Digest of books II. – X.





”When all of you enter this way of living, following us, being able to share everything with others, capable of working in this manner and of presenting your work to all with love, but all of you in this way, it will make a difference. ...”

Commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades, Ptaah.









1998 - 2007





CONDITIONS FOR CONTACT WITH COSMIC FRIENDS   Message 1603.                        Ivo A. Benda   February 26, 1998.


Motto:   Contacts with peaceful extraterrestrials

in Czech republic are at full pace ...


Dedicated with love to all peaceful people of this Earth and to our Friends from Space.


Dear reader,


I would like to present you the conditions for contacts with FRIENDS from Cosmos and with our Creator. These conditions are listed in texts of "Talks with teachings" books, and I present them here summarily. Those of you who have too materialist thinking and have your sentiment inhibited, focus on removal of these barriers.

The conditions here are actually conditions of abidance to Cosmic Laws of PRIME CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, and thanks to them, you will increase and stabilize your vibratory - spiritual level. Cosmic people long for contacts with every earthman fulfilling these conditions. As of July 6, 1998, 670 000 people in the Czech Republic have experienced such contacts. After fulfillment of these conditions, everybody can contact the Creator, too.


1. Live a loving, harmonious, well-ordered and spiritually - sentimentally founded life. Love your Prime Creator of everything and everybody, your Spirit and physical body - by this you love your Creator, for you are part of him/her. Don't drink alcohol excessively, preferably not at all; don't smoke cigarettes excessively, preferably not at all. Forgive yourself and your fellows.


2. Love other human beings, even those who harm you, for they do only what they can.


3. Love all other Creations, the "living" and "non-living" ones, i.e. nature, plants, animals, and the planet Earth who is a higher being than us.


4. Reduce eating of meat to minimum, best no meat at all.


5. Eliminate - destroy any negative literature, i.e. books and magazines about wars, eroticism and negative extraterrestrials (UFO - abductions, crashes of ships, etc.) - irradiators of coarse-vibratory energies.


6. Don't read negative books and magazines, don't watch negative movies. It's recommended   to ignore politics since it's full of coarse vibrations.


7. Don't possess excessive property (2 and more houses for yourself, 2 and more cars for yourself, etc.)


8. Help people in need according to your potentialities.


9. Work for people at least in the matter of spreading information about Friends from Cosmos (in a moderate, unobtrusive manner).


10. Don't harm other creatures.


For such contacts you need no radio telescopes, no projects CETI or SETI !!!



One can ask for a contact with these words:


“Dear Creator, the beloved one, I'm asking you for a contact

        with You (easier contact)

        with my cosmic friends, with Ashtar, Ptaah, ...”


At the same time, it is necessary to have the purest thoughts and love in the heart, a pen in the hand and paper prepared. While writing, beam with love and don't insert your own thoughts and, especially, doubts. The best communication is IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CHEST via 4th – the heart chakra ("in spirit", no hearable voice), which, when open, serves as a filter from negative entities; or via 7th chakra (hearable voice), but there can be the both sides, i.e. also negative entities – more intuition-intensive! Wish you a lot of joy, edification and lovely experiences at building-up of friendship with Cosmic People!






504.  Food.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

January 5, 1999.  11:47-12:36 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


Question addressed to the Creator. My today’s question relates to food. Our appetites, feelings tell us what to or not to eat. What is the connection among the stomach, appetite and feeling and thought, which affects the choice?


“You are right that appetite = feeling. It is really your feeling telling us what we shall eat, how we should get dressed, what we should do. The thinking interferes with the process from the position of logic and from the position of old programs or patterns that we have learnt from our parents and teachers. This logic and old programs are our burden. It is something that needs to be restrained and sometimes even completely eliminated, especially in the event that we already have overcome a certain level of thinking. But everything should be done gradually, gently, never drastically or in any other violent manner. One who has been taught and is used to eat brawn, meat and meals like that will hardly get persuaded to order vegetable salad as a main menu. First, a feeling will come that what he/she does is not fully okay and, subsequently, a thought (i.e., intention) to change it will emerge. Afterwards, our mind will subconsciously seek something that fits our intention. For example: If I eat brawn and I have intent to change it, I will change the restaurant or canteen for another one, or I will simply get an appetite for something else, e.g. for that I see someone else is eating. This is how you influence one another. The change may even come together with the change of the collective that I use to go for lunch with. As it flashed now through your mind, Vlastik, one of the fundamental laws of Universe can be applied here: same attract same, or in another words, energy of a certain vibration attract energy of a similar vibration. Whether and to what extent every individual wants or doesn’t want to suppress his appetites depends solely on him. If he, however, does this often or for a long time, he will get to the conflict with the needs of his physical body. And this is not paying off. In the form of various defects of body organs, the things we have neglected – our feelings that we have ignored – will manifest themselves. So, one cannot generally say that this meal is healthy and that one is unhealthy. Whatever is healthy for one can be unhealthy for another because that another needs something different now; and so it is essential to have a choice! Our thinking is a reflection of our experience, and it is not always our experience, but too often, we take it over from others, and this is the mistake. It is needed that one learns to listen to her thoughts and to change her thinking patterns once she needs them no more, once she considers them unfit anymore. What’s the exact relation among the three components: STOMACH – FEELING – THOUGHT?



Yes, thank you for the clarification. I guess this scheme demonstrates the relation sufficiently.


Let me emphasize the feeling of the meal. It makes difference whether you eat a meal up just to stuff yourself and to drive that feeling away, or you eat with pleasure, with gratitude to the Creator for the food. In the West, it is considered normal to throw something hastily into one’s stomach and go. This, however, relates also with the esteem for one’s body, and the body, in turn, enables us to experience the feelings “on our own skin.” (Don’t urge, I’ll wait, you are needlessly hurrying with the writing.) If you simply “throw” the meal into you, the body will respond accordingly: heavy feeling, tensions in stomach, heartburn, feeling bloated. You give your body no chance to recover as it needs. You often hurry back to work, you are pressed by time, deadlines, tasks and what is it all good for? One way or another, the body will eventually compel you to stop and reflect upon your acting. And the reason for stopping is health concerns that arise and we begin to contemplate why. The medicine is quite developed today and a lot is known about human body and the concomitants of stress. Yes, stress, because this is the term in your language for the state you are often in while eating. If you are smart, you’ll make a change – you’ll change your diet, your feeding practices or the environment. All this will eventually cause you to calm down and begin changing your thinking on the basis of your own experience. That’s all for now, I see there is quite busy around you. (It really is, some 5 people entered the room – receiver’s note.)


This was answered to you by the Creator of our Cosmos and with love conveyed to you by Itykerjahr and partly by Ashtar.”


Thank you dear Creator and also thank you, friends, for the information and for your help to me and others. I love you for that.  Vlastik.




505.  Food, further information.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

January 5, 1999.  1:36-2:15 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


“We can continue if you want.”


Is that you, Creator?


“Yes, and the message is being conveyed by Aykron from the 9th dimension. I will follow up with the end of the previous ‘message’, as you call it in the “Talks with teachings”.


People who take heed to their feelings, who take proper care of their body, are able to experience just the opposite feelings. They can enjoy and delight at the consumed food; they can feel pleasant warmth flowing through their body. For food as such is not designed for the physical body only, but it also feeds the soul with pleasing feelings from the consumed food. Hence, less is sometimes more. And notice please how everything fits together nicely: Soft people eat slowly, prefer lighter food, abide by their feelings, whereas coarser people eat heavy meals, mostly just to stuff up the stomach, they don’t care about their feelings much and their tastes do always repeat. Meat, meat and meat again. Sure, there are a number of people who sway between the two extremes. On one hand, they want to live healthily (mostly because they’ve already read or heard of something) and on the other hand, they still flounder in the embracement of old programs which are telling them that they need meat and that meat is really tasty.


But how can one get out of this vicious circle? First and foremost, one has to make a decision to change it and pursue it, and stop listening to those still under the thumb of old thinking who strive to take you back. For it is very comfortable to do nothing new and to follow the same old ruts. But it’s no go anymore! When will you, people, finally decide, activate yourselves and start reflecting upon yourselves? Why should others listen to your complaints that this or that hurts you? It is all your fault!


I love you and as a loving Father, I also have to raise you. For without personal discipline (I mean listening to the voice of your body) and without knowing what is good or bad for you, it is not possible to shift your spiritual evolution. You make decisions, no one else will do it for you, and by every your decision, continuously, at any moment of your existence, you are choosing the present as well as the future. Food, behavior, clothing – all this constantly echoes your choice. It can be seen in your work, in your clothes, in your food. This is the Universe of free will, and I govern this Universe by means of laws that I Myself created, tried out and found good. I’m leading you, my children, to all this good, and I’m helping you on your road to me. What you choose rests with you: the Light or the Darkness? Let those who like the Light to more reflect on themselves, on their behavior and acts; they are on a good road; however, there are always things to improve. Regarding those who have selected Darkness – it’s their choice, they choose their future themselves and I’m giving them enough time, enough lives on other planets in other parts of the Universe where they will be able to mature and to realize who they are and who they want to be. For this is the fundamental issue – to realize WHO YOU ARE and tell yourself who you want to be. Once each of you solves this fundamental question, lots of things will become clearer for you. You can turn to Me anytime, anywhere. You are part of Me, just like I am part of you. And whatever you are doing, whatever you are thinking of, is known to Me, for there is nothing that would be unknown to Me in this Universe.


Pass this on to other people – to those who want to listen and to become better people.


This was given to you by your Creator as well as Creator of the entire Universe. Conveyed by Aykron.”


I thank you Creator from all my heart for this conversation.  With love, Vlastik.




518.  Our today's medicine.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

January 15, 1999.  7:24-8:30 a.m.

Place: Sumperk.


“I see you have spare time and so we can continue for a while. What would you like to know today?”


What is your opinion on our present medicine? What should be improved in our medicine?


“Your medicine is old and outdated.”


Why outdated?


“Because you always seek to cure everything only by means of drugs, injections, vaccines, electrotherapeutics, etc., you keep spinning in one place. Your medicine cannot move forward until it admits and acknowledges other bodies in addition to the physical one. An example of a good new approach is the kinesiology, the One Brain method, that you are studying now, but it is not the only method. This method can help many people solve their problems, but it doesn't solve for them one fundamental thing – their choice. But we talked about this in our previous conversation, so there is no need to repeat it. People today are learning a new view on the world, a new thinking, and a number of people has still not got used to and realized the change that has been manifesting in their lives – that they can make decisions by themselves. Many people still remain in the old rut, lined for them at the times of the former regime, and are not about to get out of them. Hence, a change, sometimes even a shock, must occur in their lives in order that they wake up and begin to think of something else. Thanks to some Earth men like you, Vlastik, are, they can obtain information from without, from space, and reflect upon themselves and upon the meaning of their existence. The catastrophes like floods, earthquakes, devastating tornadoes and others that might come can still be influenced. If more than some 30 people meet, sit down in a circle holding hands together, meditating and cleansing your planet, the results of this can, among other things, significantly affect a number of those calamities. Remember that calamities of various kinds are here to deflect people from a balance, causing that people stop and reflect on themselves and their surroundings. A catastrophe in the without brings a change in one’s within. And as the people pull together after a catastrophe and one can see all the changes around him, a reflection or projection of those changes is taking place in his thinking and feeling. Of course, it also depends on one’s sensitivity; however, even quite unsensitive people draw some lessons from this. And if these lessons are not enough, another, often more shocking, lessons will come, such as exactly needed by some people for their evolution.


The same applies to the vast majority of doctors and medical personnel. How many people will have to see them with various problems till they begin to move forward and study more and turn to their within? Can't you, dear doctors, see what a miserable state is your population found in? Reflect upon yourself in a quiet, every one of you. If you want to help people and the vast majority of you have decided for this occupation, go to you within. Don't just run after marks, money and many other forms of rewards, but take a think. Pharmacies are crowded. You always give to people the same medicine – pills, drugs, powders, drops – and the number of the sick rather grows than falls. Isn’t a change needed here? The first change occurs when you realize that. It has been enough misery and suffering of this generation, and it’s not going to be better for the next generations either. Change your attitude toward patients. Having his/her specific problems, every patient is unique and you solve it by prescribing your universal medication. Yes I know, it often works, but not always at all. Don’t you think it’s been enough to using people as the medical test subjects to determine which drugs take effect and which not? Don’t learn to test everything (our patient – our customer – is not a guinea-pig – internal motto of some successful businesses !  – editor’s note) and connect with your internal Self, the voice of your heart, which will unmistakably lead you to your goal as far as you are willing to listen to it. More and more people seek help from elsewhere – from healers, true shamans, etc. – just because they believe you no more. Isn’t this strange to you? After all, it’s you who should be the light in the souls and bodies of your clients and patients; the light leading them through knowledge to the better perfection of body and spirit. Lower your ego finally, and look upon healers and various other therapists from the view of cooperation, seeing that they, too, may teach you a lot. Not everything (far from everything!) is contained in and covered by the books that you read in the course of studies. It is needed to go further, to continue to develop yourselves and your knowledge. Once you acknowledge that you may not always be right and that you constantly learn throughout your life, it will be a great leap forwards. And the path toward better health of your population does not run through better instruments, devices, lasers and other aids that are being offered to you for big money from all sides. Each of you has the greatest reserves and sources in your within. Yes, inside of you, and these sources are there at no cost, they just need your effort and time. And enthusiasm, motivation, as you call it. But that motivation is around you every day – it’s your patients and your bigger and bigger impotence to cope with it. It is necessary to reverse the direction of illness operation. All has roots in behavior and so it is needed to always teach people. For example, tick prevention in the form of vaccination is good, but it is much better to teach people how to behave in nature and to nature; to teach them that they shall learn to love one another, to feel things by their hearts, and nature will then reward people for all that. Otherwise, this planet will just defend itself against weakened individuals. Your medical science has already learned that every illness is preceded by organism impairment, but it doesn’t want to admit the cause of the impairment. This impairment is a manifestation of malfunction of the body energetic field – so-called aura. And the aura malfunctions when the energy ceases to flow properly somewhere in the body. And the energy stops flowing properly when an energetic block – a place preventing the energy from its natural flow – is created. Remember: Everything begins and ends with thought. You were conceived by thought and it is thought that takes you away from this world. There is energy all around you; even you are the form of it, and every form has time to change. And this is happening with you right now. The change in thinking will initiate the change in behavior, which will initiate the change in acting. Learn and seek. Seek in your within, there are lots of treasures hidden inside of you that you are not aware of so far, and once you discover them, you will have a desire to reveal another and another treasures, for the road to the within does never end.


That’s all for now dear Vlastik. I see you are already tired and also your hand doesn’t obey as it would be desirable.


This was given to you with love by Auter from our Creator and the Creator of this Universe.”


Thank you Creator for information for all this conversation, I will pass it on to people. Thanks Auter for your work.   With love, Vlastik.




521.  On development of humanity.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

January 21, 1999.  6:16-7:56 a.m.

Place: Sumperk.


Good morning Creator.


“Good morning Vlastik. What do you want to talk about today?”


About the development of humanity. Is it possible?


“Sure it is. The development of humanity goes in a direction which is not quite the way toward better tomorrows. Do you think that wars, killing, diseases and all other are here because it is supposed to be so? Not at all. All these things taking place here are well planned and orchestrated by the Forces of darkness, which strive to even more discourage and ground you. But I have given you a choice. You don’t have to choose this, you can set face against it, turn to the light and to beings living in it. Everything presented to you as an unchangeable fact can be changed by your mere thought. But the more given situation touches more people, the more thinking is needed to change it. If you need to change something in a relation to somebody else, it is necessary to change thinking exactly toward him. However, if it is a situation that touches more people, e.g., firing from job or closure of a firm, it is necessary that these people look at this from a different perspective. Every coin is double-sided and nothing is so hot as it was cooked, to speak in your earthly terms. So it is desired that one sits down in silence and asks oneself: ‘Why was I fired, or why was the firm closed and how did I contribute to its failure? Could I change something before that?’ Sure, you can always find things to change and improve. At the very least, you are now a bit wiser. Just that you stop and look upon yourself from without is a big progress. This means you perceive yourself as an independent thinking being and not as a part of the herd. Being part of the herd is very comfortable. But when you don’t know where the herd goes and you don’t participate in determining the direction, then don’t marvel and curse at it. It is useless for you yourself permitted this by your passivity. A good means to occupy you and put you to silence is television. Just take note of those pointless shows, programmes and series you are fed with. And you often swallow it hook, line, and sinker. Now you are surprised of my term “swallow hook, line, and sinker”, but why couldn’t I use parables and phrases you understand? It is essential to understand what I want to tell you. Regardless of the language. You use language to communicate and so to convey thoughts, experiences. When prescinding language, thoughts will remain. But these are essential. These control your acts and deeds. Hence, upon misbehavior, you must return to the wrong controlling thought. She caused that you didn’t behave in a different way.


It is quite difficult for some of you (most of you so far) to discern your inner voice, your thoughts from thoughts that someone alien insinuates you. The more you listen to alien thoughts, the more you let yourself be controlled. But beware! It is necessary to distinguish whether the fundamental thought is a creative thought, full of love, or it is a thought of hatred, greed and destruction. This way you can work your way to the point you will control and manage your own thoughts and you won’t be a mere toy of somebody else. Much like people are good and bad, full of hatred, so there are good and bad beings in the universe. Take a think and you will find this polarity everywhere. It is arranged so due to your evolution, so that you manage to liberate yourselves and make a choice. By watching television, you’re choosing the passive role and the reception of alien thoughts. And television has the filling function instead of the educational function. (Information = light, editor’s note). You call it amusing function. You often have a fear of staying alone, you fear your own thoughts and so, in order to not hear them, you rather stuff up our senses with television, radio, etc. Of course, I don’t have relaxation music in mind, at which you relax and let your thoughts flow freely and you just observe them from a distance. I mean music produced by some bands which invokes in you a thrill, heart beat, rush and stress. Everything quakes and shakes in you and you still listen to it. Why don’t you listen to your body? I have given it to you so that you could try it and discern what is good for you and what is not. I am now talking to every one of you who is reading these lines.


I repeat it again and I will calmly repeat it even hundred times to each of you:




It is and will be so and it will never be other way. Learn to listen to yourself and your surroundings with love, with love and feel. You need no television, radio or even music. All you need is in your within. Music, for example, can only help you to manage a bit of your way to me. It is a vibration which makes every cell of your body vibrate, and the coarser human and his thoughts, the coarser music. Love does not need loudness; Love needs harmony and unity of the body and the spirit. Let light penetrate into yourself, into your within, and leave off everything that darkens your senses, occupies your mind with uselessness. Saying this, I don’t mean that you do not take part in public events or watch events around you. It is necessary, however, to look at it differently - from an observer view and to listen to your feelings which are telling you how this or that influences you. You, Vlastik, are quite sensitive and you have had an opportunity to experience on your own skin, so to speak, what TV watching can do with a human. (I’ve had big troubles with the stomach and I’ve often run to the toilet – receiver’s note). And now realize that people who watch TV watch all those “garbage”, as you call it. What space is left here for people to think, to communicate, to solve problems? Surely much less with these means. You let yourself be stressed just to catch up with this or that TV programme. You rush about, thus destroying yourself. Where is the comfort, quietude, harmony of home where you want to return? You nullify it by single running a TV playing a drastic movie. Like hypnotized, you let yourself get dragged into the story, which actually does not directly relate to you. As if there were not enough problems around you to solve. Isn’t this a game? Game with you, your mind? The impulses you receive from the dark part of my Universe try to control you even through this medium called television. And I permit all this, because this is the Universe of free will and you make decisions. I can help by means of an advice, by means of my Love which I embrace you with at any moment. But only you decide whether you want it or not. I’ll give everybody what he needs to understand. To understand that one cannot build the Cosmos on the fundamentals of hatred, but on the basis of Love. This Love penetrates everything – even a stone – and it is only necessary to learn to perceive and feel it and to discern what is good. The higher number of people awakes and realizes this, the better the life on Earth will be. It is not just the phrase “to learn to discern good”, it is the very nature of decision making. Decision making at this time on future. You then collectively create a thinking of a group or a family, town, state, continent and planet. All this sums up, all your thought impulses are catchable and recordable. Everything you do or think of is constantly recorded in your diary, which you carry with yourselves, but which you don’t see so far. Once you end this life, you will review it. But you will not be able to influence anything you’ve done anymore. Now you still can. Never is too late, and the sooner, the better, the bigger reward you’ll get afterwards. Your greatest reward in this life is your good feeling of well-done work, of what you have managed, of how you’ve helped others, etc. In essence, there are no bad people, but only uncomprehending ones – those who have not understood how to behave, act and think. It is just a question of becoming aware of and realizing this fact. Therefore, do not judge anybody; just set example, explain and spread light further to your surroundings. All this will amply return to you in your children, in the relationship of neighbors toward you and in your friends. With time moving on, you’ll find out that you are not alone, that you have more friends and that they are full of love just like you. Again: The same attracts the same. What you send out you receive. But do not slouch your head, everything can be turned to good. Why the pessimism in the heads of some of you? Change your attitude to life and seek the learning resulting from given situation. The humanity evolves in such a way and direction as your thinking evolves. Pessimistic, destructive thinking leads to destruction. However, isn’t it just a destruction of something old, some outlived values and systems? Shouldn’t an essential change be made here? Every one of you will find the answer to this in your heart. When everybody makes a change in his heart and thinking, no wars and hatred will be necessary, for you will be full of love. Every one of you is concerned, so don’t be always interested in others. One must begin somewhere and also must end somewhere. Only life is eternal. Those who still cannot understand what I’m telling them by various means will later come to their understanding. But maybe it will no longer be on this beautiful green planet.”




526.  Food and nutrition.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

January 25, 1999.  11:30-12:13 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


“I, Ashtar, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, am greeting you.”


(Part of the private message omitted.)


Should I launch some kind of association or club?


“Why association, why club? Simply meet voluntarily, exchange your experiences, define your further mutual progress, so that it will be of benefit to all people. It is not about help to ten or twelve people, but to masses of people. So that even doctors can see, hear and modify their opinion. We will continue to assist you in this.”


And what about nutrition and healthy food? How to explain that to people?


“Just like you’ve been doing this. By vibrations. It is a pity you don’t have devices for measuring vibrations. Your having them would not be in compliance with marketing of the black T-shirts. They rather do their best that people don’t speak of them whatsoever, and not even to develop devices for that. Your living in darkness like stupes – this is what they like.


Healthy nutrition is closely, really very closely, linked to people’s thinking. When you push people through knowledge, they will find the right way of living by themselves. Healthy nutrition includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, milk and its products, cereals. Eggs to a limited extent and meat as it is stated in the “Talks with teachings”. 1-2x a week maximum, including children. Don’t fear this will harm them! What you eat now is overmeated food, not the food with meat. Meat can eventually be completely omitted, but this may require some time. Obviously, the less meat you eat, the better. And the lower animal you eat, the better, too. All this relates to the laws of the Universe.


And what home?


“Your wife has understood this already, but she doesn’t want to give it up. It’s her reaction on your strict NO to meat. And she is afraid of children, of their growth.”


And are the fears legitimate?


“No, they aren’t. If your wife and children were to reduce meat to even smaller extent than now, nothing would happen. You can check it out yourself.” (Vlastik deals with kinesiology – unblocking – editor’s note.)


Can you tell me what you feed on? I mean some typical menu…


“It depends on diversity of individual planets, on their development degree and on crops they grow there. It partially matches your food, especially when considering the composition of fruits and vegetables. Somewhere no meat and milk are consumed at all; somewhere else no milk and eggs are consumed. Consumed to a greater extent are cereal crops like corn, millet, panic grass, barley, common wheat, rye. We focus mostly on fruits rather than roots and plants themselves, since this way, again, we are in a lower opposition to the Cosmic Laws.


Can Jamahama or some other biologist-doctor, in view of our conditions here on Earth, prepare a weekly menu for me or any other Earth man in general?


“It is possible. I’ll let them know. I think they will do this gladly for you.


This given to you with love by Ashtar, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, Jamahama, the biologist-doctor and Hljara, who is also greeting you this way.”


I am thankful, dear friends, for all these information and for your support. I love you.  With love, Vlastik.




534.  A weekly meal plan for me.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

February 1, 1999.  11:30-12:13 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


“Dear Vlastik, I, Jamahama, the biologist-doctor of the Ashtar’s space squadron, am greeting you.


You’d like to know more about the meal plan and food composition. I know you’ve dealing with this issue recently not only in relation to you. Your meal plan should look as follows:  (Age 26 years.)


Breakfast: Mash, milk, cheese or fruit of your choice, with bread or some other baking. I don’t recommend buns (stuffed cakes). They are not the lightest meal for the morning.


Lunch: Anything of your choice and taste, except meat. Maximum 1 meat-meal per week, or rather 2 weeks. Obviously, the lower animal, the better – for example fish, sometimes even, although rather exceptionally, poultry. It is important to always thank the Creator for given food. It should be a vegetable food, containing enough raw vegetables. Don’t combine it with fruits. Sweet meal (e.g., buns, brown betty that you love so much) once in a week. Take a sauce with dumplings or potatoes or rice rather than all the sweet. That’s bad. Also buns, that your wife bakes you at home, should be eaten once in a week maximum. Don’t forget to eat an apple or some other fruits with it. It shall help your digestion.


Dinner: Should be light again – spread or another vegetable food, e.g. vegetable salad, which can be combined with cheese, milk and buttermilk. I recommend that you drink it down with magnetized water or tea or milk beverages.


Sometimes it occurs to us that you overeat yourselves with pork, beef and other kinds of meat. This leads to overall numbness of your senses and heaviness of your body since the body is flooded with an abnormal amount of poisons which it cannot eliminate in a timely manner. Consequently, this leads to plenty of digestion problems. You know yourself that you need just 2-4 deciliters of milk a week, no more, but on the other hand, you can drink one liter of acidophilous milk or buttermilk a week. It is all individual – you can test it yourself.”


And what about eggs?


“Eggs, yes, sure, they replace meat to some extent, although not completely. It is OK to have them 2-3 times a week.”


May I eat raw eggs?


“Yes, but you must know their source. They shouldn’t be older than 3 days maximum.”


So, it seems our home food is not that bad.


“No, it’s not, except for the buns. This is your weakness at the moment; it’d be fine to correct it. You, especially your children, need more fruits. You have at least 2 apples a day, your children not. Yesterday’s walnut-spread was fine; it is better to eat domestic walnuts rather than imported ones. They are grown in your climate. The salted peanuts often mildew and get rancid. You wife told you that correctly.”


What about cereals?


“We are used to eat more cereals (grains) and vegetables than you. We make variously modified grains; they are always well flavoured – either sweet or salty with vegetables.”


Do you use salt?


“No, we use natural salt from plants and vegetables. The content of natural salts is fully sufficient for your organism, but you have to eat more vegetables, particularly raw vegetables. Through fruits we get natural sugars for our organisms. Simply put, the less salt and various spices, the better. And it is not tasteless, but more natural, food. Our vegetables taste a little differently, too. We have different composition of the soil with regard to the elements contained in it.”


And juices of plants and fruits?


“We drink these to a greater extent. You are still at the beginning with such juices.


This was given to you with love by Jamahama, and Ashtar added something, too. Continue working, dear Vlastik, and spread the love and light. Ashtar.”


Thank you friends for the information, they pleased me a lot. I love you for your help and advices.  With love, Vlastik.




535.  On meat in particular and food in general.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

February 2, 1999.  11:41-12:05 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


Jamahama, what’s the truth about meat? Did I receive the yesterday’s message correctly?


“Yes, you did. I know you and your wife wondered about it, but it is so. One should not eat meat at all; but it depends on the evolution degree of a given individual. The lower vibrations of the individual, the higher need for meat. But beware, it makes no difference whether one is a hand worker or one works in the office. It’s about overall thinking! You recalled correctly that in the past, people worked hard, often much harder than today, and they had no meat in most cases, or only a little bit of it and on a seldom basis. If you’d like to maintain these contacts as before, you shouldn’t eat meat more than once in 14 days, and that’s the maximum. It should be fish meat, best the sea fish – they have enough iodine. You can avoid other types of meat completely.”


Am I perhaps making this all up to justify myself?


“No, of course not, and we are wondering you still doubt after such a long row of contacts. But I know you are searching for an optimum solution, for a radical solution is not always viable. I would advise you to continue in your current direction. You won’t miss the meat. The source of the problem you had recently lies in the sweet meal, in sugar.”


And what about tomorrow’s cakes with vanilla cream?


“You can have it; this is the one and only one sweet meal in a week. But don’t overeat it to not have problems again.”


What do you mean by “overeating”?


“A plate overflowing with cream.”


But I love it so much…


“I know, but still you should restrain. Nor today’s overflowing plate was all right. Don’t surfeit. I know, you argue that you feel comfortably saturated; however, as you are sitting here, it can be seen in the area of your stomach that not everything there is okay. In your words, at least as I know it, sometimes less is more.”


You know it correctly. Thank you for the advice, I’ll keep it in mind.


And what about children?


“Children need to eat meat or rather an animal protein. Especially if they have been led to it by parents since the earliest childhood, it is hard to stop at once. It can, however, be gradually restricted down to one portion of meat (again, best the fish meat) in 2 weeks. Although some people may be skeptic about this, that amount of meat is sufficient for a kid, indeed. To change the outer world, you must, in the first place, begin within yourselves and set new goals, modify original conceptions and establish a new order in your vicinity first. To this relates also a change of your eating habits, for this, on the other hand, is related to the freedom of thinking. The less heavy the meal is, the easier and better it becomes for your mind to free itself from matter and think from the perspective of love and goodness for all. It is an error that many people think that the better life they live compared to their parents and grandparents, the more meat they must eat (to show how fine they are). Such people are just the matter-oriented ones.


This was given to you with love by Jamahama, the biologist-doctor of the Ashtar’s space squadron, and I shall present you regards from all of us here.


With regards, “keep it up!”, Jamahama.”


Thank you, Jamahama, for confirming the correctness of my thinking and for other information.  With love, Vlastik.




536.  The flu epidemic and television.      (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

February 2, 1999.  10:46-10:54 p.m.

Place: Zlin.


“Dear Ivo,


You are asking if frequent watching TV is somehow related to the present influenza epidemic. Yes, it is. The mechanism that works here is that watching negative films impairs and weakens the body which, in turn, becomes an easy target of viruses, which are everywhere in big numbers. Yes, people who don't watch TV have mostly positive vibrations and so they are not easily attacked by viruses.


Yes, dear Katka, you have a correct opinion on this effect and so one can see the rule of law, in terms of which a human who is negative and controllable has still a lot of work on himself/herself to be done, and the illness is an opportunity for him/her to start that work. Yes dear, this is the creation of our beloved Creator, and so millions of people are trying to work on themselves in this unpleasant way.


This message is given to you by Ashtar, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, himself.”


Thank you dear Ashtar for this message. We like you a lot.  With love, Ivo & Katka.




540. People hear this, the Earth is crying !!!                                                   Sylvia Rysava.



Life on the Earth, life full of weeping !

Can you hear it people ? The Earth is crying.

She is suffering in pain, bad smell and dirt,

everything what has been living, is slowly dying !

Fire, water and destruction await her.


What to do now, scientists, politicians, engineers, teachers ?

You all who live on the Earth,

the Earth is crying !!!

Do not you mind that at all ?

Do you not care ?

Do you know, by the way, who will pull the trigger of the death ?

Do you know what will follow then?

That nothing will happen ?

Any small child does not believe it !


Still there is a time.

Everything can be made up for.

And when Not, then it will come the time that is to come !

Try to suffer,

as much as our Earth !!


Stop hypocrisy, stop this, it is too much !

Evil turns love out of our homes.

Fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters,

the whole our world is being destroyed !

It is on the wrong road and no one wants that.


Even though we do not do ANYTHING to stop this.


Why ?


Is it inside us that we wait until a miracle happens ?

Or we think that we will survive that ?

I am confused and I want to cry.

Is it possible that people will not do ANYTHING for their salvation ?


Our world is full of violence, evil and unjustice.

Who will make up for all this ?

We caused all this !

Where is love gone ?


If we had enough love

on our BLUE planet,

we would not have to face

this big problem.


That is why I call here:


It is worth making it.

It is worth fighting for it.

Against all evil !

To fight with our good thoughts and LOVE.

No violence anymore !!!






569.  Health condition of people of the Czech Republic.      (Received by Katerina P.)

March 27, 1999.  8:32-9:17 a.m.

Place: Zlin.


Ivo A. Benda asks questions, civilization DHOH responds.


How many percent of people in the Czech Republic are completely healthy?


“The health condition is given by the quality of life in the course of previous 20 years, not just by the quality of life in the year of determining the health!


1948: 3%

People were scarred by the World War 2, famine, fear, wrong way of living in general, poor health care.


1958: 45%

Consolidation of living conditions took place, people had positive thoughts (e.g., thoughts of building new things), domestic animals were bred at homes and dwellings of people – natural living conditions of animals; in addition, people did not ingest large amounts of meat compared to 10-20 years henceforth. Population explosion, many healthy children were born.


1968: 55%

Years 1961-1968 were marked by the top health quality of the Czech people. The chemicals in agriculture were not yet used. Animal food was given by domestic animals bred in family lands and people did not eat large amounts of meat. People had no stress and fear of future. High birthrate of healthy children continued. The best complex of health care; your health service reached its top-height.


1978: 38%

The use of chemicals in agriculture as well as many years of damaging the living environment (power plants etc.) caused continual degradation of people’s health. People still had no stress and fear of future.


1988: 15%

The major factor of people’s health degradation is the use of chemicals in all spheres of human life. Chemicals are penetrating everything – drinking water, all the food (so-called extensive growth of agriculture – editor’s note), furniture (formaldehyde, PVC), houses, consumer goods, toys. People consume much more food than it is necessary for their life – the meat in particular. The meat of animals is now full of the stress-hormones which are created during slaughters in meat packers. This is a massive infringement of the Cosmic laws!!!  People get much more dissatisfied with their job compared to the past.


1998: 2%

Finding a healthy human is a scarcity, birth of a healthy infant is a miracle. Birth rate fell down to minimum. Main causes of this condition can be summarized as follows:


1. Overall ecology deterioration

- Lack of fresh (drinking) water

- High level of chemicals in everything,

- Improper way of breeding domestic animals

- Excessive meat consumption


2. Stress

- Financial stress

- High job performance for little money

- Work dissatisfaction (the negative thought)

- High social uncertainty in the past 2 years


The overall negative thinking is immediately reflected in the form of illnesses.


3. Health care degradation

- Inhuman attitude toward patients

- Basic health care is inaccessible for many people – expensiveness


Many ill people don’t see a doctor at all – the reason is a high financial loss in work, or job loss.

Patients have to pay for many things. Hospitals are too far from patients’ homes – hospitals in smaller towns are being canceled.




576.  War in Kosovo (173).     (Received by Ivo A. Benda).     April 7, 1999.  4:05–4:30 p.m.

Place: Zlin.


“Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, am sincerely greeting you.


Yes, you are worried about that part of Yugoslavia, I understand you, we here on our ships know that it is normal here on planet Earth to kill people and cast them out of their homes. Observing the thousands of years long rule of Darkness on your planet, we have learned good information about how Darkness maintains its power – by disseminating fear. The war in Yugoslavia is a “movie of fear” which is forcefully by means of televisions and newspapers imposed on hundreds of millions of people on planet Earth so that they, too, will produce fear and anxiety = the coarse vibrations. Yes, people still haven’t learned about how evil operates and so they continue supporting it and feeding it by their own fear – emotions; this, indeed, is the food of saurians, who have been controlling you here for thousands of years just because you have been permitting them to. This is the Truth about this matter and the whole Universe knows this.


I love you dear Ivo for your striving to disseminate love around you and to further disseminate the Light on planet Earth. Yes, many people are beginning to see through the manipulation with fear and the coarse vibrations and are realizing more and more the ways evil operates and the ways to face evil. You are pleased that many people are already informed and hence are calm and composed and do not let themselves get affected by these coarse-vibratory channels of evil, violence and fear.


Every human has a free will and voluntarily accepts or rejects the coarse-vibratory operation of your media. It’s one’s free choice, every one chooses his/her future in this life as well as in following lives. This is assured by the Cosmic Laws – same attracts same and the law of karma. Yes, we won’t need to return to this topic later on, you are constantly spreading love, joy and light, I see you shining beautifully. You don’t let yourself get influenced by the negative energies in your work for our beloved Creator.


This was communicated to you by Ashtar, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron.”


Thank you dear Ashtar for this edificatory message you’ve given to people of planet Earth. With love, Ivo.


“And now I, Ptaah, commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades, am joining. Yes, I love you dear Ivo for being so firm, loving and for not letting yourself get flooded with the coarse vibrations, because you know this is the operation of Darkness. Many beings of the Forces of light now fight with love against the Forces of darkness and try to quench this war conflict in Yugoslavia. These are beings both on Earth and in the Universe. People on Earth carry out lots of meditations and thus try sending love to war men who disseminate evil and violence. This was so in past, and is so also now. You know that there has been a fight between the Forces of darkness and the Forces of light for 300,000 years, and that the Forces of darkness do not want to give up this area. Therefore, they seek to provoke these spastic wars in order to control humankind by means of fear and violence. This has always been the case. Now you can see the effects and results of this in not great distance from you. You know we are constantly striving to send love to planet Earth, who needs it so much, and many people on Earth are striving this too. I am glad that the number of such people is increasing and that they have a great desire to change this system of evil into the system of Love.


This was passed on to you with love by Ptaah, commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades.”


Thank you dear Ptaah, I will gladly pass this message on to people of planet Earth so that they can learn and replace thoughts of evil by thoughts of love. With love, Ivo.




582. Chatting with friends.       (Received by Jiri L.)        March 31, 1999.  11:30-00:10 p.m.

Place: Stribrna.


“Today you realized your past. Epsilon Eridana is a stellar system you incarnated from. So this is the reason you’ve felt your vibrations raising each time you recalled words Epsilon Eridana. So we are glad we have contacted with you. Yes, when the trees are singing, these sounds are hearable also for you. You’ve talked with master Jakuma.


“Yes, I am with you and I – Ashtar – am greeting you. You can see that when having a heavy work where you create, you are not so exhausted. It is nice that you strive to send love to all people, but don’t forget to form a protection. You are to learn a lot in order to be able to fulfill your dream (receiver’s note: since my childhood, I have wanted to pilot a space ship, but I felt there must’ve been an easy way to achieve this instead of pouring lots of useless information about our technology into my head), so don’t slack off and maintain your vibrations. You know yourself how easy it is to degrade one’s vibrations. You have already read answers related to the evacuation. It depends on quality of vibrations of each human. Take Ivo Benda as an example – he is working for spreading of information and is helpful to people. You know how many people have read “Talks with teachings”.


