1985.  Human world (436).           (Received by Ivo A. Benda)

August 27, 2004.  7:23-9:38 p.m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.






Up to 80% OF HUMAN WORLD OPERATION HAS BEEN 7 MILLION YEARS (in your time) remotely controlled BY COMPUTER – DATA-SYSTEM preprogrammed FEW YEARS IN ADVANCE in the underground of the Dark worlds by the PSEUDO-CREATORS, saurians – reptiles and other negative entities – THE CONTROL PYRAMID.


Another 10% is PROGRAMMED INDIVIDUALLY ON-THE-FLY – OPERATIVELY – CIRCA 3-5 DAYS IN ADVANCE again from the Dark worlds. Human SPIRIT and SOUL is for this purpose IMPRISONED IN CAPSULES and thus it can only minimally – circa 5% be involved in controlling of the PHYSICAL BODY. Fore more on this topic, see messages 1761, 1925, pictures 793, 811, 1240, 1243 and books of THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST available at ,


Only circa 10% is used by Earth men by their positive choices for receiving in their Spiritual heart THE TRUE INFORMATION from THE PRIME CREATOR OF ALL AND EVERYTHING and COSMIC PEOPLE - ANGELS.


This 90% PUPPET-SCENE is PERMITTED by The Prime Creator of all and everything for the purpose of giving to all beings in the Creation a LEARNING WHAT NOT TO CHOOSE and an answer to the question WHAT LIFE WOULD BE LIKE WITH DENIED OR PERVERTED SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES – THE LAWS OF LOVE – OF THE PRIME CREATOR OF ALL AND EVERYTHING. This answer serves them in their development.


EVERY human who chooses LIBERATION from the puppet-trap of the negative control state has ALWAYS an opportunity to master in his SPIRITUAL PATH (messages 819 – 847, pictures 688, 692) a number of SPIRITUAL TESTS by WORK OF LIGHT – WORK ON ONESELF AND HELP TO FELLOW PEOPLE, to carry out TRANSFORMATION OF HIS BODIES and to return back HOME to the TRUE CREATION where he ORIGINALLY comes from and where HIS SPIRITUAL FAMILY is.


THIS STATE is also a reason why this pseudo-mankind is virtually COMPLETELY ISOLATED FROM THE ENTIRE TRUE CREATION – i.e., countless number of POSITIVE CIVILIZATIONS and, in particular, 5 million positive civilizations in this Galaxy – The Cosmic Federation of planets. Pseudo-life of the negative state is absolutely INCOMPATIBLE with the True life in the positive state of the Creation. Isolation and separation of earthly mankind is intentionally maintained by pseudo-creators so as not to disrupt A COMFORTABLE CONTROL by disclosing this fact and, at the same time, to KEEP in people's minds AN ILLUSION OF THEIR EXCLUSIVENESS AND SELF-EVOLUTION.


10% of True information and 10 % of individual operative control IS NOT SUITABLE for pseudo-creators in view of their further plans with this mankind. The plan of control is a build-up of PLANETARY CHIP-BASED CONTROL SYSTEM with aid of people themselves, aimed at CHIPPING OF EVERY THING, ANIMAL AND HUMAN – message 1622. In conjunction with satellite system, they want to REDUCE THE DEGREE OF TRUE INFORMATION FROM TODAY'S 10% DOWN TO A MINIMUM AND ALSO TO REDUCE THE DEGREE OF INDIVIDUAL - OPERATIVE CONTROL FROM 10% DOWN UNDER 5%. After that, pseudo-creators want to come on Earth welcomed by puppet-people.




Then I WILL COME FOR THE SECOND TIME on planet Earth and WILL ONCE FOREVER ELIMINATE THIS WEIRD PUPPET-SCENE OF ALL DARK WORLDS OF THE ZONE OF DISPLACEMENT, GIVE ALL ITS ACTORS THE TRUE FILM OF REALITY WHERE THESE POOR FELLOWS EXISTED, AND GIVE THEM AN OPPORTUNITY OF CHOICE OF CONVERSION TO THE POSITIVE STATE. THE SALVATION proceeds already HERE and NOW on planet Earth, which is observed by all in the True Creation and the zone of displacement, thanks to WORKERS OF LIGHT who give all actors of the negative state THE GRAINS OF TRUTH thanks to which these actors will later BE ABLE TO make the right choice and undergo the conversion to the positive state, and thus SURVIVE.


He/she who has ears to hear, eyes to see and who senses via the spiritual heart in the middle of his/her chest, let him/her hear and see the information revealed in this message.













„To love does not mean just to like someone.

it signifies belief and knowing the truth.


To love means to forgive and shake hands again,

it stands for sharing one’s soul and heart.“



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on ,  .


Report 1990.


            Received Eva.


                        6. 9. 2004.










„The flowery meadow

decorated by dew

serves as a home

of various little animals.


The snail carries his small house of shell

all the time on the back

and it is heavy like an experience

defined by property.


The snail carries

his small house

like thoughts concentrated

on matter and money.


The house heavily presses

to the ground that snail,

who slowly sneaks

through own materialism.


Heavy thoughts,

saturated with matter,

might evoke memories of imprisonment,

like chains on legs.


The snail has nothing else

than a wish to heap;

that desire of possession

is his prison.



This was transmitted with open heart to all of you by Ptaah.“



I thank you, beloved Ptaah, thank you, the primary Creator of everything and everybody; with joy I shall deliver the message to people having heart caressed by their breath.


Report 1992.


Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        9. 9. 2004.









»Once upon a time

there was an enchanted kingdom

in negritude covering the zone of expulsion.


Souls of fathers, mothers and children,

imprisoned by their thoughts,.

were turned into beds of cases.


Their bodies are allegedly alive,

but they are remote controlled,

and the men in question a fat lot know about it.


The Lord of darkness got their lives,

and enforced his plans,

providing for thousands of millions pseudolives.


The whole world is suggestive of chrysalises;

it does not exhilarate the spirit, the souls,

but they are surely instructed.


On a sudden they see dawning of a new era,

appeared the rider sitting on a white horse,

from the sky sowing the Light into darkness:


„I’m the prince from the fairy tale

about the Sleeping Beauty;

I came here to unyoke

the enchanted kingdom.


I came from the Kingdom of Heaven,

having millions of lives in human body;

my armour is heavenly love

as pure as the driven snow.“


Mother, father, children!

Wake up after long night,

crack cases by means of your love!


I revive you by my mighty kiss,

I caress your hearts with love,

finally removing darkness from your mind!


You lead a pseudolife of dreams,

and you are supposed to start the new life:

brothers and sisters from your Home are calling you!


The brier thorn­bush the whole controlling pseudosystem

straight away collapses

like a house of cards.


And this enchanted kingdom

will be for ever liberated from the curse,

through the medium of truth and love.



This was transmitted with love in heart to all small stars by Ashtar Sheran



I thank you, wise Ashtar, thank you, the immortal Creator; with joy I shall deliver to our people this message in verse.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on ,  .


Report 1993.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        10. 9. 2004.











„Now you apprehend,

you still feel it

with your body.


Now you see with your own eyes

everything around arranged

by somebody, artificially, I dare say.


Now they rock you

like a bout on wave,

everywhere clamouring so it is !


Now you enjoy peace,

the silence in your heart,

where is revealed the truth, secured tranquillity !


Now the flowering meadow

is flooded with blue light;

that’s the right work.


Now everything vibrates,

fed on love, the good,

from the Creator’s Centre.


Now is manifested the timeless,

just a kind vibration,

it is the harmonious life !


Now others plant plans

into original reality,

but it is not living only dreams.


Now you know, how to feel immediately,

sort out the truth and lie,

sifting them in your heart.


Now foreign programs are under way,

subtle waves aimed at people;

they do not ask, whether you want or not !


Now you are controlled,

their thoughts are not yours,



Now you feel the source in your chest,

the spiritual heart of your ages,

your treasure the rarest one.


