normally being cloaked in the sky. In total, 100 000 mother ships with 250 million Cosmic people are around the planet Earth. The best time for observing usually begins at 10:30 pm, when most of people goes to bed and so they don't radiate such amount of negative thoughts into the space around Earth. Space ships may, though rarely, be observed also at another time.


It is only needed to have positive and loving thoughts, to talk nicely about our Cosmic friends, e.g. about their life, to have a nice relationship with them, to ask the Primary Creator of everything and everybody and Cosmic Friends for a lighting greeting, and afterwards, you may observe even tens of flyovers, some of ships may fly in various directions at the same time, we have also seen 3 ships in a formation. The lights are bright like intense stars and even more, they may attenuate and intensify, usually flying straightforward, sometimes also in bends and curves, but always noiseless. The most intense flashes were like an intense reflector, and in our chests, we have felt intensive warmth the love sent to us. Ships may fly slowly as well as very fast, the speed may vary.


By sensing, you may practice DISTINCTION from other objects (e.g., stars).


Our airplanes are noisy and are required to use international position lights and beacons. On the other hand, satellites are barely visible, they don't change the direction of flight and always fly at a constant speed.


The favorable place for observation is the NATURE, exceptionally cities, rather their peripheries, but even this is becoming more often. Determining for our Cosmic friends is a quality of energies of love directed toward them from your observation area. That is a fine-vibratory energy of YOURS and YOUR SURROUNDINGS of hundreds of meters up to few kilometers.


We have these flyovers available on video-recordings (Video 2 - 7) as well as on CD-ROM.


While observing, people with internal communication are talking with Cosmic Friends about nice things a so they may enrich the contact.


Furthermore, it is possible to move to the spaceships (either small or mother ones) by your mental body and visit Cosmic friends this way. Our pictures of ships are of help for such visits.


Cosmic people are especially glad of contacts of people who cooperate with them at their missions of light. They greet these people by flashing lights to the windows or balcony of their flats.


Do not take negatively thinking people with you. Their energy harms (hurts) Cosmic friends, and so they don't uncloak themselves in the face of them ! Exactly these people do Cosmic friends hide for.


Make use of summer warm nights for observing the ships.


Cosmic people are happy when people of this planet show an interest in them, and they have a great joy of that. Should you know just how much they love us all !


Message 1497. 8/21/2001 Ivo A. Benda with Cosmic friends





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