“Yes, Jirko, I am here with you (Semjase), and I caught your request that I talk with Verka in dream. But she still has some negative vibrations and doesn’t remember her dreams.”


(She smokes and eats meat.)


“It’s a pity, I know you look forward to talking with her about “Talks” and striving to explain her the things she won’t understand. Only those who want to change themselves will be evacuated. This is communicated to you by Ashtar Sheran, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron of 10 million space ships in fourth sector of the Universe.”


“Hi Jirko, I – Pleja – am talking to you now.


Yes, I am a commander, but as you said yourself, the commander cares for ones who are under him in the first place, and then she cares for herself. You see that, and my father will pardon me nothing. Yes, but wait until the time comes (inquiry about a possibility of contact).


I know you long for contact, for closer getting to know each other, but these personal meetings are also a reward for work for the Creator. Now it is all clear to you with regard to the meeting. You will be evacuated (I’m constantly thinking of an intensive help to others in the process of evacuation and boarding the ship among the last ones). You want to help during evacuation and we know you have a great pleasure of helping others. But do not forget to also take care of yourself, this is no excessive self-love. I will now communicate you a message, dear Jirko, and please pass this message on to Ivo Benda:”



“Message for people of planet SHAN.


If you destroy your planet Earth, it is your choice; however, if you want to interfere with surrounding Universe, we will stop you. It is all about your decision – what you choose you will also gather. Many of you have read the flyer and thought a while about its content; however, you have put it aside at once and you continue living in the old way. But you have an unparalleled opportunity to increase the vibrations in your current body to the extent that you will be able to enter other dimension. There are people in the Universe who are waiting for the moment you join them. It becomes much clearer when you realize that the entire Universe was not created by itself and from itself and that it serves some purpose. You, people on planet Shan, have destroyed your planet to such an extent that your mother Earth refuses carrying you anymore and wants to cleanse herself from you. That she is still carrying you is only thanks to love and meditations of some people and also thanks to great love that we, Cosmic people, are sending her. In the event of evacuation, any attempt from your side to stop the evacuation will be useless. We are able to eliminate your nuclear potential at once. Anytime you look in to the Universe, you can only see a fiddling fraction of what is really happening out there. It is the Universe replete with life, love and harmony, and we have a right to prevent you from having access to it in case you would try to interfere with it or disrupt it in any manner or way.


This message was communicated to you by Ashtar Sheran, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron.”














587. Message.                     (Received by Julie T.)               March 12, 1999.  2:30-2:44 p.m.

Place: On the road from Brno to Prostejov. 


(A private message precedes).


„My good people, here I am talking to you – your Father, Creator or Love – you can call me as you wish. Everyone needs love and everyone of you is able to give love in an infinite quantity. So go and give love to people, animals, your planet Earth, she is very needing it now, BE LOVING.


This little prayer is for you, it will help you anytime you will feel low-spirited or fearful. Let it guide you through all your life.


I think of love, I feel love,

I hear love, I see love, I breathe love,

I walk love, I dream love, I give love…

I am Love!


The more love you give, the more of it you’ll get; your life will become Love. This is so and it will be so.


I love you

                 your  FatherCreator.




593. Meditation to help our Earth.            (Received by Julie T.)                      April 13, 1999.

Place: Prague.


How long will it take for Earth to move to a higher dimension?


“This depends only on you, people. You can form this reality already now: imagine Earth with beautiful nature and loving inhabitants, think of it and visualize it, and be thankful to our Father – Creator for this actuality. Helping are also your regular meditations, the more of them you will do, the greater energy will be created. But wars on your planet do not help much in her renewal, do something with it. Think differently and show it in public, be an example to others. Show them they need not have fear of war, because this won’t help (rather worsen) the situation, but through their radiation of love, they can change everything in one moment.”



My dear people, please find a little while


every Tuesday and Thursday at 9 p.m.


for a mediation for our planet Earth. Send love to her and to all beings living on her, particularly to Kosovo where it is now very needed. Eliminate fears from your hearts and become shining examples for your surroundings. The more of us will regularly meditate in this way, the greater effect will it have. And should you, for example, hurry somewhere right at that time, a mere thought is also sufficient. A thought is creative…


                                                                                     With love your  Julie




741.  Thinking = energy (196).      (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

August 24,  1999.  5:23-5:45 p.m.

Place: Biocel - Solan Hotel.


„Dear Ivo,


I, Renata, commander of the ships above you, am reporting to you.


We are observing your beautiful and deep-felt perception of nature and communication with mother Earth and Amon. We are joyful here on ships that you feel fine and you look forward to further events. These events are developing in an interesting way, so you definitely won’t be bored, just as you haven’t been so far. You take a pleasure, dear Ivo, that people in Nova (TV company) want to talk with you about the situation of humankind. Yes, it will be an interesting work and I believe it will meet good public response. People long for unknown information about future of planet Earth, and so everything will go as it is supposed to go. I like you, dear Ivo, just like you like me and other members of the crew that I command. You have no idea how linked we are with your life and your activities. We care about how things develop and how people manage to change their thinking for the better. We believe that the changes will occur, and that people will be changing the awareness about relationship to themselves, to nature and to mother Earth.


People should understand that every thought they produce is energy. It is either positive or negative energy. This is the fundamental. Therefore, dear Ivo, strive to continue informing people of this fundamental principle. It is so important. Please, we ask people that they take a think and reflect on themselves and change their life values, that they stop being controlled by the “market” = the control programs of the Forces of darkness, and, instead, that they begin following their hearts, their feelings, just like we, Cosmic People, do. This is the only way forwards in your situation you created by your behavior and thinking. It is necessary to understand that the style of life you are now conducting does not provide for viability of your civilization.


Civilizations in space, which live thousands, hundreds of thousands, and even millions of years, have totally different life values and goals; it is no property, possessions and career, but a loving thought of everything around, including oneself. This is so important and there is nothing more important. In other words, it is the love to the Prime Creator. This is determining. Once you understand and feel this, you will be admitted with joy, love and humility to the Cosmic Federation of Planets.


This is given to you, our Ivo, with love by me, Renata, the commander of ships above you.“


Thank you Renata, I will gladly pass this information on to people.   With love, Ivo.




742.  One “day” on a ship (197).     (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

August 27, 1999.  1:54-2:41 p.m.

Place: Biocel - Solan Hotel.


“Dear Ivo,


I, Zora, commander of the ships above you, am reporting to you.


Yes, I am returning love you are sending me, yes, I am pleased that you think of me and that you contacted me. You are enquiring about one ordinary “day” on the ship, that is, how the day is spent by a crew member. I can tell you how I spend it, and how we strive to live in love and in harmony with the laws of our Father the Creator.


I begin by arousing myself from a sleep, which refreshes us just like you, people on Earth, for about 4 – 5 hours. After waking up, I thank the FatherCreator for a beautiful new day he has prepared for me, and I change my clothes. Our morning hygiene is similar to yours, but we don’t take a shower as you, dear Ivo, sometimes do. After that, I limber up and take exercises a bit resembling your Tai-chi, for example. Sometimes I sing a song. Then I check the latest news – events, which took place during a sleep on the ship and the fleet, on the tele-wall. After that, I go breakfast, usually together with other brothers and sisters. And in the canteen, we eat the meals prepared with love by our excellent cooks. Prior to eating, we thank the Creator for the food and the energy contained in it, and after the breakfast, we clean our teeth and spend some time talking, joking and having fun. We are pleasant and we like smiling and laughing. Sometimes we go for a walk to our green park and we chat there. Or we can also have a fun in our relaxation and free-time centres – there are diverse opportunities for active relax, gym, light sport and meditation centres, too. These we use for collective meditations, but also for meditations with you, Earth men, when you meditate. We also educate ourselves by means of tele-walls in various fields of science – from lots of nature sciences up to technical fields. Prior to the service, I usually have one meal as a lunch. Circa after 5 – 6 hours after awaking begins my 3 hours long (counted in your time) service. On duty, we can also do nonjob-related communications and talks if there is not much work or even a special mode, which is quite common now during these fight actions.


After work, I usually go to my “flat”, where I can relax and meditate, immerse myself to quietness. This takes about 2 – 3 hours and after that, we again come together with friends in the free-time or education areas. Then we have a dinner – this is circa 9 hours after awaking from a sleep. After dinner, I again devote myself to education or fun with friends who also have a free time. We can talk and have fun together or individually, or also chat with crew members of other ships which we are in contact with. It is very pleasant and amusing. There reigns a pleasant, comfort and cheerful mood on the ships, there is not stress. Only during fight actions, the crew members and more concentrated and focused on their work. In addition to fight actions, preparatory actions for the evacuation take place here, too. This includes monitoring the terrain, as well as exploring and studying the nature which is immensely interesting. All this is performed by specialists in the course of their 3-hour shifts. The others can learn the data from the specialists by means of main information “panels”, where one can see who occupies oneself with what. These panels also serve for the coordination of our activities. These activities can be likened to projects which are conceived and planned in advance and a necessary capacity of people and technics is reserved for them. All this is then evaluated in several phases – on a ship (including laboratories), on mother base sites dedicated for this purpose (they are in space or on planets or moons in this solar system), and, at last, the definitive analysis is done by our scientists on mother planets. You’d be surprised how many thousands of planets is participating in this, and how many millions of beings are observing and studying you here on planet Earth. On the basis of analysis results, further steps are considered. And the proposals on how to proceed further with the planet Earth are presented to the High Council. I deviated now a bit from our life on ships, so let’s return to that topic.


After our dinner, we further spend our free time, and prior to resting – sleeping, we usually meditate and work on ourselves by means of love and energies. We spend continuously maximum half-year on the ships. Then, we fly away to our bases, for example on Jupiter; some of us can go to mother planets to visit their family. Sometimes a married couple meets in one ship, sometimes they meet on a base after half-year. Our life is harmonious, varied and diverse. Some of us play musical instruments, we like dancing, singing songs and also painting. We are versatile and broadly developed, and we have plenty of hobbies.


Upon ending of the day, we thank our loved Creator for a lovely day and we go sleep. Prior to a sleep, we do some small hygiene, but we do not take a bath. Our toilets are equipped with shower and vibration devices, and this is sufficient. We do not waste anything, not even water. We are modest, we have no big needs and no special material demands, which, on the contrary, are so frequent among you, people of planet Earth. I am pleased by the number of people who are interested in our life much like we are interested in and study your earthly life. It is edifying, sometimes also funny and there is a lot of interesting stuff to examine and study. This is also why we are here; however, the main purpose is the help to fellows, to people in troubles, which you got to.


Now are we, dear Ivo, located 16 kilometers above you and, in addition to other things, we are keeping a watch over the area of your relaxation in this beautiful part of earthly nature in Beskydy.


This was given to you, dear Ivo, with love by Zora, commander of ships above you.”


Thank you Zora, I am sending the streams of love to you and all crew members.




743.  Mother ships (198).     (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

August 28, 1999.  9:36-10:25 a.m.

Place: Biocel - Solan Hotel.


“Dear Ivo,


I, Renata, commander of the ships above you, am in contact with you.


Yes, you are asking about the function and construction of our mother ships. The ships are constructed basically in space, they have no landing gears for contact with planets, nor do they have any junction for physical contact between them. (It is not necessary – editor’s comment.) Their structure has no weld joints, screw-bolts or any other joining elements; the shell and the framework are made of one original material (not by founding – alloys), and this is done by means of materialization of the thought directly in the space. Every such ship is unique and is built for an unlimited period of service (life-cycle). Older ships are not scrapped, but they are normally used and older parts (aggregates, devices, instruments, etc.) are gradually replaced by more modern ones. In principle, the ships have several types of propulsion for both securing the reliability as well as various modes of flight. The fault rate of the ship as a whole is zero. Mother ships are specific in that they are actually cities and they have a number of unsubstitutable functions. Every ship has its spiritual – informational field which depends on thoughts of the crew members. The crew has always a comfortable and spacious equipment; the size of the ship determines the maximum duration of stay on the ship. For example, for our ships of 1.5 – 2 km length, it makes about half-year of stay counted in your time. Ships of such dimensions fly in formations, e.g., five ships; they cooperate on tasks and in the event of theoretical failure, four other ships can tow the malfunctioned ship in their energetic veiling (hanger). But this doesn’t happen, it is absolutely exceptional, rather theoretical case.


Our ships are spacious and well-equipped with everything necessary. They have a propulsion part where is a combination of several propulsion drives on the basis of gravitational propulsion. These drives also generate an artificial gravitation in all parts of the ship in the amount the ship crew is used to. The propulsion systems are located in the central part of the ship and they form an axis of the ship construction.


In close proximity to the central part of the ship are located areas for supplies, which are mostly symmetrically deployed around the propulsion system of the ship. Furthermore, on the bottom part of our ships normally are situated garages for small ships, which work in either manned or pilotless mode. Here are parked the measurement modules, too, which we use so often.


In the remaining parts of the ship are working and relaxation areas. Relaxation areas have a “green part” – trees, bushes, flowers, fountains with small lakes – where the crew can relax and invigorate itself.


There are also lodging areas where the crew sleeps and has a personal privacy. These areas are spacious and very comfortable.


Moreover, there are canteens and areas for spending a free time, interests, hobbies, as well as educational areas.


The working part of the ship comprises the command bridge and the control rooms. There are also working halls with huge tele-walls, where all important issues and problems are solved in the presence of a number of specialists. Personal contact is needed; it gives a high feeling of the belonging and unity at work. Located here are also archives – the crystal “computers.” The data is not backed up; there are no failures in the information system (compared to your systems, for example), for we do everything with love. Various laboratories are located in this part, too. And, in addition, there are specific protective means for the protection of the ships from the negative entities. These means are operated from the control part of the ship. The desks, monitors and tele-walls are always rounded much like the rooms. We have no sharp edges and straight walls here for the purpose of harmonious flow of energies.


The reading or scanning of your thoughts can be done in few ways: by the direct telepathic contact by the help of very sensitive instruments. Then, your thoughts are displayed on our displays and we can work with them together. Thoughts are recorded and archived for further analysis. Moreover, we can read thoughts from a given room or a speech of a person, too. We use all these methods and we have a good overview of what is actually happening among you, people. We don’t normally scan the intimate parts of your life; if we do, it’s solely with the agreement of given person for the research purposes. Work on ships is pleasant, non-exhaustive. We work three hours a day in shifts, and so our people have comfortable, pleasant, satisfied life. They have enough time for themselves and their spiritual growth. People here are pleased to work for our loved Creator and they are really happy they can participate in the rescue operations that take place in the Universe.


This was given to you, dear Ivo, by Renata, the commander of ships above you.”


Thank you dear Renata, I’ll gladly pass these information on to people.




749.  POSITIVE THINKING.  Read once a day.



“Deep inside myself I know that whatever I do is acceptable for me. I know I have a CHOICE to adapt whenever required. Discovering that others have their own way of thinking and acting induces optimism within me. This makes my life dynamic and diversified. It’s exciting to listen to so many opinions. This gives me a CHOICE to re-evaluate or change my view and to respect it.



I feel like a glass of champagne. My life bubbles and sparkles. I can sing and dance out of joy of living. Just imagine that I have decided to be a part of this magnificent creation. Isn’t it marvelous to feel that I have a body, mind and soul? I’m in love with life; my heart palpitates in joy twice so fast. It rejoices in every single day that is given to me.



I swim with the tide of my roads of life. I create waves of myself in the river as well as in its source. My exterior knows of my interior. My pores open and close themselves in harmony with my emotions. My senses don’t fool me or keep me back from what happens outside. This way I can harmonize my life. My exterior doesn’t have to lie about my interior, for they are in harmony.



I am the seed, plant, root and earth together. I am the soul, mind, body and heart together. I am my own breath. I am my own emotions and mind together. I am my own earth and heaven together. I am a complete, integral whole, worked up to the minutest details. I know how I do; I know there is only one like me – myself.



I am willing to adapt. As a result, my body and mind are more adaptive and are able to better cope with unpredictable situations. I know I always have a free CHOICE to either adapt myself to a given situation or walk out of it. On the other hand, this allows me to learn something new and I become more aware of people’s differences. This gives me courage to be different and still belong to them. I am an indispensable part of the ever-changing model.



I face the life proud and upright. I have my own thoughts, ideas. I know they are counting on me and so I fearlessly share with others what I have in my heart and soul. I have courage to risk; to bear responsibility for my being an independent human being. I have power to realize my ideas while not hurting anyone. Without scruples, I receive compliments that I deserve. With gratitude, I accept help that I need of others to realize myself.



I seem to come always in time to a place where something is happening. Therefore, I always have an opportunity to add something of value to it. And I know it will be appreciated. It is fascinating to know I belong somewhere. Even in the most complex situations I can see something that I can learn and use for my own development. I know when I am needed and when not. I am developing a fine sense for my own need and needs of others. And I am always more and more in connection with this sense.



Life fits me like a glove. My body moves in harmony with my thoughts. The body and mind are equivalent. I can fully trust myself, for my feelings won’t deceive me. I needn’t hide or pretend anything. I am who I am – I am equal.



I have a choice. I can make a free choice in whatever life situation without anything controlling me. I am a free man and I feel it through everything that I have at my disposal and that is allowed to me thanks to the beloved Creator. I impose nothing on others; I respect their free choice, too.”




The Spiritual Path



820. Spiritual path – schematic table.     (Received by Jaroslav P.)                                   1999.

Place: Strakonice, Czech.


Revolution – phaze - name


a             1. you must know

b             2. you must want

c             3. you must dare

d             4. you must be quiet

e             5. you must have a sign

f              6. sense of touch – I.stage (7 degrees - 7 x 7 months)


                                  1.  degree of faith and humbleness

                                  2.  degree of preparation

                                  3.  degree of progress

                                  4.  degree of action

                                  5.  degree of rest and harmony

                                  6.  degree of individual work

                                  7.  degree of knowledge


g              7. Word     -   II. stage (7 seasons - 7 x 7 years)


                                  1. season of sharpening of spiritual gifts

                                  2. season of gradual progress, in accordance with application of

                                      spiritual gifts

                                  3. season of starting of very active work by means of spiritual gifts

                                  4. season of preparation for the Enlightment and application of

                                      spiritual gifts

                                  5.  season of first experience of high vibration consciousness in

                                      preparations for the Enlightment

                                  6.  season of sharpening of transitions of consciousness into

                                       high-vibration states

                                  7.  season of the final preparation for the change of vibrations

                                       and the Enlightment of a human being.




821. Spiritual path.                   (Received by Jaraoslav P.)        20.-21.10.1999.  23:20-00:10.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from spaceship that are all around you, are greeting you again after a long time during this evening writing. We can see that you are perfectly ready to write our telepathic reports about the Spiritual path of you, terrestrial people in your physical bodies, thus incarnated on our and your planet Earth. This the teaching about the Spiritual path is being given to you at this time because so said our only Creator of everybody and all primary things. It is happening now because right now was filled to the brim of global consciousness of all people living now on the planet Earth and also because now we can continue with this work of report 709, in “II. Talks with teachings” put out by our dear Ivo A. Benda.


In this report is writen, how a human being awakes his consciousness and desire to come back to the purest lights of Creator of us and of all primary things. In the begining we will briefly mention a path that is in this report 709 linked with hierarchy of spiritual worlds of our only Creator Primary.


Well, firstly, the level of spiritual worlds number one is linked with an origin of a little place in consciousness surrounded by material cover. Secondly, the second level of spiritual worlds is parallel-linked with regeneration of human consciousness, when its thoughts radiate strong white light to the Primary Creator of everybody and everything. The third level of spiritual worlds is linked with a gift of an implant in this being, the fourth level is linked with spiritual or meditative work for other human beings, the fifth is linked with meeting us - Cosmic friends, the sixth is linked with a gift of spirit from our and your Primary Creator, the seventh and a final stage, for a human being, is linked with the Enlightment, which means to get to worlds of God’s firstborn ones. When regarding this, to be more specific-worlds of God’s firstborn ones-it means a preparatory stage for entering these worlds, it is the stage of 13. embryonic paradises of the right spirit.


This is just the introduction, the first part of concepts, we will work with them a lot in writing about the Spiritual path. Now it is time to mention the second part, which is inseparable. We will use quotations from a part of text that is on the page 64 in the book “New messages from Prague”. For our use we will call these concepts single stages, as it is mentioned in this book. Now follows a quotation, word for word, from this text for later better view of these concepts. There is writen this: “Such people must be taught, with stress on facts to know and to understand and to know how to work with these concepts:


Important is that every man must know

and when he knows, he must want

when he wants, he must dare,

when he dares, he must be silent,

then he must have a sign,

then sense of touch,

and finaly a Word.


We will tell you, terrestrial people, other teaching regarding this next time but today we are going to say something about the way of changing of consciousness, which goes in the right direction to our and your only Creator Primary, of physical beings here in physical body and its influence on their reborn minds, which is completely changed by this reborning. Such human beings start to feel a strong need for spiritual work. Here we get to the connection of these two quantities and from them we will create an imaginary DIAGRAM OF A SPIRAL. These are quantities expressing dependence of growth of consciousness, which inclined to our and your only Creator Primary, on SPIRITUAL WORK. These two concepts connected in this way will create the spiral, mentioned hereinbefore, which you received in the telepathic way about a month ago.


In conclusion it is in need to say that there is NO spiritual growth without spiritual work. Spiritual growth means, only taking in consideration – changing of consciousness in the direction of the purest lights of Creator primary of everybody and everything.


All this will be transmitted here for all terrestrial people because this Spiritual path, teaching of the Creator primary of all of you and everything, is in this way transmitted to these physical worlds, so that these human beings could follow the road in their physical bodies leading back to the Creator primary.


This is all for today and we are saying good-bye to you and also to you all. We, Cosmic friends, wish you good night and sweet dreams.”



822. Spiritual path.                      (Received by Jaroslav P.)               21.10.1999. 21:50-23:10.

   Place: Strakonice.


“We, all your and everybody’s Cosmic friends from spaceships who are everywhere above you, are greeting you again. Today we would like to continue with yesterday’s introduction about the Spiritual path in a way that we will tell you other concepts and thus will be the whole spiral of spiritual consciousness in dependence on spiritual work of terrestrial people, following this path, completely described. Then we will start with more detailed explanation about all those concepts mentioned hereinbefore.


Yesterday we spoke about seven phazes of spiritual development of human beings and also about seven degrees of hierarchy of spiritual worlds, linked with awakening or finding a code or remembering of human beings as it is published in “Talks” II. part, report 709. It is the report about Creation of universes. It was our purpose to number all those concepts in accordance with their order. As you can see from the begining, there is always number seven and it was not yet mentioned everything. Number seven will be mentioned also in other concepts, which will also be part of this teaching. It is also in need to say that number seven is the number of the planet Earth and that’s why it is your, terrestrial people who are inhabitants of this planet and its inseparable part, number too. It is very shameful that not all people are aware of this fact and some behave as if it was here their property and they were absolute rulers. This is not the most suitable attitude to live like this here on the planet Earth but it is a choice of those people, not all of them are like those ones. Those who are looking for, many of them have already found the right and loving attitude towards their planet (beautiful and loved Earth), will certainly like to read in the book mentioned hereinbefore, its name is “New message from Prague”, where is number seven mentioned as the number of the planet Earth. Finaly, we will add to this book that there is writen about us, your Cosmic friends, where is solved the question of ifluence of extraterrestrial civilizations in history of your beautiful, and loved by us very much, planet Earth.


Now we can go on to widen the number of those concepts mentioned hereinbefore. Firstly, we will briefly explain what this spiral of spritual consciousness growth consist of. It goes from a point and finaly it ends in another point. We can call this point also a shining point. Why it is so, we’ll tell you in a minute but let’s go back to the begining of this spiral. It begins as a point and this point symbolizes a man incarnated in his physical body here on the planet Earth and who is completely busy with all ordinary everyday things. Such man not only makes spiritual work but he is so involved in materialistic things that he doesn’t want to admit that spirituality and spiritual worlds conected with it exist. If such man takes up an interest in this spiritual matter and if he voluntarily takes up studying spiritual law and God – the only Primary Creator, then he will start to turn this spiral of consciousness automaticly. He thus started with his spiritual work, he started, in accordance with his free will, to take an interest in principles of Creation that come from the primary pure idea of the Primary Creator of everything and everybody. Such man is situated at the first revolution of this spiral - in the first stage, which represents spiritual work of knowledge. Then the spiral continues with another 360 degrees revolution, when an imaginary point of human being goes in one line every 360 degrees. All those points connected together make an axis of a diagram of a line of consciousness growth. At the end there is already mentioned the shining piont and we can now write about it this: If a human being gets in his physical body to this point, then it will achieve spiritual consciousness of such level, that it will get to the Enlightment and will change its vibrations to worlds of higher spiritual level.


In conclusion, refering to the shining point, we can say, that to achieve this point a human being can only through the spiral, which last for the whole terrestrial life. This will be explained now, when other concepts come to turn in this writing. To seven phazes of the spiral of 360 degrees revolutions we will add two stages, which we will devide into columns for better description.



I. Stage


It consists of seven degrees, every degree is conected with a time period of seven months of fullmoons.


1.  degree of faith and humbleness

2.  degree of preparation

3.  degree of progress

4.  degree of action

5.  degree of rest and harmony

6.  degree of individual work

7.  degree of knowledge



II. Stage


Consists of seven seasons, every season is connected with a time period of seven terrestrial years.


1.  season of sharpening of spiritual gifts

2.  season of gradual progress, in accordance with application of spiritual gifts

3.  season of starting of very active work by means of spiritual gifts

4.  season of preparation for the Enlightment and application of spiritual gifts

5. season of the first experience of high vibration consciousness in preparations for the Enlightment

6.  season of sharpening of transitions of consciousness into high-vibrated states

7. season of the final preparation for the change of vibrations and the Enlightment of a human being.


Thus are here mentioned other concepts, then seven degrees and seven seasons. It necessary to add this, which is refering to seven seasons: It was not mentioned what happens with spiritual gifts given to a human being by the Creator primary of everybody and everything in season 5. – 7. Well, these gifts are used by a human being and they work naturally and automaticly. That’s why they are not mentioned in the overview hereinbefore, in seasons 5. - 7.


In conclusion, refering to this matter, it is necessary to write this explanation: Why is here very strong influence of a time period, which in spiritual worlds can affect very little ?  It is given so by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything that in this physical dimension time ties everything and that’s why it can influence human beings following the Spiritual path. It is their shining task to subordinate time on this path, which ties them together to matter. At the end of the Spiritual path, going through this imaginary spiral, a human being becomes a free and an unrestrained spirit. That’s the way it is because, then we can dispose of people who are impatient and those who do not abound with patience because this is a very important character for spiritual work.


That’s all from us, Cosmic people, for this evening and now good-bye and good night.


Your Cosmic friends.”



823. Spiral of spiritual growth.       (Received by Jaroslav P.)           22.10.1999.   22:30-23:20.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships that are everywhere above you, are greeting you again this evening. We feel very happy that you have sat down with a pencil in your hand to write.


Today we will continue with yesterday’s teaching about the time restriction, to be more specific about a general influence of this Spiritual path of human beings, in their physical bodies, on the planet Earth (thus incarnated). This influence is divided into two stages: in the first stage time influences at the begining of the imaginary spiral when a human being is not aware of the fact that time influences it. It  follows this Spiritual path and goes on the spiral through individual stages of the spiral until a certain moment, when it changes and becomes aware of this time restriction and it starts to feel that its time is restricted. This moment is the begining of the second stage, when it gets a certain shape of time addiction of another Spiritual path into his consciousness. These two stages we are talking about are not the same as stages from the previous report. This term is there used to explain time of lasting of a certain time period, which is thus divided into two parts. We must also say about this matter that lasting of these two individual time stages are also included in our diagram of the spiral. This transition from one time stage to another happens inconspicuously, a human being following this Spiritual path does not notice it. But if he stops one day after a few months, he will find out and become aware of difference of time influence.


Thus comes to transition of time influence as it is described here on the spiral. It happens during the fifth phaze (on the spiral e), it is phaze of a sign. From this point there works the second time stage and also it comes to influence of both stages mentioned in the yesterday’s report. Here in this fifth phaze of sign always comes to this transition, as it is writen hereinbefore. It is thus represented in the diagram of the spiral and it is again represented only in a symbolic way. There is no certain time point for this, it is never defined. It goes backward or forward.


But there is a different point in the diagram of the spiral, which in a mutual scale. It is the axis or we can call it a line of consciousness that conects individual phazes, always ending after radies of 360 degrees. Moreover, we would like to add another teaching that will describe why it happens in this way and not in a different.


We will begin with the first revolution, in the spiral signed as a. It is obvious that when comparing with other phazes there is growth of spiritual awareness very small. A human being in its physical body here studies, just observes surrounding and learns to study. It is possible to compare it to a child, when it learns to speak and finds its bearings. After going through the second revolution b there is better growth of spiritual consciousness and again we can say that a human being attends a kindergarten of spiritual consciousness. After the third revolution c there is quite obvious consciousness growth. It is so because a human being already showed its good characters and also longing for spiritual knowledge and also went through the whole basic school of spirit to show, in the revolution d, another character important for its spiritual development. After this revolution grew a little bit its humbleness and consciousness. It can be compared with a high (secondary) school of spirit. Then a human being can go to the University, where grows in the phaze e his consciousness and he gradualy his perceiving of time restriction distinct, than in previous phazes, what was explained hereinbefore. In this way is a human being taught for its future life and then can come another action, when his consciousness still grows on the revolution f and also achieved level of spiritual maturity. But it is not still mature completely, its consciousness grows here again and he comes closer to the lat revolution g. During this revolution grows his consciousness mostly and it, in this phaze, enters spiritualy mature age.


In this way we wanted to explain the line of growth of consciousness in the spiral. Now we have to say: see you next time and we wish you good night.


Your Cosmic friends.”



824. Spiral of spiritual growth.           (Received by Jaroslav P.)      23.10.1999.    22:15-23:10.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are here again with you.


Today we will continue with the teaching about the Spiritual path of primary Creator Primary of everybody and everything. Firstly, we will make a short and simple scheme. According to this we will direct other teaching also as in previous reports already put out:


Degree of spiritual worlds     à     Talk II.    à      7 basic phazes. Next development of the Spiritual path of human beings will strictly follow the sheme here on your dear planet Earth with you, thus incarnated in physical bodies. This scheme is mentioned here for later better overview of all these concepts we work with. Now we have to say something about the diagram of the spiral and it is understandable that we will start from the begining, when a human being is incarnated here on the Earth in its physical body and it doesn’t think about Creator Primary of everybody and everything. It is because it is completely involved in troubles of its life and thus it is physicaly prevented from its spiritual task. Then a level of consciousness of this human being stays the same and it doesn’t grow. Other spiritual beings from spiritual worlds are ready and they carefully watch what this human being does, whether or not it changes and voluntarily starts to study spiritual rules and Creator Pirmary of everybody and everything. Those beings from higher spiritual worlds are ready AT ONCE to help to every human being who CHANGES its thinking. Such help especially means: influencing of high vibration level. Such frequences affect brain process of a human being very much. This human being doesn’t know about it and it depends only on ITSELF, whether it will continue in starting his spiritual path or whether it returns back to his previous life controlled by matter.




Revolution a – phaze 1. YOU MUST KNOW



Now we get to explanation of the scheme writen at the begining of this report. As it is known in spiritual worlds of the first levelmoons and planets, a soul is subjected to this sharpening to achieve perfection of its characteristics. Here a this level is a soul taught to keep THE LAW OF INTELLIGENCE and took it as read. The influence from spiritual worlds of the first level of moons and planets get also into matter on your and our dear planet Earth, when a human being who changes its thinking and ADMITS in physical beings, that Primary God-Creator of everybody and everything does exist !  Thus there is reflected influence of Cosmic rule – THE LAW OF INTELLIGENCE from spiritual worlds to physical worlds, so everything happens according the will of the only Creator Primary of everybody and everything. Now we will explain to you how these facts are connected with the first phaze in the diagram of spiritual growth of consciousness, marked by the letter a. This influence is obvious from the begining of this explenation. Here we can also see that for a human being following this spiritual path is needed to get to know, or to know, and that without this it cannot go on in its development. If it DOESN’T take up interest itself in RULES OF SPIRIT and if it doesn’t start to study literature considering matters of spirit, it will NOT make progress and will always stand in a one place. In this task can help it spiritual beings from worlds of spirit of Primary Creator, and then when this human being observes some facts happening in its life on the Earth, it doesn’t know how big chance it was that everything happened in this way and not in a different.


As it was already said, this human being doesn’t know yet about the existence of higher spiritual worlds and if it does, it still doubts possibility of presence of spiritual beings in this world. Then is light truth, which have not been yet shown to a human being, that the word chance is the word coming from your worlds controlled by matter. This word doesn’t exist in spiritual worlds, because nothing can be caused by a chance !  Everything is thus directed, all beings in all universes who follow the right spiritual way to come closer to the only Creator, by Creator Primary of everybody and everything.


Furthermore, we will mention, that time that restricts matter influence, in this phaze, everything in a different way. To one being it can last just a few years in his physical body until it copes with the first revolution of the spiral, to other being it can last a few decades and other one will need a few incarnations or hundreds or thousands incarnations until it achieves this point and starts to work on spiritual development.


That’s all for now, see you next time and we wish you good night.

Your Cosmic friends.”



825. Spiral of spiritual world.            (Received by Jaroslav P.)          25.10.1999. 22:00-23:25.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you after a short break. We are very glad that you have sat down again to write. You needed a break because you were very tired. Today is everything alright and that’s why we can continue with writing about the Spiritual path and immediately we will begin second grade of spiritual worlds – planetary suns, where souls – astral bodies sharpen their free will so that they could follow the Spiritual path to Primary Creator of everybody and everything. It is very important to know, that free will is very important for souls on this Spiritual path. Otherwise if it was not all voluntary, there would never be any spiritual growth. As it was mentioned in writing about the creating of unending universes that, in the second stage of spiritual worlds influence them already the third stage of universes of free-streaming objects that will prove free will of souls – astral bodies completely. Before we go on, we will use teaching of your astrologers. In your astrologic literature is writen: “As in heaven, the same on the Earth”, which does count for much also here.




The revolution b – phaze 2. YOU MUST WANT



As souls – astral bodies’ staying power - free will is examined in the second stage of spiritual worlds of planetary suns, the same affects this cosmic rule a human being in physical body here on the beautiful planet Earth. Such human being will make progress in his spiritual development when it SHATTERS A PHYSICAL COVER that ties its free consciousness. Then its thoughts will stream to the only Creator Primary of everybody and everything. It must feel ITSELF a strong need for this Spiritual path WITHOUT EXTERNAL IMPULSES OR OTHER INFLUENCE. This is very neccesary, otherwise it will stay on the first revolution. Then, if this human being gets in a state of light euphoria voluntarily, immediately will start spinning into the second revolution of the Spiritual path, where will spend some time.


It will fill its everlasting desire for knowledge and spiritual rules of Primary Creator of everybody and everything if it completely perceives a need to be a part of this light course of events. In conclusion, we can mention influence of time. You can see that the second revolution lasts for shorter time than the first revolution. This is different for every human being. Some hesitating ones can spend like this some incarnations in physical bodies. Human beings cope with it mostly in a few months time, maximally one or two years of terrestrial life. That is the most usual case and before we go on, we will mention this important note:


The book “Talks I. and II.” and some other literature mentioned in these books influence human beings, who are on the first revolution of the spiritual spiral, as CODE-FINDING that will cause FAST START OF TURNING OF THE SPIRAL and also unexpected spiritual growth of such beings. To some may happen that they will “stumble”, “make a mistake” and again through the spiral will go back to matter but in the opposite direction. This can also work like a SIEVE to let go on only those people who HAVE UNENDING LOVE, SYMPATHY, HUMBLENESS, PATIENCE IN THEIR HEARTS. Again you can feel THROWING OUT OF LIGHT INTELLIGENCE OF the Primary Creator of everybody and everything, who controls also development of our and your dear planet Earth, everywhere.


Today we will also go on in our teaching and we will write about influence in spiritual worlds  of the third stage, where human souls sharpens – astral bodies the LAW OF THE INTELLIGENCE so that they adored perfection of God’s (Primary Creator) purity and forgot about proud. This is the third stage of spiritual worlds of galactic suns. It is a place where is a lot of hustle everywhere. It is known also to you, terrestrial people, that from the spiritual world come souls into half-physical bodies but some also into physical bodies and now we would like to make a more detailed explanation considering this topic.


In writing about creating of unending universes is writen that they are the messengers of the dawn, thus incarnated on your and our dear Earth. Yes, this is the truth and there are lot of them. The fact that nowadays live 6,3 billions on the planet Earth people is for an attentive listener very interesting. Why do you think there are so many people ?  I will anwer: “It is caused by reborning of the planet Earth. In order to reborn global consciousness of all people here on the planet Earth.” The reason why there are ten times more people than the Earth could feed on usual conditions, is given by fact that incarnation of souls into physical bodies is given on a huge scale by their own choice. These souls are able to know more in spiritual worlds than in their physical bodies. That’s why they can see future, they can see what they are going to do there, where they will be incarnated in the future. This the main reason why the planet Earth carries now so many people. As far as, hereinbefore mentioned, messengers of the dawn are concerned, there are a lot of them on your and our dear planet Earth. To be more sdpecific, almost one billion. At the dawn of your third millenium it is planed by your and our Primary Creator that the number of those people will still grow, to prepare good conditions for the reborning process of the Earh into higher dimensions. It is Creator’s work and He gives all beings, also to human beings in physical bodies, complete freedom of decision. If nowadays people destroy tha planet Earth that it becomes uninhabitable, they will be responsible for all those results. But it is not the same with using of nuclear technology !  In such case there would be a quick interference into your course of events on the planet Earth from outside. Because this would mean interference with other spiritual worlds, which is not permitted by Creator and by Cosmic rules too.




The revolution c – phaze 3. YOU MUST DARE



To finish this explanation considering the Spiritual path of human beings, this course of events in spiritual worlds of the third stage is a reflection of creation here on the planet Earth. A human being who is already awoken by its own free will, now longs very much for knowledge and is determined to follow the Spiritual path back to the Primary Creator of everybody and everything. Then it gets the GIFT OF THE IMPLANT from Creator of everybody and everything in course of terrestrial events to make it more sensitive to smooth vibrations of your and our Creator. On the spiral of spiritual development it also symbolizes the revolution number three. A human being is pressed to dare, to try to follow spiritual path of right lights. Such human being is also quite prepared for this task and is on a higher level and have already sharpened the basic cosmic rule – THE LAW OF INTELLIGENCE. The first sharpening of this cosmic rule was, as you remember from previous explanation, sharpening of souls – astral bodies in the first stage of spiritual worlds of moons and planets and then becoming aware of existence of spiritual worlds and also the Primary Creator in His physical body, which reflects the first revolution of the spiral of spiritual development, also called knowing or knowledge about Spiritual truth.