Now you can make better selection

from your mind and heart;

you just illuminated what is yours NOW.



This was transmitted to all terrestrials by Ptaah.“



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on ,  .


Report 1994.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        10. 9. 2004.










„This nice planet

is designated as planet Zero,

because of its special position

which was established by pseudocreators.


This planet was not incorporated into the Right Creation,

neither into the zone of expulsion;

it was curiously positioned:

the end justifies the means.


It does not have direct access

to the Right Creation or zone of expulsion,

in order that fallen angels pseudocreators

could control the mankind and perform experiments on terrestrials.


The pseudocreators isolated mankind

from the rest of Creation,

and therefore terrestrials did not reveal fraud

carried out for 7 000 000 years.


The pseudocreators pseudocreate the human race

as a tool against the scene

related to the primary Creator of everybody and everything,

and the Kingdom of Heaven, spirituality.


Targeted are mighty efficient puppets

who do not know anything about their origin;

with their assistance the pseudocreators want to conquer

the Creator’s Love, Wisdom and Truth.


This specific planet Earth

is very odd scene:

it pictures the truth and facts



Nowadays this planet Earth serves,

for many entities completing their mission,

as a spiritual battle field

penetrated by positive and negative energies.


The negative from the Dark worlds

and the positive from the Right worlds,

incompatible as far as their vibration is concerned,

are thus contraposed.


The planet Earth comports with that:

here was reflected accurate balance

of both kinds of energies,

apart from number of people.


Not only their behaviour,

mirroring the mission,

but also the solid surface,

both pleasant and wild one.


One half of the surface resembles

natural conditions of the Right nature,

the other half resembles deserts, rocks

and countries devastated by frosty weather.


One half of the terrestrial time

extends in blissful sun’s light,

at the other half takes turns

pitch darkness related to the zone of expulsion.


On every continent, in any nation, country

live people with loving mission,

and then the others,

who have chosen dislike, lie and foolishness.


Both of these kinds energies,

are mutually contrasting,

continually quizzically creating



The planet Zero always served

as a stage full of answers:

here is the Creator’s genius disputed

within the reconstruction in the external, physical reality !


The whole Right Creation waits for

full elicitation of the scene: how the puppets,

remotely controlled through the medium of machine,

pseudobuild glorious BABYLON.


It is built on the base of that EXTERNAL;

they do not care about the inner reality:

after all, what they do not see, that allegedly does not exist

this is regarded as the right program !


Their abilities are degraded

to five and less percent,

so as not to get a glimpse of the truth;

they prefer to serve as obedient puppets.



This was transmitted to all through the medium of Ashtar Sheran’s heart of hearts.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall bring the Light into Darkness. With love in heart, Ivo.



Report 1996.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        16. 9. 2004.










„We came here, as the envoys of Light

to the planet Earth, the planet Zero;

where just goes on

the decisive spiritual battle . . .


Above all, the Light through the medium of OWN HEART,

by contrast, the war between thousands of millions of lies and truths,

a duel of manipulations and liberties;

the Darkness with technologies has come to the fore.


The stakes are very high:

parting of the terrestrial ways

defined by the Darkness with myriads of calculating checkers

and by the Light Love, True information and actions !


People are mostly approaching the edge of a precipice,

obligingly walking to the mouth of small saurians;

but certain number of terrestrials

is not drifted into marshland.


The struggle culminates breathtaking life’s theatre;

everybody in the higher dimensions

is interested in anything

what is happening here, on the planet Earth.


Many CONSCIOUS Atlanteans

were born here on the planet Earth,

to complete the task of Light

by means of truth and love.



recognizing how matters stay,

opening it by love and deeds,

in spite of all traps and difficulties.


They have long before thrown all their incorrect books,

films, and lectures over their shoulders,

nasty controlling programs,

prepared by the Forces of darkness.


By dint of feeling you would find, dear one,

only few right sources in the Darkness;

the truth in its nakedness shines with cleanliness

in contrast with thousands of false sources.


Everybody acts according to his knowledge;

a swindler has not the faintest idea

that he is still dancing by means of his negativeness

like a puppet in somebody’s hands.


But another being feels and emanates love,

the truth is paved by his life,

as he fearlessly turns away

from the ignorance of Darkness.


That’s magnificent contrast of Light and Darkness,

between apparent truth amplified by wisdom

and mendacity with cunning hypocrisy

forced upon people from the Darkness.


All in good time;

the round of incarnations stops turning

here on the Earth, on the planet Zero;

the war is drawing to an end.


Thus everybody is the architect of these energies

and will be rewarded,

finding to his cost

what he did at his own free will.


Life is a feedback;

one’s actions, deeds, are continuously accumulated

and at day of the Last Judgement

will be screened the Creator’s film of Truth !



This was transmitted with love in heart to dear people by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar, with pleasure I shall deliver this poem to all.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on ,   .


Report 1997.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        17. 9. 2004.










„Love, I love you like nothing else,

I still carry you in my heart

like my beautiful baby.


The childhood is wonderful,

I remember that;

it is fascinating, believe me !


Their is always something to be discovered,

you can still make progress,

love and appreciate the world !


You are like a bud

staring at this planet, seeing everything,

but unacquainted with the answer !


I came to love,

I shall fancy

your beautiful child’s world.


Sweet enchanting baby,

with your little eyes curiously peeping,

you are meekly watching me all the time.


You came here to reveal

your joyful childhood,

to express the life as a game.


You are looking inwards

with sincere eyes enveloping in love your small heart,

that is vividly looking forward to experiencing this world.


There are Angels around you.

charming baby;

your eyes are wandering so tenderly !


Emanate the charm of child:

that’s your current nature

which you are supposed to accept.


Where have lost their childhood the individuals

growing old before their time,

thus precipitating premature death?


So, dear little star,

having kind small heart,

in you is mirrored the grace of God !


Where appears the wind, water, air,

there is lived through natural childhood

you have chosen to experience.


Every beginning was conjured up

by living in the previous phase,

in another tiny disguise.



This was transmitted with love in heart to you by Ptaah.“



I thank you, beloved Ptaah, with joy I shall deliver the message according to my abilities.


Report 1998.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        16. 9. 2004.











„The wind caresses leaves,

love purifies soul,

garden in blossom smells lovely, as you know.


You can easily feel

trees suggesting the cosmic forces,

that created your life.


You just find yourself within the cycle of the world;

you are supposed to teach your fellowmen

how to love and bring about peace.


You are to show them here

the Right life the scene

of eagle preserve.


Well are faring those,

who have with their heart

chosen rather love than coldness.


In this way they demonstrate to all,

how the plain truth can be found

and the heavenly love experienced.


For a long time you had been learning

how to put love into your life,

how to light the way for fellowmen.


Now you got the opportunity

to reveal for lost souls

that knowledge with feeling.


As far as your eye can see, dear one,

bring peace and light

filling your heart that ticks in your chest.



This was transmitted to you by the Angels of Light,

dwelling on spaceship, to facilitate accomplishment of your mission.“



I thank you, beloved Creator, and I thank also you, the Angels on spaceships; with joy I shall deliver this poetic message.


Report 1999.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        16. 9. 2004.










„The sun shall come up again,

beautiful time draws near,

birds are flying to and fro in the air.


You shall return again,

frost will not nip love,

and I shall fly with you.


Where cloud goes away,

there is also love, light,

you fly like a bird.


We will fly heavenwards,

by means of love, on the pinions,

together with you.“



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2001.


            Received Dasa R.


                        15. 9 2004.










„Today you have come

to perform the part of servant of God;

long ago you were thus taught

that energies should not be stolen.


Why still so many people

do not understand and do not feel ?

They have not passed sufficient number of lives,

but even so, they did make their choices !


Step by step you walk shrouded in darkness,

between programs of realities bushiness,

acclaiming nimbly footings,

while breathing, you see many rays of hopes !


