2052. The Time (492).                      (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                  October 13, 2004.

                                                                                                                         21:2621:41 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.








„Time is enchanter,

wielding power over you, the player,

who tries to solve

the quirk of fate called life.


Time is work of darkness,

of those who do not feel love,

but include plans in tide,

to become slaves.


Time handcuffs people;

it is negative state,

ticking away and cutting off

the remaining values.


Time knows no mercy,

alike inexorable player,

who betted with you:

the loser bursts out crying.


Time is form of a magic spell;

enchanted are thus people,

who forgot how to live:

they crawl like an obtrusive snake.


Time could be overpowered

by the man who stops aging,

who makes a medicine of love

and frees himself from a magic spell.


Time wrapped around those,

who chase after wealth,

and keep saying:

„after all, I have to“.


Time dissolves

in the open heart,

in the radiant inner reality:

after all, that’s vibration !


Time wins only,

when the man in question

kowtows to plans woven by checkers,

who robbed him of life.


Time loses only,

when you develop a feeling

for recognition of your miserable situation,

to upset it stop !


Time could be stopped

by the man who musters courage,

to give love every day,

to live his youth.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2053. Ah ! (493).                          (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                      October 13, 2004.

                                                                                                                         21:4421:57 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.





AH !



„Ah, that wisdom of the ones,

who call from Heaven,

who all the time adorn you

with the neat sentence.


Ah, that gentle hand,

caressing you from Heaven,

purifying your heart

in order to love fellowmen.


Ah, these big eyes,

looking at you from Heaven,

radiating infinite love and intelligence

with every affectionate glance.


Ah, these powerful nostrils,

holding you form Heaven,

as your support

in any situation.


Ah, these soft palms,

fondling you nicely from Heaven,

caressing your neck

with love so brittle.


Ah, that thirst for giving,

coming from Heaven;

the Angel all the time radiates it

by means of his gifts.


Ah, dear being,

seeing from Heaven,

every your twinkle

to guard piece.


Ah, the loving one,

flying from Heaven,

protecting us, terrestrials,

against the Forces of darkness.


Ah, dear, beloved ones,

from Heaven I welcome you on the Earth,

in that cradle of brittle life

pulsating over gaping chasm.


Ah, I give up glory,

for the benefit of all dear ones in Heaven,

those who are wedded

with our lives.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.









2054. The value of life (494).               (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                 October 13, 2004.

                                                                                                                         21:5822:10 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.








„Dear one, you will appreciate the value of life,

yet while living in the Dark worlds,

which are pervaded

with darkness, isolation, misfortune and coldness.


In these worlds you can asses

the quality of Right life,

which is so natural in Heaven,

but not always recognized.


The value of life can be defined

by riches of your experiences,

which follow surely every day from your meaningful life:

by what you are supposed to see and feel


Flying by spaceship

to another planets on the field day,

you would become cognizant of many lifestyles

terrestrials live in.


Their lives are marked by tiresome drudgery,

destitute circumstances,

but also by untold wealth,

or freedom, knowledge, travelling across the universe.


Precisely THE CONSCIOUSNESS is the treasure



it provides riches of life.


Look here, dear little man,

evaluate every breath,

whether you are leading heartfelt life

and fulfilling love by way of your steps.


Dear one, by open heart

is mediated knowledge,

that you are carrying inside all the time;

just grasp it appropriately.


Try to express your inner reality,

like a beautiful and sincere man;

after all, the life is worth while:

you shall fathom its meaning.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2055. The awakening of light.                  (Received Dagmar R.)                 October 10, 2004.

                                                                                                               Place: Usti nad Labem.







„The inner Light will come to life again:

summer, sun, love anon,

that’s what you are yearning for all the time;

pinions, sweet wave of wings,

that’s what you are always longing for.


The alluring faraway places, these clouds, that freedom,

liberty, lightness, fragrance,

pinions, sweet wave of wings,

the inner Light will be authenticated anew.

The sun, love, beauty,

time and time again.“







2056. The technology (495).                 (Received Ivo A. Benda.)               October 15, 2004.

                                                                                                                         12:2712:48 p. m.