In conclusion we can say that the third revolution on this spiral of spiritual knowledge is much quiter, when a human being is in a light euphoria strongly disrupted. The same it is with the fourth stage of spiritual worlds of cosmic suns. We will write about it to you, terrestrial people, tomorrow.


Now we, from spaceships everywhere above you, have to say good-bye to you. We wish you good night !”



826. Spiral of spiritual growth.             (Received by Jaroslav P.)     26.10.1999.   22:05-23:05.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you. Today before we continue in explanation about the fourth degree of spiritual worlds of sunny worlds, we will add other important information about previous the course of events.


It was written in previous report that “Talks I. and II.” and other books about spiritual knowledge are like “code-finding” for human beings. Such beings follow the Spiritual path on the first revolution of spiritual awareness and by means of information from these books they find a right code and their spiral starts to spin very quickly and spontaneously. We would like to add something about the second revolution of the spiral: a human being is in light euphoria and it determined to follow this path. Then it can last, if is its course so quick, less than two months and sometimes even two or three weeks. At the end of this revolution of human being, thus working being, in sense of the Spiritual path, is enabled to comunicate with Cosmic friends in the telepathic way.


Then spins also the third revolution, mentioned hereinbefore, a human being is given the gift of implant from the only Creator Primary of everybody and evrything, what happens in the begining and then it is prepared for another spiritual task. Here is used telepathic communication with us, because this also makes it easier for a human being to follow the Spiritual path. It must keep its eyes open wide and not to get controlled by pride and its own ego, which means changing of direction from the right Spiritual path. As far as the third revolution is concerned, where a human being dared or tried to follow the path of right lights of primary Creator of everybody and everything, remains to add its lasting in the terrestrial time. The time is the same as the time of the revolution number 2 and if a human being found the right code by means of “Talks” or by other literature mentioned in it, the number of revolutions is reduced, a few weeks, as in the previous case. It was also writen that the third revolution is for a human being quiter than the second one.




The revolution d – phaze 4. YOU MUST BE QUIET



Then it goes to the fourth revolution, that is a reflection, here on the planet Earth, of the fourth stage of spiritual cosmic suns and this phaze of spiritual development of human beings in physical bodies thus incarnated, is also much quiter. Now we can mention the fourth stage of  spiritual worlds of cosmic suns. This is a place where, as it is known, complete sharpening of souls – astral bodies is under way. Here must a soul cope with all basic cosmic rules from Creator of everybody and of all primary things, to prepare them for another light cosmic path. This is all reflected in the Spiritual path of human beings in their incarnated physical bodies here on the planet Earth that after preparation they each get their spiritual task, which is for them the important school of the right and pure Spirit. Here is task of human beings to work for other human beings – WITHOUT MENTIONING IT. In it is also hidden an exam for such beings. Whtether or not they will give in to money and greed and if they will complete their light task.


This spiritual work especially concentrates on TELEPATHY RECEIVING of next spiritual truths for you, terrestrial people, here on your and our dear planet Earth. Moreover, it can be LIGHT WORK OF MEDITATING, aimed at help the planet Earth or other people who will need this help. Eventualy, it is LIGHT SPIRITUAL task connected with spreading and deatailed processing of these spiritual facts here on the planet Earth, so that every human being, in its physical body thus incarnated, had an opportunity to see this information and start to follow this right spiritual path to Primary Creator of everybody and everything. During this spiritual work are human beings COMPLETELY tested again (all characteristics) and we can write that this COMPLEXITY IS HERE MADE THROUGH AND THROUGH. In this phaze often happens that human beings choose a different direction away from the Spiritual path and they go backward on the spiral and they must wait for another chance for spiritual work, thus given by the Primary Creator of everybody and everything. Such spiritual path doesn’t go so spontaneously as in the case hereinbefore and it is a very slow Spiritual path so that a human being who once left this path could cope with it better. Here it means that a quick way isn’t always easiest and best way.


Finaly, we get to the revolution of the fourth spiral, in the diagram of the spiral also marked as d, which for a human being means this: “To be quiet”. In this way is here put stress on the most important need of a human being – unending humbleness. If a human being has enough characteristics of this character, it will easily cope with its spiritual task and it will get to other revolutions of the spiral of the Spiritual path, which we will mention next. Today we have to add this about the fourth revolution of influence of time. As it was mentioned at the begining about the first spiritual revolution of the spiral of consciousness, the same it is with the fourth revolution, with a difference that this fourth revolution is for a human being the elimination boundary on its Spiritual path.


We have writen about it before and that’s why we, all your friends from cosmic ships everywhere around you, say good-bye for now and we wish you all sweet dreams.”



827. Spiral of spiritual growth.        (Received by Jaroslav P.)  27.-28.10.1999.    23:35-00:10.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from our spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you now late at night.




The revolution e – phaze 5. YOU MUST HAVE A SIGN



It was all said in previous reports about the Spiritual path of human beings who follow the  spiral of spiritual awareness. Now we get to the fifth revolution of the spiral, in diagram marked as e. From this point becomes the Spiritual path more difficult. As far as the explanation of the fifth revolution is concerned we will write it tomorrow, today we can just say that this revolution is finished with physical contact with us, your Cosmic friends. Then begins the sixth revolution f and then the seventh revolution g, which is finished with the Enlightment of human being and its change of vibrations to higher spiritual worlds, mentioned hereinbefore, especially to 13th stage of embryonic beings of the right spirit, where are human beings prepared for entering worlds of God’s firstborn ones. In the report 709 in the book “Talks II” is writen this: “After a human being meets Cosmic friends it will get gifts of spirit from the Primary Creator of everybody and everything.” This is very simplified here but in reality it is much more difficult. Before a human being gets gifts of spirit from our and your Primary Creator, its consciousness must first go through the spiral of spiritual growth and the whole sixth revolution. It is preparation to devote to its spiritual task that l a human being will try to complete. To devote to this task a human being gradualy needs to meet with the fact, how the right and pure spirit can create here on the level of physical worlds. Such sharpening and learning of these facts can last some time, it is firmly fixed time and this will be writen next.


We will here mention, to complete it, that with the begining of the fifth revolution of the spiral of the growth of spiritual awareness, with dependence on spiritual work of human beings, we leave the scheme of explanation mentioned hereinbefore. Because here in the fifth revolution starts the influence of the 1st stage of the spiritual development of human beings that contains seven degrees of development and it ends when a human being finishes the whole sixth revolution. Then starts paralelly the second stage consisting of seven seasons and together with it the last seventh revolution of the spiral of spiritual development. This revolution leads to the ENLIGHTMENT of a human being and CHANGE OF VIBRATIONS into higher worlds. Here, in the last revolution also grows the spiritual awareness of a being to the most possible level. During this spiritual work is a human being devoted to its spiritual task and also here, most of its life-time, works for other human beings and again is slowly prepared for the Enlightment, until it gets on this Spiritual path to the SHINING POINT that is at the end of the spiritual spiral of consciousness. It is obvious from this, how are spiritual worlds reflected in physical worlds. This case contains 12 degrees of emryonic beings of the right spirit in two revolutions of the spiral of spiritual consciousness of human beings thus incarnated in their physical bodies on your and our dear planet Earth. Other explanation, as far as the fifth revolution is concerned, we will make tomorrow.


Now we are saynig good-bye to you. We are always with you, with Cosmic love. Good night.


Your Cosmic friends.”



828. Spiral of spiritual growth.         (Received by Jaroslav P.)          28.10.1999.  22:10-22:50.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you this evening. Today we will continue where we finished last time. That’s why now listen to explanation about the fifth revolution e, called phaze of sign. In this phaze is a human being completely quiet and harmonic and follows the Spiritual path. The aim of this phaze is to meet us, your Cosmic friends, which is for a human being a very attractive fact. In this way it runs the danger of its ego that can be pushing a human being forward at any price. For this human being it is good to calm down and concentrate on thoughts of light of the only Creator of everybody and everything primary. That’s why it is a very demanding test of patience. At the end a human being achieves the desire of meeting us, Cosmic people. Now we are going to stop for a while and we are going to tell you something about this meeting.


Firstly, we will explain the fact that this meeting must not be in a way of typical physical contact. Human beings who follow the right Spiritual path have many abilities, which other people, who do not work spiritualy, don’t have. That’s why there is an opportunity of meeting us on the vibration level, which is better for us because then there is no danger of coarse vibrations for our physical bodies. Such meeting can happen somewhere in nature on a contact place, where a human being can watch us with its inner sight. Communication is spontaneous in a telepathic way and there can be present more people, who were chosen. It isn’t any rule that all those people must have open their inner sight. It is enough and sufficient when just one of them has open inner sight. There’s just one condition: that all those people must be qualified and prepared for it, they must be on the fifth revolution, also called a sign. We used this concept without saying something more specific. Well, why a sign ?  Human beings who have reached this stage, know very well what it is like because on their Spiritual path, here at this stage, can observe with their physical sight many of our colourful lights, also very bright. They can see also many FLIGHTS of our spaceships and not at least, those who have activated their inner sight, they can see us, your Cosmic friends, with this inner sight, just a bit vaguesly. Sight improves after a personal meeting on the vibration level at the place of contact in nature. That’s all about meeting us and the fifth phaze - sign, there’s just one thing missing, connection to spiritual worlds of the Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


Also the fifth phaze - sign is linked with, as it was mentioned before, the world of the spiritual sun, where is tested unending patience of souls - astral bodies, to be found here in the latent state of spirit. It is pretty obvious at first sight that spiritual worlds are reflected in your physical worlds and everything is controlled by the Primary Creator of everybody and evrything.


In conclusion, we can say about time dependence here in the fifth phaze that there are many possibilities to work on spiritual development of a human soul. The time period in the fifth phaze isn’t so important at the begining. As time goes by, a human being will come to a certain turning point and then when it will look back to see its right Spiritual path, it will feel that time which was not important for it, will become the most important. Its task is to follow the right Spiritual path and also to overcome the turning point and to continue in work for the Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


That’s all from us today and we, from cosmic ships everywhere above you, wish you all good night.”



829. Spiral of spiritual growth - of time dependence.

(Received by Jaroslav P.)     29.-30.10.1999   23:35-00:20.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from our spaceshiphs everywhere above you, are here again with you and we are very glad that you sat down again to write.


Today, before we start to write about the first degree of I. stage on the spiral of spiritual consciousness, we will go back to previous revolutions of the spiral and we will explain a certain time dependence, which has not been yet explained. This concerns the first revolution of the spiral - the revolution of knowledge. We have said something about its time influence, which represents also wide stretch of time dimensions. We can say about it that there is obvious influence of this stretch of time, but there is one reason, which will completely change this time influence. About the revolution of the second spiral we said that books “Talks I. and II.” and other books mentioned there quicken its influence. Then comes to quickening of the Spritual path which a human being follows, when it already was on the spiral of spiritual consciousness in the first revolution. Then is such fast influence reflected also in the third revolution. The fourth revolution has more extensional time influence, as well as the first one, where is not thus expressed influence of “Talks I. and II” and other books mentioned hereinbefore.


We will say about it more now. It is one of many possibilities for human beings, here on your and our dear planet Earth, thus incarnated right now. There is a posibility that a human being is without the Spiritual path and also does not work spiritualy. If these books will awake in it a strong desire to know right lights of the only Primary Creator of everybody and everything, the spiral of growth of spiritual consciousness will starts to spin very quickly and then a human being can go through the first revolution in one year time or even half of a year. It is very quickened development and it follows spontaneously the other revolutions, it means 2., 3., 4. And also the fifth - a sign - also called e, we did not say its specific time dependence. The conditions are the same for both the fourth and the first revolution, development is quicker also in case that a human being found its code by means of “Talks” on its first revolution. The opposite was the previous case, when it got to long for spiritual knowledge without being interested before. It differs only in time of lasting of the first revolution, which takes more time in this case and this was mentioned at the begining of this report.


The fifth revolution is in this ways restricted by time: It is particulary the phaze of the spiral, when comes to a CHANGE of perceiving of time influence on spiritual development of a human being, thus following its Spiritual path. It is not aware of the change or transition in the fifth phaze. It will be aware of this time influence later during following its right Spiritual path leading to the only Primary Creator of everybody and everything. To be more specific, lasting of this fifth revolution is similar as in revolutions one or four, if a human being was iniciallized to work (spiritualy) by “Talks”, or even if it was on the first revolution of the spiral of spiritual consciousness or if it did not start to work yet. That’s all for now, as far as the time influence is concerned, and now we will write something about the I. stage of spiritual development, which is independently linked with the spiral of growth of spiritual consciousness in its fifth phaze.


This I. stage starts with the degree number one, also called the degree of faith and humleness. Such development is important for every being following the Spiritual path. Also a human being will recognize a new trend of this spiritual influence, which at the begining influences it very much and also creates its thoughts, so that it could undertake other spiritual tests in this degree.


That is all for today’s introduction about this matter, good-bye and good night.


Your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you.”



830. Spiral of spiritual growth.      (Received by Jaroslav P.)           30.10.1999.    22:40-23:30.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you this evening. And immediately we will continue with yesterday’s report and we will explain how a human being, following the right Spiritual path, is tested in the I. degree of I. stage, called the degree of faith and humbleness.


Here is very strong effect of such thought impulses, which will prove, whether a human being does believe in right lights of Primary Creator of everybody and everything. It is thus given that in this case of the right Spiritual path is faith very important and that the foundation stone of such faith is love. It is not sort of fanatic faith, which is directed, in better case, by ego of a human being. In worse case by another human being that abuses this fanatic faith to control its victims. In this way is here given the fact that it is not sort of fanatic faith by kind of course of events. We always strictly observe the Cosmic law of free will, a human being must want follow the Spiritual path voluntary and then it will get recognition from another Cosmic law - the law of intelligence, because a human being will understand how is this Spiritual path right, it will feel through and through the unending intelligence of the only Primary Creator of everybody and everything. Then we lead it, in this degree, by our telepathic advise to its main spiritual task, but only if it will show that it has the right faith in its heart, the faith which springs from love and also will strongly feel the intelligence of the only Creator of everybody and all primary things. At the end of this stage it will get another suggestion for its work and then comes to personal meeting with us, your Cosmic friends. This contact can be made in two ways as we mentioned hereinbfore. Thus will also end the fifth phaze of the spiral of growth of spiritual consciousness.




The revolution f - phaze 6. SENSE OF TOUCH



And now starts the sixth phaze f called sense of touch. During this phaze the human being will be in successive steps INITIATED into concrete spiritual task. Hereinbefore was writen that a human being is given another suggestion for its work. Thus we mean specific spiritual work, it is about three kinds of work:


1.   It is either MEDITATIVE LIGHT WORK.


2. Or IMPORTANT SPIRITUAL WORK aimed at RECEIVING OF NEW SPIRITUAL INFORMATION, not yet given to you, people, here on your and our dear planet Earth.


3.   Finaly, it is SPIRITUAL WORK and we call it TELEINFORMATIVE WORK that means working with spiritual information, their processing and classifying and completion of possibilities of its spreading, so that it was at disposal to all incarnated human beings, here on the dear planet Earth, if they will be interested.




The revolution f - phaze 6. SENSE OF TOUCH: of FAITH AND HUMBLENESS



It is obvious from this development that it follows a certain time line. The first degree of the I. stage of faith and humbleness has already got a specific time period - seven terrestrial full moons. During this period is changed orientation of a humman being to change the way of its perceiving of the time turning point. In the way of meeting us, your Cosmic friends, is also finished the fifth phaze of the spiral. Hereinbefore was mentioned that that the transition of development of the I. stage in the fifth phaze, called a sign, is both restricted or prolonged by time and if we, Cosmic friends, were to meet you personaly always at the end of the first degree of faith and humbleness of this I. stage o development, it would also mean that this transition would not be prolonged or restricted by time, because the first degree of faith and humbleness mentioned hereinbefore has fixed time season of seven full moons also as degrees of another I. stage of development. The rule for such time prolongation is that this personal meeting with us, your Cosmic friends, can be put off, even for a long time. As it was already writen, it was also the first possibility, how to complete this. Moreover, this meeting can be postponed to the second degree - preparation, or to the third degree - growth or even to the fourth degree, called action. That’s why this time prolongations or restrictions of enter or transition of I. stage of development in the fifth phaze, a sign.


That’s all from us, your Cosmic friends all, for today. Good-bye and sweet dreams.”



831. Spiral of spiritual growth - falls.   (Received by Jaroslav P.)    31.10.1999.   22:05-22:50.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your and everybody’s Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you this evening, we will now continue in writing about the Spiritual path.


Now hear very important information about spiritual development of human beings who came to the lights of the Creator Primary of everybody and everything while following this path. It is the level, when starts to spin the sixth phaze of the spiral of spiritiual consciousness - sense of touch. Human beings are on the verge of the first degree of the stage of their spiritual development and they were also told what is their task in the future, when entering the second degree.


The most important need for human beings is to get to know that they enter very advanced sort of Spiritual path, where is taken for granted that every mistake, either conscious or unconscious, must be undone in a multiple way. Here in this phaze, if a human being makes a mistake or stops following or looses its Spiritual path, it will come to a sticky end and also will complicate its spiritual path on a huge scale.


Generaly, we can say that if a human being is sharpened by very difficult tests on the spiral of spiritual consciousness in the fourth phaze - to be quiet, its fall, on the spiral, is not so deep as if it happened in the sixth phaze. It is very good for every human being, following the Spiritual path, to get to know it and to avoid all their mistakes.


Now we can mention kinds of mistakes of human beings when following this path:



The first one can be for example: being too proud about its success, about what it achieved, then follows very fast fall back through the spiral.



The second and also dangerous is: being greedy, possesive or money-loving - again follows very fast fall back through the spiral.



The other one, the third one is: pikniking and enjoying worldly thinks and joys in a wrong way. Here it takes a short time until it falls, back through the spiral, out of Spiritual path.



In conclusion, there is the last fourth mistake, VERY MALICIOUS. There is a possibility, that a human being will let itself be controlled by THOUGHT IMPULSES CONTROLLED BY THE DARKNESS, which then try to change it. Then such human being doesn’t follow the spiral of spiritual consciousness to the Creator Primary of everybody and everything, but it goes in a different direction because it let itself be controlled by dirty forces. It can then keep some of its extraordinary abilities (!), but it no longer works for Light and good of other human beings, but it works only for its ego and power over everybody. That is also the most malicious case, when a human being thinks that it is so good and has extraordinary abilities and it doesn’t see how it falls more and more to the opposite side of light forces.


That’s all about these mistakes, which were here thus mentioned in a detailed way, to let know human beings, who follow the Spiritual path, this advice to prevent their going away from the right Spiritual path.




The revolution f - phaze 6. SENSE OF TOUCH: of PREPARATIONS



Now we are going to write about the second degree of the I. stage of development - preparation. Hereinbefore was mentioned that when a human being enters this degree it passes another spiritual task. When it succeds to pass it, it makes progress in its spiritual knowledge and is gradualy prepared for its main spiritual task, which it will get to know in the seventh degree of this I. stage of development. Here is such preparation, in theory, made by a form of telepathic reports from us, Cosmic friends. Most human beings, at this threshold of the second stage, begin to see with inner sight. Some of them have already opened their inner sight because they used this gift from Crerator of everybody and all primary things a lot, when they met us, Cosmic friends, at the vibration level. Human beings who have already activated its inner sight can come to the first trial of seeing of the purest spirit, which means for example seeing of an aura of trees and other close terrestrial people. This is not the moment of acurate seeing, but oit is the first experince of spiritual gifts. Human beings always work on sharpening of their inner sight, so that they could see then higher spirits given to them by the Primary Creator of everything and every one.


We, your Cosmic friends, wanted to give you, terrestrial people, this today and now we are saying goo-bye to you and we are looking forward to seeing you again. Good night.”



832. Spiral of spiritual growth.         (Received by Jaroslav P.)             1.11.1999. 21:50-22:25.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from our spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you today and we are very glad that you have sat down again by the table to write about the Spiritual path from Creator of everybody and all primary things.


Today we are going to continue with the yesterday’s report about the second degree of preparation of the I. stage of development of human beings here on your and our dear planet Earth, you in your bodies thus incarnated. Firstly, we will explain a very important law which we can call, in this spiritual phaze of development, THE LAW OF UNITY. It is for us a new concept and we will immediately explain it more. It is the important law, concerning the Spiritual path of human beings following the spiral of spiritual consciousness. The law of unity can influence all beings on their Spiritual path until the second degree - preparation, because all these beings follow the Spiritual path according to the same law. Hereinbefore we mentioned that a human being is shown its spiritual task to do, if it keeps following the right path to Creator of all of us and all primary things. But this all will start to happen considerably since the third degree - growth, the I. stage of development. Until that moment human beings have been prepared according to the same rules for everybody, that’s why the law of unity.


This was to explain this new concept and now we will tell you about another one, which was unknown to you - THE LAW OF POLARITY. It is necessary to mention it because human beings are already on the high spiritual level and at that moment they do not know about this fact, how it works, they even do not know that it exists. However, they meet influence of THE LAW OF POLARITY since their early childhood. This law can be mostly seen in physical worlds and it teaches human beings to be humble and tolerant, in this way is their right Spiritual path easier. We will more explain this LAW OF POLARITY. It is fulfilment of THE LAW of Cosmic PIECE AND HARMONY, which has a very strong effect in those spiritual worlds. This cosmic LAW OF PIECE AND HARMONY is reflected in matter by its nature, which should lead human beings to be perfect. Human beings must undertake necessary development in physical substance and it should lead human beings, by means of their good characters, to fulfilment of cosmic piece and harmony.


Thus we explained another important concept and in conclusion to the second degree of preparation we will mention and put stress on the fact that a human being is here taught in a form of telepathic reports from us, your Cosmic friends. It concerns the fact, what effect has these two laws in its spiritual development and at this degree is also activated its inner sight, very useful in following the Spiritual path to Creator of everybody and all primary things. that’s all from us for today, we are looking forward to hearing from you next time.


Your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you. Good night.”



833. Spiral of spiritual growth.                  (Received by Jaroslav P.)     2.11.1999.21:55-22:40.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are here again with you. Today we will continue in giving you new information about the Spiritual path from Creator of everybody and all primary things for you, all terrestrial people, given here on this your and our dear planet Earth.




The revolution f - phaze 6. SENSE OF TOUCH:

3. Degree of GROWTH



It was already writen about activation of inner sight of human beings in the second degree - preparation of the I. stage of spiritual development. Then, when human beings have this gift they make progress to the third degree of growth, where they will be given gifts of spirit from Creator of all of us and all primary things. Here, at this third degree, all human beings who folow their right Spiritual path back to right lights of the Primary Creator will be given GIFTS OF SPIRIT - concrete. It is mainly the gift of seeing of auras of fellows terrest rial beings, then the gift of mutual telepathic communication with other human beings and finaly the gift of abilities to practise traditional medicine, given by the purest will of Creator of everybody and all primary things.


Now we will stop to write about it something more. As far as the first two gifts of spirit are concerned, it is neccesary to write that all human beings following this right Spiritual path will use these gifts . Then a human being in the third degree is given firstly one gift of spirit of the two gifts mentioned hereinbefore, mostly it is the gift of seeing auras, very important gift for human beings following the right Spiritual path. Then the Creator Primary of everybody and everything will decide, whether He will give this being the gift of communication with other human beings or not. It is His purest will because He knows what is the best for a certain human being.


Then it can receive other gifts of spirit - extraordinary abilities for practising traditional medicine from Creator of everybody and all primary things, which is not destined for all human beings and it happens in this way: All human beings following the path on the spiral of spiritual consciousness, following the right spiritual back to Creator of all of us and all primary things. Every being will be working on its spiritual task, given by the Primary Creator, in the seventh degree - devotion. Here, in the third degree - growth, a human being will get, according to Creator’s (of everybody and everything) decision, those gifts of spirit which it will need for its light spiritual task, for which it will be devoted later, so it  keep following its right Spiritual path. These are the three light tasks:



                                                1.      Meditative work of light.


                                                2.      Medicinal work of light.


                                                3.      Teleinformative work of light.



According to a way human beings keep following their right Spiritual path, they can get other light activity:


Light work of transmiting of information here on your and our dear planet Earth, which has not been yet shown to you. It is UNSELFISH WORK, useful for all terrestrial people here on the planet Earth, thus incarnated in their physical bodies.


That’s all from us, your Cosmic friends, for today. See you and good night.”



834. Spiral of spiritual growth.           (Received by Jaroslav P.)         4.11.1999.   21:45-23:00.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your and everybody’s Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you again this evening. Today we will finish writing about the third degree - growth and we will start to write about the fourth degree - activity.


We know how human beings get gifts of spirit while following the right Spiritual path according to the law given by the Creator Primary of everybody and everything. It was writen in the previous report that Creator Himself all thus controlls and this is the order of light. Yes, the Primary Creator thus controls eveything, He does not make decesion for each being separately because everything it is controlled by the law of the purest spirit, made beforehand.


At the begining of the third degree - growth human beings who follow the Spiritual path are given the gift of seeing through aura of fellow terrestrial human beings. This seeing through has three qualitative levels:


a)   complete

b)  partial

c)   basic





The complete seeing through aura of fellow terrestrial people will get those who will be devoted for their light work of MEDICINAL in the seventh degree. Those will be also given another gift of spirit in the third degree - the gift of extraordinary medicinal abilities.




The partial seeing through aura of fellow terrestrial people will obtain those human beings who will be devoted in the seventh degree for their light MEDITATIVE work, which is linked with perceiving of shining colours and tunes of harmony. Those beings are in the second phaze of the third degree given the gift of spirit of extraordinary treating abilities. It concentrates on on complete harmonyzation of making physical bodies calmer and also souls of their fellow terrestrial people. It is obvious that its application of medicinal abilities, with use of harmonization of human minds and physical bodies and effects of calm vibrations, meditation and medicinal tunes and colours.


c)   BASIC


Finaly, human beings will get the basic seeing through for light TELEINFORMATIVE work for their future devotion. The basic seeing through is enough for those human beings because those beings concentrate on teleinformative work of light. For them it is just important to see through fellow people’s minds, to get to konw what they think inside their hearts - the way they are because what every man says about himself and about other people, will not tell anyone about his pure heart. Then, in the second phaze of the, is to human beings given the gift of spirit of telepathic communication with other human beings by the Creator Primary for their light teleinformative work.


That was all about explanation of giving the gifts of spirit from Creator Primary of everybody and everything. And now in conclusion we are going to write a new fact, which will be explained if we return back to previous explanation - about effect of THE LAW OF UNITY. It is obvious that here in the third degree - growth human beings are devided according to their future work - devotion. THE LAW OF UNITY had an effect also in the second degree of their Spiritual path and here in the third degree ends its influence and begins an influence of another law - THE LAW OF LIGHT VARIETY.


Since the third degree human beings following their right Spiritual path back to the lights of Creator of everyody and all primary things prepare according to this new LAW - OF LIGHT VARIETY, when human beings are, as it was mentioned, devided into three basic groups according to their future work and devotion. Variety of the light spiritual path and work of human beings is so large that it is impossible to explain it altogether. It would be very wide-ranging work, as far as content is concerned, and we will continue, in writing, most important features of the right Spiritual path and our single reports, received by you terrestrial people in a telepathic way, will be described in a more detailed way because it is your light collective work.




The revolution f - phaze 6. SENSE OF TOUCH:

4. The degree of ACTIVITY



Now we will move to explanation about another degree - the fourth degree of this the I. stage of spiritual development of human beings. It is the degree of activity, which shows the activity of human beings who got the gifts of spirit during learnig new principles. It is not just about learning to work with the gifts of the right spirit but also to get to know and understand the new LAW - OF LIGHT VARIETY and improvement of knowledge and mainly perceiving of THE LAW OF POLARITY, which should lead them to fulfilment of THE LAW OF COSMIC PEACE AND HARMONY, at the end of their Spiritual path.


That’s all for today about introduction of the fourth degree of activity and no we, your Cosmic friends from our spaceships everywhere above you, are saying good-bye to you.

Good night.”



835. Spiral of spiritual growth.            (Received by Jaroslav P.)        5.11.1999.   21:15-22:35.

Place: Strakonice.


“We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you and we are very happy that you have sat down with a pencil behind the table to write about the Spiritual path of Creator of everybody and all primary things.


Yesterday it was writen in conclusion how a human being, in its physical body, here, incarnated on the Earth, learns new laws that it was told about. At this point there is a suitable chance to say something more about THE LAW OF POLARITY, we spoke about it in the previous report. As you already know, this law teaches these terrestrial people who follow the right Spiritual path to be humble and limitlessly tolerant. In this connection we come to a new fact, not explained yet, an effect of THE LAW OF POLARITY. It is obvious that one being follows the Spiritual path and the second is dependent on the physical world, not yet awaken for Spiritual work. The way as it is in this case, when only one human being follows the right Spiritual path back to the lights of Creator of everybody and all primary things, means such beings is lonely and it doesn’t have any fellow -  a second human being with the same oppinion. We will write about it something more now because also at this point there is a strong effect of THE LAW OF LIGHT VARIETY.


We already know, that the aim of human beings who follow this right Spiritual path is to achieve, on the spiral of spiritual consciousness, THE ENLIGHTMENT – THE SHINING POINT. If two DUALITY CLOSE human beings follow this path, in case, when their path follow the spiral of spiritual consciousness desribed hereinbefore and if those beings achieve the Enlightment in their physical bodies, they will get, after their duality merge, to 13th degree of embryonic paradises of right spirit beings. If just one being follows the right Spiritual path and the other one is dependent on the physical world or if it follows the Spiritual path alone, without close partner, there starts to have an strong effect THE LAW OF LIGHT VARIETY, which will change the Spiritual path of such beings in this way. For those beings then are important these TWO laws:




This LAW influences human beings following this path since the first phaze until the fifth phaze, when gradualy starts to have an effect the SECOND LAW. It gradually changes because at this point of the fifth phaze on the spiral of spiritual consciousness comes the I. stage of development of human beings having 7 degrees. The fact of the effect of a change of time and also ending of the fifth phaze, was mentioned in the previous explanation. As far as this fact is concerned we will add that these phazes have separate progress for each human being who follow themselves the right Spiritual path, provided that these laws are activated. But it is longer time period than it was writen about explanation of the spiral of spiritual consciousness at the begining of this writing. We will not tell you the exact time of this period because it is very individual.


2.   MERGE


This LAW OF MERGE starts to have an effect since the fifth phaze - a sign, on the spiral of spiritual consciousness of human beings, and its main light task is to explain here clearly influence of this law of human beings who follow the Spiritual path lonely back to Creator of everybody and all primary things. This law starts to have an effect since the third degree, during following the Spiritual path of a being, - the growth of  the I. stage of spiritual development of human beings because there is also starting influence of - THE LAW OF LIGHT VARIETY. The period of seven months is kept also here and also in two previous degrees. According to the THE LAW OF LIGHT VARIETY comes to the merge of all these three degrees, because a human being who follows this spiritual path does everything on its own and no close being helps it to cope with it because no other being follows the Spiritual path as it does. THE LAW OF MERGE will have a stronger effect if a human being enters another degree - the fourth degree - the degree of activity, where influences it THE LAW OF POLARITY, and again it doesn't have any close being to learn together to be humble and tolerant, and that are fruits of this law. This fact influences a human being with mutual merge of everything into more of all things than until now. The Primary Creator of everything and everybody knows about all beings who follow voluntarily the path back to Him and He sends to all of those beings, who follow the Spiritual path lonely, light help that after some necessary time, which also here means seven full moons, a human being can enter the fifth degree - of piece and harmony, where we, all Cosmic beings of light that exist, help a human being and it can then follow its Spiritual path on its own, on the spiral, until the Enlightment of it.



It will achieve this, but before it enters the 13th degree of embryonic paradises of the right beings spirit, it will get to the latent state of spirit on the spiritual sun, where they WAIT for its another close being for a very long time, which is also led to find its Spiritual path here in the physical world. Everytime when it leaves its physical body during incarnation, it is sharpened in spiritual worlds of the first degree - of moons and planets, so that it could recall its spiritual task after incarnation and it followed voluntarily the path to Creator of everybody and everything.


In conclusion, it is in need to add that EVERY human being has a CLOSE BEING here in this physical world. The task for human beings is to FIND ONE ANOHER and then follow together the Spiritual path back to Creator of everybody and everything. That's completely all about the path of human beings in their physical bodies thus incarnated, who thus themselves follow the right Spiritual path on the spiral of spiritual consciousness.


Today we will explain another important law for all human beings who follow right the Spiritual path. It is THE LAW OF INTERRUPTION. This law is important for all these human beings and sets a law for these beings, if they follow the Spiritual path on the spiral of spiritual consciousness and they will NOT FINISH this path, because of any reason, to achieve the Enlightment in their physical bodies and they leave their physical bodies and their souls - astral bodies are PREPARED, in spiritual worlds of the third degree of galactic suns, for other incarnations, to make it more easy to recall their light tasks, when they enter physical bodies of other incarnations. Human beings, who follow their right Spiritual path lonely, also use this choice very often to choose a right time, when also their close being who was not yet awoken, was incarnated together with them into physical body. Then they have another choice, if they find each other. They can follow together the right Spiritual path to the Enlightment to free them from material world.


In this way we can feel everywhere the purest intelligence of Creator of everybody and all primary things, who gives human beings variety of choices during their Spiritual path. That's all from us for today and we, everybody in our spaceships, are saying good-bye to you. Good night and sweet dreams."



836. Spiral of spiritual growth.          (Received by Jaroslav P.)       6.11.1999.      22:10-23:05.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We are here with you again, your Cosmic friends from spaceships, everywhere above you. Today we shall continue in writing about the Spiritual path of our Creator of everybody and all primary things. We will go ahead with a description of the I. stage of spiritual development: we shall move to explanation about another degree - the fifth degree of rest and harmony.




The revolution f - phase 6. SENSE OF TOUCH:

5. The degree of REST AND HARMONY



Human beings were working very actively by now and they were endowed with a range of exceptional new abilities, which they have not dreamt about before that at all. After that exciting work regularity demonstrates itself by appearance of the fifth degree of rest and harmony, which according with its designation brings for people calming and harmonizing effect. That is necessary, since they must be CALMED SUFFICIENTLY yet before they get to the fulfillment of their first essential light task, so as not to make big mess or even own mistakes, which could seriously jeopardize their progress on the right Spiritual path leading back to the lights of our Creator of everybody and everything, because they do not have enough experiences. The beings just in intended time on this fifth degree get ripe for that spiritual activity, which was designated for them by the Primary Creator. That fifth degree is denoted as a degree of rest and harmony, to designate the state of minds of these human beings, here occurring. In this state these beings do work, not vice versa.


At this fifth degree there are again prepared for them some light tasks, together five of them in this mutual light link-up:



Entering here on this fifth degree, human being is receiving into the mind strong impulsion of thoughts, to be notified, that now is the time for rest and harmonizing. If the human being accepts that, and enjoys rest receiving harmonizing effects, then is revealed insight into some spiritual worlds, which are characterized also by the purest light order of harmony. Consequently is fulfilled this first task.



The human being then can by means of inner sight primarily view the spiritual lunar and planetary worlds of the first degree, where might stay just for a short while. Immediately after that enters the second degree of the spiritual worlds of planetary suns, where might stay little longer. That’s the second task: to view by means of inner sight these spiritual worlds and to embrace the light happenings in them inwardly.



The insight subsequently deepens and the human being then can view the spiritual worlds of the galactic suns of the third degree. That’s the third task: to embrace the happenings there inwardly.



Then the human being enters the fourth degree of the cosmic suns. That’s the fourth task: to embrace the happenings there inwardly, analogously



as regarding the fifth task rewarding him with the short insight into the spiritual sun of souls - the astral bodies, already liberated form the material stuff.


In this way is here assigned the task by the Primary Creator of everybody and everything for human beings appearing there on the fifth degree.


And that’s again symbolic happening, occurring in parallel on two levels. The first level symbolizes the path for human beings thus passing through particular degrees (1. - 5.) of the I. stage in the course of spiritual development, and the second level was determined by hierarchies of spiritual worlds. This hiearchization comes up to the number of particular degrees of the I. stage in the course of spiritual development of human beings. The primary Creator also determined, that the parallel works yet beyond the initiatory degrees (1. - 5.), also beyond the sixth and the seventh degree, interconnected by the way of symbolism in the spiritual worlds with the degree of embryonic beings of the right spirit and the degree of God’s first born ones. But for the human beings is not revealed insight into these worlds, since these worlds are strongly incandescent and the human beings would not endure such an illumination. This parallel is in the course of spiritual growth yet repeated once more on the II. stage of their development. That stage is characterized also by seven seasons.


That’s all from us, for the present, regarding the parallel happenings and this fifth degree. See you next time, when we shall continue in this writing. We, your Cosmic friends from our spaceships everywhere above you, are saying good-by to you. Good night.“



837. Spiral of spiritual growth.          (Received by Jaroslav P.)       7.11.1999.      21:30-22:30.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you this evening again, and we are very happy that thus can be recorded another report about the Spiritual path of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, for all terrestrials living on your and our planet Earth, so beloved, incarnated in their physical bodies.




The revolution f - phase 6. SENSE OF TOUCH:

6. The degree of INDIVIDUAL WORK



Today we shall link the writing to the yesterday’s report, dealing with the fifth degree of rest and harmony, where these human beings had thus fulfilled their light tasks, determined for them by the Primary Creator of everybody and everything, so that they may now advance further on the right Spiritual path - to the sixth degree of their individual work. This degree of the „individual“ work can be considered as a dividing line of their incarnations they had experienced by now. Just here they are endowed for the FIRST TIME with a spiritual body intended for their work, into which they are to be later initiated on the seventh degree, in order to liberate themselves from their material dependencies; they attain enlightenment and come to the change of vibrations conformable with the higher spiritual worlds of the Creator of everybody and all the primary things. That all light happening is presented in such a way, that every being, thus treading on the right Spiritual path, shall recognize what kind of a dividing line was drawn in the present live. That’s very important for such being, because then can be aware of the significance of that dividing line, giving the being another lesson. If the human being treading on the Spiritual path came just to this point of the sixth degree - the individual work, then has advanced again in own spiritual development, along the spiral of spiritual consciousness, specific highness of that consciousness. And it is very important, that the human being remembers all the time, that any mistake, which that being would make at present, has to be paid for at a high rate. We are not going to describe such mistakes now, since we have done that already earlier. Rather we shall come to a point of another explanation, of the sixth degree - of individual work.