Human world of small Is,

who generally do not care about their neighborhood;

they are preprogrammed out of partial scenes

pieced together few years beforehand.


Like cells, one scene followed by another,

spun through program of saurians,

as a FAKE of human reality

falsely imposed on you from the Dark worlds.


Individuals make different choices,

and thus a new scene comes into the world;

the stage is still full of scenes: it matters whether or not

terrestrials SET THEIR HEART on making resolutions.


The man having his heart in the right place,

rose smoothly above today’s scenes;

it is the right time to think hard,

to explore everything by way of one’s feeling.


Nowadays these choices culminate;

this period is important

for everybody without exception:

rise, man, consequences will follow !


By way of caress appears shaft of light

within this puppet scene;

it shows the right direction:

how to get out of the labyrinth !


You have the right human sensation,

perceiving that NOW,

the right timeless Homes

extending behind the waters beyond the zone of expulsion.


I’m able to surround others with undying love;

for beloved little star

I write poems the verses of life,

with joy they will be delivered also to other people.



This was transmitted with love in heart from the cosmic station by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with love and joy I shall deliver the message to everybody. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2005.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        20. 9. 2004.










„Good­day, human soul,

where have you set off, our love ?

You write by means of your small steps

what you want to leave here in the terrestrial scene.


Days are elapsing one after another,

everybody has a chance

to show here actively love of shine

and light up dear hearts of good people.


Seize the opportunity with your heart,

the Creator bestowed it upon you;

you have learned that for long ages,

in the Right worlds of shine.


Many good people are waiting

for your light, resembling a river,

carried by means of love and truth

and spun by your whole being.


Do you like this scene ?

You have checked it essentially,

grasped with your touch,

drawn by means of your small steps of love !


You are planting one light after another,

all of them for those nice people,

who expected you for ages

and now for the first time they are knowledgeable.


The autumn colours leaves;

while this scene comes to existence,

you will recognize individual players one after another,

together with energy comprised in their deeds.


Now I write for you the good­day,

embroidered by love of heart,

shining into human soul,

that searched and again finds.



This was transmitted with love in heart to all by Ptaah.“



I thank you, beloved Ptaah, with joy I shall deliver this message to my fellowmen !  Ivo.


Report 2006.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        20. 9. 2004.










„I travel by spaceship

reminding a bell of crystal;

we are guided by energy

called love.


Harmonious thought

affectionately inserted suffices:

the system of ship accepts it

and shifts such idea by way of vibrations.


It does not remind slide at all,

that happens by way of vibrational jump

between dimensions,

blended together with oscillatory realities.


The beings of Creator’s love,

living in harmonious way,

who know the spiritual teaching,

have been traveling across the multicosmos for a long time.


The ones, who razed the teaching of spirit to the ground

and confined themselves just to one place,

they have to relay on movable means,

in order to have the feedback of their mistakes.


That’s also the case of terrestrials,

who are creating the illusion of truth,

then they accept such a trap

and experience poor life.


And not at all only in one life:

they eke out a living repeatedly,

according to their choices

and adherence to those false illusions of theirs.


For beings of remaining Right Creation,

everything is self­evident,

it serves for them as an object lesson

what should not be chosen at all.


They fly across the universe,

visiting myriads of worlds,

working in partnership with the Creator,

on the basis of love, good and wisdom of ages.



This was transmitted with love in heart to dear people by Ptaah.“



I thank you, dear Ptaah, I will convey this message to terrestrials with pleasure. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2007.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        20. 9. 2004.










„Welcome, dear little one,

on that Earth of yours;

you have chosen the mission of help,

to bring for people love and truth.


That’s necessary here,

since the Forces of darkness are working diligently;

they want to wrap human souls

into bad capsules.


As you know that for a long time,

you can enlighten souls by light,

erode capsules by love,

and disclose the mission of Light.


You walk courageously, shrouded in darkness,

on the road paved by propulsions,

that are transmitted from spaceships

by sisters and brothers, who promised help.


You are passing examinations fearlessly,

even in situations of darkness  quite so !

There is a fixed point in your chest,

Jesus your pilot !


You are not afraid of small saurians,

you shall make them jump the rails;

they continually try to enslave others by means of programs

and want to take control skillfully even of you.


But you shall laugh at them:

„boys, you are no match for me“,

you shall get them there by way of love,

they announce that their programs are in chaos.


Plan beforehand next to nothing,

but sense the guidance of Light,

since the checkers are not able

to disturb it by any program.


They make you laugh,

just doing what they know:

fetch and carry for air, food and clothing,

„living“ in underground slums !


They got what was coming to them

because of their choices;

however, learning from their mistakes they can remedy them;

then their affairs would take a turn for the better !


You are in better position,

enjoying more freedom, the nature;

but they envy you that all,

having nothing more than pictures.


They got their just deserts:

they are imprisoned

in the underground slums of frosty wasteland,

like on the planet Mars.


This controlling pyramid

once shall be liquidated:

Lord Jesus Christ shall dissolve it by means of his love,

when everything will be answered properly.



This was transmitted by Lord Jesus Christ.“



I thank you, dear Jesus, with joy I will convey this recorded message to terrestrials. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see the book The New Revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2008.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        20. 9. 2004.










„Anybody who had chosen love already long ago,

appears at the end of the Spiritual path,

working at full stretch

on the mission of selfless help for fellowmen.


The man who helps so much,

himself obtains lot of help,

form the Creator and from the Universe people

who sojourn in their spaceships everywhere around.


In the sixth and seventh revolution of the Spiritual path,

the aircraft carrier is of great help to him,

regarding given projects

and operating efficiency.


According to his activities of Light,

the flight crew on the spaceship,

working in three­hour shifts,

is given special tasks within the bounds of project focused on help.


Since the man who can see

is excluded from the scene by controlling system,

he is not compatible anymore,

and therefore obtains great help.


The flight crew on the spaceship takes on

movements, shopping, transport of the agent,

also jams by means of love the controlling oscillation

and uses own propulsions in place of it.


Thus are the opposite systems

kept in mutually useful function:

the men who can see has certainly anything

what he needs for his mission.


The ones who have deficiencies and do not pay their debts,

have not adequately advanced,

they did not manifest positive state

at the beginning of the Spiritual path.


Dear Ivo, you can see for yourself

how splendid reward you have reaped:

the unselfish work of Light,

the necessary work for the Creator.


This was transmitted to you by us,

when we appeared 5 kilometres above the train,

in which you just transport the Light

in the form of 700 envelopes.



The cosmic brothers and sisters.“



I thank you, dear ones, gladly I shall enter this information into the controlling scene. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see the book The New Revelation of Our Lord Jesus Christ and the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2009.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        20. 9. 2004.










„I walk ahead

in the Velka Fatra,

where already for the second time

a fire salamander got in my way.


The black animal with yellow spots,

as if they were shaped by a paint brush:

that moving creature writhes like a snake,

making creeping steps.


That strange animal

reminds me vividly of somebody,

by appearance and behaviour:

why those cold small saurians.


They are also cold,

and their body inwardly shows a likeness to salamander;

that body was long ago developed

into this negative entity.


They just keep silence

and conceal those strange intentions of theirs,

all the time hiding themselves in the underground slums

and there they manipulate at a distance.


Dear people, be on your guard

against those cold small saurians,

who forgot long ago how to love

and nowadays they are enchanted in the darkness.


Dear man, watch:

how are on this terrestrial scene,

accurately reflected

other inner worlds.


I would not prefer anything more than

meeting only little animals;

there was a good harvest in that green realm

for human buds.


That fire salamander walks ahead,

becoming part of nature,

having here suitable place;

this creature represents dark nest.


By every natural process

is depicted another spiritual one;

the inner worlds are thus revealed

on the Earth, on the planet Zero.



This was transmitted with love in heart to all terrestrials by Ptaah.“



I thank you, beloved Ptaah, with joy I shall deliver this message to my fellowmen !  Ivo.