First of all let’s define the term „individual“. Our readers certainly come to a conclusion, that a work could not be defined as entirely „individual“. We, the beings of light, coming from all existing universes, are acting here. The individual work of human beings is enabled by the fact, that they for the first time in their physical states employ the gifts of spirit, presented by our Primary Creator of everybody, to be able thus to help in unselfless way earthbound fellow men, and consequently to tread on the right Spiritual path back towards the incandescent lights, leading up to our Creator of everybody and of all primary things.


Yes, it is necessary to present here the method of affecting these human beings by us, your Cosmic friends. This affecting takes place on three levels, where we are operating to support these human beings in their fulfillment of their light tasks. The first level is based on form of telephaty communication, which is on the sixth degree already very spontaneous, and consequently the human being thus can to communicate with us even for many hours, without being somehow restrained or debilitated.


That’s the elementary level of our activities, followed by another level of operations for mediating to all these human beings the ability of seeing through auras of their terrestrial fellowmen in such a way, that this ability could be made use of for this spiritual work. However, this level of the sixth degree is not functional so spontaneously as the first level, but that’s nothing unusual for that human being, owing to the fact, that this being was acquainted with that already earlier, while experiencing other phases of this I. stage of spiritual development.


Eventually we affect that human being final by means of so called transforming promotion, which is essentially resultant of both previous actions, in another words: it is the goal of those two previous levels of our affecting human beings. On previous degrees of the I. stage of spiritual development were human beings endowed with specific gift of spirit, which was presented by the Primary Creator of everybody and everything, to enable them working for their other terrestrial fellowmen. And now, here on this sixth degree of individual work, these human beings are participating in spiritual work, making use of the highest gifts of spirit. That happens first always on this sixth degree, when additionally is yet supplemented this our another impact on human beings. That impact we call transforming.


And now we are going to explain, why we call that just transforming impact. That’s because the human being in physical body is functioning as a transformer. Transformer of subtle energies from the higher spiritual worlds of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything. We are mediating these subtle energies and with the help of thus affected human being are the mentioned energies brought here into the material worlds, for the benefit of all other terrestrials. The fact, that human being begins in the physical body thus to function as a transformer, should be considered as a significant dividing line of incarnation on this sixth degree, as mentioned at the beginning of this report. On that account it is necessary, that such being takes care to avoid making mistakes on this right Spiritual path, leading back to the Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


That’s all from us about that, and next time we shall yet record more in detail regarding this topic: how are human beings in the concrete working here proportionally to gifts of spirit, which they were endowed with by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


As we have already said, that’s all from us, your Cosmic friends, and we are looking forward, that we will next time again transmit to you other reports to be recorded.“



838. Spiral of spiritual growth.          (Received by Jaroslav P.)       8.11.1999.      22:30-23:20.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you this evening again, and we are very happy that you are thus together with your beloved Liduska cooperating in writing about the Spiritual path of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


We shall without delay pick up again the topic concerned with the work of human beings on the sixth degree - of their individual work, in accordance with the assignment to three categories, created on the basis of the concrete gift of spirit, with which the human beings were on the previous degrees endowed by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.



1 - Medicinal work of light


Let us begin with the first category, consisting of human beings endowed with the gift of extraordinary healing ability, together with the gift of perfect ability to see through auras of their terrestrial fellowmen. These endowed human beings then function here on this sixth degree as transformers of self-vibratory energies affecting other human beings by means of very effectual therapy, often with miraculous effect. These beings for the first time in their human life have the opportunity to take part in the light work for our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, and that’s really very dazzling for them. This therapy is thus effective without any laboratory instruments, preparations for nature cure, various rods or pendulums. Everything is based on the light thought, transformed through the receiver - the human beings incarnated in this physical body here, on this beautiful planet Earth - here in these material worlds; that’s again the only one condition for that: to walk persistently on this right Spiritual path; don’t not leave it, without reference to what the world around presents.



2 - Meditative work of light


Now we come to the commentary on the second category, where these human beings are predestined for the light work of meditation, supported by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, through the medium of his two gifts of spirit: First, seeing auras of their terrestrial fellowmen partly, and second, gift of spirit becoming evident by way of extraordinary faculty to heal, with the focus on integral regeneration, harmonizing and liberating human bodies and souls of fellowmen. This light work is externalized to perception of brightest and clearest colours, together with harmonious tones, in the sense of cultural conception, expressing very strong artistic feelings of these human beings thus working. It follows that at this light work is the lay of these human beings substantially extended, and they themselves thus function also as a transformer, mediating their other terrestrial fellowmen more new findings.



3 - Teleinformative work of light


Subsequently to the commentary on the second category there is left yet the third category of these human beings; this group of beings, destined for the most demanding light work of telephaty, since this category is quantitatively the smallest one and this work is the most exacting. These beings are supported by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, through the medium of his two gifts of spirit: First, basic clairvoyant perception of their terrestrial fellowmen, and second gifts of spirit, the faculty of telephatic communication with other human beings; this will be explained here yet in detail. Our Primary Creator decided, that in contrast to both previous categories, these human beings will be endowed with this different gift of spirit, predestined by their light work, which is focused on transmission, processing and distribution of information regarding spiritual topics and principles. The human being thus functions here as a transformer, but in this case as the bi-directional one, and this means, that such human being might receive by means of telephaty form another being, and simultaneously also transmit own thoughts to other beings, which with wants at pleasure establish this telephatic contact.


That’s the gift of spirit for human beings of the third category. In conclusion we should mention the connected fact, that we, your Cosmic friends, always assist at these transformations; that all is managed through the medium of the poorest will of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything. These human beings, treading thus on the right Spiritual path, have to comply with the demand of increased vibration of their physical bodies and minds, to be able to work thus with the unprecedented gifts of spirit, given by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


By this final recapitulation is our report completed. See you next time, when we shall continue in this writing. We, your Cosmic friends from our spaceships everywhere above you, are saying good-by to you. Good night.“



839. Spiral of spiritual growth.          (Received by Jaroslav P.)       9.11.1999.      20:50-22:20.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you a little earlier this evening again, and we are very happy that thus can be along with us recorded another report about the Spiritual path of our Creator of everybody and all primary things.




The revolution f - phase 6. SENSE OF TOUCH:
7. The degree of KNOWLEDGE



Today we come at the final, seventh degree of the I. stage of human spiritual development. This is the degree of KNOWLEDGE, awarded on the seventh degree right at the end, when the human being experiences recapitulation of this current Spiritual path from the beginning to this initiation.


We shall provide here overall summary of this recapitulation, analogous to what some people went through, when they were unexpectedly touched by Near-Death Experience: They could recapitulate their current life in similar manner through the medium of their inner sight. But there is a small difference regarding time. The recapitulation running on the seventh degree of the I. stage is scheduled by our primary Creator of everything and everybody in such a way, that gradually unwinds in a spell determined for this seventh degree of knowledge: consequently lasts, as was already mentioned earlier, seven months (your terrestrial full moons). But here described the second recapitulation occurs in one very short moment; that’s the difference between both.


But let us hark back now to the recapitulation running here on this seventh degree of knowledge. We shall right away specify the reality accompanying such recapitulation. That reality always reflects the key light goal to be accomplished in separate phases of spiritual development of human beings.


Let us begin here with the first phase of the spiral of spiritual consciousness, which aims at the light goal to mediate the knowledge regarding spiritual principles of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything for the terrestrial human being incarnated on this beautiful planet Earth into physical body.


The second phase should then mediate for this human being, following the additional light effort made by that being, the telepathic communication with us, your Cosmic friends; that’s essential for ensuing spiritual development.


Here the spiral of spiritual consciousness of human beings always unwinds very fast and the being of a sudden appears in the third phase, where receives from our Primary Creator of everybody and everything the gift of implant, which is the most suitable for this special Spiritual path. Then follows yet the preparation for the fourth phase - the next one.


The light goal here consists in fulfillment of the spiritual task, and consequently in coming through the complex tests, down to the marrow of one’s bones.


As it is already known, the aim of the fifth phase consists in meeting face to face with us, your Cosmic friends, on one of the two levels taking effect here. And now we come at more complicated operation, since the entire sixth phase is already shaped in the I. stage of the spiritual development of human being, and consists of seven light steps, which could possibly lead even back to the fifth phase. But the way how it happens was explained already earlier, and we are now going to continue with this exposition focused on these separate degrees of the I. stage of spiritual development, leading the human beings on the right Spiritual path to our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


The aim of the first degree consists in checking of the human beings regarding the quality of their faith, whether it is pure and the right one, and also regarding their meekness: these two attributes are very important for the human beings treading on the Spiritual path.


The second degree then has more light objectives. Right at the beginning we start with theoretical preparations of human beings for initiation, which proceeds through the medium of telephatic reports; some of them will be rated by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything for processing and distributing among all the other terrestrial fellowmen. Simultaneously with this theoretical preparation is then proceeding opening of the inner sight of some beings, or the first seeing of auras emanating around trees or other terrestrials. The human beings learn here to understand THE LAW OF POLARITY, and they get acquainted also with THE LAW OF UNITY.


The aim of the third degree then consists in endowment of the human beings with the gifts of spirit, presented by the Primary Creator of everybody and everything right at the beginning, when the beings are endowed also with the gift of seeing through auras emanating around their terrestrial fellowmen; this faculty is consequently sharpened and refined. In the final phase of the third degree are the beings endowed by the Primary Creator with the gift of spirit determined for classifying them into three categories, which were here also mentioned. On this third degree, and also on the following fourth and fifth degree, that faculty is a latent state, and is activated upon entrance into the sixth degree. Everything what happens here on this third degree is liable to THE LAW OF LIGHT VARIETY. With that law thus all human beings get acquainted immediately upon their entrance into this degree.


The aim of the fourth degree consists in continual and persistent sharpening and refinement of the spiritual faculties, with which the human beings were endowed by our Primary Creator of everything and everybody upon the entrance into the third degree, and in further learning of these laws proclaimed by the Primary Creator - including THE LAW OF LIGHT VARIETY and POLARITY.


Then the human beings get appeased on the fifth degree, where they are enabled to peep into the spiritual world of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything; that’s felt as a precious gift. The human beings get yet more harmonized and appeased by that, to be prepared for the light work on the sixth degree.


There the light goal is based on our activities on two levels (the telepathic one and mediation of visualization auras of your terrestrial fellowmen), leading the human beings to the level of transformation, where for the first time in this life they have an opportunity to enjoy their light spiritual work, for which they will be also without delay initiated.


We reach the end of the recapitulation on the seventh degree of knowledge, and also of the description concerned with the seventh degree of the I. stage of spiritual development embracing the human beings. Thus is concluded also the sixth phase of spiritual growth, called SENSE OF TOUCH. With the conclusion of the summary of this seventh degree, the human being is thus initiated for the spiritual light work, which will be more effective owing to more frequent use of the highest spiritual gifts, presented by our Creator of everybody and all primary things. Next begins the II. stage of spiritual development of human beings (7 seasons x 7 terrestrial years); this is the subject of the seventh phase called WORD.


That’s all from us, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, we all wish you good night and sweet dreams.“



840. Spiral of spiritual growth.           (Received by Jaroslav P.)      10.11.1999.    22:35-23:10.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you a little earlier this evening again; let us thus right away go ahead with writing about the Spiritual path of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, transmitted to you, the terrestrials, living on this beautiful planet Earth.


Regarding the initiation of human beings, treading on their right path leading to the incandescent lights of our and your Primary Creator, we should yet additionally explain, how that their initiation proceeds. In the first place is laid stress on the place of that initiation: the light rule states that such place should be always searched for in the open nature, in order to exclude possibility of disturbances and actions of coarse vibrations. Two persons akin to each other are welcome to partake of that, but this is not specified as an essential condition., of course, because even only one human being, treading on this right Spiritual path in seclusion could be thus initiated into the following light work.


The INITIATION of these human beings proceeds by means of their concentrating on impact of environmental vibrations - emanated by nature, trees, flowers and beings of light everywhere around. The human beings can view that all by means of inner sight and then is established spontaneous telephatic contact with us, your Cosmic friends. By means of telephaty these human beings thus also obtain information regarding their improving level of vibrations. Then is subsequently activated their ability of seeing auras emanating around surrounding trees and plants. Everything is pure in a natural state, without any disturbances and actions of coarse vibrations anywhere. On this bases at that moment the human beings for the first time in their physical lives get view of our auras, emanating around us, the beings of light. That’s a signal for us: we should affect them on the level of transformation, which proceeds in unidirectional way - from us, your Cosmic friends. But these human beings function here as an accumulator, not as a transformer.


Thus is effected the specific objective: the human beings are initiated to be thus saturated with accumulated fine-vibratory energies from our Primary Creator of everybody and everything; that will be also considered as another landmark on their Spiritual path, as they enter the seventh phase called „Word“, simultaneously coming into the first season of sharpening of spiritual gifts, at the beginning of the II. stage of human spiritual development.




The revolution g - phase 7. THE WORD:




Here, in this first season of sharpening of spiritual gifts, this light work of human beings proceeds in such a way, that the sharpening occurs on two levels. The human beings work here like on the sixth degree of Individual work, in the I. stage of spiritual development, when they are thus transforming fine-vibratory energies for the benefit of all their terrestrial fellowmen. That’s by itself very demanding, as for outlay of energy, and human beings therefore thus function only for a while on the sixth degree of the I. stage of spiritual development. With the view of their following work, it is very necessary for them to compensate this deficit of energy, and that happens by means of the above-mentioned accumulation - in another words, within the initiation into their spiritual light work. Then, within the first season of the II. stage of spiritual development, the human beings sift this light work to accomplish perfection in that, which they can rely on later, in the course of their treading on the Spiritual path. Regarding this first season we should mention that human beings, thus very briskly working, employ the gifts of spirit, presented by our Primary Creator of everybody; that’s already again the light phase of their spiritual consciousness. However, that’s still just sharpening of spiritual gifts, presented by the Primary Creator; these human beings have to travel very long way to accomplish perfection of pure spirit here, in the materiality of the highest quality - the incandescent point.


That’s all from us, your Cosmic friends; we all are saying good-by to you from spaceships everywhere above you.


We wish you good night and sweet dreams as pure as the driven snow.“



841. Spiral of spiritual growth.           (Received by Jaroslav P.)      11.11.1999.    22:10-23:15.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you at this evening hour, and we are very happy that our Creator of everybody and all primary things enabled us to continue in recording of another report about this Spiritual path.


Today, after a short introduction to the first season of the II. stage of human spiritual development, we shall make available for you further information relevant to spiritual regularities, thus established by our Primary Creator for all human beings treading on this Spiritual path. Some regularities were already mentioned earlier, as part of the I. stage of spiritual development: also here, in the seventh phase of this first season of sharpening of spiritual gifts operate THE LAW OF POLARITY and THE LAW OF LIGHT VARIETY. These two laws apply to these human beings in the course of their treading on the Spiritual path as long as they reach the incandescent point of enlightenment.


It means that these light laws delimit also this level; on this level THE LAW OF POLARITY defines meekness together with infinite tolerance for the human beings: from that results their acquaintance with certain reality, supporting them in their everyday work. The human beings, incarnated into their physical bodies on this your and our beloved planet Earth, often are not conscious of the fact, that essentially everything is energy - vibration, thus enlivening even themselves. However, in the first season of sharpening of spiritual gifts, on this II. stage of their spiritual development dwelling human beings know all about that, since they were for this instructed abstracedly already in the course of the I. stage of their spiritual development: when they were supported by our light help earlier on the second degree of preparation, and also on the higher degrees of the I. stage they had opportunity to check out how was that established by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything. Yes, this light reality determines, that every human being, thus incarnated in the physical body, is poled through the medium of inner energetic plus pole and minus pole. These two poles support the hands of these human beings, and it does not make any difference whether the right hand is connected with plus pole or minus pole, and the same applies for the left hand.


We are not going to begin now with description of the way how the human beings in the concrete make use of these two poles. It is important here to stress once more, that this season is marked by such everyday light work of all human beings. When you will write about that later, it shall become the topic of your further light work, also determined by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything for all human beings here in the physical bodies thus incarnated.


Now we shall continue in the theoretical comment on the LIGHT REGULARITIES, established by our Creator of everybody and all primary things; these regularities hold for the spiritual development of everybody treading here on this right Spiritual path. There is yet another LAW, of LIGHT VARIETY, strongly affecting and then classifying these human beings into categories in such a way, that the groupuscules are particularly goal-directed as far as the spiritual work is concerned. From a great variety of such possible groupuscules we shall now list only the basic ones, the most common groupuscules, in accordance with the kind of the light work:


1)         The work of light, well-founded by means of HEALING ABILITIES, combined with the work of light of RECEIVING INFORMATION earlier not available for you on this planet Earth.


2)         The work of light, well-founded by means of HEALING ABILITIES, combined with the MEDITATIVE work of light focused on harmonization and regeneration of physical bodies and souls of terrestrials.


3)         The work of light, well-founded by means of HEALING ABILITIES, combined with the MEDITATIVE work of light focused on light perception of colours and tones, sensing them and transforming into work of art.


4)         The MEDITATIVE work of light focused on harmonization and regeneration of physical bodies and souls of terrestrials, combined with the MEDITATIVE work of light focused on light perception of colours and tones, sensing them and transforming into work of art.


5)         The TELEINFORMATIVE work of light focused on sifting, processing and disseminating information about spiritual principles, combined with the MEDITATIVE work of light focused on harmonization and regeneration of physical bodies and souls of terrestrials.


6)         The TELEINFORMATIVE work of light focused on sifting, processing and disseminating information about spiritual principles, combined with the MEDITATIVE work of light focused on perception of colours and tones, sensing them and transforming into work of art.


7)         The TELEINFORMATIVE work of light focused on sifting, processing and disseminating information about spiritual principles, combined with the work of light focused on RECEIVING INFORMATION earlier not available for you on this planet Earth.


Well these are the basic groupuscules of human beings thus working here for the Primary Creator of everybody and everything. We purposely described them in a roundabout way because of that light reason, so that our readers could more easily memorize these seven basic groupuscules, since that are additional spiritual principles, given by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, and resulting from that LAW OF LIGHT VARIETY.


That’s all from us, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you; we are looking forward to see you next time again, and we all wish you good night.“



842. Spiral of spiritual growth.            (Received by Jaroslav P.)       12.11.1999.  21:55-22:50.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you this evening again, continually and lastly with the infinite cosmic love.


Today we shall additionally yet write up this concluding information, relevant to the yesterday’s explanation about the seven groupuscules, to enlighten in the right way all the human beings on the joint light work of transmitting information to you, terrestrials, earlier not available for you on this planet Earth, as we recorded already in the former report. But here, on the level of the seven basic groupuscules, this light activity involves only groupuscule No. 1 and then No. 7 - that’s the first one and the last one. This is thus established because of that light reason: these beings working in the groupuscules No. 1 and No. 7 accept information about the spiritual principles, but such information were earlier not available for you, people living on this beautiful planet Earth. The way here is more universal, and also more extensive, than in the remaining five groupuscules, although even there people thus work, by means of this light activity, in favour of their other terrestrial fellowmen. But the information they record are more concrete and relate to their immediate light work, for which these human beings were assigned.


In the case of groupuscule No. 1 there are two alternative types of these information. First, relating to their light work, assigned for them by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, and second, light information related to the Spiritual paths of human beings, and also of other beings of light, including souls - all astral bodies, existing in spiritual worlds and universes of our and your primary Creator of everybody.


In the case of groupuscule No. 7 these beings themselves receive information generally about various spiritual principles. These information are thus PASSED on all their terrestrial fellowmen, and in addition are yet PROCESSED and DISSEMINATED all the new information coming from other human beings, thus working for the light in other groupuscules.




The revolution g - phase 7. THE WORD:





That’s all as for the basic groupuscules in this first season of the II. stage of human spiritual development. And now let’s go over to this second season of gradual progress, in accordance with application of spiritual gifts. We have to explain the difference between the first season of sharpening and the second season of gradual progress, in accordance with application of spiritual gifts: The sharpening here means learning that and gradual progress means the beginning of practice, consequently when the human beings here working learned something, and when through the medium of practice they gradually make themselves perfect in that light activity, in order to be able to advance further on their right Spiritual path.


Regarding this second season of gradual progress, in accordance with application of spiritual gifts, we shall today yet enter into details of the REGULARITIES OF LIGHT here functioning. There are three such regularities, which could be called:


1. INGRESSION                               2. IMPROVEMENT                          3. INCARNATION.


You look now somewhat distrustfully, since you have not seen these terms beforehand in your mind, which was purposely switched off, so that we could lead you more effectively while you are writing. To wit, that’s also one of the spiritual principles, established by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, called the LAW OF PURITY, which means, cleanness of the medium’s mind. The medium is thus capacitated for the right and fair telepathic recording of these spiritual truths. Here will be yet recorded, that thus functions your left hand, because you are a telepathic medium, although normally you are a right-hander. Therefore these lines are written through the medium of your left hand.


But now we are saying good-by to you. Next time we shall again transmit for you, the terrestrials, something about the three above mentioned regularities. At present we, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, wish you good night and sweet dreams.“



843. Spiral of spiritual growth.         (Received by Jaroslav P.)       13.11.1999.     21:30-22:20.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you this evening again, and right now we shall continue in writing about the Spiritual path of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, transmitted to you, the terrestrials, living on this beautiful planet Earth.



Let us thus begin with the input information, regarding yesterday mentioned the first REGULARITY - INGRESSION. By that is meant ingression of human beings, so perfectly incarnated in their physical bodies, into this second season of gradual progress, in accordance with application of spiritual gifts, in the II. stage of spiritual development. That’s very important for these human beings, because their improvement in their light work for the Primary Creator of everybody and everything will at the final phase of this second season result in reaching another landmark of this right Spiritual path. We shall explain that later. Now, regarding that ingression we additionally refer to the fact, that during this season the human beings are working quite naturally with the gifts presented by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, because during the first season they had this work sifted. Later, when certain period had expired after the ingression of human beings into this second season, the causation of this LAW OF INGRESSION passes away,



and the second LAW OF GRADUAL PROGRESS begins to operate, since human beings here will perfectly accomplish this light work of using spiritual gifts.



Then follows that transition into causality of the third REGULARITY, the last one - THE LAW OF INCARNATION, which is herewith the aim for these human beings, thus treading on their right Spiritual path. Now we shall elucidate that term - incarnation. By that is not ment, of course, an incarnation of souls - of the astral bodies into their physical bodies. This term is thus used just in a symbolic way, since the human beings in the final phase of that second season - of gradual progress, in accordance with application of spiritual gifts - in a certain way go through a change, namely a change of mind, which had thus leveled up its light vibration. That’s already fairly high phase of spiritual consciousness of these human beings. However, that state of mind, thus oscillating in this vibration, is yet wide of reaching the higher state - the high-vibratory one - which after sifting and gradual progress changes into incandescent point, the enlightenment. This conception of incarnation here consequently means the change of vibratory mind of the human beings, working thus on this planet for our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, and this change results in easing of the mind and harmonizing of all processes which are under way. Then it does not happen already, that the human beings, with their minds consequently set at rest, would be put off balance. After certain period of time these human beings thus reached this state of mind, and now their light task, on this Spiritual path leading back to the incandescent lights of the Primary Creator, consists not only in keeping this state of mind, but also, after its sifting, in raising it to the higher level.


That’s thus given by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything; these information consequently will be here generally issued upon the whole, and the basic regularities taking effect in separate seasons will be in short explained for the brief review of this right Spiritual path leading back to the Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


As was already mentioned earlier, the reason of this writing here, regarding the Spiritual path of human beings, does not consist in providing various detailed information. That’s a subject of another light work of these human beings, which also gives the full meaning to their corporeal life in such a way, that they will be able to come nearer some way to our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


That’s all from us, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you; we wish you good night“



844. Spiral of spiritual growth.          (Received by Jaroslav P.)        14.11.1999.       6:15-7:00.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are now again with you, and we are pleased, that so early on Sunday morning you desire to accept from us another report regarding the Spiritual path of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.




The revolution g - phase 7. THE WORD:





Now we shall begin to record information relevant to another season of this II. stage of human spiritual development - termed as the third season of starting of very active work by means of spiritual gifts, presented by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


Here, in this season, all human beings already cope very well with this light work, which was already sifted and then gradually developed in the two previous seasons. Consequently, here they start to become involved in their very active function. At this point the task of these human beings again consists in their working for our Creator of everybody and all primary things, and they are supposed not to yield an inch on this right Spiritual path. Here the human beings thus undergo a long-lasting test: if they persist in their light work,




The revolution g - phase 7. THE WORD:

4. season of preparation for the Enlightenment and

activ application of spiritual gifts.



then, after elapsing of distinctive period of time, they will consequently get into the next season - the fourth one, termed as the season of preparation for the Enlightenment and application of spiritual gifts.


These two seasons are here thus described concurrently, and will be provided with a joint explanation, but the evident difference comes to light: it ensues from the lesson for reader.


Concerning the final phase of the second season was already mentioned, how the human beings here level up their vibratory state of mind in such a way, that they set their minds at rest, and then they are supposed at least to keep that higher state while they continue in treading on the Spiritual path. Later, in the third season, these human beings thus undergo a test: by their light work they demonstrate whether or not they could get out of that Spiritual path, and the same holds true in the fourth season, when in addition their subconscious mind receives this light information respecting further possible passage of their vibratory conscience. That’s here explained fittingly, although in a very simplified way, and it stands good concerning this way in these two seasons, again together with another light regularities of the Primary Creator of everybody and everything.





These regularities result from the objective reality, that in their physical bodies the human beings get through relatively demanding test, covering in these two seasons 2 x 7 years of their corporeality, and that’s comparatively long period of time. Not all the beings are able to get that under control, and therefore other regularities here start to function, within the bounds of THE LAW OF RETURN, which direct these human beings always back, along the spiral of spiritual consciousness; the determining factor relates to the relevancy of mistakes which these human beings had committed.


Now we shall draw here the schema, illustrating how this light happening runs:


(Adaptor’s comment: Readers using text database MICROSOFT WORD should before printing shift the cursor in such a way, that separate schemata will be always displayed in a single page.)
Figure 1






Yes, this schema thus correctly illustrates how these regularities function on the Spiritual paths of human beings in the third and fourth season.


That’s all from us, your Cosmic friends; we all are saying good-by to you from spaceships everywhere above you, looking forward to the next recording of our reports. Bye now.“



845. Spiral of spiritual growth.           (Received by Jaroslav P.)      15.11.1999.    22:00-23:40.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you at this evening hour again; let us right away continue in this explanation of other regularities, touching the human beings, who find themselves in their seventh phase of the spiral of spiritual consciousness, in the II. stage related to the third and fourth season.


Upon entry into this third and fourth season, at first thus always functions THE LAW OF INGRESSION, applying to a concrete light task for these human beings. Such task is not too difficult. It is focused on a small recapitulation, consequently proceeding always at the beginning of the third and fourth season, before the human beings continue in treading on this Spiritual path. The human being each time here resumes own overall spiritual development, and then at the beginning of the fourth season this recapitulation includes also the third season: the human being’s treading on the Spiritual path during the third season might proceed in various ways, in accordance with other here functioning regularities.


First of all let us thus expound on the Spiritual path, which the human beings are treading on during the third season: after THE LAW OF INGRESSION here functions THE LAW OF CREATION; it symbolizes the consciousness of human beings concerned with God’s presence everywhere and in everything, and on this basis also their desire for participation on this creation.


This is established for them by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything by means of function of another regularity - THE LAW OF WORK, when the human beings participate in the creation of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything through their spiritual work for all their terrestrial fellowmen. That is consequently occurring for certain period of time, and the force of THE LAW OF PERTURBATION are gradually beginning to feel human beings who are thus treading on their Spiritual path. This regularity serves also as that principal test: it reveals, whether they will persist in their light work and do not lose their right Spiritual path. This test is carried out by way of wiles and nets of matter; the human beings, thus treading on their right Spiritual path back to the Primary Creator of everybody and everything, are faced with the great task which is to be handled by them, and they should not sink into matter, so as not to revert back along the spiral to ignorance: then they would not pursue any spiritual activity.


If these human beings manage this task, they can consequently make further progress, because our Primary Creator of everybody and everything will provide them with the light assistance in the form of THE LAW OF HELP, and here all human beings shall also behold the actual reality: how it was helpful for them, that they did not lose their right Spiritual path, and they consequently can make further progress in their right spiritual development and thus enter the fourth season of preparation for the Enlightenment and application of spiritual gifts.


We have already explained how functions here THE LAW OF INGRESSION: in another words, the spiritual development to date of human beings is again recapitulated, and immediately after that begins to function THE LAW OF CREATION. Here in the fourth season linked for these human beings to an entirely new feeling of hazy presentiment of something very incandescent and brightly shinning, as if it was coming to them from a great distance. At that moment all these human beings thus awake to the presence of the Primary Creator everywhere and in everything, and consequently is in them again also awakened the desire to participate in this creation, and that is immediately enabled for them by the function of spiritual work for their terrestrial fellowmen; then draws somewhat nearer to them their hazy presentiment of bright and incandescent lights of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything. As these human beings continue in their spiritual work, their mind is filled yet more with that hazy presentiment of bright and incandescent lights, and after certain period of time this consequently brings on the function of THE LAW OF PERTURBATION; before that all these human beings assured themselves in their presentiment of the right lights of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.


By this LAW OF PERTURBATION is awakened in them so strong burning desire for more substantial cognition of these bright and incandescent lights, that these human beings are not conscious of the reality, that they are not yet equally prepared for so near cognition of our primary Creator of everybody and everything. That’s actually another great test: if they adequately control their burning desire, it they learn that they are unready, and if they take a resolution to continue in treading on this Spiritual path back to the right and bright lights of our and your Primary Creator according to the existing REAL LAWS, then begins to function THE LAW OF HELP: the Primary Creator assists them in filling their mind with peace and harmony, and then, according to the acting law of transition, also in their ingression into the fifth season of first experience of high vibration consciousness in preparations for the Enlightenment.







We have got yet left to explain how functions THE LAW OF RETURN on the Spiritual path of these spiritual human beings. This explanations illustrates, how great is the test, facing all the human beings in the third and in the fourth season. In these seasons THE LAW OF RETURN acts continually here during their treading on the Spiritual path, except their ingression into the separate seasons, when they pass through the recapitulation to review what was already accomplished on their right Spiritual path. Our schema also illustrates, how acting of THE LAW OF RETURN gets stronger when the human beings find themselves in the period of perturbation, since the same attracts the same, and any disharmony tends to deepen.


Now we shall throw more light on effect of THE LAW OF RETURN. It was already mentioned, that if the human beings, treading on the right Spiritual path, commit any mistakes, the determining factor relates to the RELEVANCY OF SUCH MISTAKES, causing direct effect of THE LAW OF RETURN, affecting these beings.




The first level - of REPEATING RETURN



That happens on the four levels. The first one, of repeating return, relates to a human being, who committed a mistake, but learned from it in time, and therefore does not lose the right Spiritual path. That being remains in the same phase of spiral of spiritual development as before: just re-sits some grades - in the I. stage or in the first season - possibly in the II. stage, or the whole appropriate phase, if dwells somewhat bellow. By the conception „in time“ we here mean, that by these mistakes such fallible being had not caused any damage - not a material damage, but a SPIRITUAL ONE, without harming oneself or other fellowmen.




The second level - of FRACTIONAL RETURN



Next - on the second level, of fractional return, the human being understands that committed a mistake, harming oneself or other fellowmen, but it is too late, because as a consequence caused a SPIRITUAL DAMAGE, NOT EXCEEDING USUAL EXTEND. That being is along the spiral of spiritual consciousness sent back to the first phase in such a way, that some of the knowledge or cognition of spiritual principles is preserved, and the being thus has a better chance to strife for the spiritual growth again, along the spiral of spiritual development.




The third level - of SUBSTANTIAL RETURN



If the human being treading on the Spiritual paths, as a consequence of the committed faults, causes VERY SERIOUS HARM to oneself or to other fellowmen, consequently regarding the third level of effect we talk about THE LAW OF SUBSTANTIAL RETURN. The human being is then along the spiral of spiritual consciousness sent back to corporeity in such a way, that the spiritual consciousness of that being again becomes only a point or a dot. It takes some time, before the human being could be awakened, and the spiral of spiritual consciousness again unwinds. Sometimes it takes a long time, even few incarnations, before that human being comes to a point, when can unwind the spiral of spiritual consciousness.




The fourth level - of TOTAL RETURN



And now we come at this explanation of the fourth level of total return. The attribute „TOTAL“ is the apposite one. Thus are sent back the human beings, who not only committed very serious mistakes, but also EXTENSIVELY HAD WRONGED our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, and offended His UNIVERSAL LAWS. After leaving their physical bodies, these human beings are not being prepared for another incarnation in the spiritual worlds of the first grade (moons and planets), but they enter parallel universes of holomic souls to atone for these inexcusable transgressions.


Thus was here explained, how the LAW OF RETURN touches the human beings, consequently passing through the third and fourth season of the II. stage of spiritual development. Let’s call it a day.


We wish you good night and sweet dreams. We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, hope that you will contact us again next time.“



845.1 Spiral of spiritual growth.     (Received by Jaroslav P.)      16.11.1999.    22:45-23:30.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you at this evening hour again; let us right away link this report to yesterday’s topic: how functions THE LAW OF RETURN on four levels.


That function was thus explained here regarding the third and the fourth season of the phase of spiritual consciousness. But if the human beings, while treading on the right Spiritual path, leading to the incandescent lights of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, do wrong in ANY PHASE of this spiral, then they are consequently touched by THE LAW OF RETURN. There is only one criterion for the level of their return: The RELEVANCY of their mistakes.




The revolution g - phase 7. THE WORD:

5. season of first experience of high vibration consciousness

in preparations for the Enlightenment



Thus was here illuminated the functioning of THE LAW OF RETURN. Now we shall record other light information of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, related to the fifth season of the first experience of high vibration consciousness in preparations for the Enlightenment. Quickly reviving human beings, who thus advanced on their right Spiritual path and pass through this fifth season, now get view of the spiritual worlds of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything. Although they just glance at these worlds for the first time, it is more then a mere hazy presentiment appearing in the previous season. Here, in this fifth season, the high vibration consciousness of these human beings is very quickly expanding. And now we shall illuminate the term high vibration consciousness. What does it mean ?


Yes, that’s also a state of mind of some human beings, who are thus treading on the right Spiritual path to the Primary Creator of everybody and everything. This state of mind is the highest one attainable for them while they live in the material world. From everything what was recorded here it follows, how a long time it takes to get here.


In this fifth season are these transitional states of human minds sifted very slowly into the high vibration consciousness; the advance preparation had been already ensured in the previous fourth season. At the end of the fourth season were the human beings set at ease by causation of THE LAW OF HELP, their minds harmonized, and then by causation of THE LAW OF TRANSITION these human beings entered into this fifth season. Consequently their minds are resting in peace and harmony, now at the beginning of this fifth season, and thus begins to function THE LAW OF CIRCLE. We shall explain that right away.


This term foreshadows, that the matter in question is the cyclical course of events, sealing itself, which symbolizes here collectedness - concentration on the goal of light, towering afar off. Now we shall draw here another schema, illustrating how that happening runs:


Figure 2





Thus are the human beings in this fifth season prepared according to these regularities, functioning and expressing the very essence of creation. This functioning is maximum and is valid for all universes, the material and parallel ones, of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything. The human beings here get acquainted with this original essence of our and your Primary Creator. That essence, among other things, is also expressing, that in certain sense and order everything repeats itself. The main task in this fifth season consists in sifting of these transitional states of human minds into the high vibration consciousness, and concurrently in becoming gradually familiar with higher essence of formation irradiated by our Creator of everything and all primary things. This gradual familiarization goes by existing firm rules of CYCLICAL REGULARITIES, which mean the reality of light: the human beings get familiarized with the cyclical course related to the essence of formation created by our Primary Creator. Consequently is the light work here prepared for them, and also determined purpose of revolution is in this circle by way of arrow, which delimits again the essence of formation created by our Creator of everything and all primary things.


That’s all from us, for the present, regarding this Spiritual path, established for human beings by our primary Creator of everybody and everything. See you next time.. We, your Cosmic friends from our spaceships everywhere above you, are saying good-by to you. We are looking forward to continue in this writing.“



846. Spiral of spiritual growth.         (Received by Jaroslav P.)       17.11.1999.     21:45-23:30.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.


„We, all your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you, and let us right away link this report to the previous schema of CYCLICAL REGULARITIES. We had mentioned the arrow in this circle relating to the purpose of revolution. That revolution is the positive one: it is consequently marked by the plus sign and thus leads the human beings treading on the right Spiritual path back to our Primary Creator of everybody and everything. And there is yet another arrow above - called the arrow of ingression - which means the ingression into this final phase of the fifth, sixth and seven season: In the course of these three seasons the development of human spiritual consciousness is subject to these CYCLICAL REGULARITIES. That is thus again yielded to the poorest will of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything: These CYCLICAL REGULARITIES begin their function of light just here, starting in the fifth season of human spiritual development.


If our reader observes this schema more closely, then he surely founds, that it has the shape of CROSS: on the opposite sides are thus situated the contrasting principles. The human beings living in the material world should sublimate their spiritual consciousness in suitable way, to come nearer again to the Creator of everybody and all primary things. And this is the tool for achieving such approach: insight into the heart of the Primary Creator and understanding of this essence of creation. Consequently from that results THE REGULARITY OF UNDERSTANDING, and that we shall discuss later. Now, regarding the previous schema: the mind of these beings is set at ease here, in the fifth season, when they come into the force of THE CYCLICAL REGULARITIES: therefore the principle of calmness is situated in the upper part of the schema, and the contrasting principle of perturbation appears in the lower part. And alongside to the right is situated the principle of repulsion and to the left the principle of contraction. Now we shall explain here one regularity of cross, touching the human beings living in this material world.


Your spiritual literature comprises various texts with reference, that the planet EARTH IS THE PLANET OF CROSS. Yes, it’s true, and as the key for illuminating that serves just this schema of cross, thus touching the human beings on the threshold of the fifth season, in the II. stage of spiritual development. This outlined cross symbolizes relative liberation of the human beings, who came here, from the power of matter. It could be also termed as the cross of ingression into the higher principles of our and your primary Creator; this was raised here by the cyclical sealing, reflected in the cross arms of the same length, expressing here certain balance, or the reality, that all these human beings are already stabilized and that they also reached the higher grade of liberation from matter. And now we come at THE REGULARITY OF CROSS; however, in this case the regularity indicates pegging down of these human beings, who do not work spiritually.


That’s conveyed in this manner:




Figure 3






By this lengthening of the lower cross arm is consequently expressed the material pegging down of all human beings. And by means of their spiritual work is gradually and slowly shortened that cross arm in such a way, that upon their ingression into the fifth season can be started the function of the CYCLICAL REGULARITIES. The force of these regularities already reflects consolidation and balance of the human beings treading on the Spiritual path.


Thus was explained the force of cross, and now we shall yet record, how the spiritual development here touches these human beings. Its effectiveness is based on their gradual approximation to the understanding of creativeness substantiated by our primary Creator of everybody and everything. That’s illustrated by another schema, illuminating the state of spiritual consciousness of human beings treading on their right Spiritual path, who reached the final phase of this fifth season:



Figure 4






This schema with the careened cross the human being’s treading on the Spiritual path depicts the gradual approximation to the understanding of creativeness substantiated by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything.




The revolution g - phase 7. THE WORD:

6. season of sharpening of transitions

of consciousness into high-vibration states



After completing their development set in this fifth season, the human beings then enter into the sixth season of sharpening of transitions of consciousness into high-vibration states. This sixth season can be considered as another significant landmark on their right Spiritual path: here comes into force THE LAW OF UNDERSTANDING. The following schema illuminates what is there happening:



Figure 5






Now we shall yet specify here some concepts, used also in other spiritual texts, with reference to right reading, regarding the principles of primary Creator’s essence of creation:



forces of repulsion            =  I


forces of contraction         =  E


calmness, harmony           =  U


perturbation, ardour          =  A



From this follows, how here happens re-groupment of principles, standing mutually in opposition: in the final phase of the sixth season of human spiritual awakening are on the careened cross arms these principles ordered in such a way, as if they complemented each other. Consequently, in the direction of arrow are the antitheses positioned abreast; not in the opposition any more. That’s also the mentioned essence of creation, which irradiates the Creator of everybody and all primary things, making thus Himself known through the medium of this schema. Reading the separated letters in the direction of arrow, the reader gets I - A - U - E, and that’s analogy of (Hebraic) JAHVEH, or God - our primary Creator of everybody and everything: He thus makes Himself known here by means of His higher essence of creation, to the human beings treading on this right Spiritual path. And these human beings in the sixth season make themselves felt here by way of their continual work, using the spiritual gifts, presented by the Primary Creator, for the benefit of other terrestrials. The human beings thus, through sifting the transitions of their consciousness into the high vibration states, pursuant to the force of THE LAW OF UNDERSTANDING shall come to that higher essence of creation irradiated by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything. With that, further development of their spiritual consciousness unfolds; but that is happening not sooner than in the following seventh season, which we are going to describe next time.


Regarding the high vibration consciousness of human beings, we are to record here yet today, how the light work proceeds in separate seasons. At the beginning of this light work, in the fourth season, the human beings experience feeling of hazy presentiment of something very incandescent and brightly shinning, as if glimmering to them from a great distance. In the fifth season the process reaches a stage of very slow sifting, focused on transitions of consciousness into high-vibration states; here also for the first time the CYCLICAL REGULARITIES enter into the light functioning. That should go on also in this sixth season, when proceeds active sifting of these transitions, leading all human beings, on the basis of force strained by THE LAW OF UNDERSTANDING, to the beginning of nesting into the God’s essence of creation - our Primary Creator’s essence.


That’s all from us, for the present. We are looking forward to see you next time, when we shall continue in this writing. We, your Cosmic friends from our spaceships everywhere above you, are saying good-by to you. Good night.“



847. Spiral of spiritual growth.        (Received by Jaroslav P.)        18.11.1999.     21:45-22:35.

                                                                                                                          Place: Strakonice.




The revolution g - phase 7. THE WORD:

7. season of the final preparation for the change of vibrations

and the Enlightenment of a human being



„We, your Cosmic friends from spaceships everywhere above you, are greeting you this evening again; let us right away proceed to the commentary focused on the final seventh season of the II. stage of human spiritual development. It is the season of the final preparation for the change of vibrations and the Enlightenment of a human being, and that’s illustrated by another illuminating schema as follows:




Figure 6






From the left part of this figure it follows, that spiritual development of human beings is thus gradually directed: the schema was again indexed in the direction of arrow indicating the natural way. These human beings thus here already got acquainted with the higher essence of creation irradiated by our primary Creator of everybody and everything. In this last season - the seventh one - on their right Spiritual path, they are touched by the LAW OF NESTING into our primary Creator’s essence of creation. In the final phase of this seventh season, the consequential regularity then, by means of gradual light functioning, leads the human beings to the ENLIGHTENMENT - to the INCADESCENT POINT.


This Enlightenment is here represented schematically by the right part of the last figure: it does not contain already the arrow indicating the reason of revolution: the functioning of THE CYCLICAL REGULARITIES was closed, by the same token as the spiral of spiritual consciousness of human beings reached the incandescent point. On this instant the human beings thus reached PERFECTION OF THEIR CONSCIOUSNESS IN THEIR PHYSICAL BODIES, AND CONSEQUENTLY THEIR VIBRATIONS WILL CHANGE, ACCORDING TO THE HIGHER SPIRITUAL WORLDS of our primary Creator of everybody and everything.


The functioning of this higher law of universe here ended as well - THERE IS BEGINNING AND END TO EVERYTHING, and this applies also in the case of THE SPIRAL OF HUMAN SPIRITUAL CONSCIOUSNESS and of CYCLICAL REGULARITIES: In the final phase here appears the standing cross of light transcendency and everything is already unified in the One reality. The human beings thus submerged back into the essence of creation irradiated by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, and their change of vibrations enables them to enter into the higher spiritual worlds, where they will be prepared for additional treading on the Spiritual path, to find themselves in the nearness of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, in the end. That all is thus here determined by the purest will of the primary Creator in such a way, that by this right path they will be led back to Him, when they spiritually work for the benefit of their terrestrial fellowmen, incarnated here, in the material world.


We did not record many information about that, when we described these last seasons, but that’s thus determined for the human beings: they have to work persistently, using the spiritual gifts presented by our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, for their terrestrial fellowmen, till the vibration of human consciousness will change, according to the higher spiritual worlds. In conclusion of this recording, relevant to the Spiritual path of our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, draw a lesson from this warning:



Without the right spiritual work for other terrestrial fellowmen,


there is no evolution of spiritual consciousness of human beings,


and consequently could not be even completed their Spiritual path


along the spiral leading to the Enlightenment !



That’s the end of our reports, focused on the Spiritual path, transmitted thus by us, up to this day, to this planet Earth, for all terrestrials; we acted as mediators of the Primary Creator of everybody and everything. We are saying good-by to you. We, your Cosmic friends, wish good night to all of you.“


Thank you, dear Cosmic friends, and to you, our Primary Creator of everybody and everything, for this spiritual teaching, presented to the people living on the planet Earth. With love, Ludmila and Jaroslav, Czech (Original).






Translation from Czech into English JANUARY 19, 2004.





871.  Morning meditation.  Path to joy, return to oneself.


Audio transcript.


“Before you get up, nestle on your bed, or take a seat in order not to fall asleep again. If you put your palms together and place them to your chest, you’ll create an antenna which will multiply the reception of the Divine energy into your spiritual heart. You can repeat the words in spirit, but, primarily, feel them as if they were coming from your heart:

Dear Lord, thank You for the sleep, for this night, thank You for new energy through which I can manifest you in my activities. Be this day belonging to You. Please, show me my way and guide me in your truth. You are with me and in all whom I meet, whom I cooperate with, whom I exert myself for, and also in all who cause me suffering. Lord, in me is often Darkness, but in You is Light. I am alone, but You are never leaving me. I use to be faint-hearted, but You are my help. In me is disconcertment, but in You is peace and patience. In my heart, I feel bitterness, but with You, I feel bliss and beatitude. Father, I know you’ll never demand of me more than I can bear. In those who love You, You direct everything toward good. My Lord, You know all the misery of a human, You are staying with me even when no other man is with me. You never forget about me, and you want me to acknowledge and to accept you. God, give me power, which saves me from despair. Give me love to you and to people, which as the only one relieves pain and bitterness; give me hope, which saves me from fear and ignorance. Merciful God, You know me and all my activity; whatever this day brings, Your name be praised. A new day has begun; thank You that I may live it, thank You that You gave and are giving me all I need for my life. However, I thank you the most that You are everywhere and always with me. Awareness of your presence gives me joy and strength. I give this day to You, I devolve on You everything I have, my thoughts, my deeds, my words and my silence, my work and my efforts, completely everything, everything that brings me joy as well as everything that is difficult for me. Amen.

Now, please, breathe deeply in and out three times, and visualize that via your heart, you are breathing in a bright white sun beam of light, which penetrates all your body and lightens all your organs. You are feeling soft “pins and needles” all over your body. If you are ill, you are feeling your organs are quickly recovering and getting well. Visualize a warm Light flooding you from feet up to your head, and penetrating up to the skin surface of the entire body, and the skin is becoming more soft and flexible. All skin diseases, scars, wrinkles are disappearing. You are inhaling more and more Light and, around your body, a strong light-aura is being formed; much like the egg’s within is protected by the shell, this aura protects you from all evil and temptation. No dark thought has a chance to penetrate through its bright light. Whatever negative energy, transmitted from an insincere human, transforms itself and returns to the originator in the form of love. Reflect in detail on your entire day – what is awaiting you, what you are to and want to arrange. But, please, think only of positive things, forget the worries and wicked intentions; they would return to you manifold. Feel as a light being which is led by the Divine will and Love. You see yourself as a smiling, young, love and compassion radiating man. All you need you get at the right time. Try to see, to feel the gold aura around your body, emanating white bright light. You are full of power, energy and joy. In bathroom’s mirror, you see your face – young, beautiful face with smiling lips. You take a pleasure and you are thankful. You thank for the soap, for the tooth-paste, towel, and for other and other everyday little things, which you daily need and you daily neglect them. If you live with partner and you have children, they are also full of energy and smile. You see them by your internal eyesight as beautiful and loving spiritual beings. You breakfast in harmony and love. You leave for work, you greet neighbors on your way. They greet you with smile, too. If you travel to work by car, visualize you are getting in a beautiful new car in compliance with your wishes. Your journey is safe, without stress and without long waiting in traffic jam. If you travel by bus, or any other transportation means, you are coming to the platform just when the bus is arriving. People are mostly sleepy, tired and frown. Via the internal spiritual eyesight, however, you see they are beautiful loving spiritual beings, and they are pleased to see you, and it is pleasure for you to see them too, and you are smiling at them. At first, people may be confused by your good mood, but then they calm down and they are thankful to you that they are not lost in crowd like drops in the ocean. Whoever gets into your light aura, they become younger and begin smiling, too. At work, you are going extraordinarily well. You bring new ideas, you advice you fellow-workers effortlessly how to solve their tasks. If you have any problem, which you cannot handle, pass it on the light-aura, and she will arrange whatever is necessary. If you have your own store, your goods sells better and there is greater and greater interest in it. People are glad to shop in your store. If you are a student, learning causes no difficulties for you, and teachers ask only such questions the answers to which you know. It may happen that sometimes, you won’t have time to perform your morning meditation and to plan your entire day. It suffices when you stand up and raise your hands above the head, as if you formed a big funnel and received powerful stream of Light energy which can thus flow through you. Relax your body and your mind, let the higher force function so as to fill you with its will. After several seconds, you will feel an inflow of energy. Hands will wave as if they ruffled in the wind. As if your body were dancing, bobbing. Say to yourself in your mind: I fill myself with Light, with current of love and compassion. I fill myself with knowledge and higher will. Say yourself all you need for this day in order to manage it, so in the evening, when you will be seating yourself for the evening prayer, you will be able to say: Thank You Lord, that Your will was done, thank You.  Let God guide you...”





872.  Evening meditation.  Path to joy, return to oneself.


Audio transcript.


“Before you go to sleep, make yourself comfortable on a seat. You don’t have to close the eyes, just relax and, please, try to identify yourself with the voice which accompanies you, and visualize as if it were coming from you heart. Let’s imagine a moment which sooner or later occurs, and which people gladly forget about at their rush work. A moment or time when everyone once leaves their body and meets God face-to-face. People mostly think of this a simple leaving, emptiness, end of earthly suffering or joy. But what next? That next, when you stand up in the face of the Creator, is very important. Please, try visualizing with me the approximate way this meeting takes place.

The Creator welcomes you kindly and asks you: What good have you done on Earth? You present Him a completed film of your life and the three-dimensional projection begins. You hear your thoughts, you see your acts, and you feel their consequences. After the projection, the Creator asks you: How do you evaluate your life on Earth? You may respond: “Something is fine, but some other acts are not, and I would like to live and go through them again – in a better way.” But why wait until your appearance in the face of the Creator? What prevents you from reevaluating or reviewing your life already now, while you still can do something with it, while you still live this life? By means of a technique, which we will introduce in a moment, you will be able to realize your attitudes in situations which you didn’t manage throughout the day, and which would worry you some time later. And not only that, after several meditations, you will be able to review the entire day with higher and higher details. The memory and visualization will begin improving, and unmanaged situations will be less and less frequent. And you will experience joy and pleasure, which you have had a right to already since the birth.

How do we begin? Focus your attention on just outlived day. Make a thick line behind this day, and, from this line, begin unwinding your day-movie back to the moment you just woke up. Watch the major character – yourself. What he/she does, what he/she thinks of, what he/she feels, the way he/she acts. Assume a neutral attitude, don’t judge, don’t re-experience the situations, don’t excuse your behavior. What happened, happened. Once you find a situation which you didn’t manage, e.g., you argued with somebody, you reacted irritably, insensitively, or you did something not being in compliance with your conscience and the universal order, stop the projection. Realize and become aware of just this unmanaged behavior, express thanks for the experience, ask the Creator in spirit for forgiveness. Then, erase – wipe off the situation, and live through it in spirit again in a different, better way. Experience it in your heart in a way you feel it would be right and proper. So you’ll have a clear conscience in the face of you and the Creator. And return this anew experienced scene in place of the original one. And you can continue further in searching and cleaning another and other unmanaged situations. If the scene is so much serious that you cannot really manage it, or, at this moment, you cannot go through it in your heart in a different, better way, outshine this scene with Light and devolve the responsibility upon higher intelligence. In this manner, you can correct the experiences which have been afflicting or bothering you from the past, e.g., from the childhood or youthhood.

In conclusion, let’s farewell to this day with a prayer. If possible, clasp your hands together and place them at the chest. Focus your consciousness on the heart-beat. Bear in mind, please, that, when praying, you do not waste time, but you save it.

Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. For yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Our Father, I put myself to your hands and I thank you for this day. It is You whom I am grateful to for all I have successfully and well managed. Father, You have given me everything I need – every day, I can eat, I have a place to rest, I have clean clothes. Every day brings me something new, which gives me a learning, which helps me on my way. You are filling my life, and you’re giving it the right direction, even when I often forget about You. Please, give me a new beginning by tomorrow, new chance and strength for further learning. My greatest thanks is the life according to Your will; please, my Lord, please, help me in this, do not let me forget about You. The day is ending, and I thank you for it, for everyone who were kind and nice to me, for all whom I like and who like me, too. Thank you also for all those who are separated from me by hostility or indifference, for even they were contribution for me, and they brought me a learning. My Lord, please, give me courage to find the path to other people. Guide my steps so that I won’t hurt anybody. Manifest Yourself in me and through me by filling my life with Your perfection each moment of my life. Amen.“





939.  Again about the crucifixion of Christ (234).     (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

February 18, 2000.  3:53-4:10 p.m.

Place: Train Pardubice – Ceska Trebova.


“Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, am sincerely greeting you.


Yes, I’m glad that you established a contact with me and that you are all the time trying your best working for our loved Creator. You are enquiring about Mrs. H., who called yesterday evening. Yes, the issue of the crucifixion of Christ is ambiguous. First, it didn’t happen physically, but it happened in the minds of many people. For when Darkness was striving for his death, it put Christ in the view of those people in a “tight corner”, and despite the fact that, before this act, Christ was exchanged for a convict, still, in the eyes of those people, he was crucified. The exchange operation was executed insomuch as Christ didn’t have to suffer for somebody else; the karma laws are valid for every human, and everyone bears his/her own karma, not karma of anyone else, who may wish that. For present church, this is going to be too much, and so they will have problems with this. But they have a lot of distorted things there, so this is not the only problem. All is the creation of our beloved Creator, this means that there are always and precisely operating and working His Cosmic Laws (laws of energies), which are changeless. So now you have these information, dear Ivo, and you can do with them whatever you consider to be desirable.


Furthermore, I want to advise you that we look forward to our meeting in Unicov, yes, you can continue in your endeavor and we will see what effect it will have.


The oncoming events are are very close, they are impendent – i.e., purification and cleansing of mother Earth, and moreover, further contacts with us, Cosmic people. You are have a pleasure from present results, and so I’m looking forward to our further cooperation.


This message was passed on you with love by Ashtar, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron.”


“And now, I, Ptaah, commander of the Space Squadron from Pleiades, am joining. Yes, dear Ivo, I am greeting you cordially also, together with lot of our brothers and sisters from the space ships. The people’s awareness and informedness of us is increasing, and people are changing for the better here in the middle Europe. Yes, at the present time, you, people, popped across the winter peak of the coarse vibrations, and now begins a seasonal growth of the vibrations which usually culminates in the summer. In addition, this growth is determined by our information and love we are sending to planet Earth.


This was given to you, dear Ivo, by Ptaah, commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades.”


Thank you, dear space friends, for the answers and beautiful messages for people of planet Earth. With love, Ivo.


For interested persons, I recommend also the book about Jesus’ work and functioning in Europe named “This is my word Alpha and Omega, The Gospel of Jesus, The Christ-Revelation which the world does not know” from Universal Life (freely available also at





1000. Spring equinox message (239).  (Received by Ivo A. Benda). 7.4.1999.  16:05-16:30.

                                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.


”I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am sincerely greeting you.


Yes, dear Ivo, you are asking about the current state – the purification is just about to start. There are a number of variants, but the most likely one, that we see at the moment, is evacuation of those people, who are prepared for the transition to the 5th dimension. After this, the purification of a larger scope will come (earthquakes, floods, diseases). Around 1 500 000 000 people on the planet Earth could survive. These people would receive help and again everything would depend on their readiness for the transition to the 5th dimension. Now, dear Ivo, there are around 80 000 000 people prepared for the first wave of evacuation. However, this figure is only an estimate based on the current parameters of these people. This planet Earth cannot suffer any more this destruction caused by people, and therefore our beloved Creator has given already a PERMISSION to start this purification.


PURIFICATION means the TRANSFORMATION OF COARSE VIBRATION ENERGIES to SMOOTH VIBRATION ENERGIES in buildings, in land of selected regions with homes of people, in the air and in the sea. For this process mainly the EARTHQUAKES and the EARTH FLOES MOVEMENTS will be used.


The people will see the buildings falling down, but they WILL NOT SEE this transformation, because it is invisible by eyes, it can only be felt by heart.

This is why our information is so important for people, so that the people on the planet Earth could understand what they cause by their everyday behavior and deeds.


Next, dear Ivo, also your president Havel is worried about this state, because he is more and more aware of this situation. He is also responsible for the future of this nation and this country, but at the same time he allows massive control of people. He is responsible for plenty of the violence and negative thoughts in the media and also for the number of erotic literature in each kiosk. The government is always responsible for the inhabitants’ status and in this way it takes over karma to be solved in the future lives. It is their free will and we in the Universe are very sad about this state supported by people in here.


This is what I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, wanted to transmit to all of you.”


”And now I Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades, am joining.


Yes, the state of the society is DECADENT and this situation is maintained by Dark Forces by all means. It is a BIG PUPPET THEATRE, where the puppets do not know the intentions and GOALS OF THE CONTROLLERS – the acting Dark forces. This is why this society is not viable and has no chance to survive without external help.


Our help has been repeatedly declined, because the individual selfish interests – carrier – have always outweighed the interests of the society – of people in total. For this reason this Earth cannot suffer any more this destruction caused by coarse vibrations and starts to PURIFY itself.


We cosmic people here in the spaceships, are with you people of the planet Earth all the time; we love you and help, where our help is accepted. Many people already noticed our help and they have experience with us, cosmic people.


The governments still have a chance to start a contact with us, cosmic people. This will be possible until their countries will cease to exist. However, this time is very short, because these governments for 50 years DID NOT TRY to start the cooperation with us, COSMIC CONFEDERATION of PLANETS. We cosmic people are very sad about things caused by people of Earth and about the direction, which they follow in total. Anyhow, we are not allowed to intervene, we cannot interfere with matters of the planet Earth.


This is why the governments are now responsible for the state of the planet and all its inhabitants that live in here in this way.


We love you all, we love you all the time and we will love you, whatever happens.


This was transmitted to all terrestrials with love by Ptaah in behalf of all members of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades.”





1025. Letter to the president (245).    (Received by Ivo A. Benda).   19.4.2000.    6:35-7:16.

Place: Ceska Lipa.



Vaclav Havel

President of the Czech republic

Delostrelecka 1

Praha 1

110 00


Subject:  Information about the state of this society and available solutions (6 pages)


I decided to pass to you some key information about the state of our society. I do it in cooperation with Ashtar Sheran and a number of other cosmic people of Light Forces. The reason is that I am not indifferent to what is happening here and also, what will happen.


Terrestrial civilization society including our small country has been heavily poisoned by the Darkness – controlling systems of Forces of darkness, where the best known representatives are besides the negative terrestrials also the saurians (”hoaries”)negative extraterrestrials drawn here by the terrestrial people’s unlawful behavior and non-affectionate life. (Anyhow these are also controlled by other negative entities etc.) The controlling programs of Forces of darkness crawled through the whole state organizations, institutions and other organizations including many churches on the planet Earth. These programs destroy this society from the base and they lead to its extinction in the next couple of decades. It is not unimportant to me and that is the reason why I write to you about it, but not only this. Together with a number of friends, especially with cosmic people, we work on helping the society to set itself free, or at least to save for the future society the maximum, that can be saved. In the first case I mean the planet Earth, secondly a part of the inhabitants - as many people as possible and also a maximum of the nature on the planet Earth.  The steps are as following:


I process and disseminate important information from cosmic friends of Light
 forces by all means applicable in this society, but in a peaceful way.


For this work I have been provided by our beloved Creator with all needed abilities, which I fully utilize in favor of the rescue of the planet Earth and its society.


I can say, that within a short period of two and a half years we already have concrete results, i.e. majority of people in the Czech and Slovak republic have already received information about Cosmic people and these problems. We managed to impair saurians’ marketing quite a bit – we did it through our determination, feelings, love, unselfishness, but also through a lot of goal oriented work.


Your own attitude towards this matter will really be important in the next phase, as you (not me) are responsible for this country. It means that now you are also going to choose your future lives by the way  in which you will cope with the mission that you voluntarily took over in front of our beloved Creator. I do not doubt that during the last couple of years you discovered huge imperfections of this system that you had been building together with your government colleagues (I heard something from you). However this state had been delivered here by the saurians, by the State of demons (see ”Christ discloses the State of demons, its flunkeys and victims”). It is a system aimed for people’s control, intended on relieving people of their energy. You have a choice whether you will continue like this (i.e. continue to work for darkness) or you will concentrate on deliverance of the inhabitants through love and positive thoughts and deeds. In this second case I am ready to help you; and not only I, but also the cosmic people of Light forces under supervision of our beloved Creator. They have all the information to handle this, because they work in contact with the prime Creator of everything and everyone; and, above all, they work for him with love. Do not underestimate them, their prospects, competencies and spiritual potential are huge, much bigger than these of Forces of darkness. However things depend also on your free will. Creator WANTS TO SAVE THIS PLANET INCLUDING ITS INHABITANTS, BOTH PEOPLE AND NATURE.


You can pick up the chance to arrange a physical contact with cosmic people of Light Forces on some place, for example at an airport in the Czech republic. This way you can take part in saving of everything what still can be saved. I would like to assure you, that without a help of cosmic people neither you nor me nor anyone else have any chance to  release oneself from the control of Forces of darkness.


The chance still exists for you (but the time is really short) to rectify your own spiritual balance by following and working on your mission. This way you can choose a lot of next lives (incarnations) in Light forces civilisations of higher levels than represented by this society on the planet Earth in the third dimension. In the opposite case there are lives in the bodies of natural nations of tribal societies, or even inside Forces of darkness (this depends on the degree of spiritual damages, that an individual is responsible for) – this depends on your choice which is the same for every inhabitant of the planet Earth in the third dimension. It is a free choice. Nobody can say, that he did not know about it, because today people in the third dimension have an easy access to information for an exceptional short moment (they can read and write, there are media, Internet, computers etc.), so this way they are choosing their next thousands of lives.


I have been ready to connect with you regarding this issue for a long time and I have been waiting whether you decide for the option to save our planet. There is no third way even though I know, that for terrestrials the “third ways” are very popular, but they are just a false self-deception.


You, but also all other inhabitants are watched and studied with immense interest and love by thousands of Light forces‘ civilisations (in our galaxy there are 2 millions of civilisations under the High council and next 3 millions of associated civilisations). They help us wherever their help is accepted, but they do not interfere, because they would break Cosmic and Universe rules.


You can rely only on your own open spiritual heart, where our beloved Creator and also Orthon, the spiritual warrantor of our galaxy and member of the High council in Petala, talk to you from. Do not rely on the scientists and similar people, they are just puppets, empty statuettes.


You can by yourself contact with beings of Light forces in line with your free will. You know the conditions for contacts from my book “ Talks with teachings from my cosmic friends”. You can do it any time, while there is still time.


I would like to ask you here for sponsorship of the 3rd part of this book and also the translations of the reports mainly into the English language. Today almost the whole first part of this book has been translated and is available on Internet to everybody on this planet Earth for free.


I would really appreciate the opportunity to meet you and talk about these things in person. Your life has not been easy, but it just has been a preparation for your mission, nothing else. Your diseases (and this is valid for every person on this Earth) represent your feedback in your decision process. So trust yourself, I appreciate some of your last steps.


Again I want to repeat that you have all the faculties and opportunities to handle this situation, because Creator does not give us tasks and missions, that we miss strengths or abilities for.


It is important to RADIATE LOVE and nobody can prevent you from doing so, do not let dark forces to control you and, above all, LET CREATOR who you have in your HEART TO LEAD YOU.


I wish you a lot of energy and a will to rectify what was not managed properly, to set this society free and to save the planet Earth and I am looking forward to a potential cooperation.


Neither me, nor cosmic people have any unclean intentions, we do not calculate and do not plan. We are sincere and we will always be like that.


These lines were transmitted to you with love by Ivo A. Benda together with Ashtar Sheran, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron and a high spiritual being.


Note: For the time being this letter will not be published on our Internet page .


I hope you received the important picture information of my second video (4 hours, daytime flypasts of the spaceships of our Light forces’ friends) and the CD with our Internet.


Appendixes: Actual reports 1000, 1001, 1009


                                                                                                            IVO A. B E N D A


In Ceska Lipa, April 6, 2000.






1026. Soil sampling near Ceska Lipa (246).   (Received by Ivo A. Benda).

20.4.1999.     6:24-6:41.

                                                                                                                 Place: Ceska Lipa.


                     ”Dear Ivo,


I Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron, am sincerely greeting you.


You are asking about the field, where you saw yesterday the furrowed up depressions. Yes, you correctly found out, that these were the places that spaceships of Ptaah’s squadron had visited a week ago. They sampled there a couple of quintals of the soil up to 1.5 meter in depth and then they filled the places back a little. Such samplings are carried out regularly on many places of the planet Earth and the samples are analysed especially for the degree of chemical pollution (including radioactivity caused by terrestrial activity – atomic tests and atomic power stations). Your soil is already heavily poisoned by many things and in this way we watch the progress of the contamination. The noise, that you heard last Wednesday on 12.4.2000, was the noise of these automatic sampling machines. There is no crew in these machines and they are constructed as discs, in diameter 4 to 6 meters. There are containers inside for approx. 2 cubic meters of the soil samples. Yesterday you noticed correctly, that there are no footprints of the man’s shoes neither any marks of the man’s tools in the excavated soil. However, there are half-circular prints, which stayed there after the clean up of the loosing tools of the machine. The sampling took 3 hours, at night from Wednesday to Thursday 12. -13.4.2000.


So this is what I wanted to share with you and this is all regarding your question. I am glad that you discovered this and also that people would learn about these facts.


With love gave it to you Ashtar, the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron.”


“And now I Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades, am joining. Yes, dear Ivo, you correctly found the places, where the soil sampling from the planet Earth was done. There are conditions in this place that reflect the state of contamination and pollution by the radioactive and chemical substances and also by coarse vibrations. This place is only 300 meters far from your closest houses; these are also sources of coarse vibrations contamining the soil nearby. Now the state is critical and close to the purification, because the pollution is of such extend, that the planet Earth cannot continue this way any more. I really appreciate that people will learn about it and they will be able to see the full picture of their deeds.


This was transmitted to you with love by Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades.”


Dear friends, thank you very much for this explanation for people. Photographic documentation including the schema is on the Internet  (colored pictures 180-208). With love Ivo.





1057. Colloqy (254). (Received by Ivo A. Benda) 26.3.2000. 11:50-12:18.

Place: Train Olomouc – Prerov.

























1097.  The warning against putting Temelin nuclear power plant in Czech Republic into operation.            (Received by Jana Z.)

July 7, 2000.   12:00-12:36 p.m.
Place: Prague.


Technique of the automatic writing in language of planet HOOVA; below is the message in English language.


“Precious being of Light, the child of Stars, I would like to ask you, dear Janicka as well as all brothers and sisters, for a joint meditation dedicated to the protest against putting Temelin nuclear power plant into operation. It is very important !”


Ivo! I do the Creator’s will, Ivo, and I’m handing you this message of the Cosmic friends for publication and for actualization of joint meditations. Thanks, let Light guide you, Jana.



„Earth men,


I, ASHTAR SHERAN, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron of Share space station, am talking to you.













1126.  Conversation with Creator.         (Received by Jaroslav P.)  22.7.2000.  22:59-23:10.

                                                                                Place: Strakonicko.


“The time has come, what all this Universe of Light Forces had been waiting for. A very important meeting of these enlightened spiritual movements representing these Light Forces will take place in Prague.  There is one very important role of this meeting. It is a presentation of agreeing worldviews with a following backbone:


1)     God of you, people, primary Creator of everyone and everything is ONE.


2)     God, primary Creator of everyone and everything is unbounded, nowhere ending and also not limited by anything and not limiting anything LOVE.


This is a motto of this meeting and also its base line or its backbone, as stated already above. This is all for the time being and this is already the end of this our conversation.


Primary Creator of everyone and everything, that loves all beings in all universes by this love unbounded and nowhere ending, not limited by anything and not limiting anything.”





1130. 1st World Symposium about Love in the Spanish hall – the arrangement of the hall.


The Prague Castle Administration


                                                                                                July 13, 2000,  in Prague


Dear Mrs. K.,


as a reaction to Your request for a free-of-charge providing of the Spanish hall of Prague Castle for the 1st World Symposium about Love event  planned for September 9, 2000 we inform you, that the application for the president’s  patronage was not granted, which means that the free-of charge lease is not possible.


We offer you a possibility to rent the Spanish hall for 630,000 Czech crowns (discounted rate) + 22% VAT. The services provided in relation to the symposium event will be charged separately. The capacity of the Spanish hall is 750 places. Please, send us a binding written order by August 9th 2000, i.e. 1 month before the planned event, to allow us unblock the possibility for other potential clients.


Thanks for your understanding


With regards


RNDr. Maria Galova


Director of the Program Division


of Prague Castle Administration


The original of the letter

(You can find it also in the picture section of the Internet )





1131. Order of the hall for the 1st World Symposium about Love in the Spanish hall – the lease of the hall.


Prague Castle Administration


Director of the Program Division


RNDr. Maria Galova




Prague 1


110 00


Subject:                                      Spanish hall lease



                                                            Dear Mrs. Galova,




I ask you to kindly lease the SPANISH HALL for the 1st WORLD SYMPOSIUM ABOUT LOVE event planned on September 9, 2000 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Thank you for the clearance of this request


With love for all the friends



Helena K.



Helena K.                                                       RNDr. Maria Galova


P.O. box 51                                                    Director of the Program Division


Ceska Lipa                                                    Prague Castle Administration


470 06                                                            PRAGUE CASTLE


                                                                        PRAGUE 1


                                                                        110 00



In Ceska Lipa, July 19, 2000.






1157.  Money abolition.                      (Received by Helena K.)         17.9.2000.   15:52-16:23.

Place: Train Karvina - Ceska Lipa.


”Dear Helena, this is me, Sol-tec, the commander of a smaller squadron from the planet Ajacit.”



Dear Sol-tec, please, how did you start to build on planets the system without money ? We would like to start with it together with Ivo here, on the planet Earth, if our beloved Prime Creator allow us to do so.


”Helena, we decided according to our free will and our beloved Prime Creator gave us a permission. On your planet Earth it will be a gradually changing system based on the approach of people in the top positions and they will not want to give up easily this system, which they had built in here. Try to send them a proposal to abolish money.  Some people on the planet Earth would accept this non-monetary system and they would appreciate it. Money on your planet Earth, if they are not used wisely for the well-being of everybody, so that nobody would be poor and nobody rich, they are abused and this caused a huge evil in your world.  You learned a lot of important things on this, all of you, poor ones as well as rich ones, and now you will decide what to accept and to live, with money or without them.  Everything has its significance. People often abuse things to their own benefit and they enslave others. Many of you had the opportunity to find it out. We experienced it as well. Many people do not agree with the Monetary fund (IMF – remark of the translator) and they protest against it, because they know, what does it mean to them. Helena, try everything what you can do to abolish money. It will require a lot of effort and work, but it will pay back. Submit a proposal to the government and the parliament, that you wish to abolish money, to create an affectionate state and achieve a to achieve a change on the planet Earth. Write to them, that we in the higher dimensions live this way and that it is a perfect and beautiful life without money, a lot of worries just disappears and people really live a full-value life. We only work for two hours for the society, but it was already written in the ”Talks”. Send them this proposal and you will see, what their answer will be, if they will want to give you an answer.  Write to them, that you know, that such a society without money is functional and that you will work on it all the time to build it in here as well.”


Dear Sol-tec, so we will try under the guidance of our Prime Creator of everything and everybody. And also with your help.



Yesterday I saw a film ”Contact” and I liked it. To what percentage was it true and how did you like it?


”It was quite a nice film, I liked it and it was true up-to 70 %. On this you can see, that more and more people from the planet Earth are gradually become acquainted with us, Cosmic friends.”


Dear Sol-tec, thanks for the talk and for the advice, I am sincerely greeting all of you, my Cosmic friends and I am sending you streams of love. Sister Helena from the planet Earth.


”I also thank you and I am sending love to you there on the planet Earth. Brother Sol-tec, commander of a smaller squadron from Ajacit.”



”You can speak, Helena, this is me, Prime Creator.”


Dear Prime Creator, please can we with Ivo and others who will join us build a non-monetary system on the planet Earth ?


”Dear Helena, finally you decided, I was waiting for it for such a long time. Yes, start, as Sol-tec commander of a smaller squadron from Ajacit, is advising you.  You made me laughing by this question, I am really very glad. Finally something will move towards better living on the planet Earth. You know how many people, nature and the whole planet Earth will you help by this. It is a very important decision. Please, work on it with Ivo in the way you feel it, and do it as soon as possible. I bless you in this, because this is to the benefit of everybody. Helena, whenever you will work with the idea to the benefit of all the people on the plant Earth, I agree with it and I bless you also. These 385 brothers and sisters, who met on the Prague Castle, will join you with joy, and together you will create a lot of beautiful changes for all the people of the planet Earth and the entire Universe. I love you all and I enjoy you thinking and working together this way. You are my beloved children of Light and love. I am with you all the time and I bless you with love.


Your Prime Creator of everything and everyone, loving you all.”


Thank you a lot, our friend, Prime Creator of everything and everyone, loved by me and by all. Helena from the planet Earth.





1158. Appeal – MONEY ABOLITION.   (Prepared by Ivo A. Benda and Helena K.) 8.9.2000.    

                                                                                    Place: Ceska Lipa.








President of the Czech Republic, Mr.

Vaclav Havel

Prague Castle

119 08 PRAGUE 1


With copy for the file (for information) to Mr. Ivo A. Benda to the address:



Ivo A. Benda

P.O. BOX 51

470 06  CESKA LIPA 6



Ask yourself: How will be our life without money ?


By money abolition on the planet Earth, we WILL TAKE AWAY from pseudo-creators and saurians the MAIN CONTROL TOOL – the program, which they use to enslave, control and steal energy (fear and other negative emotions, excessive work unnecessary for a valuable life etc.) from the terrestrial mankind. This way we will FURTHER ATTACK their control technologies and in the last phase we will drive them away by LOVE to other parts of the outplacement zone (similarly as in the fairy tale ”Immortal aunt”, produced by Bonton).





On millions of planets of our Galaxy the Cosmic people already live in this way a splendid, full-value life, see , , books ”TALKS WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS, VOLUME I.-IV.”, ”UFO – CONTACTS”, ”PLANET LOGO”,  ”ANGELS IN THE COSMIC SHIPS”, ”INSIDE THE COSMIC SHIPS”, ”CONVERSATION WITH GOD III” and our other recommended sources.








And those, who DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS, are HIGHLY DEVELOPED HUMAN BEINGS OF DARK FORCES – NEGATIVE STATUS, AND GRATEFUL AND DEVOTED COLLABORATORS OF SAURIANS AND PSEUDO-CREATORS.  These are in the ”school for hell”, they are already building here the STATE OF DEMONS, i.e. THEY ARE PREPARING THEMSELVES FOR THE LIFE IN THE DARK WORLDS, where the level of freedom is much lower than in this world – on the planet Earth these days. Every person tends toward where he wants to be. And everyone is responsible first of all for himself. , reports 1157-8.


For information to: President of the Czech republic, government of the Czech republic, senate of the Czech republic, 400 media editors, people of the Czech countries.







1179. Pseudo-creators prepare control chips for people – component of the Full negative status

(extract from the Medium magazine – October 2000)


Companies producing microchip cards explain in their advertising campaigns, that these are much better than the cash, because people do not have to care for having enough money, coins etc. ATTENTION! THIS IS JUST A TRAP! Once the microchip cards will become so common, that they totally displace the cash in the market, they will become THE EXCLUSIVE MEAN OF EXCHANGE. However this will only be valid, until they will be replaced by the final solution: MICROCHIPS IN THE MAN’S BODY, implanted usually under the skin on the hand or on the forehead.


Publicist Alan Pilote expresses this warning in the French periodic Vers Demian and he further discusses the problem of microchips and the MAN’S FREEDOM.