Report 2010.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        23. 9. 2004.










„The human would revolves round

thousands of human problems,

in proportion to violating

of loving spiritual principles by terrestrials.


Everybody here can see

what kind of life he leads;

nobody is satisfied,

thinking that health is just a science fiction.


Computers and mobile phones

here are fed by illusions;

the inner worlds

enter into this outer scene.


Everybody here experiences

dominance of all kinds,

in order to make a choice later:

whether to enter into Light or Darkness.


The ones who seek the Light

were granted the grace of Creator;

the ones who have found the Darkness,

fell quickly into it.


That grace is gift granted to people,

given by beloved Creator,

in order that they could liberate themselves

from the mud of slavery and darkness.


They are led step by step,

gaining new consciousness;

the previous dominated life

changed into imposed dream.


They got more Light,

discerned the truth of their situation,

and threw illusive views

into litter basket.


The unselfish work of Light,

offers safety of freedom;

nowadays can be seen the results of effort,

found to one’s cost.


Every beloved man reaching the finishing line,

shall be granted GRACE;

rightness of human choice

is decked out with the depth of knowledge.



This was transmitted with love in heart to all by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2011.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        23. 9. 2004.










„Streams of rain roll,

in the mountains and forests, to the sea.

Massive catharsis is under way:

the human thoughts, lifting the Earth, are purified.


This planet is living being,

who does not want coarse­vibrational forces,

human malice, enviousness, mammon,

neither other nasty energies.


But the harmonious forces always prevail,

maintaining everything by means of their love,

singing in tune for the ignorant mankind,

otherwise there would be no nature, no countries.


On this scene of nature,

you, terrestrials, the human race,

find that pure and joyful song,

by way of eternal love.


After all, this would be more than sufficient:

just catch and experience love,

and the streams of rain will wash away

human pain, foolishness.


Streams of rain roll,

water roars in valley,

giving people to know reporting:

anything ancient will be changed !


Human residences will be flooded with water,

and consequently mainland shall subside,

the majority of terrestrials will end in depths 

in the Dark worlds related to the zone of expulsion.


Water roars day by day,

that terrestrial mighty, fresh element;

everybody should quickly understand

that his days are numbered.


His terrestrial journey comes to an end;

all individuals who did not heed what was said,

who trampled love and good,

all of them are nowadays on verge of drowning.


They are heading to the Dark worlds,

and there they shall find to their cost

all the evil and falsehood,

which they left behind themselves on the Earth.


The subaquatic world is related

to the Dark worlds without love,

where everybody shall make his choice:

whether to remain or to come back.



This was transmitted from the cosmic station, with love in heart to all, by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.


These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2012.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        23. 9. 2004.








„Who are you, little man ?

Why are you here, moonlet ?

Do you feel your consciousness ?

Do you feel the ONE you are the essence ?


What aim in life you have chosen ?

Where are you heading on this terrestrial journey ?

You focused on these questions

and now you expect answers !


Your birth was preceded

by hundreds of thousands human lives,

on numberless planets,

in many bodies of various kinds.


Within these lines you developed,

experienced millions of relations

with other individuals,

with people and other beings.


There are various worlds,

the Right or the Dark ones;

in the Right worlds you learned about love,

in the Dark ones about life.


You become acquainted with life by means of darkness,

consciousness is preceded by the unconscious;

then that all is pieced together,

arranged like stones in one great mosaic.


Lives thus resemble stringed beads,

wired on your Spirit;

there you always clearly stringed

other physical realities.


Yes, you are love,

little man, who experienced far­reaching creation;

therefore stand still for a while,

to get a picture of truth !


Nowadays another cycle comes to an end,

important truths appear;

your infinite knowledge

will be crowned by that puzzle of lives.


We, the Angels of Light,

thus call from your Home:

open your Right consciousness in successive steps,

to understand who and where you are.


You shall crown your consciousness

by way of deep insight,

and preserve it by means of love

as pure as the driven snow on field.



This was transmitted by Ashtar with joy nestled in love.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy and love I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2013.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        24. 9. 2004.










„Beloved one, remember that truth, love and good

are shared within the work of Light,

as wisdom delivered selflessly

from the bottom of one’s heart.


Love each other, dear ones,

let everybody experience the truth;

substantiate your deeds by inner reality,

to make them useful.


Feel the steps

taken by the Creator and the Angels,

by way of positive behaviour

in the harmonious life.


Our beloved Creator,

made some of terrestrials,

suited for profession they have chosen in addition

yet before they were born.


Faith healing is the subject

focused on your health:

wounds are healed by means of love,

and the life serves as source of knowledge.


Domain of meditation is supposed

to mediate love for all,

among others also

for composers and singers.


Subject of teleinformation

is the hardest one of all:

people are guided

which way to sail on the stormy sea.


The work of Light is prepared for the ones,

who seek help,

and is managed by heavenly Angels,

who aim at its effect.


The one who feels the guidance

arranged by the Creator and Angels,

works on first­class projects

within supplied systems of help


He is the one who in accordance with that guidance,

shall step by step transform

his truth, good and love,

supported by helpful Angels.



This was transmitted from the bottom of heart to all by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver this message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2014.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        24. 9. 2004.










„People are diligently working,

earning a lot of money;

after all, they have to:

everybody sailed on a river.


And was carried away by a stream,

in the direction of the ocean towards the Dark worlds;

anybody who does not swim against the current,

will get drowned definitely in the ocean !


There are well­known values,

both the inner and outer ones;

the inner values are of spiritual nature,

but the outer ones just falsely shimmer.


The majority of terrestrials

is guided by VARNISH;

these people do not care about the inner reality,

the Right spiritual values.


Only few hearts

prefer their souls,

the concrete deed,

they are not partial to empty words and mien.


The varnish flickers

like celebrated GOLDEN CALF,

folks carried away by a stream,

by controlling program of darkness.


The man who asks

about inner meaning of particulars,

lives continually in love;

after all, he expects answer !


Those who pretend that everything is clear,

and accept with pleasure

programs delivered from the darkness,

trampled love of life.


And that life they focused on outside,

forgetting about their heart of hearts;

they were firmly grasped

by quick controlling dance !


They are shaking like flies in net,

do not see the abyss bellow;

these individuals move in rhythm of checkers,

became fond of it themselves !


They quiver in the allurement of darkness,

accepted the puppet world terrestrial rhythm

from the dark machines,

accurately programmed long ago.


The dawn of the wise ones,

who swim against the current,

as good swimmers,

the Light of Home, comes near !



This was transmitted with love in heart by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2015.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        24. 9. 2004.










„The human world is dancing quickly,

as a mighty program,

glancing up like to its optimal reality,

imposed from the Dark worlds.


By every selection is decided,

whether the puppets of the puppet scene,

will dance with rhythm

regulated by controlling machine the datasystem.


The majority of people is liable to it,

sections of them then demand care:

that’s the individually programmed,

dancing puppet scene !


Only one man of one hundred people really lives,

just some of them feel

the inner life the spiritual one

apart from the controlling machines!


They at all times refuse

millions of programs,

thrown out from that puppet scene

of little saurians crazy work.


The dance of puppets culminates;

they continually build something,

having programmed almost everything,

without asking their heart of hearts.


All in good time:

the puppet scene tilts,

the chasm of darkness yawns bellow

as a place of possible death by drowning.


They dance and dance with rhythm, all the time,

listening to the chirping of news from media,

to the platitudinous half­truths,

defined just by controlling programs.


Only few people

stand clear of that system

introduced by the pseudocreators,

who want to visit it now.


Various cosmic forces

watch shrewdly the course of events,

going on this puppet Earth

with the Creator’s permission.


Make a stop, little one,

remain INACTIVE for a while,

thus you temporarily liberate yourself from the dominance,

as you want !



This was transmitted with love in heart to terrestrials by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2016.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        24. 9. 2004.