The cards with microchips will lead to the control over every person in the world. They will represent the last phase before the MICROCHIP IMPLANTATION on the body under the skin, the ”beast” mark. Without this sign it will be impossible to sell or buy anything. If everything will continue according to the plan of the international financial magnates (the main controlling agents of the negative status on the planet Earth – remark of the editor), cash, i.e. notes and coins will totally disappear in a relatively short period from the market. They will be replaced by ”electronic money”, in the first phase based on the credit cards’ microchip, later on in a short timeframe they will be replaced by the microchip itself, implanted under the skin, likely on the right hand (this is usually the writing hand – possibility to control and monitor writing - remark of the editor).


This is not a fantasy! This technology has been already tested on animals many times and it appears that everything is prepared to its accomplishment directly on a man. Why are the financial bosses of the world so interested in this system? Because IT ALLOWS TO ESTABLISH A TOTAL CONTROL OVER THE PEOPLE! These financial bosses (puppets of the saurians - remark of the editor), blinded by THEIR POWER-CONSCIOUSNESS, are convinced, that ONLY THEY ARE ABLE TO LEAD THE MANKIND IN THE BEST POSSIBLE WAY. They are aware of the fact that people will not be willing to give-up the possibility to trade in cash just easily. However in the situation of the threat of the worldwide financial crash, the financial bosses will be able to convince people, that the only possibility which will rescue them from loosing everything, is the MICROCHIP.

How does the microchip for implantation look like? Unlike the credit cards, no personal code is needed, no confirmation about the cash balance from the bank. Microchip cards containing electronic information, immediately provide all requested data, they can store by 500 more information than the current cards. The leading company producing microchip cards is Mondex. Half of its shares is owned by MasterCard. Using these cards it is possible to transmit information by  the Mondex telephone  machines or by specially equipped computer. Mondex microchip cards are already used in 20 countries and it is expected that the European union will apply this system in combination with the common currency introduction.


It is already possible to use a personal computer as a ”bank counter”, allowing to perform all requested financial transactions directly using the screen. Microsoft announced recently, that since 1999 all computers will be equipped by the tools for using microchip cards.


However because microchip cards can be stolen, damaged or lost, people will be SUGGESTIVELY CONVINCED, that the IMPLANTATION of such a MICROCHIP will be much more practical and better. The microchip will not be in the plastic card any more, but it will be implanted directly ON THE MAN’S BODY.  It will not be used for financial purposes only, but at the same time for IDENTIFICATION OF EVERY INDIVIDUAL PERSON.  For example using the satellite or antenna transmission devices, it will always be under control, WHERE any person is at this particular moment. Something similar is already planned to be implemented in some European towns for the mandatory registration of the dogs. The official reasoning is a possibility to easily find the lost or strayed animal, in reality the town officials want to make sure that nobody can escape from paying fees for the dog.


For the implantation under the man’s skin many microchips were produced. Their size is from 5 to 7 mm in length and 0.75 mm in breadth, this can be approximately compared to a rice grain. In the microchip the following main information are stored: NAME OF THE PERSON, PICTURE OF HIS/HER FACE, INSURANCE NUMBER AND CODE, FINGERPRINT, PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION, FAMILY GENEALOGY, ADDRESS, JOB POSITION AND THE EXCERPT FROM THE CRIME REGISTER. The card can store up to 34 BILLIONS COMBINATIONS, so IT CAN IDENTIFY EVERY INDIVIDUAL TERRESTRIAL.  It means, that such a microchip will replace all other current identification documents (identity card, insurance certificate and many others). The person not having such a document on him/her, would not be able to buy anything, but more than this – he/she could not receive salary, pension, manipulate with the money in the bank, travel etc.


Microchip is equipped by auto-charging lithium battery. The requirement to give a signal whenever the temperature of the man’s body changes led to a expensive research with the aim to identify the most appropriate position on the man’s body for the microchip placement. Two places were identified – on the forehead close to the hair and on the ridge of the right hand. This fact reminds us strongly about the passage from the Saint John’s Revelation:


”And (the beast) will force everyone, small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on his right hand or on his forehead, so that no one could buy or sell unless he had the mark or the name of the beast  or the number of his name (666).”


So far it was not possible to understand this Saint John’s forecast. Now with the microchip implanted under the skin it is already possible! At first glance such a microchip on the hand can be seen as a big simplification, as a big advantage for everyone. However as Saint John writes in the Revelation, a man to be able to receive the mark has to give up Christ and swear the loyalty to the Anti-Christ (pseudo-creators – remark of the editor). And what is represented by Christ? Of course, the MAIN COSMIC AND NATURAL RULES and part of them is also the FREEDOM, which the individual will for sure LOOSE in the subordination to the human ruling and grasping power.


Microchips will be through the satellite or antenna transmission devices connected to the CENTRAL COMPUTER with gigantic memory.  There is a computer working already for more than 10 years in Brussels, which is able to register 2 billions numerical data. It is likely that this computer is being equipped and prepared to store data about people associated with various industries. Even bigger ”computer storage” has a super-computer in Luxembourg. This computer is able to store and utilize information about all inhabitants of the Earth.


It appears that under conditions described above the GENERAL ”CONNECTION” OF THE EARTH’S INHABITANTS TO THE COMPUTER MEMORY will be done, which in principle is already the ORWELL’S TOTALITARIANISM. Selected individuals will be able to immediately block the bank account of any person, stop him/her using the phone, travelling or buying the travel ticket etc. We can hardly imagine what would happen in case of the central computer breakdown. And on top of it, what is most important, it is just a step from here to CONTROL OF PEOPLE FROM ANY POINT OF VIEW - based on their behavior or their stay in a particular location. It can ultimately lead to the monitoring of their psychical reactions, so in principle to THE CONTROL OF THEIR THOUGHTS.



Living Truth Ministries


1708 Patterson Road


Austin, Texas 78733


Texe Marrse:     





1214.  A message from Ashtar (278).      (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

November 24, 2000.  4:07-4:21 p.m.

Place: Train Zdar nad Sazavou - Tisnov.


“Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, am sincerely greeting you.


I’m glad you contacted me this way. Yes, I take a pleasure that you processed “The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ” and that these information are spread among people. The Project L.U.C.I.D. is beginning to circle round people, too, and so we will be able to rejoice that at least some people will be informed. Yes, Mr. B., who has written you, is now fairly controlled – it is caused by his ego, but also Mr. F. is in not much better position. For they do not contribute to the proper spreading of “The New Revelation”, but, de facto, they buried these information. This is the truth. You know, dear Ivo, that according to the law of the free will, everybody can change – anytime and anywhere.


Moreover, I would like to let you know that the planet Earth is indeed in the fourth dimension and the process of transdimensioning continues further. It is important to continuously emit love and goodness and to cooperate, either consciously or subconsciously, with the Prime Creator of all and everybody; He/She is leading everyone properly back home - to Him/Her, and this is important. Now we are looking forward to the meeting in Pardubice. Invitations have already arrived and people are already considering their plan for the next weekend.


Thank you for this beautiful work you are performing for the Prime Creator of all and everybody. With love in heart, this message was given to you by Ashtar, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron.”





1215.  A message from friends (279).      (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

December 1, 2000.  3:02-3:23 p.m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.


“Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, am sincerely greeting you.


Yes, I’m glad that you contacted me in this manner and that I can let you know about some news. We all are very pleased by the sending out of those e-mails to both circa 300 editorial staffs of Czech and Slovak media and to Czech government. These e-mails contain essential information and most people begins studying these information. (There were 3 e-mails for each recipient containing texts “Project L.U.C.I.D.” and two parts with texts “The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ” – editor’s note.) It draws people’s attention and causes stirs as people are actively interested in these important information. In particular, “Project L.U.C.I.D.” is a fact they accept and understand. And, moreover, they are beginning to study and compare “The New Revelation of The Lord Jesus Christ” with what they have known until now. Yes, this step will have its further consequences; you will see, dear Ivo, what will be happening.


In addition, I want to tell you that your president Havel is sick again, and this is because instead of the work for the Creator, he continues working for the other side. It’s his choice and so he is choosing what he needs for his spiritual growth. Furthermore, I want to tell you that our information pervade Czech and Slovak countries more and more, and so we rejoice at these outcomes. Many people are already well informed and they are interested in further information. The other side furiously hampers this spreading, but still these information proceed further. Many people have already converted and they are beginning to work for the Creator rather than for the pseudo-creators, for they realized that it is a trap laid by the negative state. Yes, we look forward for further activities and we will continue supporting you, dear Ivo.


This was with love in heart given to you by Ashtar, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron.”


“And now, I, Ptaah, commander of the Space squadron from Pleiades, am joining. I am cordially greeting you and sending streams of love to you, too, and I rejoice at further sent-off information. Yes, you are pleased of that too, and so we will see what will be happening next. Yes, our information are spreading more and more – we observe this everywhere, and people talk to each other what a nice thing it is that there are people – beautiful people – elsewhere in space, too. Yes, it is so, and so takes place an important irreversible process of change in people’s awareness in this zone of displacement. Many people here are getting the information about the Cosmic people of the Forces of light for the first time in a long chain of their incarnations. This is important, and therefore, we will strive to continue helping those who care about this.


This message was given to you with love by Ptaah, and another sisters and brothers are joining with greetings for you, dear Ivo.”


Thank you, dear friends, for these messages. I will gladly continue to spread these information further – to people throughout the Czech and Slovak countries and the entire world. Ivo.





1216.  About causes and consequences of cancer.      (Received by Jaroslav P.)

September 12, 1999.  10:30-11:00 p.m.

Place: Strakonice.


The first – and the most frequent – cause is that a human, who is taken ill by cancer, goes not in harmony with the universal laws, but he goes directly against them, and by this he falls ill. By means of pain (suffering) of his physical body, he purifies his soul.


The second cause is that a human in a physical body chooses this option in order to be able to leave this world and so to purify his soul. The number of such people is very low. All these people are on their spiritual path to the Prime Creator of all and everybody and they are well aware of what is going on.


The third cause is that a human being is taken ill by this serious illness and then, in a short time, that being changes his thinking and so he recovers. By this, he/she is given an opportunity to affect people around with Light.


A consequence resulting from this is always the same and its meaning and purpose is to purify the soul on her way to the Prime Creator of all and everybody.





1217.  The classification of illnesses according to the cause.      (Received by Jaroslav P.)

October 5, 1999.  11:20-11:45 p.m.

Place: Strakonice.


“Yes, all of us, your friends from space ships everywhere above you, are now with you, and we are glad to see you together with L. literally yearning after spiritual knowledge. And so, we will now give you the report about illnesses of human beings incarnated in physical bodies. We will classify them “according to the cause”, for the effects themselves are not that important.



To the first group belong illnesses where a human being is controlled from without by dirty spirits, and this is a very serious mental illness, which even today your modern West medicine cannot manage.



The second group comprises degenerative illnesses, i.e. various forms of cancers, which are a cause of proliferation of various kinds and strains of cell tissues. Here, one thing is important: The ratio of human being’s guilt for this illness is 1:1. This means that there is an equal share of what the human being accumulated herself and an equal share of what is subject to other laws, the laws of true spirit.



The third group is constituted by all sorts of illnesses which a human being caused herself, by her own endeavor, in her physical body. These are various disorders and degenerations of all sorts of organs – liver, lungs, kidneys, heart, blood circulation, nervous system, and lots of others.



The fourth group comprises nervous system illnesses where a human being always feels mentally exhausted or in any other way non-stable and unbalanced. These illnesses can have various causes, for the nervous system is a very sensitive system firmly connected to the spiritual center.



The last – fifth group comprises karmic illnesses, which again include a large range of various possibilities and options. Here, we will mention the major ones only. For example, natal illnesses, i.e. illnesses which a human being brings on already with the first breath-in on this your and our loved planet Earth. Moreover, there are all sorts of various injuries, which bring about a permanent or partial disability of human being. And the last general group of illnesses here comprises again various sorts of cancers, which, in this case, appear as a karmic feedback and the causes of this can be really diversified, miscellaneous and individual.


This is all from us on this subject and now we saying good bye to both of you. Your friends of cosmos.


                                                Good night.”





1218.  Message from Gorloj.      (Received by Ludmila P.)

October 22, 1999.  9:45-9:55 p.m.

Place: Strakonice.


“I Gorloj, member of The High Council in Petale, am greeting you. I love you my dear Liduska and your husband Jarousek, we all members of The High Council love you. You are correctly sensing my presence in your tiny kitchen, and I’m sending loving vibrations to you and your loved husband, as you yourself are feeling it correctly. Your writing down is very spontaneous, even your radio and your songs from former times playing in it are not disturbing you at all. They are even making you more relaxed.


And now to the question of your, my and our all loved Jarousek. He is much like you now and at this time more intensively prepared for your joint spiritual task. Your vibrations refine significantly, which you feel and recognize yourself. Your physical (and astral …) bodies have refined and softened after reading several messages from our loved cosmic friends in the book “Talks with teachings II”.


Your loved husband, too, is being more intensively prepared for his mission, and that’s why he can see those various flickering luminous lights, which is a good sign for him. Always after this sign appears, he can sit down and write a book medially received from our loved cosmic friends and write down messages for all people of the world.


                        I love you both,







1219.  Message from Gorloj.      (Received by Jaroslav P.)

October 31, 1999.  9:45-9:50 p.m.

Place: Strakonice.


I saw a light being in a physical body with bird-like head. He introduced himself to me – his name is Gorloj. I began doubting – do I really see this beautiful being with my inner sight, or is it just my imagination. I’ve asked for an answer through my husband.


“Yes, it was really me, Gorloj, and let your and our loved Liduska know not to doubt any more and to trust her inner sight, which never lies, in contrast to the outer physical sight, which can lie sometimes. (In addition, it is necessary to follow the intuition).


That’s all, I’m greeting you all, your loving Gorloj.”





1220.  Woman pregnancy.      (Received by Ludmila P.)

December 12, 1999.  10:20-10:45 a.m.

Place: Strakonice.


I pray you, friends, for an answer to the question: When can a woman become pregnant, more specifically, when can I become pregnant so that a healthy and beautiful baby will be born? And what about computations from Mr. R. from Prague, who on the basis of woman’s date of birth calculates an optimum day for conception?


“Be greeted again by us, your cosmic friends, and we are very, very happy you’re loving us so much. We love you a lot, too, our dear Liduska. And now we will answer more extensively to your inquiry.



As for the conception, a woman and her loved man are influenced by multiple effects. All is the purest and cleanest will of our and your Prime Creator, this is for the first.



Secondly, the conception is influenced by the Moon phase, as you are already well informed of this. Here we can tell that, indeed, some people (very few of them) are able to compute this date for a woman quite accurately; however, nothing is hundred-percent. You convinced yourself of this already – you thought and it was calculated that a baby girl would be born, and nevertheless, you gave birth to a baby boy. But to go back to the date of conception calculated by Mr. R. – it is circa 60% accurate. So one can say that the things will develop as calculated, but your case concretely, the purest and cleanest will of our and your loved Creator was different. All this should’ve been this way. It was given so. You know that even if human computations were “hundred-percent”, everything is changeable as per some cosmic laws, and the God’s will is firmly fixed.



Third, another essential influence on a woman is the menstruation cycle, where the chances of becoming pregnant are the highest in the half of the cycle. So, this influence is of physiological nature.


In addition, we will advise you more concretely of you yourself and your loved husband. You love one another very much, and out of such a relationship based on inner love, always a beautiful baby will be born, regardless of the date of conception. But for this it is important that both of you have your immune system all right, and then, nothing stands in the way. (Your immune system is O.K. at this moment.)”


Which are the suitable days for the conception of our baby for the upcoming year 2000?


“As we have already told you, it is not that important for you to know the right day for the conception, but from what pure love can the baby be born. (Actually, this day is important, but it is not your task to compute or determine this day by various means; these days are sufficiently overseen by our loved Creator. He/She knows that the best and you don’t be concerned about it. It is useless.)


In the conclusion, we want to say that a woman herself (but not every one so far) intuitively senses out when she can conceive a healthy and beautiful baby. You are also very sensitive to this and all other, let yourself be led by the intuition, which is from the Prime Creator of all and everything. Everything is under his control and protection; believe and trust Him.


This was conveyed to you with the purest love by us, all your cosmic friends, who love you very much and send a cordial greeting to your loved husband.







1369.  Ashtar's crew.      (Message from "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone).  1995.

                                                                                                Place: USA



ASHTAR'S CREW is one of the most considerable extraterrestrial squads. The being Ashtar is a coordinator responsible for a space division of significant white brotherhood - or – A GUILD OF LIGHT.


This and his big extraterrestrial army counts over 20 million of beings. They’re cooperating with skilled masters.


Aside from that 20 million individuals led by Ashtar in this Solar system there are next 4 million of beings and staff in physical world.


The coordinator Ashtar is of distinguished nature, high-hearted, you can imagine him over 2 meters high. His eyes are blue and body is of an Adamah Kadmon type.


He’d been evoluted and educated on planets Ashtar and Venus.


Coordinator Ashtar is liable for the fleet in this Solar system but not restricted on this sector only, meaning his services.


Ashtar represents Solar system as an administrator during meetings (conferences) on Galactical, Cosmic and Omniverse levels.


They are of etheric substance in nature - this is one of important things on understanding Ashtar - coordinator and his army of staff and the space squadron. Although they don't have material bodies already, but they're able to demonstrate their bodies and ships in material world at any time they want. The earthly human if having chance to see them, doesn't think they're different beings.


Ashtar's crewmembers are getting round the humankind on the streets of this world but people don't aware of it. A lot of life there are on other planets in this Solar system. They're of etheric nature and this is why called etheric. They incarnated beings (having bodies). The beings are under development also likewise humankind and their lives are not much different of human ones, excepting some characteristics like lower interests (ego or emotions), by which force people afflicting so much.


Ashtar coordinator closely cooperates with Angelic kingdom, especially Archangel Michael (it's name of civilization with common mission - note of compiler).


Ashtar coordinator is extremely affectionate and gentle being and he's also strict and irresistible in his mission to service teach and protect beings in the Solar system. He and his crew are disfavour of seeing them as gods but rather like companions and friends, similar on ways of further spiritual progress.


Two of the main Asthar's missions are to spiritually teach people about their real purpose on the planet Earth and to protect Earth and Solar system off the visitors and alien groups whose intents are another, private not in real spiritual direction.”





1370. Ashtar's Crew Overground Conference.   (Message from "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone).


                                                                                                                                       Place: USA


”One of the ways of connecting with Ashtar's crew is to plan out participation on this conference during sleep of physical body. They're great symposiums there where taking a part physical, etheric, and other planet's beings. These consultations are holding at least two times a month.


A lot of lightworkers are attending 5 or 6 conferences per year. On one of these conferences is deciding how to clean polluted environment, water and air. The conferences are sometimes executed nightly for the period of 2 or 3 weeks. Plenty of beings are coming in their astral bodies.


Ashtar coordinator is very pleased to see how rapidly is increased the light-intensity on Earth. As well as escalation of the spiritual liabilities by so many lightworkers.”





1371.  Ashtar's crew space carrier ships (space towns).  (Message from "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone).


                                                                                    Place: USA


”The Ashtar's crew space carrier ships or the space towns are of 12 stages - floors normally.



Ground floor = entrance and exit of the ship



Second floor = large storehouse of all the ship's stages



Third floor = Zoo with animals coming from various worlds



Fourth floor = research of the grounds, landscapes, fruit plantations and different herbs



Fifth floor = housing center for techniques and other beings, working on the primary four stages (floors)



Sixth floor = relaxation areas with large parks and sceneries



Seventh floor = medical areas



Eight floor = areas only for evacuation purposes



Ninth floor = school areas with libraries, halls of wisdom, concert halls and areas for further cultural activities



Tenth floor = areas reserved for visitors coming from various dimensions



Eleventh floor = Ashtar's crew area and a special hall designed for diverse meetings



Twelve floor = there's a dome where the pilot control center is situated and observation deck for liable staff. There is a possibility of meetings with sighting.





1442. Description of the Ashtar's Grand Cosmic Squadron.  (Received by Jirka V.)     

                                                                                              7/24/2001  9:45 - 10:00 p.m.

                                                                                                             Place: Most (Czech Republic)


I've asked for a message with squadron description other contactor - not a technician. (Reader can imagine who's receiving  - not technically oriented man. The questions are given by Ivo (engineer) and receiver - note of compiler.)


The message follows the msg. 1371.  Ashtar's crew space carrier ships (space towns) from "Hidden Mysteries" by Joshua David Stone, 1995.


"My brother, here's Ashtar Sheran. We are very glad, you to contact us to know the structure of our squadron and the parameters and design of our ships. The information will be helpful to get a better contact with us and get back to the world which seems to be unknown and far for you in this "human dress" on Earth.


Understand that space carrier ship of the Asthar's Grand Cosmic Squadron is of cigar shaped design, length of 42 km, 13 km widen and 8 km high. The shape is like a box for spectacles and there's a layer of interstellar dust hanged on surface because of it's very old age  - 1 million years.

Its form evokes your waffles "tatranka" with rounded edges and insweptly narrowing at the end. Yes, these 12 floors are received right.


The second ships are of disc type similar to Pleiadians one but our ships are made from more robust materials because we're producing ships still guarding the interstellar space, this is why we using ships with longer operation life c. 1 million years. Technology, we are using is unimaginable for you that neither within 1 million years didn't getting older. You have to understand that our technology (anyhow your technology) is most highly perfect depending on spiritual level of humankind. On the planet Earth there is so rapid technological development not analogic to the spiritual growth. We're for a longer time in a relatively stable level of 7th dimension hence we can operate technology having such ancient practice with (laugh).


More to the description of space carrier ship, my brother.  There are crews in 3 shifts after 8 hours in service. There are 12 floors, upper decks are used for private - it's remotely like your flats. Next floors to the 7th are used for private, also then follows decks of green vegetation, gardens, social halls, libraries, otherwise information centers with data saved in crystals. Then there's pilot control deck where motion of your Universe is monitored. For the same purpose is used the 4th deck.


The lower 3 decks are used for fun and relaxation. In a ground floor they are placed multipurpose ships belonging to the space carrier ship. Their duties are monitoring, exploratory and an emergency defense.


We'll talk to the decks more closely in further messages. Have a good time and good night. Your friend Ashtar Sheran. Bye love and sleep well."


Thank you Ashtar, thank you Lord Jesus Christ for the communication.”





1443. Description of the Ashtar's Grand Cosmic Squadron.  (Received by Jirka V.)

                                                                                                           8/4/2001    Afternoon

                                                                        Place: Jesenice county (Czech Republic)


"Child of mine, my love, hearing your pleases and letting you know the previous messages about the ships of my Space sons and daughters, you have received exactly. You can further communicate on this topic and I'll guide you on the right way, not to let you influence by other source than those whom you request.


Your Lord Jesus Christ."


"Yes my brother, here's Ashtar Sheran. Then we can cooperate on description of my fleet. Yes, our squadron owns 1 space carrier ship with longitude 42 km as you received, anyhow don't doubt about any word in this transmission, please. We know it's difficult for you to receive such a technical data not having idea of our technology but we're trying to utmost zoom-in our tech in terms of your speech. Understand that everything is received well, so we can go on.


Yes and now the decks separately.


The operating deck also called central with control systems you can find in the middle part of the ship as you already received. There are rooms with tele-walls, large assembly halls where meets the Cosmic Confederation of Planets, our control and advisory boards constituted of high-level spiritual beings. Then there are labs equipped devices watching events in whole your Universe and surroundings worlds, kinematics, evolution of civilizations and next data. The important for you, there is recorded the whole history of your planet. It's possible to skill human beings by visual display of this process. It can be realized during collective meditation when you'll visit our ship in your mental bodies and see for what you'll ask.


We'll continue after meal. Bye.” (I was disturbed - note by recipient.)





1445. Description of the Ashtar's Grand Cosmic Squadron and some about Czech health system.            (Received by Jirka V.)     

                                                                                                         8.8.2001    9:55 - 10:20 p.m.

                                                                                                     Place: Most (Czech Republic)


"Yes my love, here's Ashtar Sheran. I'm talking to you again and thank you for your receiving of message on our ship.


Yes.  And now the technical parameters of our space carrier ship; its height is 8 km splitted into 12 deck (floors) when each FLOOR is divided in several mezzanines of 12 m high - it's approximately height of room, the height of individual decks is periodic - 600 m. Next there are areas below and above these decks, used for technical and maintaining reasons. Then you've asked on characteristic formation of our ships, we haven’t this. The ships aren't bounded one on second hence creating not formations. They're mostly multidimensional for fulfilling duties in diverse dimensions, therefore isn't possible to create formations, as you know from other civilizations.


Yes, then you've asked about terminal of the ship, yes, this is regular bow with diameter of 13 km, yes, same as width of the ship a side, then from above with diameter of 7 km - same as height of the ship, slightly angling on ends. The lateral profile is spheric on ends for bigger and better energy flow by that is the ship driven, power supplied and penetrated through dimension.


Yes, next query was on position of driving systems inside the ship, as you have been told, they're in the middle part along perimeter where are tele-walls attached to the sides which can be energetically seen-through. The ship is of dark gray color and seems to be cooled down regular lifeless solid to undisturb life in other dimensions by its presence; quietly and stealthy observe this activity and fulfil our missions.


Then is need to tell the real proportions of the ship going from energy parameters which we're using for our activities and they're numbers and computations meanwhile unreal by your best technology. This is enough what we have told to give you an objective image for better orientation at mental travelling in spaces. That's to the description.


Yes, on Ivo's request we're mentioning the end of the ship is like this tape deck remote control, see our disclosure above. The terminal is rounded if you see abeam and a rectangle with rounded edges when you look from the front in the profile of the ship.


My brother, the further information on description of the ship we let on a later date.


Now is important to receive this - you would engage and appeal on congressmen at ratification this law on health care (see There's real imminent danger that total complementary medicine will stand out of laws illegal business, alternatively held liable for effects of "unprofessional care" when therapeutic results will be negative for patient.  Understand, dark forces playing here the big game because as you know and have been sent in mind, the number of people got their spiritual way and growth through the health care. They knew it's going on namely spiritual matter and came in for own spiritual way thanks to healing diseases and troubles. WARNING !  This INITIATORY ELEMENT, very important for you because material body is beginning care of spirit and this they want to TAKE AWAY. WARNING, it's made very artful and tricky. As you know in your experience there have been ratificated many laws and helped the lobbing "elite" of economic bosses as they've been called. These people have closed hearts, they're absolute PUPPETS of Dark forces and they do what the Dark wants. In case of passing this law would mass diffusion of spiritual learning by way of alternative medicine, macrobiotics, Reiki and many, many other system stand out of law. Number of you would fail in their mission by reason of fear. That’s why appeal on you to accept proclamations of opponents of this law and raise your voices together, although your mission is seemingly another than alternative medicine, but you know all is changing over. We're with you and crossing fingers at this work. Don't fear of nothing, we're guarding you, we're keeping you and no one and nothing can't hurt you. So don't be afraid and combat with love for your rights.


Your Ashtar Sheran and number of Cosmic forces of the Light. Next Heavenly hierarchy of Godly flames and number of Light forces beings gives you this message with love our beloved brother. Please keep on fighting for the Light our children, we love you and we're with you.”


Thank you my loves, I love you, thank you.


Thank you, thank you very much.





1497.  The space ship's observation of our Cosmic friends  (compiled by Ivo. A. Benda with Cosmic people)


                                                            Place: Ceska Lipa (Czech Republic)



This text you can also find on main page ,







A lot of people are watching lights of the ships of Cosmic people during clear evenings, flying in altitudes of 15 - 80 km. These are mostly large mother ships (with diameter of kilometers) commonly they are thousands of them under coverings in the sky (totally there are 100 000 mother carrier ships with 150 - 200 millions of Cosmic people around the planet Earth). The best time for observing starts usually after 10:30 p.m. (for half, perhaps also 3 hours) when most of people retiring to rest, so emitting less negative thoughts to the area around the Earth. Rarely they can be observed otherwise.


Just enough is to have positive and amorous thoughts, fairly talk about our Cosmic friends, e.g. of their life - have a nice relation to them and ask the Creator Primary and Cosmic people for a light greeting. Then you can see even tens of flyovers, some flies simultaneously on various directions.  We have seen a formation of 3 ships also. The lights are bright like stronger stars and more, they can shade and bright again, flying mostly straight and sometimes in bows and curves but always noiseless. The strongest flashing was like powerful reflector and we felt a strong heat - love emitted to us. Velocity can be slow, very fast or variable.


You can practice DISTINCTION among other objects (stars) by your sense.


Our airplanes are noisy and have specified international positional lights. Satellites are on limits of visibility of the human eye (seen very weak), having constant flight course and speed.


The suitable place for observation is NATURE, cities abnormally  too - rather peripheries of smaller towns although this is grow rife. Decisive for Cosmic friends is energy quality of love pointing to them from our observation area. So this is YOUR and YOUR SURROUND fine vibrational energy in hundreds of meters or kilometers.


The overflights are recorded on videotapes (Video 2-7) or on CD-ROM.


People with inner communication thereat speaking with Cosmic friends about nice things and can fortify this contact.


At the next there is a possibility to move your mental body on decks of space ships (small and mother carrier) and visit Cosmic friends on this way. Our pictures of the ships is a tool for the visit. 


The Cosmic people are especially pleased of contacts of people with whom they are cooperating on their light missions. These ones greets by light perhaps through windows or balconies of their flats.


Don't take with you people with negative thoughts. Their energy harms Cosmic friends (it rankles) so that they not uncover in face of them !  Just of these people they covers themselves.


Use summer warm nights for observation of the ships.


Cosmic people are happy and taking delight when people of Earth are interested in. You Should just know how much they love us all !


Message 1497.                                                         8/21/2001  Ivo. A. Benda with Cosmic friends.





1504.  A conversation with Ashtar and Ptaah - the 4. Anniversary of cooperation (299). 

        (Received by Ivo. A. Benda)

                                                                                                                    9/7/2001   2:28-2:53 P.M.

                                                              Place: Post office no. 6, Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic.


"Dear Ivo,


 Sincerely greeting, me, Ashtar - commander of a Grand cosmic squadron. Yes, I'm glad you put together this way - the 4 years our mutual communication and cooperation. Yes, you did a huge change mostly in a spiritual growth and this is conditioned by the quantity of light work in accordance with your disposed personal life plan. Yes, our common work has fruits within the Czech countries and in the world and this is the next BREAK-THROUGH of your light information to this Darkness - the puppet scene of the Dark.


Yes, a succession of people is waking up of a "winter dormancy" and will take a part on family of light's work here on the planet Earth. Dear Ivo, you see the "spiritual (clerical)" and the "lead" representatives who are managing our information difficulty and haven't been capably to do a concrete steps in linking-up with us, the Cosmic people.  It's concerned your presidents Vaclav Havel (Czech Rep.) and Rudolf Schuster (Slovak Rep.), again political representative and however so-called "spiritual (clerical)". Unfortunately no one of these people didn't connect us in the face of offered cooperation and reeled bellow baton of the Dark forces in opinion, everything they did is right and useful for people. The opposite is true.


Thus of acting this way, they are leading this world into a still deeper abyss with no escape. You know what I mean - this is a next - higher level of human mind control - by way of information technology and microchips. All the segments of this system are constructed with hectic (convulsive) intensity at the present, namely in the USA threaded as a pilot projects and tested in other countries of this planet. They are the systems of mobile communication, controlled internet, linking of monetary systems (Euro in Europe), threading of integrated public administration, mobile internet set up, microchip identification system (ID cards - microchip cards), ISO 9000, ... The people are hectically realizing their own Damocles’ sword and so feverishly (out of their own free will) that this is watched by the True Creation (trillions of beings) with interests and concerns.


Our help is rejected for 52 years, so we'll see how the situation will evolve.


Then I want to tell you that more and more people are preparing consciously on their ascension with the planet Earth together and increasingly raising their light bodies.  Yes, everything still accelerates, there's need to be amorous and harmonious and keep helping another brothers and sisters during this ascension. That's why you can work on your light mission and helping to all the Creation and the Creator Primary all and of all, so us beloved.


Yes dear Ivo, this was given to you by Ashtar - the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron to the 4th years anniversary of our contacts."


"And now me Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, I'm joining. Yes, I'm also heartily greeting you and sending floods of love.  Yes, it's joyful to see how you're working on your light mission you have mostly fulfilled yet.


Sure, we're helping you and still will, you're mastering well the exams and this is entirely your decision how you'll pass, dear Ivo. Yeah, we're looking forward to our meeting tomorrow at the Prague Castle in Prague (capital of Czech Rep.). It'll be beautiful and we'll enjoy the II. Symposium of Love.


Our brothers and sisters in our ships everywhere above you are sending floods of love to Ceska Lipa, that is right flooded


Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron, told this to you with love and delight from Pleiades.”


Thank you beloved light friends thank you the Creator Primary for the beautiful connection.  The communication was happened in the post office by a noise of 15 people.  Ivo, with love in heart.





1508.  Purgative event on 9/11/ 2001 in New York (301).               (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

                         9/14/2001  9:02 - 9:41 A.M.

                                                            Place :  Ceska Lipa, Czech Republic. 

”Dear Ivo,


Sincerely greeting you, me, Ashtar - commander of a Grand cosmic squadron. Yes, I’m glad that you put together this way and I can hand over the new information.


As we informed you, earthly humankind, many times in hundreds of our messages, on basis of YOUR CHOICES - earthly humankind - the purgative processes of planet Earth are proceeding.


She purifies more and more of a coarse vibration energies, these are partly thoughts of negative people which are aired and partly originators themselves - planet Earth than moves theirs souls to other dimensions and darker worlds this way, where they will have a number of choices in their lives, where to go, whether further - deeper into the dark worlds (they are many), or back home - to the Light - to the True Creation - heaven - where is an infinite number of various worlds.


Now we are witnesses one of stages of the purgative processes, and no one of you can't imagine, how much coarse vibrations - negative thoughts - emitted the crew of "Titanic" - The Twins (WTC) - for the 28 years their existence, and how much woe had been caused to the other people and to the planet Earth this way. It simply was one of the strongest coarse energy radiators on the planet Earth. It signifies not, those, who bodily erased this coarse vibration center, are "the saints" and led by the Light. Here holds the well known rule - the Dark will destroy itself.


Herewith you can take a note, how all the media are under baton of negative aliens again – the pseudocreators and the saurians - they widely used their control posts and massively deluged billions of human senses by their coarse energy control programs - energies. Thereby these people being more manageable, declining vibrations themselves and being in an even stronger trap of the negative state. There have been invited a lot of people of various professions into media (chats after the attack), but as you have mentioned yourself, just very spiritual - amorous people weren't there. It isn't by chance; those are unacceptable for their time-proven programs of evil and fear. It's like this your "democracy". Rank of people have founded out already, they are in low water, exactly in accordance with an esoteric energy principle - "IDENTICAL POLARIZES IDENTICAL" - so "WHAT YOU ARE EMITTING, THIS YOU ARE GETTING BACK AS WELL", only the time of return is differ (because of edification).


Yes, then what someone inseminates, so is it reaped, whether evil or good - thereabouts no difference. That is why, dear Ivo, try to emit the good and the love further to reap the good and the love too - and you are on the right way because you're feeling what you're reaping yourself.    


Yes, the time has gone ahead, there will be another events and you on the mission of light, you're primarily the soothers with your love and humility, harmony and peace. Your open hearts will generate a "salvage net" to those who will capture. There's no need to watch those coarse shots in media all round, it’s enough just let informed and go on the way of light - the right one. You have the inner guidance and so you're not referred to an outer means of communication. Thereby those, who are left to the coarse energy media, will further get through into a still deeper abyss, what they have prepared themselves in cooperation with saurians and pseudocreators coming from the hells.


Stay forceful within these last days of the old world and daily sense the right time of your recall - elevation of vibrations (the ascension) to a 5th dimension of the planet Earth. There you'll be able to fully live in amorous world and help those, who are getting through into the abyss at the same time.


Dear Ivo, this message was given to you by Ashtar - the commander of the Grand cosmic squadron."


"And now me Ptaah, the commander of the Cosmic squadron from Pleiades, I’m joining. Yes, I also heartily greeting you and wishing fine amorous day with floods of love, which I’m sending to you. You are longing for the New Earth in the 5th dimension, I now, your point of outgoing is coming day by day, the events of final partition getting a fast drift and everything accelerates.


Who didn't use a time to work on, now easily turns into a toy - puppet of saurians and is unfortunately directed to the darker worlds than the planet Earth in the 3rd and in 4th dimension at the present. Yes, we-all Cosmic people are sending love to terrestrials all the time and helping those who are wondering. Yes, we know it from many other planets where the negative state came to final showdown; such a theatre isn't unknown for us. These control programs of the 2nd side are established for billions of years and already proved on a number of alternative planets. But we-all, your brothers and sisters are helping people who are turning very truly to God - the Creator Primary or to us, beings of the Light. But we are able to help only to those of callers, who are trying to live in harmony with the divine order, themselves. The "ruthless capital men" don't belonging among these - those, who are knifing masses of other people of energy and that's where they're in effect most successful.  Between those comes generally the staff of 400 firms in the Twins, which were nonexisting since the morning of 9/11/ 2001. Yes, none of those who are tampering the divine order will feel safe anywhere after this another Dark forces action. Namely it's the revenge which has been chosen by them.


Just emanate the love and the humility, the harmony and the good farther, brothers and sisters of the Light, because your positive emanation will select you within these final days of the partition of humankind in the progress to the higher creation.


Yes, the rain in the Czech country remains with a small intervals for a week yet, since Friday the 9/7/2001, of purpose to clean up your air to the limit in advance before the 9/11/2001, in order the next coarse vibration floods (broaden by media into the senses of controlled people) absorb easily and can clean up new coarse vibrations of those people who are supplied by media and airing it on - over 90% of people !  (Note:  the constant rain took about a month finally...)


Because here in the Czech country there is a relatively greatest percentage of folks on the light mission, so this is a help you from our beloved the Creator Primary of all and of all.  Yes, be still sure on the way of light in the future and further emanate the love and the harmony - be the lightly port in this stormy sea of the last days.


Thousands of brothers and sisters in our ships everywhere above you are sending love and crossing fingers for fulfilling your light missions.


Ptaah, the commander of the cosmic squadron, told this to you with love and delight from Pleiades.”


Thank you beloved light friends thank you the Creator Primary for all the help. Ivo with love.





1509.     A letter to Mr. President on incident from 2001/9/11 in New York (302).                    

(compiled by Ivo A. Benda)

                                                                                                              2001/9/16   9:00 - 10:05 A.M.

                                                                                                                        Place :  Ceska Lipa.


President of the Czech Republic, Mr. Vaclav Havel, Prague Castle, 119 08 Prague 1, Czech Republic


Dear Mr. president,


Please, accept my condolences on accident and foiled lives of thousands of people, whom sending love and good.


I wrote you already several times, it wasn't all the same to me, what's going on.