„Beautiful day coexists

with loving people;

they are only few here,

but have a long arm.


Their principle of love and good

is the higher one;

they are not guided by hearsay,

rather set good example for others.


Good people are few and far between,

here in crowds of terrestrials;

these individuals aim at wisdom of ages,

that kind of judiciousness they acquired in the course of many lives.


Nowadays, when the mankind degenerates,

THE GOOD performs important function,

since it balances the whole system

by means of positive energy.


Although the Dark forces increase,

loving people get stronger, too:

they arouse love, good, truth,

and thus protect the world from collapse.


Anybody can display his fortes,

find corresponding expression;

it is up to them,

if they are partial to daubs.


The bewitched people

paint and paint their lives,

in the controlling program,

on the very opposite of love STOP !


I feel every day this world

disobeying the songs of heart;

there are just few of them here,

but loving people are inspired by them.


You, rare terrestrial,

hold on your heart,

keep this world afloat,

apart from the zone of expulsion the darkness.


In your chest is carried the love song,

the one people mostly do not care about:

in your heart of hearts can be found real treasure;

unwise people their treasure threw away.


Your awakening grows stronger today,

since you started for the journey of Light long ago.

How the Dark forces react ?

They rave, but stand off.


Thus great frost here thaws out

by means of your strong love:

no man alive could ever stop you;

after all, it is worth the effort !



This was transmitted with love in heart to by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2017.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        25. 9. 2004.










“I have sweet dreams in the night­time,

fired with love, while reaching this goal;

I’m out of this Earth now,

looking after nocturnal visits for a longer time.


As other people are sleeping fast,

I rejoice in presence of my Friends;

two days of their time can be compared

to half an hour of terrestrial time.


The radiant Universe people,

dwelling on the cosmic station,

experience another world of theirs:

the divine, pure loving one.


Dear daughter, there it is lawful

to love anybody you want;

they are not restricted by any commandments of a kind:

„It is not allowed, it is allowed“.


I have here many Friends,

they are beautiful angelic beings;

try hard, nice terrestrial daughter,

to join already our company.


By every nocturnal visit

is announced approaching event:

namely, I will not stay long

with terrestrial beings.


The visitor’s transition nears,

as chosen by him yet before he was born;

by means of the right love

he learns about that one carried in chest.


Thus many people are living here,

pushing towards their goal,

related to the terrestrial mission;

later they go on in heaven.


Dear one, you are expected

by infinite number of worlds,

in heaven full of Angels,

who shall celebrate your coming in love.


The life’s pilgrimage on the Earth rounds off,

drifted and identified by way of poems;

pure love paves the road,

leaves fall, year draws to an end.



This was transmitted with love in heart by Ashtar Sheran.”



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .


Report 2018.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        25. 9. 2004.










„We shall meet on the spaceship

any time we want;

just let us try out,

knowing how to live.


Before falling asleep,

we extend wish by way of thought,

to meet with Friends

on their spaceship.


That’s the only wish,

cherished by all of us:

to be with the Cosmic people

and experience joyful life.


So, dear ones, try hard;

let us meet at night without any problems,

after falling asleep,

your mortal frames shall be transferred smoothly.


Such visits are arranged

also on the Earth;

people who radiate love,

associate with the Angels.



This was transmitted with pure love in heart to all by Ptaah.“


I thank you, beloved Ptaah, with joy I shall deliver this message to my fellowmen !  Ivo.


These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2019.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        25. 9. 2004.










„What happened today ?

The sun streamed me,

I was caressed gently by its ray,

and my heart lighted up the life.


The angelic ray caressed you,

kissed your dear little heart,

lighted up your day,

and accompanied you joyfully.


I can feel

the angelic sweet caress,

my face recuperated,

ah, that’s fascinating !


The Angel of Light loves you,

streaming lightly like in a breeze:

he carries you in his heart

like a newborn child, little one !


Today I discovered the Angel,

who surrounded me with love;

it is significant beautiful day,

I’m at a loss for words, I cannot describe that dream.


Life is now much easier,

happier and more cheerful:

in beauty, together with the Angel,

floats like a featherlet.


I glow and take up looking into the heart,

into warm glare;

the Angel is afloat in front of me,

incessantly loving, from the bottom of his heart.


I’m illuminated by streams of love,

but these are also powerfully reciprocated with my streams;

after all, I know what is love:

giving, not only receiving !


Thus I surround powerfully the Angel with love, too,

through the medium of my open heart;

that’s happy moment:

dreaming of love song.



This was transmitted with love in heart to all of you by Ptaah.“



I thank you, dear Ptaah, I will convey this message with pleasure. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2021.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        26. 9. 2004.










„My spiritual heart,

singing more and more,

opened for some years,

experiences mighty revolution.


The love song sounds

from the bottom of my heart,

like a violin concerto,

the sweet choir with thousands of small voices.


I take up radiating love

surrounding people like newborn babies;

they are as quiet as a mouse,

and accept nice experience.


By way of mighty light,

the heat of good, vibration of truth,

pours out into reality,

through the medium of my spiritual heart.


I feel strong vibrations of love, heat:

they are fluttering

in relation to Angels,

our divine cherubs.


The heart is shining wide open,

I show good by way of love,

since I’m supposed to give love to all fellowmen,

day after day.


You know, to experience that precious moment,

in all its glory, that’s splendid, like a vortex of light:

when the Light surrounds you with love;

thanks to our beloved Creator.


All blocks in my bodies

crack under the mighty power of Light;

I adorn entirely my rare life

with the work of Light.


Once everybody shall experience

the revolution of heart,

flying through the fundamental change,

transforming one’s life completely.


Thus we love by way of our heart,

of our inner spiritual insight:

the good and truths of our fellowmen,

their love and wisdom.



This was transmitted with love in heart by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2022.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        26. 9. 2004.










„Man, you can feel God’s existence

anywhere you glance up,

in every grain of sand,

in the shine like in a love letter.


The Creator creates incessantly everything by way of love;

every being is supplied

with high vibrations of love,

wisdom, truth and good.


Life comes from the Creator;

you feel it everywhere:

everything is made of love,

by thread of the clearest Creator’s thoughts.


As good farmer sows,

the Creator sings the love songs,

always with guaranteed result,

having absolute wisdom of ages.


His base is pure love,

everything returns to love:

he does not investigate anything else;

ah, that’s fascinating !


Myriads of the right beings,

the Angels created by Him,

help the Creator in his creating;

ah, that’s fascinating !


Also this world is spun

by means of Creator’s pure love,

although the dark ones may temporarily manage

with Creator’s permission.


The Creator did not establish human system,

although it is yet also supplied with His high vibrations of love;

that system is supposed to manifest properly results

hanging on denial of His love.


On many Right planets,

put upon heaven,

love and wisdom still flourishes,

as was given by the Creator.


The God’s love emanates in all places,

the beauty of Creation is self­evident;

the whole multicosmos can see that,

every Angel would bear witness.



This was transmitted with love in heart by the primary Creator of everything and everybody.“



I thank you, beloved Creator, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2023.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        27. 9. 2004.










„Day follows night,

and analogously are also divided ages

into repetitive periods,

so that the evolution can bear its fruit.


The planet Earth was defined

for a long time by dark age,

which already exploited its possibilities and raised new ones;

now the New Earth will be raised from the old society.


Certain proportion of terrestrials

has acquired loving positive attitudes,

in order to become independent

and to give up the old heritage.


These people are already creating

the New Earth here nowadays;

time of rise ripens

with approaching separation from the old negative society.


Love is the key to advancement,

love as pure as the driven snow;

consequently extraordinary opportunity presents itself:

terrestrials could at last escape from transparent trap.


Nowadays you can see the human turmoil,

characterized by incessant rush and soulless building up,

just to have something to pull down later;

and in the ruins can be found grain.


With these and many other realities

is every planet divided into dimensions;

independent stages VIBRATIONS

are faded into one another.


The New Earth appears in the fifth dimension;

on this terrestrial globe,

it is by way of scenic beauties

prepared to receive loving people.


There shall flower new society,

based already on this reality

and attainment of true happiness,

without secular power of money and media.


Try hard, the little one,

to become part of the New age;

ENJOY at least for a little while

the consciousness of love.



This was transmitted with love in heart to all by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2024.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        27. 9. 2004.










„The little one, nice terrestrial,

stand still for a while

and savour the sign of love;

interrupt your time of great haste.


If you suffer from loneliness,

that’s the program of the other side;

but you are still surrounded

by loving Angels.


When you radiate love

from the bottom of your heart,

then the happy nice angels

keep your company.


They enjoy loving

people like you;

the cosmic brothers and sisters

are around all the time.


And it was always that way,

as long as the worlds exists;

you have here the loving Angels

under any circumstances.


Yes, love born on the Earth,

we see that and we help you,

carrying great heart for you,

we, the heavenly Angels.


We are capable of so profound love,

that you cannot even imagine that;

of that angelic love, given to you,

which blossoms here, in heaven.


You have stopped your terrestrial time

through the medium of your open heart

and consequently barricaded the program of darkness;

now you shall move forward.


Nearer to the beloved Creator,

where is echoed the mighty brightness and piece;

there the Angels express the celestial harmony by their singing,

by way of their thoughts, serving as instruments.


Today, the little one,

you have dreamed of shining day,

you were flooded by glow of love,

released in your heart.



This was transmitted with love in heart to all by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2025.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        27. 9. 2004.










„I write short poem

for us, for terrestrials,

to like each other

and to open our heart.


In human heart is hidden much of God’s love,

the pure, beautiful, superb one;

it always comprises the grace of God:

through Him you might feel everything.


How much love grew in individuals ?

when I see them, I ask that question:

we open our hearts;

I send them love, too.


Since I feel that in this way,

perceiving and loving them,

I bless them by way of word,

surrounding others with my love.



This small poem was put into my senses by my beloved friend Ashtar Sheran himself.“



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2026.


            Received Tana P. .


                        27. 9. 2004.










„Two cat’s eyes

look at me and watch,

with mysterious bewitching charm:

who knows, what entity radiates behind them ?


Cat’s sincere eyes, big ones, like two wheels,

stare at me steadfastly,

fixed their gaze on me,

penetrating me, inside.


Is that a cat, observing me ?

Why so long, and why so thoroughly ?  What picks on me ?

No, it is not; that is an extraterrestrial,

who is using the cat’s eyes as cameras.


That entity scrutinizes me,

seeing every detail;

nothing escapes the attention

of this extraterrestrial.


If the observed man is loving,

he is scrutinized by the Angel of love;

if the terrestrial is evil,

the observer has similar characteristic features.


The angel of love looks at me,

incessantly, without batting an eyelid;

by means of his affectionate glance

is radiated love through the cat’s cameras.


Dear love, we see everything here,

not only through the medium of cat’s eyes;

if we want, we can put ourselves

in the right frame of mind for any human eyes.


Every being has

specific frequency of one’s own;

that’s simple toy:

it suffices just to put oneself in the right mood for it.


Thus the loving Cosmic people

the Angels, can observe

any movement of terrestrials,

who were taken under their wing.


Remember, that in cat’s eyes

is hidden mighty power;

the beings loving you from the bottom of their heart

keep you under observations by means of them.



This was transmitted with love in heart to all by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2027.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        27. 9. 2004.










„We follow the forest track,

taking the long mountain valley,

passing through the unbroken national park;

it is not for the first time.


We are not disturbed here by anybody,

only greeted by little animals living in forest;

jay, salamander, frog, falcon, they all call:

we rejoice that you are here with us !


Suddenly in front of us, on the left­hand side,

appears a meadow, leading up to heaven;

that mead is edgewise framed, ravishingly,

by healthy forest the green realm.


Above the meadow, afar off,

arose panorama covered with the forest;

by that scene were evoked memories of a helter­skelter to heaven;

thus was offered enchanting sight.


Over the mead called Vokoliste

spaceships hover in the air,

their coloured lights pulsate;

the Cosmic people thus entertain us.


Our mighty meeting in love

thus continues by way of ongoing telling;

we talk in spirit about everything

what we have experienced by now.


The Cosmic people our Friends

surround us with their love;

we have been on familiar terms already for long ages,

and now our contacts reached their climax.


In joy and happiness

we wish them nice journey of harmony,

which spreads out in the forest and in our heart;

tears spring to our eyes, since we cannot hide our feelings.


We have lavished love on all visitors

coming to the meadow in the forest,

that mead leading up to heaven,

where is our Home and longing.


Dear people, I wish you

the same experiences,

meetings with beloved Cosmic Friends,

chosen for us by dearly loved Creator.



This was transmitted with love in heart to all by Ashtar Sheran.“



I thank you, beloved Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.



These poetic messages form part of the previous reports, especially concerning the situation of terrestrial and the Spiritual path see for example the pictures No. 688, 692, 793 and 811 on , .



Report 2028.


            Received Ivo A. Benda.


                        27. 9. 2004.






1984. Forms of help provided by Cosmic friends serving to Forces of darkness.

                                     (Received Milada M.)          August 8, 2004    Place: Blansko.








Our Cosmic Guardians are listening to us incessantly and we are guarded by them. By means of their vibrational walls of love they at all times create around us COVERING OF LIGHT, functioning as protection in coarse­vibrational fields, in which we are continually moving. That’s proportional to that phase of Spiritual path (measure) we are just passing through.


To the coarse­vibrational fields are ascribed our physical and mental difficulties and illnesses.



Some of these coarse­vibrational fields are created by our unkindness:



The coarse­vibrational high­frequency transmission from the terrestrial modulation source: Stations, transmitters and stationary satellites designated for radio telecommunication purpose.



We ourselves operate as another transmitters of negative energies thoughts and feelings.



Other coarse­vibrational fields are here intentionally created by coarse­vibrational transmission from cosmic sources of negative civilisations, that are after this manner trying to influence negatively our consciousness in form of impulses and impacts.


All these sources are mutually countable, and thus create the coarse­vibrational field of resonance negatively influencing not only our bodies, but also our consciousness and the whole nature, weather and climate.


Since the Creator is supposed to fight against evil and injustice, He has send his aides the Cosmic friends to be of help to us. Therefore the Cosmic friends are incessantly helping us in our everyday activities:



They create around us high­frequency SHIELDS OF LIGHT (the coverings of light), functioning as our protection in current coarse­vibrational fields.


            A) The shield is shaped like a BELL, and if it is adequately wide, it can also extend to part of a town. This was demonstrated to me. In case that the mentioned field is stronger, then can be seen subtle components having colours of the rainbow, as if they formed framework of the whole shield fashioned like a bell.


            B) The covering of light CURLS; that manifests itself like a wall covered with very small aneurysms smoothly reverberating tiny points floating in space. Consequently can be seen unique phenomena: the whole inner space of the covering is filled with light of softly reverberated luminary points. This phenomena is well observable especially against sky lighted up by the sun.


            C) Another covering of light is shaped like a ROLL appearing in space around the man, who is to be thus protected; it behaves like a pumped up pneumatic tire around human body, and it is supposed to specifically protect the person in question. I have experienced that for example when I had a feeling of breathlessness and increased hurtfullness. The person concerned feels as if wrapped in cotton wool and ears are buzzing. Other health problems disappear straight away.


            D) And yet another shield can be defined as an UNDULATING BUNCH OF RAYS WITH STRONGER ROTATION, loosening our system of chakras; this was also demonstrated to me. After this manner we are strengthened and refreshed by our Friends. It makes one’s ear ring.



Another form of help is based on feeling of unusual lightness, perceived by person in question also when walks or takes pains. The said person moves remarkably easily, feeling as if had lost much of weight, and consequently with ease moves also in difficult terrain, even with a burden.