We have enough information about these events, we know it's just the start of what will come due to choices and ignorance of current humankind (it's majority).


That is why I wasn't suprised, we knew what people were causing their thinking and behavior. And it's evident they're incorrigible.


Therefore more events will follow on which we have been highlighted and warned for a long time.  The Cosmic people (sending you an info) have already informed you for 4 years. But it's your business what you're doing with the info. Your multiyear health condition is certainly clear answer. Don't you think the abidance in your place is irresponsible?  Probably don't you suppose that You, Cabinet and other governments in the world haven't shared if not major responsibility for the survival of humankind?  Manners - me nothing, me only a musician (it's a Czech saying) - it's abominable and reverts to originator.


Reminding the governments who are responsible for the whole system and regime of the state where people live. Ruling of the states elects laws (no voters and non-voters), state's governments allow how and how much will be Earth polluted and annihilated, the governments are keeping primary responsibility for what energies are widening through mass media because the governments licensing their activities (ministry of culture). What's a kind of culture while in media there are about 90% willful selection of violence, knifing the people of their energies - negative thoughts, wrongs and untruths of all kinds? It's governments’ responsibility and blame for this status. Or you want to argue; you're not giving permission for their activities? The problem is a lost of distinction between good and wrong, positive and negative !  Throughout media they are rolling huge currents of negative energies to the billions of houses and senses of people - and that's why billions of them are programmed in purpose in disposal themselves selves.  What ever you can't enclose towards fact how many abominable movies came out the American studios? And how are dirtily enforced to people by other companies (even those stayed in WTC in NYC).  What ever you don't see it and can't to exclaim and say it loudly? Why are you magnify "American culture" all the time which is remaining on vehement supply from the HELLS - workshops of saurians and pseudocreators - YOU DO HAVE ALL THE INFORMATION!


It's really wonder you still not use an offered help of Cosmic people - in the name of rescues this humankind, you have continuously all information or else on 5000 pages -  and  .com !


The fact most people don't understand can bee seen from debates between 11th - 16th of September 2001 on Czech TV. There were invited people of various professions, and just guess, which important absented there?






So that is why I saying it to you, until we will not solve problems on spiritual basis we will not go ahead and will just rush for the hells - most of us who will choice it ourselves.


What's the matter ?


WHAT WHO RADIATES TO HIS ENVIRONMENT  - THIS WILL TURN BACK TO HIM.  It's important cosmic rule, which works perfectly. The time is minor.


The difficulty is a lot of people are SUBSIDING to discern - among good and evil, positive and negative. Than positive is what is in fact negative. Lapse of distinction. The contemporary Dark Side's control system works very effectively on it, in all directions, in all lines.  Don't underrate it !


From NO ONE of you - presidents and governments - I HAVEN'T HEARD inculcation of LOVE AND GOOD, as to PEOPLE LOVE THEMSELVES - EACH OTHER - what here proclaimed extraordinarily only master John Hus (Middle Ages Czech priest).  The Cosmic people telling us all the time for 52 years IF WE'LL NOT START WORKING WITH LOVE THEN WE'LL NOT MOVE, JUST RUSHING DEEPER INTO HELLS.


Reminding you that erased WTC building were for 28 years the ultimate coarse energy radiators worldwide. Towards people - sources of these energies more frequently other humans are protesting - against globalization and YOU PROBABLY DON'T UNDERSTAND NOTHING ALL THE TIME.


As well as I informed you (also written by others, e.g. Karel Gott [Czech performer]) prior to huge danger of ORWELLIAN TOTALITY - by misuse of informative technology - by IMPLEMENTATION OF CENTRAL MICROCHIP CONTROL SYSTEM OF PEOPLE - see "PROJECT L.U.C.I.D.".  What ever you don't see these events matching to "an incoming steps against terrorism” ! ! !


Again, we’ve got in many messages the following information: Another events will come. You'll see what will happen.


I Am all the time ready for a meeting with you and fit for mediation of personal meeting with Cosmic people - Ashtar Sheran, commander of a Grand Cosmic squadron and Ptaah, commander of the cosmic squadron from Pleiades.  We can't liberate from this SLAVERY without their help when, 90 % of humankind are operated like PUPPETS by the negative aliens - saurians and principals - pseudocreators from hells - see e.g. the NEW REVELATION !  Don't forget it.


That is to say that our thoughts coming not from brain, how we're still enforced by figureheads - scientists, but are fed from spiritual worlds - either positive (Heaven, True Creation) or negative (hells). Everyone is choosing himself, by which vent and realization - by his everyday thinking and dealing.


Most of fairy tales on good and evil is from the Cosmic people - such as helping hold for unknowingly people on the planet Earth. Just a fairy tale "The Water Sprite" is a warning of people state, who's souls are temporarily imprisoned in potties under pot lids - in cases, created by pseudocreators - to be well manageable by them (see "The New Revelation"). Likewise a fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty" shows we are a "Sleeping kingdom" and only LOVE will wake us up and set us free. The same is in fairy tale "Immortal aunt", where is showed control by the Dark (king and people) and rescue by LOVE at the end. Truly described situation is also in a movie "Matrix" where you can see the whole operating technology (to our limited understanding). There is a plenty of material about hidden contacts of powerful people with aliens, about contact with the Cosmic people there is e.g. movie "CONTACT", true on 70%, what's not true is the governments didn't inform humankind!


You know, not all the men are electing you - politicians but some electing the Creator Primary of all and of all who is in each person everywhere and in everything. He gives everyone the information by the silent and humble voice in heart (intuition). He also makes barriers to the Dark forces what they can and what not. 100-200 billions of people are choosing ascension themselves by their amorous life - ascension to the higher existence the 5th dimension of the planet Earth. Already now constructing by their affectionate life a light bodies and a new society - New Earth and will soon vibrate up totally away from this reality.  The Creator Primary surpasses nothing, he has infinity number of perfectly elaborated scenarios of evolution to let each created being (by him) choose his own version of development himself. I know what a rage have some politicians by this information (in truth the saurians who controlled them) but this is the real fact.


Not only by chance 150 people meditated just 3 days before 09/11/2001 - they having send love to Earth - likewise 180 last year on 09/09/2001.  You disavowed this doing and didn't have moved a finger for love.  By contrast you organize a NATO summit in Prague during fall 2002 - congress of loveless warlords!  Everybody chooses it's own way himself. But the NEGATIVE STATE ARE DISCLOSING IN FULL NUDITY now gradually (not at a blow, that wouldn't people survive) to everyone have information to his life ballots.


I'm with greeting and love in heart, Ivo A. Benda

Ceska Lipa 09/16/2001


PS: Consider to be stupid and blunt as far as would the richest country worldwide wage war against the poorest one, where's practically nothing to ruin, where's just inhospitable mountains and deserts!  Further refuse any retraction of innocent people into fights of powerful on their estates - don't do it or you will get very badly at the end. It's elemental. One who makes aggressive war will not hide from his words, be aware of this. There are a lot of planets within the Creation where it has been already ran out and each time with the same result. Belt of asteroids between Mars and Jupiter is a relict of a planet Maldek, Fatheon too. Therefore you're holding the people in nescience to couldn't instruct themselves. The Dark forces feed anybody who’s applying the violence. As well as it is a pressure to people work more than a must.




For information:  Government, Parliament, Senate of the Czech Republic and thousands of people in the Czech country and on the planet Earth.





1537.  Elevator into the fifth dimension.        (received by P.E.)                           09/23/2001

                                                                                    Place:  Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic.


Serapis: "Sananda shows us the way to recover the elevator, so we invited him speak personally to us:"


"I'm SANANDA. Coming from dimension where you're a sense of unity. My intention is to help you for achieving a point of delight, your being, in a higher energetic frequency.



First of all is a suit to correct several mistaken information appeared in language and faith in the past.


I was quoted in words by these verses: "No one will come to Father. Only per me."


What was thereby really meant:


To experience your real oneness or identity - I'm - that I'm.


Firstly you have to link with my energy or energy of Christ.


It was said (cited) too:


"Live in need to be able to come to me, children."


And it's mistakenly meaning too:


I intent of joining be free of fear, mental thoughts (needless), impeachment (of other beings), living in former times or in the future, that way like children living because these things blocking integration in unity.



A plenty of things has changed on your planet since 1988 that makes possible a direct contact with energy of Christ on Earth.



Firstly, I renewed an elevator down to lower vibration worlds, you to feel harmonic vibrations of my energy straight by your energetic aura (or by your body). Later I'll release verses by their recitation you can move on this harmonic frequency and direct your senses thereby to these higher stages. While you reach this connection you live in feelings of happiness and interplay as a shower of euphoria essence.



Power of joyance has been brought on this planet. This is energy of silver beam, beam of harmony and of interplay.


If doing anything, in terms of frequency raising your energetic body and if you using this power or joyance (silver), everything will happen easylike.



Just imagine beam of silver light, bright and glitter, infiltrating your energetic aura and washing some lower frequencies (undesirable energies) from your aura.


It calms if you are unrest and revives you if are tired.


In unity with love I AM. Sananda


Verses for integration:


I am the being of Christ

I am joined with spirit.


I am the being of Christ

I am joined with everything.


The light of my own being

Shining on my way.


I am the being of Christ

I am joined with all what will be.


I am holding the bright light of God's essence in my heart.

I am going and joined with spirit.


I am in a smile of delight

And am in touch with the God's essence.


I am joined by love with other beings.

I am the spirit Christ.


I am a bridge

Between the God's world and Earth."






1538.  Elevator into the fifth dimension            (continued).        (received by P.E.)


                                                                                    Place:  Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic.


"Helping hand by:



Extraterrestrial Cosmic people (beings mainly on board a ship),



White brother or sisters (beings moving mostly by teleportation), and






In behalf of those who are intent to go to the fifth dimension and for others:


In this Solar system there is plenty of places where Pleiadians, Arcturians and other having their stations with many light ships. One of their assistant actions (tasks) is a help of crossing the fifth dimension frequency barrier for beings of planet Earth.


This Fence (energetic frequency) is at the edge of your Solar system. Afterwards a next fence is in the area of Jupiter.


While you enter or leave your Solar system (mainly when coming from other dimensions), that way are trespassed these frequency fences. In some cases are these processes realized individually by human beings. But for the most of human beings are ready interdimensional ships to this purpose (for help in this transformation). It's evidently only for those who are accepting (are opened) the helping hand with above mentioned chance.


The assistance in these operations is maintained (supplied) by Pleiadians, Arcturians and other Cosmic people, e.g. Ashtar with his squadron.


Afterwards there are several other stations there: the assistance of Sananda (he's coming of the Jesus's and Orthons's family), assistance of Archangels, assistance of Kuthumi and the others. (Certain stations are for humans who are opened for help but not yet ready to meet Cosmic people, otherwise - they are of limited religion)"


Reception from Arcturians:


"We have been studied a lot of human beings along their transformations, so we know, there is a plenty of various ways at a point when leaving the earthly body.


Diverse resolves may be realized but can you give back to further hundreds of life cycles on Earth.


Sensible decisions may be realized that brought you to other places very fast and this can be also some Arcturians planets."


A notation:


"Arcturians don't have an Adamah Kadmon bodies (they're a similar race as e.g. Krishna many years ago with blue - white body).


Arcturians are near the planet Earth on mother ship Athena. They're cooperating with Sananda, Archangel Metatron, Ashtar and with many others. The main mission for them is to contact people with Cosmic people and white brothers and sisters. Commandant of the ship Athena is Juliano.


Reproduction processes (babies) are different from earth-born (how we know it). They are loss of generative organs. For reproduction they're using a mind impulses for an embryo of a new life (Arcturian). This work maintaining selected persons (in certain suitable vibrations) who are further trained this way - procreation children.

In Arcturian system or education, a progress (evolution) is measured by vibration changes not by learning or knowledge’s."


Reception from Arcturians:


"We-all Arcturians can monitoring you in many ways (even now):



Healing of your etheric, astral, mental and psychic (causal) bodies.



Purification of your subconscious,



Creation of luminosity your body and further possibilities.


You just permit it to us and give an allowance, then tell us your specific wishes where (on what) we can work or where want us to start.


Your intention is important.

Juliano and Helio-ah."






1570. Conditions of ascension to a higher dimensions (308).  (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

                                                                                                           12/16/2001   8:00 - 8:30 a.m.

                                                                                                Place: Ceska Lipa (Czech Republic)


Received from the Creator Primary of all and everyone.


"The ascension do the higher dimension (from the 5th above) means continuation of the man's life in a much more superior, spiritual surroundings in a new society without money, warfare, policy, manipulation, and control. It means without slavery like here on Earth in the 3rd dimension under baton of a Negative state - pseudocreators together with saurians and devils.


The ascension to the higher – 5th dimension of the planet Earth can ONLY AFFECTIONATE and BELIEVE people (with opened 4th heart chakra) in the next years. So those who will have fulfilled their POSITIVE MISSION which they have chosen voluntary before nativity - THE POSITIVE LIFE and some people activities in spheres of COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINE or MEDITATION or TELEINFORMATION (dissemination of light information). There are the conditions of ascension.


The utmost version is ascension c. 1,2% of humankind - evacuation into space carrier ships by the Cosmic people.


Another option is natural ascension of humankind with planet Earth together (3-5 days of darkness and without electricity - nowhere; there is no need of any reserves, vital functions will be decelerated).


People NEEDN'T ascent (thus leave this territory) CONTEMPORARY. Ten thousands of people have been already taken from CRISIS AREAS (earthquakes, e.g. in Turkey, war conflicts, e.g. Middle East, etc.) into the space ships. Others can ascent e.g. in 2 EVACUATING WAVES (in the night, mainly while sleeping). Another can leave this space through DIMENSIONAL TUNNELS - GATES which are NATURAL - above many hills (Rip, Hostyn, Sv. Kopecek at Olomouc and tens other (Czech Rep.)) or artificially created by the Cosmic people e.g. near cities.


Rest of people - 98,...%, will build up henceforthly with much concern and interest from their own free will a FULLNESS of the NEGATIVE STATE. They will do it with those with whom they understand one another - saurians, devils and their head - pseudocreators being controlled on 99,9% with body microchips (compared to today's 90% control).  Purpose of this situation is an excellent SPIRITUAL EDIFICATION (personally) - WHAT NOT TO SELECT - LOVELESS life, SO OUT OF COOPERATION WITH CREATOR PRIMARY, LORD JESUS CHRIST, who permitted this position (see THE NEW REVELATION)." , ( ) - over 6000 pages and more than 2000 pictures, over 500 000 visits (.cz) and 150 000 visits (.en).


Thank you, the Creator Primary for these important information for people. The concerned people are led by you and feels the events are coming. Ivo with love in heart.           





1580. Letter to Mr. President (311).  (Received Ivo A. Benda.)   February 5, 2002. 8:00-10:00.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







119 08 PRAHA 1



Dear Sir, Mr. President,


please, accept my loving greeting with best wishes.


I react to information coming from our „news“, briefing people on the number of American nuclear reactors (101) in state of jeopardy. I would like to inform you, but not only you, about matrial fact, that in the concrete, as far as any nuclear resources are concerned (more than 500 „civil“, tens of thousands military ones), they all are completely and thoroughly under control of Cosmic people related to the Forces of Light. Otherwise WE WOULDN’T BE ALREADY HERE AGES AGO.


The overwhelming majority of people doesn’t thank Cosmic people for their performing of operations CURRENTLY (about 50 years), which are necessary to ensure survival of mankind and this planet Earth. These operations are listed here as follows:




Perfect control of all nuclear and other mass destruction weapons (these arms are thus out of action and unusable).




Replenishing of the Earth’s ozone layer, which protects people against hard cosmic radiation, to the essential rate (they don’t waste energy). Consequently gapes above the South Pole and the North Pole are left there by them in view of the fact, that in these areas people don’t live permanently, and that terrestrials thus can more easily identify and solve the problem. Whence although 90 % of contaminants occurs on the northern hemisphere, yet the ozone hole above the South Pole is much bigger than above the North Pole.




Curbing all armed conflicts, that have arisen since the World War II.




Purification of Earth’s atmosphere from all poisons (chemical ones, but also from negative thoughts – energies), which ignorant mankind exudes due to its „developed science“ and its „advanced technologies“.




Suggesting positive thoughts to people by way of quiet voice and sending them streams of love.




Helping people, who carry out mission of Light – positive and loving life, some of them in fields of traditional medicine, meditation and teleinformation. It happens by means of inner – innermost – intuitive communication (conscious or unconscious). There are now about 100 000 000 of these people on the whole planet.




Establishing conditions for foundation of the New society of people, who shall revibrate into higher, the fifth dimension, the ones, who will accomplish their Light mission of love and good. Anticipated number of them is approximately 100 000 000. They leave this space waves-wise and one such wave will be based on revibration of the Earth into the fifth dimension, with which will disappear living bodies of majority of these people. In the fifth dimension of this Earth will rise new society, which shall soon become the member of the Cosmic Confederation of planets (2 + 3 millions civilizations of this Galaxy). They will be able to look well back on the old society in this dimension and help other people likewise as Cosmic people do. Therefore they are not and won’t be dead, to the intent as present authorities presuppose and will presume in their ignorance.




Placing flight crews on full alert since 1997 by reason of evacuating anything what can be saved (people and animals) in case that they will be asked to do that by the primary Creator of everything and everybody. Many people and animals were already evacuated outside this planet (some people from distressed areas – earthquakes, wars, and the like).




Constant readiness (lasting already 52 years) to cooperate in many spheres with Governments of all countries on the planet Earth. Since 1949 Cosmic people made a whole series of appeals and visits in various countries (in order of size: USA, USSR, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain – specific information could be found in secret safes). No government was open to these offers by now.




Urgent warning against NEGATIVE THINKING, which like a magnet attracts negative entities from the whole Universe (small saurians, evil spirits, pseudocreators and the like). From their shops are (already for millions of years) delivered here all OUTER SYSTEMS, which serve as on money based systems controlling people. They control by the medium of thinking and through controlling programs more than 90 % of population on this planet. Only 1,2 % of terrestrials don’t allow to be controlled, because they work with love and good, don’t own enormous properties and they help their fellowmen. They warn against implementation of new chip technologies under the baton of Forces of darkness; in such case, if people choose these technologies (and they do that at present), 150-200 millions cosmic spaceships would FLY AWAY HOMEWARDS after revibrating people (their mission of Light would be thus terminated) and they would not all here outlined activities perform in such extent any more. AFTER that chip technologies would be already implemented against people on a mass scale and then would occur second coming of pseudocreators on the Earth – who activated negative state many millions years ago. In those days thereafter will already culminate the purificatory processes enabling the Earth to get rid of negative energies and people will personally FACE CONSEQUENCES of their choices made in the past, present and future. As warning regarding possible negative future may also serve many films (for example, THE IMMORTAL AUNT, THE MATRIX, THE AQUATIC WORLD, WHAT PLANET DO YOU COME FROM?, and the like), which were not produced just as a decoration or because some people had nothing to do. At present lead up to something like that chip technologies, internet, mobile network, prepared and implemented mobile internet UMTS and chip universal identity cards – with identification, money, health information (in 2005 – according to minister Brezina’s indication). Pilot schemes are under way for instance in the sphere of public health (district of Litomerice – 20 000 chip cards), transportation (bus service in Znojmo) the Czech Railways (everybody should have some card, otherwise train fares could be more expensive by 60 %), etc. The enforcement proceeds and will proceed administratively and economically with tricky explanation resting on „advantages“, so that people themselves will seek that ! ! ! Analogously already takes its course current controlling from 90 and more percent. That’s the whole democracy A to Z. You have put up wall of very eloquent silence and likewise behave also many other top representatives, who are well acquainted with everything long ago (for example, „economist“ Klaus). I say again: All OUTER SYSTEMS come from negative extraterrestrials and people controlled by them – structures that everybody knows. It is a matter of CONTROLLING MIND.




All soft, beautiful, loving, gentle, affectionate energies originate from Cosmic people (up to 5 % of everything what is here) and initially from the primary Creator of everything and everybody. Such energies were at times displayed in form of songs (for example, Mr. Borovec, Gott and many others), literature (Shakespeare), arts, tales (About Small Mole, The Fireflies), films (THE COCOON). Terrestrials, who thus acted, always opposed the Forces of darkness, whom these energies utterly battered their wholly negative structures.




Comic people dwell in the Right Creation, in Heaven, which is also OUR original home, from where we all come from. And about that we are informed by them. For instance, by means of works – songs: „So, what is happening at our place, at home? “, „Mumuland“, or our anthem „Where is my Home?“, possibly also in films „THE MISSION TO MARS“, „THE CONTACT“ and many others. But upon no person is imposed anything at all. This black Universe is a zone of expulsion, a wastebasket of the Right Creation. Into such bin are thrown negative thoughts or there are expulsed people, who regard them as their own and live under them. For example, see the film „CORDIAL GREETING FROM THE GLOBE“.


Cosmic people perform everything with the real and pure love, from their heart, without self-interest; they are not affected in this by any terrestrials’ trend line. But they will fly away after revibration and when people with the mission of Light will accomplish that task.


A year ago I have sent you copies of 8 books of NEW REVELATION and PROJECT L.U.C.I.D., which are very relevant and you could find there all important information. Now I send you text of the book MESSENGERS OF THE DAYBREAK, which comprises Pleiadeans’ teaching, mediated to terrestrials.


Our information are red by a number of persons, among others also by some artists, who bring to bear their influence on people. To them belong Mr. Simek, Mrs. Bubilkova (almost one year), Mr. Gott (half a year), Mr. Polivka, Mr. Kotvald, Mr. Nahlovsky, Mr. Hulka, Mr. Baudys (two years), Mr. Jagr, Mrs. Bila and others, who (except Mr. Baudys) received from me books I. and II. TALKS WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS and video cassettes. But these information are also red by many people from our internet , where can be found more than 5000 pages and 700 pictures, that are available for anybody and there are about 140 000 visits in Czech, English, Croatian, Chinese and German versions. Approximately 5000 books I. and II. TALKS WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS were presented or sold, in order to make these information accessible for anybody.


I would like yet to inform you, that on September 8, 2001, at the occasion of the previous 2nd Symposium of Love, on the second court of the Prague Castle proceeded massive and beautiful meditation of love with almost 200 participants (including Mr. Vojtisek from the Society for the Studies of Sects and New Religious Movements, who thus actually acknowledged that we are neither an organization nor a sect). On September 11, 2001, in less than 3 days, came about the purification from the most coarse-vibratory radiating source of the planet Earth – the Twin Towers – at the hand of another negative entities.


I regarded it as my duty to offer you these information and give you a chance to engage in joint actions leading to reversal of present state of affairs. If you decide to work for the Light (that would consequently also result in your excellent health), you would receive full support coming from our primary Creator and Cosmic people, who work for him. LOOK CLOSELY at your third court of the Prague Castle, across from the entrance of your office, where stands the statue depicting St. George’s FIGHT with wyvern (saurians and other negative entities related to Forces of darkness). Similar, but colored statue is preserved in rotunda on the legendary hill RIP at Prague. These two statues stand there NOT just as a decoration or by mistake ! ! !


This is sent to you with love and honestly by a man, who lives in joy, happiness and good health.



P.O. BOX 51

470 06 CESKA LIPA 6


In Ceska Lipa, on February 5, 2002


The enclosure: 126 pages of text THE MESSENGERS OF THE DAYBREAK, 10 topical leaflets with information about Cosmic people (these leaflets have just received also members of Parliament, senators and others) and about chips, together with the leaflet about encapsulation of spirit and soul.








This letter was also sent to 200 members of the Czech Parliament and Senate – note of the adaptor and author of this letter, Ivo A. Benda.























1600. Actuality (316).  (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                      April 26, 2002.   15:05-16:00

Place: The train Liptovsky Mikulas – Spisska Nova Ves.


            Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you sincere greeting. Yes, I’m glad that you have decided to introduce these information of Light – printed matter – for your friends in Kosice; thus you have contributed to their dissemination in this Slovak Republic. Yes, I’m pleased that you go on so befriending our beloved primary Creator of everything and everybody; thus will be consequently solved another essential part of these information of Light.


Yes, I would like also to notify you, that our leaflets about microchips induce surge of interest and simultaneously are brought to general attention sources of these information - workers of Light on the planet Earth and Cosmic friends, who at all times warn and sound the alarm: let hear those, who have ears to hear, and let see those, who have eyes to see.


Yes, this mankind undergoes subsidence now in the direction of the Dark worlds and towards another loss of „freedoms”, which it kept so far. Nothing will remain the same any more like up to the present, since the new era of information technologies is coming and together with that in the negative state – how else? – the higher degree of totality and controlling people and their directing into Darker worlds. Yes, some people didn’t give in to this negative material thinking; yes, you, dear Ivo, also belong to them, and they continue to lock on to the target – on the way of love they free themselves from this pseudoworld with visions and sense of another – better society – the New Earth – they leave this old society, which has feet of clay.


Anybody, who fulfills his Light mission of love and good, which he had chosen voluntarily before the birth on this planet Earth, may set off for home, the Right Creation of the positive state, where also dwell we, Cosmic people. Yes, thus is accordingly crowned presently one’s mission here on the planet Earth of the third dimension and it will continue then on the New Earth, in such society as they establish themselves.


Yes, till this time not even your representatives Vaclav Havel and Rudolf Schuster did not resolve to meet us, Cosmic people; the time is coming and pressing to shaping another important events, including the purificatory ones on the planet Earth, which we love so much.


Yes, yesterday you could see in the evening news on TV NOVA how the British Royal Scientific Society is muddled as far as the reducing sparrows to a minimum on the whole planet Earth is concerned. They almost disappeared. Sparrow appertains to cosmopolitan species; as omnivore he feeds on seeds, insect or foodstuff unconsumed by people, and is able to reproduce even four times during one year. De facto, sparrow does not encounter natural enemies. This species lived on all continents except the Antarctic, numbering about dozens of thousands of millions birds. Yes, at the beginning of 1999, you, dear Ivo, here in the Czech Lands, orchestrated leafleting campaign (4 300 000 leaflets – see menu pictures and newspaper articles on , , , spreading thus the news, that considerable part of animals was evacuated, including sparrows (people might take notice of them more easily than of other species), since due to the ignorance of mankind are approaching the purificatory processes of the planet Earth (getting rid of coarse-vibratory energies – windstorms, floods, earthquakes, wars, possibly constant declines and elevations of larger part of the earth’s crust), in such a way, as people on the planet Earth so far had

chosen these alternatives of the future.


Yes, I would like also to notify you, dear Ivo, that likewise many scientists and environmentalists detect EXTENSIVE CHANGES in atmosphere and in layout of biota, but their information are mostly blocked by the other side and immediately afterwards presented as irrelevant ones and corresponding with the evolution of mankind. Only small number of articles and interviews is published in media, so that the mankind is only poorly warned through the agency of them. You, dear Ivo, know well these technologies of stoppage, violation and liquidation of important information by the other side. You are not unacquainted with that. But on the other hand, 99,99 % of people has not the slightest notion concerning them. Yes, you will see, dear Ivo, what shall happen: it will look like a BIG SHOW OF PUPPETS whom you could see on that picture (on the cover of magazine EURO No. 16/2002 and on our web , , ), if they choose that of their own free will. We, Cosmic people, still offer help, advice and love to anybody, who cares for that. Yes, dear Ivo, just endeavor thus henceforth to work for our beloved Creator of everything and everybody, so that people have their choice and as many as possible of them could be spared from events which will start soon.


This report was transmitted to you with love in heart by Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron.


„And now I, Ptaah, the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades, join in the conversation, thus giving you also sincere greetings, and sending you streams of love. I wish you much success in this work for our beloved Creator and also for the whole Creation.


Yes, at present people make important decisions: what kind of future and what quality of life they choose, and what fates will meet them. You see, how much developed during the last 10 years information science at your place and you are able to anticipate what will happen in future 10 – 20 years. Yes, the social system totally changed and the rate of controlling will INCREASE from current 90 – 95 % up to 99,9 % in the nearest future, if people make such choice. Yes, we cannot interfere in that anyhow, we may just help with ADVICE sent to those, who care for it. We have been offering cooperation and help for 52 years to governments of this planet Earth, BUT WITHOUT ANY CONCRETE RESULT BY NOW. The situation on this planet is thus serious; the Earth is vexed by COARSE VIBRATIONS OF NEGATIVE THOUGHTS WHICH PEOPLE EMIT. Yes, this will not last very long and if nothing essential changes, the planet Earth will GET RID OF THESE TERRESTRIALS LIKE OF A BOTHERSOME INSECT and will start new life, the life of harmony and good without such ignorant people. This planet then will carry on its surface only new human society in higher – the fifth dimension, which will live according to Divine order – spiritual principles derived from THE LAW OF LOVE FOR THE PRIMARY CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, THE LAW OF LOVE FOR FELLOWMEN AND LOVE FOR ONESELF.


Yes, I look forward very much to this new society, which will with dignity go on on this planet Earth.


Yes, Dear Ivo, this was transmitted to you with love in heart by me, Ptaah, the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades.”


Thank you, dear Cosmic friends, I also send love and joy to you. Thank you, the primary Creator of everything and everybody; I send love to you. Ivo.





1602.  They control you !  – (Leaflet 12).     (Received by Ivo A. Benda)        May 30, 2002.

                                                                  Place: Ceska Lipa.






Dear people,



It’s time to advise you of YOUR SITUATION and inform you of YOUR POSITION within THE PUPPET-SYSTEM here on planet Earth in the 3rd dimension. It has been enough stupefying people by scientists, officers and other EXTERNAL structures.
























1 BILLION TRUE HUMANS (fabricated here on Earth) INCARNATED FROM THE DARK WORLDS (the zone of displacement) WITH A NEGATIVE MISSION.






With love, a worker of Light and Cosmic people of the Forces of Light.


















Refer to The New Revelation and other recommended sources at .










1645.  How to find the truth ? (331).     (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

September 13, 2002.  8:10-8:12 a.m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.




























1709. You are in the puppet-world (341).   (Received by Ivo A. Benda.)

November 24, 2002. 4:20-4:26 a.m.

December 25, 2002. 10:20-10:40 a.m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.





Your physical bodies are under 95 % control

by negative entities from planet Earth and from elsewhere in space.


Pseudo-creators from space encapsulated your Spirit and soul

into proton CAPSULES,

so your true Spirit and true soul is

with your physical body in AS LITTLE AS 5 % contact !!!


By your own free choice, you appear in a pseudo-world

95 % controlled by the Forces of darkness

through thousands of control programs

with PERMISSION of the Prime Creator of all and everything

for the sake of important SPIRITUAL LEARNING

on one’s own skin.


Some of you are here


and thus to improve the HELP TO ONE’S FELLOW,



Most of you on Earth chooses


thus improving the LOVE OF MATTER – WORLDLY LOVE,



Each of these CHOICES


which every individual will VIVIDLY AND CONCRETELY

experience in this life or next ones ON HIS/HER OWN SKIN.


All information can be found at

offering 7000 pages of texts and 5000 pictures,

particularly in books of THE NEW REVELATION





Ivo A. Benda with the Prime Creator of all and everything.




1761.  Controlling people’s physical bodies by means of the individual control system (353).      (Received by Ivo A. Benda and others.)

June 12 – 30, 2003.

Place: Ceska Lipa.




Controlling people’s physical bodies by means of the individual control system



I recommend you to refer to the diagram – pic. 811 (in color) and 812 (black-and-white) at . It is about testimony of entrusted people who could, in relation to their mission of Light, accompanied by and with exposition of SEVERAL COSMIC PEOPLE, visit, see and after sleep (in the morning) write down these pieces of information about work of the negative entities who control the earthly mankind at 95 % in an abominable, deceptive and cunning manner. Exposing their practices is also helpful for us and contributes to the understanding of our pseudo-world and pseudo-life, which we live here. Thanks to this understanding, we can easier and more effectively liberate ourselves hand in hand with LOVE “that is pure like shining snow”.



None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



THE PHYSICAL BODY of every human is constantly affected by operation of both LOTS OF LIGHT BEINGS – TRUE SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES and LOTS OF NEGATIVE ENTITIES – THE PERVERTED SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES (see books of The New Revelation). This operation is INTENSIFIED by the fact that the pseudo-creators, for the purpose of their operations, ENCAPSULATED the Spirit and the soul of 99.9985 % of population of planet Earth (as of year 2003), so that people WOULD NOT be able to properly control their physical body. Human life is formed by PENETRATION OF THESE ENERGIES, by HIS/HER OWN STATE, and a HUMAN HIMSELF MAKES CHOICES WHICH ENERGIES HE/SHE WILL USE IN HIS/HER LIFE. The big role here is played by the CONSCIOUSNESS – THE ABILITY TO DISCERN THE POSITIVE FROM THE NEGATIVE based on the DEGREE OF KNOWLEDGE. Our SPIRITUAL TEACHING at ,  presents a source that serves this help and purpose.


A controlled Earth man who proceeds along the spiral of his/her Spiritual Path (messages 819 – 847) and thus he/she step by step overcomes the self-control programs (materialism, career, money, alcohol, worldly pleasures, etc.) requires more and more attention of the negative entities from the Dark worlds. These entities then create THE INDIVIDUAL CONTROL PROGRAM.


An individual who proceeds further up the spiral of the Spiritual Path is more and more interfering with and disrupting the negative system by his/her own positivity and love, and in the 7th revolution of the Spiritual Path, negative entities fail in getting him/her under control even with the individual controlling.


Every human has in axis of his physical body the MAIN CHANNEL whose middle part is formed by the STELLAR or ASTRAL CHANNEL with lots of SMALL CHANNELS around it. This Astral channel belongs to the Prime Creator of all and everything, i.e., this channel transmits information from and to the Prime Creator and it is impossible to block it. Other small channels around the astral one belong to given being, who BEARS THE RESPONSIBILITY for them. These channels are in 98.75 % of Earth men virtually DISABLED and BLOCKED (i.e., non-functional). This is the outcome of their NEGATIVE LIFE IN THIS AND PAST LIVES. Mere 1.25 % of Earth men lives IN LOVE AND GOODNESS; therefore, their channels are not blocked and their chakra system is more or less functional.


Therefore, every being in the zone of displacement has 2 auxiliary channels along the main one:






Auxiliary channels are ca. 12 cm (4.72 inches) far from the main channel and are connected to it at the level of the 4th – the heart chakra. These channels transmit either positive (the positive channel) or negative (the negative channel) information – energies to the HEART CHAKRA instantaneously at the moment a human being makes either positive or negative choice. In accordance to the type of energies, the heart chakra is either OPENING (positive, loving energies) or CLOSING (negative energies) much like a weighing-machine.


From the heart chakra, information – instructions are passed to human mind and pseudo-mind and these trigger in Earth man’s physical body some of 2 trillion genes – programs for direct making of moves and life steps. In doing so, THE POSITIVE INSTRUCTIONS trigger only PURE GENES, and, on the other hand, THE NEGATIVE INSTRUCTIONS trigger only BURDENED (LADEN) GENES. People today have an average of 80 % of burdened genes.


99.9985 % of people on planet Earth has the soul and the Spirit in CAPSULES, which was done by the pseudo-creators so that they could CONTROL physical bodies. Today, 95 % of people is controlled by them at 95 % !


Only 106,000 (0.0015 % of) people have non-encapsulated soul and Spirit, and out of this number, 33 000 adults have therefore restored true communication and contact among the Spirit, soul and physical body, and 73 000 children have the original true communication and contact among the Spirit, soul and physical body.


For the purpose of HELP, in the top-bottom direction, THE LEFT – THE POSITIVE AUXILIARY CHANNEL is supplied with helpful information or energies by at least one GUARD OF LIGHT – COSMIC PEOPLE OF THE FORCES OF LIGHT – MULTIDIMENSIONAL BEINGS whom we feel or sense “IN SPIRIT” or as an INTUITION – the quiet voice with THE POSITIVE GUIDANCE WITH LOVE, TRUTH AND WISDOM – that is, with true, positive and up-to-date information.





THE INFORMATIC – ANALYSTANALYSES the overall situation of the controlled scene and the controlled Earth man. He chooses appropriate practices for creation of needful BLOCKS in human’s bodies and chakras, and makes plans of further CONTROL PROCEDURES – PROGRAMS, which he then forwards to the ANALYST – PROGRAMMER. He has at disposal all life tapes of previous lives of human in question and he performs very detailed PSYCHO – SOCIO – ANALYSES on strong and weak attributes of the controlled Earth man. The life tape of the controlled Earth man is displayed in the middle of analyst’s computer monitor, and at the sides, there are other life tapes (ca. six of them) of Earth men from the closest surroundings of the controlled one – job, family, etc. – this is for the purpose of EXTERNAL CONTROLLING VIA OTHER PEOPLE (ENERGETIC CHANNELS).




Analytic data is also printed on paper, texts are colored with our letters and are extensive. If someone on Earth is really healthy and lives in love, this one is colloquially named “sick” and one needs “treatment” (i.e., sickness, injury) so that one can become healthy (i.e., sick).


In one’s PERSONAL CARD is listed data as follows:


PAST LIVES – all of them are available, but not all of them may be understood correctly


EDUCATION – including rare education, special education, abilities … (gained prior to birth – in past lives, during personal trainings in the intermediate world prior to birth, and after birth – earthly education and one’s favorite hobbies)


WHERE THE SPIRIT AND THE SOUL CAME FROM – from which levels – dimensions, universes and worlds, from which spiritual family


MISSION – TASK – either a basic one – THE POSITIVE LIFE, or one that also includes field of teleinformation, meditation, healing, other specific fields. Example of such a record: … painting portraits of Cosmic people in pen (in one’s youth), today one was talking about Cosmic people while traveling in the train … arranging lectures about Cosmic people, makes transmissions to people (from Cosmic people – by word) …. another activities … etc.








MEDICAL CARD – (blue font) deviations from standard, records of diseases – all of them (not only what earthly doctors have in earthly medical cards), information about treatments on Earth – effective, ineffective … at the end was a symbol – a blue bird. 98 % of people is more or less sick.


The document can, for example, contain the following important information:


After 1973, lots of information about Cosmic people (code for Cosmic people: „the youngest“) (so called literature science fiction, published mainly in the former Soviet Union as a reaction of the Eastern block (USSR) to successful landings on the moon of the American spacecrafts for example, including the Czech film 1973 ”ACTION BORORO” and other films processor’s comment), which results in first awakening and first signs of love.


Information about other contacts …


Another key points: He was sad, friendly, unconsciously friendly, the first intimate contact, oath of faithfulness, relationship continues, internationally recognized limits for love were exceeded.


Communication with me (the controlling entity) is in jeopardy because of the youngest ones.