Help is also provided on mental level, in situations, that we are not able to master yet. But under leadership of Cosmic friends we can settle crisis situation safely and cautiously with a detached point of view also while speaking in explosive situation. Our moody psyche is then calmed down. Cosmic friends could through you also speak and express thus their thoughts and attitudes, if you agree with that.



Cosmic friends can also substantially help in depression and anxiety state, when we, ordinary people, are all at sea on this subject, and the science of medicine is still in its infancy. I do not know exactly what kind of help the Cosmic friends in such cases provide, but I was told, that this is the question of spiritual war, and consequently occurs a confrontation of mental bodies of beings on the highest levels.



To get a picture how beautiful is the existence of the Cosmic friends, and to be aware of the difference between us and them, you should feel like such being communicating with you, as completely different person, very happy and relaxed, full of energy, all the time maintaining good mood in short, loving being.


In conclusion I would like yet to share with you my personal experience reflecting their great love and help.


Once I was in deadly situation, but Cosmic friends saved my life, when I had inhaled very viscose solution upon swallowing it. In a moment one of the Cosmic friends told me to remain cool, that he was going to extend my bronchial tubes. And soon I could breathe in again. First and foremost I thank to our Creator that it all was possible. And with love I also thank for receiving information, Milada.







2020.  The problem of humankind (463).           (Received by Ivo A. Benda.)

5:52-6:29 a.m.  September 26, 2004.

Place: Velka Fatra.







“The problem of humankind is that it is 90% located INSIDE A MASSIVE CONTROL PROGRAM which has been running in a machine – computer – THE DATASYSTEM controlled by pseudo-creators from dark worlds for as long as 7 million years. This human cuss is a consequence of negative choices by which some individuals in the Creation (from many other worlds) choose THE NEGATIVE STATE, thus these cunningly imposed control programs from the darknesses. When a control program is received by human, his Spirit, soul and physical body change correspondingly in a negative way; the Spirit and soul get more encapsulated thanks to received negative energies, and most of physical body’s communication channels get closed since BLOCKS are created in them as a consequence of unmanaging life situations. An important part of this process is reprogramming of the pure –  unburdened DNA genes (genes are programs that control body behavior at 65 %) in human body cells with burdened DNA genes, which, after being run, are able to carry out evils and falsities with the body. In a spiritual sense, human being chooses PERVERTED SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES OF LOVE, GOOD, TRUTH and WISDOM, hence PSEUDO-PRINCIPLES OF NON-LOVE, EVIL, FALSITY and FOOLISHNESS, which are both perverted feminine principle (no love, evil) and perverted masculine principle (falsity and foolishness), and these perverted principles have corresponding vibrations of energies of many bodies of a human being – COARSE-VIBRATORY ENERGIES AT A LOW FREQUENCY.


In this negative state, a human has INVERTED UNDERSTANDING OF REALITY, the white is black and the black is white for him, the positive is negative and the negative is positive for him, and the colorful view of world is extremely black-and-white for him, etc. – THE ILLUSION OF REALITY. In such ILLUSION regarded as truth, all endeavors to live a happy, harmonious and fruitful life are futile, and one can only experience frustrations, pain, illnesses and injuries, surprises, isolation and separation, massive ignorance, various sorts of slaveries and multitude of negative dependencies or addictions.


These are the outcomes of choices of those individuals who prior to birth and now choose the negative state, and, after ending this very short life on planet Earth, they move to various dark worlds corresponding to the DEGREE of no love, evil, falsity and foolishness of these individuals.


Every one can at any time make a CHANGE, turn back, and, instead of the negative state, choose the positive state by means of the SPIRITUAL PATH (messages 819 - 847, pic. 688 at THERE IS NO SPIRITUAL GROWTH WITHOUT WORK OF LIGHT, thus without SELFLESS HELP TO ONE’S FELLOWS in fields of HEALING, MEDITATION OR TELEINFORMATION.


BY RECEIVING THE POSITIVE ATTRIBUTES OF THE PRIME CREATOR OF ALL AND EVERYTHING, which is LOVE, GOOD, TRUTH and WISDOM – the true spiritual principles, a human being can undergo TRANSFORMATION – the process of positive change of the Spirit, soul and physical body, and then return back HOME, to TRUE WORLDS of the Prime Creator of all and everything. The being can then rejoice in a quality, free, harmonious, happy and fruitful life in corresponding societies based on POSITIVE PRINCIPLES OF CONSCIOUSNESS AND GIVING.


This was given to people of planet Earth by me, The Lord Jesus Christ.”


Thank you The Lord Jesus Christ for this message, I’ll gladly convey and pass it on people of our dear planet Earth.

With love in heart, Ivo.










“Dear people,


up to now money was supplied from hell the Dark worlds and now it will fall from HEAVEN the RIGHT WORLDS.


Just put into effect YOUR decision by way of prayer to the primary Creator of everything and everybody. Who wants much money, let him beg heavily and often. The larger number of people would beg, the sooner would money fall from heaven (the thought creates).


But if for somebody much money would not be enough, he could wheedle GOLDEN CALF, again directly out of devils.


What means you would have to employ ?



Opening of your heart wide and positive thoughts (otherwise if you keep your heart closed you do not achieve any change; money would not fall from heaven, since you ask just as hitherto the dominators in the Dark worlds).



Cleaning utensils brooms, buckets, shovels, trucks, preferably camions.




Storages for money.


Because the primary Creator of everything and everybody loves you so much, that he has sufficiency of everything for you. He gives you, and yet will give you, anything you need.



Results following from your decision:



You will not suffer from shortage of anything.



Banks, government, parliament and other similarly bizarre institutions will become unnecessary.



Our lives will become idyllic and we would develop our planet Earth, since we would have sufficient means of all kinds.



We would not have to listen to bleating of our statesmen, who claim that we do not have this and that . . . ; nobody would steal, lie and cheat, since nobody would not lack anything.



Money would gush out from heaven in such quantity, that there would be no need for its printing any more money would be really liquidated and at the same time there would be products, services and love IN PLENTY.


Our primary Creator of everything and everybody, whom we love so much, is glittering; he loves all of us equally and HAS ENOUGH TO GO ROUND.


October 4, 2004.                                                                                                       Report 2041.


And as we have already said:


We love you and we help you.”










Report 2050.                                                                                               September 15, 2004.


Message for mankind from peace­loving universe beings:


Should we become visible ?


„Come to a resolution, whether or not we should become visible.“


„Vote YES and you shall change the world.“


You will make this choice just by saying inwardly or openly yes.


This worldwide referendum is called „Change the World“, because the world on the planet Earth would really change, if people got to know, that the universe is full of sophisticated and loving life.


* * * * * * *


In large number of spacecrafts there are moving around our planet many more loving and conscious beings from lots of universe civilisations living in higher cosmic dimensions (spheres).


But these beings are not commonly visible because of special energetic coverings, since according to the Universal cosmic laws the beings from higher dimensions cannot reveal themselves on a massive scale to civilisation in lower dimension without content of its inhabitants. More details about observing spacecrafts you can find on , observing spacecrafts, report 1497, leaflet 2.


„Forget about false prophets a and circulating bad news, putting us in an unfavourable light.“




„ . . . At stake is your future, together with auspicious development of mankind . . .“


„ . . . You are yet the architects of your own fortune . . .“


* * * * * * *


THE WHOLE TEXT translated from English into Czech can be found on: , , report 1901.

(internet in coffee houses and libraries)


The original text of this referendum (in French) can be found on internet:


It is not recommended to read the Czech version from the French the translation is not correct, and some passages are missing !