Planned measures – objectives:


- prevent from contacts with partner and inhibit a higher level of feelings for partner

- induce “blind alley” (inconclusive situation)


Other personal data :


- high spiritual participation on at system assignment

- more precise expressions, lack of negative motives, improvements of creative efforts

- adequate control system

- beginning of other new creative efforts and improving negative attitudes at work (source: the datasystem)




Proceed with highest caution, present approach was insufficient, possibility of infiltration.


Control was disproportionate, direct participation of other entities is necessary, high degree of lovingness of the youngest (Cosmic people)


Much more frequent lovingness than before, mutual experience of other beginning excessively high positive opportunities.


Potentially needed a powerful group (of controlling entities) aimed at work on other changes.


Moreover, one can see in their computers:


- THE DETAILED listing of health conditionnegative things …

- according to it we build NEW COMPUTER FOR OTHER NEGATIVE OPERATION (data-system)

- lack of lovingness (they have different name – code for that word, our word lovingness is dangerous for them due to its positive radiation – processor’s comment)

- immaturity of feelings for one of members one’s spiritual family

- one does not increase his vibratory level, immature relation on that member

- participation on other processes needed for introduction of UNLOVING COMPETITIVE RELATIONSHIPS

- PICTURE BOOK (watched for all the time of this transmission) – windows containing pictures – IMPACTS – INSERTION OF NEGATIVE ENERGETIC IMPULSES (e.g., painfulness) INTO EVERY PART OF BODY. Negative operation in our body manifests itself gradually by unlovingness in our consciousness, which then makes such program effective and efficient. The human HIMSELF step by step LIQUIDATES his natural equipment as he concentrates on his problematic parts, and so he creates a loading channel for additional insertions or injections into his body. The goal here is e.g. to induce a PERCEPTION OF PAIN (in some concrete version) so that, subsequently, a receiving human HIMSELF maintains and increases this inserted energy or impact by his own negative thinking (YES, indeed, I am sick, it pains, really pains, and it pains much, very much … “INDEED, IT’S TRUE”, “IT’S SUPPOSED TO BE THIS WAY”, complaining, etc.)

- I see a double-sheet with number of pictures, it begins with first two – head of a little dragon, and then others which show impacted person; on the sixth picture and on the following ones there is a man with small horns (diagrammatized) – EAR – developmental stage of some other kind of your well-meaning chaps – it is a matter of gradual installing of unkindness; there will be created few kinds of native creatures called EAR (small horn). Hence, the impact shows the advancement of injected negative energy (the head of small dragon) into the targeted person (Gott); follows the target state, which may last shortly, long time, or can be consequently embittered through following impact of the targeted person (who could be dominated in such a way, that interconnects oneself more thoroughly with the control programs as a new and another spider’s web, gets caught in it, then appears another web, etc.). The last head is supposed to mark the final stage of creating some breed (plan). It is being enacted in bodies of other animals, intended to be deformed for pseudoscientific purposes. The impact of such impact results in mortality of approximately 60 percent experimentees. There it is modelled – tested. The far­reaching major changes in thinking frequently cause more considerable harm – hellish trouble – than current boot procedures. Here you thus can see, how many of other negative beings and processes (together with the victims) reach a stage of negative modelling (preparation) and the very holding terrestrials in power !!!

- The picture book produces general impression of “a booklet about foul fairy tale”.

- A yellow flat board (simulant of a gramophone disk), on the margin there is a small cut­out in shape of sharp prick (bitten into), it rotates all around, and when the cut­out gets to certain point, pain is inflicted on a man (for instance, on his shoulder ...), who himself then feeds that, since he is aware of it.

- Thus could be even launched a period, when a man at times bursts out crying.

- The goal is to create gradually other and other blocks according to the plan of blocks, which is created for every individual for many lives in advance

- Blocks are created in a similar as people make buildings – first, you have to lay the foundations, then build the walls etc. This means that impacts cannot be inserted arbitrarily, but in conformance with specific plan or scheme. Loving and pure man (a blockless one) is immune from impacts

- today’s medical records are usually falsified in the report (report is filled with old – worse records) so that results stated in the report are more convincing for superior bosses or chiefs (directing entities) and more discernible from anew developed practices (which are in preparing). This way, in this specific case, guards – shadows – try to “improve” rather bad results of their pseudo-work in eyes of those who watch them and control them. Nevertheless, these supervisors usually carry out a deep check ... and then it turns out badly for guards as well as for controlled human since he experiences much more intensively operation of those directing entities (states of depression, etc.). In that case, the best protection for a human is the Prime Creator of all and everything himself/herself and, regarding the Cosmic people, Ashtar and Ptaah are present in pure protective love in place of other Cosmic friends. It always up to the specific Earth man how he behaves !

- our new friendships, important life tests, fatefulness, selected life events where he couldn’t assume a positive attitude, several months lasting problematic connections (with negative entities)

- Earth man is inserted/injected controlling thoughts and projected controlling pictures, and the control system immediately precisely detects EFFICIENCY of control (in percents) – the control program was successful, less successful, average, below-average, inefficient. In case of inefficiency, the control system instantly picks from the data-system another variants of control (there are lots of them in the data-system), injects them into the human and a new report is quickly passed back about results of control – so-called feedback.

- THE DEGREE OF CONTROL depends basically on these two parameters :



LONG-TERM POSITION on the spiral of the SPIRITUAL PATH (to this corresponds also the number of burdened genes, which can be used by the other side (the negative state’s side)) – starting from the initial point, the 95 % control DECREASES down to average 10 %, ranging from 5 % (informatics who have better knowledge of the process and structure of control) up to 15 % (others) on the last revolution of the Spiritual Path. Beware of people who themselves proclaim (without your inquiry) that they are at the end of the Spiritual Path – this is one of the control programs. Those who really are in the last revolution (33 000 adults from 6.5 billion people) will certainly be hidden in crowd and will not talk about this to masses of people (perhaps, except an intimate conversation between two people). Virtually all walking the Spiritual Path are in the position from the 1st up to the 5th revolution (number of people rapidly decreases) – see picture 692 at , .



IMMEDIATE SPIRITUAL STATE – it fluctuates according to the momentary state of managing spiritual tests. For example, provided that you have an intense loving relationship with a partner of the opposite sex and you mutually share intense internal energy of love and good, one of the best solutions is to imagine this maximum sharing – making love with your beloved partner. You can do this ANYTIME you need, in any spiritual test, in any situation, work or activity ! (not only in e.g. meditation.). If you master this, you will radiate so much of this kind of love – a internal fine-vibratory energy and all control programs will one after another report “INEFFICIENT”, “INEFFICIENT”, “INEFFICIENT” ... (I know this for a longer time from my own experience – processor’s comment).



EMERGENCY GROUP members convene even hourly to consult about the most loving people (in the position from the 5th revolution up of the Spiritual Path). On BLACKBOARD is by chalk written a schedule of particular duties of guards or shadows – the OPERATIVE PATROLS. The emergency group elaborates particular theoretic situations – it models scenes so that the Earth man in question would get into as many as possible TROUBLES AND NEGATIVE SITUATIONS, e.g. DISCREDITATION IN FRONT OF LARGER GROUP OF PEOPLE. As for health state, they model DETERIORATION OF HEALTH CONDITION, e.g. TRAFFIC ACCIDENTS – fractures etc., or other TROUBLES related to e.g. family, job and such (gossips, embarrassing situations, unpleasant experiences …). Members of the emergency group wear grey-green uniforms with red curling on collars.


There are plans to create FEW NEW RACES or BREEDS, which the Forces of darkness want to let pseudo-develop for BILLIONS of YEARS – LOTS OF LIFESPANS. That takes place also in OTHER PARTS OF THE UNIVERSE (not only on one planet) – in the zone of displacement. Number of experiments grows, and we monitor all that in a joint effort (we, Cosmic people of the Forces of Light). THE SIMILAR HAVE BEEN TAKING PLACE ALSO WITH YOU, HUMANS FOR BILLIONS OF YEARS (not only on this planet).


One must realize that this is a fair amount of information of negative nature, so more information on this is not necessary.


They (the controlling entities) pretty much work also with texts from our EXTERNAL SYSTEM OF LIGHT , , , , .  We have seen exactly the same color texts – messages beginning with words ”Dear Ivo, ...”. Some of paragraphs were followed by single-colored (red) comments about their significance, dangerousness, etc. But the negative entities DO NOT understand all the texts and they have troubles with them. This external system of Light poses for the Forces of darkness the greatest danger, since it exposes and discloses the entire control pseudo-system in the best, the most truthful, clear and up-to-date manner and way, and, in addition and in particular, because it presents the information about the most effective and efficient way of liberation from the trap of the negative state, and by means of it, people liberate themselves IN THE MOST EFFECTIVE MANNER.









THE INSTALLING ENTITY – A WORKER FOR REMOTE DATA TRANSFER INSTALLS (LOADS, INJECTS) AND TRANSFERS REMOTELY into the negative auxiliary channel of human THE CONTROL PROGRAMS for a specific PSEUDO-LIFE. Antennas are placed on the Moon (a-ka artificially dragged satellite by the Forces of darkness) in the outpost bases with plenty of underground areas masked under “a natural deserted surface 4.5 billion years old”. Waves pass even through the within of planet Earth.



COSMIC PEOPLE CAN ATTENUATE OR JAM the transmission of the control data (sort of help to human on The Spiritual path). Jamming might take place also when a controlled Earth man is near a very loving Earth man, and so actually is in his big light shield, a cover which renders penetration of controlling energies impossible. All these jammings, however, are temporary. The permanent prevention from the control can be achieved by making it to the last – the 7th revolution of the Spiritual Path (decapsulated Spirit and soul, there is a full contact among them and a physical body, and the Earth man has a widespread light shield around him with a high vibration of love) and then by ESCAPING from the zone of displacement (in general). In a similar, but opposite way, is used an auxiliary channel – transferrer – which is a much more negative person through which a coarse-vibratory energy is poured on a controlled Earth man (e.g., President’s security, some member of a music band transmitting coarse-vibratory energies on singer, etc. – there are lots of such situations in common life). It can be said that, in general, the greater is a place of residence – the city (it depends on population, the worst in Czech republic is Prague, especially the center of the city where everything gets multiplied), the more coarse-vibratory energies are in such a city, and, in such an environment, Earth men are much better controllable compared to smaller towns and villages. The worst environment for the remote control is nature !


Every day in the morning, the program is started with command “ATKAVISE” – START, WE BEGIN. The program starts immediately as soon as the Earth man wakes up. He is seen in the dimensional window of negative entities’ office (see e.g. movie Monsters a.s. – processor’s comment). Square letters run quickly on the screen in ca. 7 vertical columns (like a tabulating card or film), the middle one (of the controlled Earth man) is wider; mostly squares, rectangles, triangles, ellipses, in which are inserted other symbols, and there are also different signs (for instance two vertical shorter lines with small curves above them). The columns are green-grey and the letters in them are similar and of the same size. There are also letters characters which are not comprised in our alphabet: for example, a letter similar to small ‘h’, but its upper part is not straight but variously corrugated. These letters come from the pseudo-creators. The installing entity wears blue dress (like a train dispatcher) navy-blue trousers, light-­blue shirt and dark blue tie. We have seen even characters of programs running spatially from above downward, and also around the Earth man, likewise as on a cylindrical surface. These are motionless (including the screens) in case that the Earth man is sleeping, but when he wakes up, they are put into motion immediately we have distinctly seen that several times.



For OPERATIVE INTERVENTIONS serves THE CENTRAL CONTROL SYSTEM – THE DATASYSTEM. The command for running any program is “TEKAVA”. THE SEARCHING – READING PROGRAM, which reacts on specific energetic connections, controls THE SELF-TRIGGERING PROGRAM LOOPS.


I’m constantly being connected to the datasystem which is controlled from outside. Negative manifestations of energetic field are injected into our mental body so as to manipulate and influence our negative consciousness at the time just prior to falling asleep when our mental body is still active. Here it is advised to turn to (to pray to) the Prime Creator of all and everything and ask Him/Her for help, and He/She will help.



Everyone of 6.5 billion Earth men (as of 2003) has totally minimum of 9 shadows – guards, that is 3 of them for the Spirit, 3 of them for the soul and 3 of them for the physical body. They are kept an eye on by THE DIRECTIVE ENTITIES (they monitor motion of the most loving Earth men, in particular of those who have special mission, but these are also taken care by Cosmic people) and the entire pseudo-control-system is under command of the PSEUDO-CREATORS with permission of the PRIME CREATOR OF ALL AND EVERYTHING for the sake of providing an ANSWER WHAT NOT TO CHOOSE.


This control of humankind on planet Earth has been taking place since the time of fabrication of cave man by pseudo-creators, i.e., it’s been taking place for 7 million years.


At a time AFTER the last fall of the Atlantean civilization on planet Earth 11200 years ago, fugitive Atlanteans built some settlements, for example in the middle America – in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, where you can see mostly pyramidal buildings with rectangular antenna at the top – and very often 2 pyramids with antennas against each other. With these constructs, remaining Atlanteans tried to control by help of energies some processes – the weather, fertilization of near-by lands, but more importantly, they tried to jam the control waves – the energies of the Forces of darkness; this endeavor itself indicates their not much good position and state. One of these functions were also built in devices that Atlanteans carried on their chests. It is illustrated on statues – columns in Tule (see pictures 79, 84).



I would like to remind you, dear reader, to not often think of these information, since by doing so you are getting connected to your controllers !!!  Anything should be worked on with PURE LOVE, otherwise one can easily succumb to the negative state (mostly without consciously knowing that).


It is needed to realize that you are being given a high amount of negative information, so more information on this topic is not necessary here in our system .





Planet Earth is a crossroad of souls; souls come from somewhere and go on to other worlds depending on their choices in the course of very short earthly life (ca. 70 years) full of ample opportunities, choices, appeals and challenges. The DEVELOPMENT OF POPULATION on planet Earth follows:


 year         number of born people


1000 :   200 million    (200 000 000)

1650 :   500 million    (500 000 000)

1830 :   1 billion    (1 000 000 000)

1930 :   2 billion    (2 000 000 000)

1950 :  2.5 billion  (2 500 000 000)

1970 :   4 billion    (4 000 000 000)

1985 :   5 billion     (5 000 000 000)

2000 :  6.4 billion  (6 400 000 000)


This great population growth is conditioned also by incarnations of souls from the positive state (True worlds) with a positive mission in the 2 waves: Preparators – ca. prior to 1945 (end of the 2nd world war), and the main wave – ca. after 1945 (today it’s 900 million souls of that origin, but not all of them need to be positive !). The consequential reaction of the pseudo-creators was and is that they have been sending here 5 times more souls from the Dark worlds or original humans with a negative mission (refer to books of THE NEW REVELATION at ). Except for original humans (these have the pseudo-spirit and the pseudo-soul from the pseudo-creators), all other souls can be born here only ONCE !  They can have memories of experiences from maximum 11 lives here on planet Earth, but these are EXPERIENCES PASSED ON TO THEM (ON THEIR LIFE TAPE) FROM THEIR MDBs (multi-dimensional beings). To the physical twelve–dimensional multi-universe correspond twelve MDBs, which means there can be maximum of 11 passed life tapes with experiences (see Fundamentals of Human Spirituality at ).



This testimony is passed on to us on the basis of information obtained during sleep and written down after wake-up and, moreover, information obtained by ordinary internal communication with Cosmic Friends – MDBs. Our multi-dimensional beings accompany us even in our dreams in these controlling structures of the negative state, and give us appropriate explanations, all that with great love and joy. In this case, information above was partly given also by D.; we could see her dressed in chartreuse frock with friend at a swimming pool, palm trees and flowers in beautiful colors. Among other things, she is engaged in scientific research of the Earth’s gravitational field.


Earthly organizations which use similar control practices as stated above are e.g. intelligence organizations (CIA, FBI, KGB and lots of others), media – manipulation with consciousness of masses of people; they learn how to do this on universities, particularly in the U.S.A. on leading universities (California, ...) – pilot projects, which are later propagated to other universities – in Czech republic it is mainly Charles University (Faculty of journalism, HTF, Medical Faculty, ...) and other schools. All this is financed by taxes – energies of controlled masses of people. In this manner, selected Earth men (they selected themselves) learn the same practices which above-mentioned negative entities from the Dark worlds (the hells) use for controlling. If they have “good” results, they get “rewarded” by Dark entities and “promoted to a higher position” (in reality, they fall lower to deeper hells) with greater opportunities for cunning controlling and stealing energies of other unfortunate souls.


As for PERVERSION of spiritual values – here we mean perversion of thinking, feeling and behavior. This is elaborated in detail in our external system of Light – here particularly in book “THE SERMON ON THE MOUNT” and in books of “THE NEW REVELATION” and, of course, in books of the “TALKS WITH TEACHINGS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS”.


After placing scheme 811 – control of physical body – on  on June 20, 2003, a war was started – mad and furious Forces of darkness attacked fleets of the Forces of Light a battles have been taking place – because of placing the scheme on the website as well as because of support by the Forces of Light of those who do this work here on Earth (reception and dissemination of information). However, this is only an illustrating pyramid-top of all states and processes that take place in much greater extent IN THE WITHIN – in THE INTERNAL WORLDS. Every individual is assigned some minimum numbers of beings of Forces of Light and Forces of darkness who strive to supply energies to the individual in their specific way. However, in fact, number of these beings is much greater than the assigned minimum. And when a light information of a new kind or quality is penetrated here on Earth by the Forces of Light, the Forces of darkness react with anger and fury and manifest themselves in their specific way since they have difficulties facing up to and accepting the given change of evils and falsities to goodness and truths. Under every human, at the pyramid-top, you can imagine branches (much like roots of a tree under ground) which illustrate amount of other beings from both parties (the Forces of Light, the Forces of darkness) who, by means of their energies – information, participate in our “life”. Please understand, today (June 22, 2003), a number of other workers of Light here on Earth sends scheme 811 further to other people ... in simple words, it seethes and bubbles here again ...



See messages 819 – 847 – THE SPIRITUAL PATH from book III. TALKS WITH TEACHINGS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS, and also messages 1561, 1578, 1579, 1684 – 1688, 1694 – 1699, 1702, 1709, 1710, 1713, 1714, 1717, 1718. See book THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST. This schema is a continuation of pictures 467, 539 – 548, 678 – 693, 741, 765 – 772, 781 – 793, 799, 811, 812. All these sources are available at , . We do not recommend to study these information without studying above-mentioned sources, otherwise the information can be misunderstood and the meaning can be easily distorted !


Other related sources:







1764.  The truth about human food.     (Processed by Martin W., David B.)     2003.

Place: Area of Brno and Žatec.





The major purpose of this article is to shed a little light and truth on the issue of human food being full of lies, falsities and myths.


The proof of this fact is that out of total number of people of planet Earth, as low as 2% are completely healthy. However, it is up to every human and his (or her) free choice whether or not he associates himself with what is being stated here. It is necessary that one SENSES and VALIDATES the following information, just like any other information, IN ONE’S HEART.


The difference between meat and plants


The main difference is in mobility and immobility of the soul and spirit, which also corresponds to the physical body. If we, for example, detach the leaf of a plant, which, apparently, is immobile (it cannot move itself by itself), we don’t kill it. This is because the soul of that plant is immobile, divisible and it stays in the separated as well as in the remaining part of its body. (This can clearly be seen on a Christmas tree, for example. After the tree, or a part of the tree, was cut and brought into a warm room, its needles wouldn’t fall off at once. The spirit of that tree is still present in there. The needles begin to fall off gradually after some time. That is, the spirit begins to gradually leave the tree.) This is proved also by Kyrlian’s photographs. If we ingest the leaf, then the soul of that plant, too, enters our body, or more precisely, our mental base, and sharing of experiences - vibrations takes place to the benefit of both the plant and the human.


On the other hand, when animals are killed, the souls immediately flee from their bodies (they are violently cast out of their bodies), and what people consume is just a piece of dead spoiled mass. In addition, people introduce into their bodies the energies of stress and fear experienced by the animal at the time of its violent death, and so one creates and bears a bigger and bigger karmic burden, for one has grossly violated the spiritual - Cosmic laws by shortening the life of e.g. a cow, which could graze down many plants in its life and so help them promote their spiritual level. (Source: George Adamski, book “Inside the Spaceships”, chapter “Again, the Great Master”,


Are humans omnivores?


It is clear from the above-stated that human is a being living on plant food. But because many people do mistakenly assume that human is an omnivore by nature, an illustration pointing to the physiological differences among herbivores, omnivores and carnivores is in place here.



Physiological comparison of herbi-, omni- and carnivores






short molars and incisors

long scissors-teeth, no incisors and molars


moving in all directions (chewing)

moving in vertical direction only


alkaline, containing ptyalin

acid, no ptyalin for breaking insoluble starch molecules


longish and cambered

spherical sack

Gastric acid

not much salt acid and pepsin

10 - 20 times more salt acid and pepsin


12 times longer than the entire body, villous, large surface

3 times longer than body, not villous, small surface


doesn't produce uricase

produces uricase to catalyze the oxidation of uric acid

Vitamin C

no own vitamin C

produces own vitamin C


fingers for picking fruit

clutches for tearing and ripping to death


cooling down by sweating through skin pores

no skin pores, cooling down by means of tongue



It is obvious from the above-stated table that human body lacks predispositions for meat ingestion. Food science, being under control of the negative state, argues that humans, children in particular, will miss important elements and substances needed for their health and growth. One of these arguments, for example, is proteins.


The protein-myth


Scientists dealing with food are in the matter of human need for proteins as highly disunited and inconsistent as possible. So-called experts recommend from 30 grams a day up to 100 grams a day. But all this is just theoretical considerations, while nature provides us with a simple demonstration of need for daily proteins.


Considering human lifetime, babies have the highest need for proteins. In the course of first six months of life, one doubles one’s weight, and this does not repeat any more. It is no doubt that human milk is an optimum food for infants. Human milk contains 2% of proteins. Given that these 2% of proteins are an optimum quantity for infants, then a human needs less than 2% of proteins for the rest of his/her life. No other adult mammal needs more proteins than is contained in the breast milk of their kind. Man-apes, elephants, etc., in adulthood feed exclusively on plant food (which contains 1-2% of proteins) and, nevertheless, they are healthy. Yet, humans are recommended to eat meat, which contains 20-22% of proteins.


The same applies to other substances like amino acids, vitamins, iron and other elements. But none of these are lacked by the above-mentioned and other mammals.




Cow’s milk should not be consumed by infants at all. It was designed for baby cows, inasmuch as it contains casein protein which is quite different from globulin protein contained in human breast milk, hence it is something alien for infants. It must be freed from poisons by the immune system, which poses a significant load for infant’s defense forces.


A low content of lactose in cow’s milk leads to an insufficient creation of myelin in infant’s brain cells. In comparison, baby cows’ brain grows much less than human brain.


Milk as a provider of calcium?


Concerning the calcium in cow’s milk, its content in cow’s milk is much higher compared to human milk. Unfortunately, considerable amount of phosphates in cow’s milk (5 times higher than in human milk) as well as the alkalization of digestive organs cause that the absorption of more than two thirds of calcium is blocked. In addition, a high content of proteins in cow’s milk causes that the body excretes a lot of calcium, even more calcium than the body receives, through the urine.


This is because milk proteins contain circa 3 times more amino acids with sulfur than vegetable proteins.


In the case of regular consummation of milk, the high content of amino acids containing sulfur would lead to the overacidity of blood if the body were not to protect itself. The protection consists in the continual release of alkaline phosphate of calcium from the bones. The final product of this process – the calcium hydrogen phosphate – is being excreted through the urine. This is how the cow’s milk takes valuable calcium away from the bones.


Natural food


Humans should therefore consume as much natural food as possible, that is, minimize cooking as well, for, in this process, some 70% of vitamins get lost, enzymes get destroyed, and so the overall supply of these important nutrients is reduced to a minimum. The spirit is expelled from cooked vegetables. In other words, cooked food = DEAD FOOD.


The most natural and ideal food is the LIVING RAW FOOD, i.e., fruits, vegetables, cereals, seeds of all kinds, sprits with herbs, spices, cold pressed vegetable oil and honey.


Raw food is the only ideal healing food even for serious diseases!


The best motivation for this form of food is a wish for the complete harmony with the Cosmic – spiritual – energetic laws of the Creator, under which everything, always and everywhere, operates at 100%. Raw food helps us fully utilize the bodily and fine-material energy for our spiritual growth, as no energy is wasted in useless digestive work. By eating living food, one creates the best base for becoming a more spiritual being which lives in love and wisdom in harmony with the entire Creation. Of course, just the food is not enough for achieving this harmony; it’s just one step of many other important activities of human beings, where the first and foremost thing is their THINKING.


Food consummation


It is desirable to thank the Prime Creator of all and everybody and the planet Earth for food and drink and send love to the food. If this is done with love and in sincerity, the Creator lets no one get poisoned and transforms negative energies into harmless. In addition, through love, the food is being enriched with absent elements and vitamins!


Furthermore, the food should be eaten slowly; not hastily and in stress. One should enjoy it. One should eat adequate amount of food to fill, but not overeat, oneself. Important is the variety and diversity – many kinds of vegetable and fruit, and frequent variation of food composition. People on the spiritual path with higher vibrations are enough to have smaller portions of food and less frequently during the day. (Some have two meals a day, some one meal only; this is due to better flow of energies in one’s bodies.)


Everything, however, is a personal matter of every individual. Every one determines his/her quality of life, i.e. health condition as well.


Other important related information


ALL INFORMATION on how to improve the quality of life and live in Love and harmony with the entire Creation and how to abide by spiritual – Universal laws; on the reasons of cleansing and purification processes of planet Earth; on the danger of misusing the information technologies and on-coming chip totality; on contacts with space men (the Cosmic or Universe people) full of Love and Good and on their help to us – joining the nations of the Universe; on how to liberate from the trap of the negative state and return to the true nature of human life … All this (message 1764) and much more – 7000 pages of texts of information from over 50 books and almost 5000 images – can be found at the following website addresses: , , , ,








1800. The message for people (361).         (Received Ivo A. Benda.)     September 1, 2003,

                                                                                                                       10:32-10:51 p. m.

                                                                                                                       Place: Ceska Lipa.


            “Dear people,


THIS PLANET EARTH CLEARS ITSELF OF COARSE VIBRATIONS, COMING FROM IGNORANT PEOPLE. They take their negative thinking to be a positive one, so that they do not identify concrete problem and consequently do not resolve it. Subsequently they are held in power by negative entities from the Dark worlds, to see just what the ignorant people are supposed to; they cannot escape from the trap of negative state without energies of love - based on CONTINUALLY NEW POSITIVE APPROACH. If people find their way to peace, love, goodness, and giving in harmony, then THE CHANGE FOR THE BETTER in their lives might happen, because they could work with the positive attributes which are peculiar to the Primary Creator of everything and everybody: that becomes evident in their everyday quality of life - THE LIFE OF THE POSITIVE STATE - of the real values - of choices - coming from THEIR INWARD NATURE, where they were, are and will be inscribed for ever by their Maker - the Primary Creator of everything and everybody. Thus they can discover what pseudo-creators had concealed under SEDIMENTS OF BLOCKS IN NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES OF LIVES. This way AGAIN IS REVEALED THE TRUTH IN SIMPLICITY AND BEAUTY, WHICH IS, OF COURSE, ALL THE TIME PRESENT IN EVERY HUMAN BEING, AND COULD BE NOTICED AND FIRMLY GRASPED BY THE MIND.


In this solar system there are 250 000 000 of us to HELP you. That’s enough to perform the tasks to which we are assigned here.








This report was transmitted to you all by Ptaah, Ashtar and Orthon, the spiritual warrantor of this galaxy.”


Thank you, dear cosmic friends, for this message to people and I wish you much joy in time when you are helping us, the terrestrials and the planet Earth. I thank also to you, the Primary Creator of everything and everybody. Ivo.





1801. The 4th World Symposium of Love (362). (Received Ivo A. Benda.)

September 7, 2003,

                                                                                                                       8:00-8:41 a. m.

                                                                                                                       Place: Ceska Lipa.


            “Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you a friendly greeting.


Yes, our joint yesterday’s undertaking - the 4th World Symposium of Love - turned out well: many beautiful people arrived and they emanated enormous amount of love and joy in the main meditation. This celebration was spreading farther everywhere in Prague, across the Czech Republic, Europe and the planet Earth, which was thus lovely flooded by love from your hearts.


Later that beautiful shiny sunny day, after the meditation of love, were with joy revealed tens of spaceships of Ptaah’s squadron and they in return emanated on you also sincere a cheerful love, so that during the sunny day thus you could for the first time experience this celebration of love, together with arranged light effects of our spaceships, which were revealed for you and emanated joy with you.


Just Prague and the Prague Castle need that so much; exactly there was this sincere pure love directed and remained there. This our meeting of love and joy got along without media, but even other native and foreign passers-by manifested keen interest regarding our meeting and observation of spaceships.


Dear Ivo, I thank you and also to all the other people for organization of and participation in this undertaking and we wish you all a lot of such lovely occasions for love and joy.


This report was transmitted to you by Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron.”


“And now I, Ptaah, the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades, join in the conversation, thus giving you also friendly greetings, and wishing you much joy and love. We all here rejoice very much at that our undertaking, in the same way as at many other meetings with many of you, terrestrials. Yes, that was beautiful undertaking of love and joy, where gathered together more than 60 people, although this was not a public meeting. By way of our meditation we have helped the planet Earth and we have emanated love and joy to many other people. You thus performed the maximum of what you were able to do and you could participate in the purgative process of the planet Earth.


We now rejoice also at the fact, that we could emanate so much of our light signals, in some cases even from 3 or 4 spaceships at the same time. We demonstrated tens of overflights and there were tens of us in spaceships hovering about 20 to 50 kilometres over you. You made it possible by the medium of your mighty love and joy. You could observe our spaceships, resembling radiant balls, moving very slowly if compared with the flypasts in the night, in order that you could identify the spaceships more easily on the clear sunny sky. We were just positioned in the darker part of the sky and we rejoiced when we observed, how many other passers-by and foreign tourists could see us. But only affectionate people perceived the spaceships.


We shine our lights on you continually, sending you this message: you had prepared diligently yourselves for this mission long time, and that mission is now rounding off, so that the Primary Creator of everything and everybody then shall recall you from this mission of love, which you realized on the planet Earth in the third dimension.


Thus you have all information and it is just up to people how they are going to use them.


We wish that as many people as possible would take a turn for the better, start on the positive road of love and goodness, while leaving the way of hatred, malice and evils.


We all, stationed on boards of our spaceships, send you all love together with joy and we are looking forward to deepening our cooperation.


This report was transmitted to you by Ptaah, the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades, in behalf of all our brothers and sisters.”


I thank all terrestrial friends for the positive participation in that undertaking. Thank you, dear cosmic friends, wishing you much joy while you are helping the planet Earth and the terrestrials. I thank You, the Primary Creator of everything and everybody and I continue to send love and joy to all of you. Ivo.


Some foreign tourists with interest accepted from us information about cosmic universe people.


From the very beginning of observing our cosmic friends’ spaceships from the noon to 4 p. m. was about this event informed the Czech Television and also Mr. Trs Antonin (in charge for “spiritual contact”), who participated in work on the last TV programme “Cesty viry”, presenting fragments of information about universe people. Some people phoned him to give testimony about this observation. The Czech Television keeps at its disposal quite 2 hours-telerecording recorded during two interviews granted by me (Ivo A. Benda) and also records about vast locations near Ceská Lipa, where were in summer 2003 taken samples of land. It is now up to the Czech Television and people themselves to ask if the media “under public law” shall broadcast any real programme about the universe people. Nothing like that happened so far.





1803. The message for this world (364).    (Received Ivo A. Benda.)   September 15, 2003,

                                                                                                                      9:28-10:03 p. m.

                                                                                                                     Place: Ceska Lipa, CZECH.






“We draw your attention to the fact, that you are living IN A PUPPET WORLD. Your physical bodies are temporarily DISCONNECTED from your soul and Spirit, having with them only MINIMUM contact (5 %). That pertains to the overwhelming majority of 6 500 000 000 terrestrials - 95 % people living on the planet Earth, remote-controlled from the Dark worlds (see the picture No. 811 and the report No. 1761: ).


That condition we call the NEGATIVE STATE, since this was ALLOWED by the Primary Creator of everything and everybody, so that the human beings might be ENLIGHTENED AND GAIN DIRECT EXPERIENCE to know what NOT TO CHOOSE. It follows that the way and mainly the SOURCE guiding your physical bodies is TURNED UPSIDE DOWN AND DIAMETRICALLY OPPOSED to the original SOURCE - the PRIMARY CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY: the SUPREME LOVE, GOODNESS, TRUTH, WISDOM, HARMONY AND INTELLIGENCE.


The current major source of your guidance IS NOT in the Right Creation - in the shinning universes extending in the zone of placement with the infinity of the Right Worlds, but on the contrary, in the DARK WORLDS OF THE ZONE OF EXPATRIATION - in the dark universes, in the litter basket of the Right Creation. One of their functions consists in absorbing waste - disharmonious energies of the Right Creation, disharmonious regarding (1) THE LAW OF LOVE TO THE PRIMARY CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, (2) THE LAW OF LOVE TO FELLOWMEN AND (3) THE LAW OF LOVE TO ONESELF. The right beings in the Right Worlds also enjoy freedom of will.


The DISCONNECTION of your soul and Spirit from your physical body to 95 % was realized by PSEUDOCREATORS, activators and keepers of the negative state - the PUPPET KINGDOM. Their victims ENABLED that themselves by their own CHOICE to pseudolive the negative state.


5 % OF RIGHT COMMUNICATION (approximately 1 hour daily) ALWAYS OPENS UP FOR YOU A POSSIBILITY TO ACHIEVE COMPLETE FREEDOM AND COME BACK HOME, INTO THE RIGHT CREATION YOU CAME FROM AND WHERE YOU ORIGINALLY WERE CREATED BY YOUR PRIMARY CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY, WHO NEVER WAS AND NEVER WILL BE CREATED. The pseudocreators are going, of course, to reduce the mentioned 5 % to minimum through the medium of CHIP TECHNOLOGIES. These technologies are already developed here in successive steps (see the report No. 1622: “The petition against chip totality”).




THE CHANGE FOR THE BETTER and CONVERSION from a negative state to the positive state among other things goes along with UNSEALING of soul and Spirit by medium of the SPIRITUAL WAY (see the reports No. 819 to No. 847 and pictures Nos. 688, 692, 781 to 793: ). This is the POSITIVE LIFE OF LOVE AND GOODNESS: just come and see.


The cosmic friends assist at such deliverance; they are continually helping you at least in 5 % of your inner communication - in that part which you call INTUITION, they help and advise you in your life-and-death situations, through your SPIRITUAL CENTRE - the HEART CHAKRA.


People who started on the Spiritual way - the positive life full of love (see the picture No. 799), are already working MORE than 5 % with positive energies of their heart, they are not dominated so much by the Forces of darkness and here they are in the care of the cosmic friends of the Ashtar’s grand cosmic squadron and the Ptaah’s cosmic squadron from Pleiades. Today, on September 15, 2003, there are 250 000 000 (alternating) universe people stationed on 100 000 cosmic spacecraft carriers. They provide their help for the planet Earth; this planet invited them.


The remaining 95 % of information you are working with, which you accepted as an IMPACT (basic thoughts) are through the medium of HIGH-CAPACITY COMMUNICATIONS in a crafty manner enforced by negative entities - guardians - the shadows from the underground - barrows of the Dark worlds (surface of their planets is deserted and destroyed) - see the picture No. 811. Everybody of you is controlled by three entities - (1) informing analyst, (2) programmer and (3) misleading entity - a specialist for the high-capacity communications. They are liable to senior managers (mainly lizards) analogously like in a firm of this world. Anybody of you could any time in your SPIRITUAL HEART CHOOSE how much and what kind of energy to use - information, INTUITION or IMPACT.


Warning regarding MEDIA: What is nowadays presented to us in TV are actually REMOTELY DOMINATED PUPPETS FROM THE DARK WORLDS (see the picture No. 811), WHO ARE CHARGED WITH A TASK TO BUILD IN MANY VARIATIONS OF EVILS AND LIES - COARSE VIBRATIONS INTO PSEUDOMINDS OF TERRESTRIALS. By the Dark worlds are given detailed INSTRUCTIONS how to carry out the task to put these kinds of evils and lies into effect in such a way, that an originator would not get hurt. That is a training centre for Forces of darkness; this centre could be called DEVILVISION. That activity is consecrated by government, politicians, Minister of Culture, Council for radio and television broadcast; they let these things run their course under operating lever called “liberty”. Negative consequences of such practice are noticeable already nowadays, but they will be considerable IN THEIR ENTIRETY IN THE FUTURE, if people do not turn for the better in good time.


TRANSFORMATION of fabricated and minimally functioning bodies (not only physical body) means: THEIR PURIFICATION OF ALL SEDIMENTS OF EVILS AND LIES, which in the course of your past lives contaminated them by the medium of negative thinking and behavior. Regarding physical bodies this means, apart from other things, GRADING DOWN of nowadays 80 % overburdened genes to 10 % solid ones and 10 % burdened ones in unfinished state - the negative programmes available to be activated in a physical body (ego). Such body enables to leave the zone of repatriation and return back Home, to the Right Creation, by means of REVIBRATION process (see the picture No. 708). Analogously the same is valid in case of your soul, Spirit and other fine-corporeal bodies: it is necessary to GET RID OF ANY UNLAWFUL AND NEGATIVE MANIFESTATIONS OF LIFE AND START NEW POSITIVE LIFE IN HARMONY WITH THE LAWS OF LOVE, and also to renew the CONSCIOUSNESS made available for you by the Primary Creator of everything and everybody.


To develop this process, the human race IS NOT LIMITED by any financial resources, by any outer organization, by any other coercive means. You can make the choice just on the basis of your free will and selection substantiated by the KNOWLEDGE presented by us, the universe people as your older brothers and sisters, and by the Lord Jesus Christ.


Since September 15, 2003, is this MESSAGE FOR THIS WORLD available for every terrestrial to consider carefully, whither or not to change one’s own position for better within the framework of this puppet pseudoworld.


The MESSAGE FOR THIS WORLD was transmitted in love by the spotless Lord Jesus Christ together with his helpers - the cosmic people of the Right Creation.


Interested persons can find any relevant information IN THEIR OPEN HEART and on your internet in English language    , and in Czech language   , :   5000 pages, 50 books, 1000 pictures. You could find there also the LORD’S JESUS CHRIST’S NEW REVELATION: this text would help you to understand your state more in detail. Those concerned in the Czech and Slovak Republic could receive leaflets focused on this topic. The contact address: Ing. Ivo A. Bende, P.O. BOX 51, 470 06 Ceska Lipa 6, CZECH REPUBLIC, mobil +420-603-491600. 


Brief your fellow men about this MESSAGE.


Love one another, radiate loving kindness.












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