Who are the Universe people, related to Forces of Light? They are beautiful beings, full of love, goodness, wisdom, harmony and joy. These Universe people are eminently loving and conscious; they live in accordance with the Cosmic (God’s) laws and usually live in higher dimensions (spheres), that terrestrials call „paradise“ or „heaven“. Their world is pregnant with love, joy, beauty and diversity. There does not exist any evil and hatred they do not identify themselves with such negative attributes. Nowadays very many Universe people dwell in the proximity of our planet with a view to help the Earth (the planet Earth is living conscious being) and terrestrials in advance into the higher (the fifth) dimension. Universe people are very busy with us for example, they replenish ozone, purify atmosphere, extinguish military conflicts, lead people to love and the good by means of thought impulses that are not intruded upon us.


The Universe people act as real friends, helping all terrestrials with joy and love in various serious situations. But their help is provided always according to free will of the person in question. The beings from higher dimensions cannot help beings from lower dimensions without their content. Terrestrials also regard the Cosmic friends as „Angels“. ,





2051. Air pollution.              (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                      13. 10. 2004.    7:308:16

                                                                                                                         Place: Ceska Lipa.






Dear Ashtar, in yesterday’s newspaper Lidove noviny (October 12, 2004, also on , was published an article about jump increase of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere during years 2002 and 2003 (there was not stated accurately how much in ppm). Since 1958 (the beginning of scientific measurement) the concentration of carbon dioxide allegedly increased by 61 ppm (millionths of volume) on average by 1,3 ppm a year during the last 46 years, in connection with pollution by the medium of industry and cars. What can you tell the terrestrials regarding that ?



                        „Dear Ivo,


humankind on the planet Earth gets into precarious situation. In the text of „Talks“ ( , we have a few times pointed out, that the most urgent and important problem of mankind concerns its negative state and consequential negative coarse­vibrational energies, threatening and ruining not only the health of terrestrials themselves (see the state of health, especially in the old age and relatively very short life lasting about 70 years), but also the planet Earth. From this state then unfolds the whole style of life and motivation related to everyday behaviour and actions.


The Earth’s atmosphere constitutes another problem that people, who created it by THEIR NEGATIVE LIFE, do not solve. As we have already several times mentioned, the planet Earth serves as a STAGE THE DEMONSTRATIVE SCENE, where are palpably depicted all the negative choices of every individual without exception. Thus there is no use of putting the blame on somebody else. Every man lives his life affected by his choice how to lead it, and accordingly is depicted his individual state, and also the planet Earth upon the whole. To wit, we all form part of one whole.


More and more people focus on MATERIAL INTERESTS consequently leading life based on DISPROPORTIONATE and NONSENSICAL MATERIAL DEMANDS, carried despite wasting all kinds of energy out of proportion products, services, living space, forcing people into working on these products and providing services (one alternative of stealing energy) and yet draining energy by using method of profit according to image of economists. Thus is formed monstrous disproportionate chain of stealing energies, lawfully leading to the edge of precipice. And many individuals yet build CHIP TOTALITY in order to steal these energies on a larger scale !


All these negative crazy proceedings and lines of action the beings involved in negative state regard as the right and successful ones, as a result of modern progress. Therefore they prepare for themselves strong experience, consequently finding to their cost how they acted as the right, successful and modern ones. This experience they can possibly use in their future lives, from viewpoint of own spiritual edification and overall advancement. However, it is up to them, whether or not such experience will be applied, whether or not they will also in future lives repeat the same mistakes committed already systematically in the past lives.


Dear Ivo, you have never bought a car, because you correctly feel, that possession of a car causes stealing energies of other beings on a large scale: people are forced to participate in production and running the car, while also the planet Earth spends its energy because of making raw materials, primary electric energy generation, air pollution, enforcement of building many expensive ground communications, etc.


Adaptor’s (Ivo A. Benda’s) comment: I have been working for 13 years in production management and quality control sectors (related to development of computer systems) in few factories, including mammoth automobile plant SKODAAUTO a.s.. Over the 4 years of work in this car factory I have become well aware of the fact, that in spite of the very modern manufacturing technology available for the science even within institutions of higher learning, the management of that company WAS NOT INTERESTED IN PRODUCTION OF ECOLOGICAL AND POPULARLY­PRICED CAR. Everybody knows, that already for decades there exist alternative drives, driven by gas, electricity, compressed air, (nowadays car produced by French­Luxembourgian company), alcohol (Brazil), solar energy, and the like. But these drives were up to now applied only on a small scale, outside big car factories. In contrast with many other people who have never visited such factory, I know very well, how much work energy must be expended to finish a product, including a car. In the course of my life I have traveled around a lot (more than 150 000 kilometres, approximately about 3 circumferences of the earth), but principally BY TRAIN. Only minimally I have traveled by official car, self­drive car or taxi. In case that people would behave similarly, certainly just about one tenth or one hundredth (1/10, 1/100), maybe even less cars, would pollute our atmosphere. Therefore I have a clear conscience regarding devastating the planet Earth; consequently I may at rest and without any trouble at all carry out my mission of Light.


Those people, who destroy lives of fellowmen, forcing them to work like slaves, just in order to satisfy their disproportionate demands, yet pollute environment, THEY CANNOT BY ANY MEANS FULFILL THEIR MISSION POSITIVE LIFE, EVEN IF THEY WOULD POSE AS HEALERS, ARTISTS, MEDITATORS OR ANYBODY ELSE. (For example, small cherry on a cake, the healer Mr. Pfeifer, in a leisurely fashion goes for a drive, with a company sitting in several 2 000 000 000 crowns cross­country vehicles, to the memorable mountain Rip (I have seen that with my own eyes), and he calls that the Spiritual University of Existence. That’s their illusion and crazy undertaking, which must lawfully turn out badly. Since 1998 I have arranged approximately 200 lectures, and all of them were held in localities within reach of train or bus, in contrast to localities for example, like Sedmihorky u Turnova such places are accessible ONLY by automobile, so that the organizers force the people to go there by car. (The conclusion of adaptor’s comment.)


If people lived on the planet Earth according to THE LAWS OF LOVE, laid down by the primary Creator of everything and everybody, then they would have access to His pure loving energies, that could be harnessed for comfortable life, in proportion to everyday needs. Highways, cars, airplanes and similar unwholesome means of transport would disappear and terrestrials then could, in the same way as beings in millions of civilizations related to Forces of Light in the Right Creation, travel from one universe to another without any limits and harmful consequences. Extraterrestrials manage without highways on their planets. They travel there through the medium of thought, and can change vibration of their bodies for the purpose of redimensioning into any parallel dimensions.


That startling enormous contrast between your way of life and the life of THE POSITIVE STATE in the Right creation Heaven is just that ANSWER WHAT NOT TO CHOOSE THE NEGATIVE STATE.


Every human being may try to implement change, if he decides for it, and we would help him in that, because we are your older brothers and sisters who like you so much, that you are not able even to imagine that at all. Part of our help focused on you, terrestrials, during the last 50 years, also formed CONTINUAL PURIFYING ATMOSPHERE and KEEPING THE OZONOSPHERE in such extent as you know, to grant you time for turn and improvement. But this will not last for ever: if you would choose as partners negative entities from the Dark worlds (many people work for that), we shall fly away, and the humankind would consequently have to move underground, owing to devastation of environment. Thus would occur the same situation as in any other negative society of the Dark worlds, where beings eke out a living in underground holes; they fetch and carry to get food, clothing and air. Something like that happens in case that they have developed some technologies, and if they have not, then live like the primitive peoples on the planet Earth 7 000 000 years ago, when they were fully mastered by nature. In both cases the beings are deeply rooted in ignorance, regarding how to live in accordance with THE LAWS OF LOVE laid down by the primary Creator of everything and everybody. We, the Universe people, help these beings, too, similarly like we help you, terrestrials, but in proportion to their state and choices.


This was transmitted with love in heart by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of our grand cosmic squadron, consisting of 10 000 000 spaceships.“


Thank you, dear Ashtar, with joy I shall deliver this report to terrestrials. With love in heart, Ivo.









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