                                                                                                          Place: Hranice na Morave.







„Dear children, the technologies may serve

either good or evil purpose,

depending on the aim:

they can be used or misused.


We have, everywhere in the Right Creation,

used the technology in such a way,

that our society reaps benefit from it

in everyday life.


Our technology does not damage any planet,

nor the health of the Cosmic people,

since it is applied strictly

in accordance with the Cosmic laws.


The residential buildings, schools, scientific centres,

serve everybody with respect to quality of his life;

results are continuously assessed

with the view of utilizing our high technology.


Our space stations

suggest comfortable palaces,

because we have appropriately taken advantage of our technology,

non that we would live in the lap of luxury.


But in the Dark worlds

is the technology misused,

for the purpose of controlling others

and stealing their energy.


Else is also devastated environment;

often were thus vandalized the whole planets,

and their inhabitants then like swarm of locusts

move to other worlds.


They do not live in harmony with nature,

only eke out their living in the underground;

their technology kills everything living

both on the surface and bellow.


There are also another dark worlds;

we call them GREEN PLANETS:

their inhabitants form natural communities

reminding societies evolving on the planet Earth in former times.


On these planets was not developed any technology so far;

the occupiers are liable to elements of nature,

but with their bare hands

they cannot destroy the environment.


Every human being passes through stages of evolution,

and consequently should also realize,

that the technology should serve the humankind,

not ruin human lives.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2057. The changing of squadrons. (496).       (Received Ivo A. Benda.)       October 15, 2004.

                                                                                                                         12:4913:04 p. m.

                                                                                                         Place: Hranice na Morave.








„The relieving of squadrons is under way today:

the Ptaah’s cosmic squadron with the guards of Light,

who have watched over this dark planet,

will be after halfyear of functioning replaced by the Ashtar’s squadron.


From this autumn to spring,

it will be on guard, watching over the Earth,

protecting the globe against invasion

committed by entities from the Dark world.


This squadron shall guard the planet Earth

and its loving inhabitants,

who have chosen the Right life

in these conditions of darkness.


For their sake,

250 000 000 of Angels work here,

on hundreds of thousands spaceships

of Heavenly cosmic squadrons.


From this autumn to spring,

the worlds of Pleiades are supposed

to watch over this dark planet,

that you call the Earth.


Every undeveloped world

is thus guarded by Heavenly guardians,

who are working for the Creator,

helping with love in heart.


They give advice propulsions to human beings,

into their open chests,

through the medium of spiritual heart:

how to cope with life, how to LIVE.


The Ashtar’s grand cosmic squadron

numbers 10 000 000 large spaceships;

it is deployed in the universe

called the Fourth sector.


In a number of parallel dimensions

the spaceships appear concurrently;

they are in powerful communication

with the whole Creator’s Creation.


The Ashtar’s squadron will be on guard

from the autumn to the spring,

when developing of evil thoughts culminates

on the planet Earth in the winter season.


The Ashtar’s squadron alters

the environment on the Earth,

by means of love:

people are not aware of the fact, that they breathe more freely.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2058. Submitting of Petition against chip totality, signed by 1060 people.

                                                 (Processed by Ivo A. Benda.)                          October 21, 2004.

               Place: Prague, Snemovni 1, the Petitionary Committee of the Czech Parliament.



The copy of this letter can be found on ,  , in pictures under No. 1236.



The Czech Parliament


Petitionary Committee




Prague, October 21, 2004



The confirmation


            Today came to the Petitionary Committee of the Czech Parliament Mr. ing. Ivo A, Benda, who submitted Petition against chip totality for the purpose of following proceedings.


            I have taken from deliverer the attendance lists, signed allegedly by 1060 signatories.



Alena Rubackova                                          (signature)

The Petitionary Committee





Since August 4, 2002, was gathered by the author and other devoted people about 1060 signatures, without any support of the Czech central media, which do not fulfill at all the function of informing citizens about important realities. So far neither former President of the Czech Republic Vaclav Havel, nor the current President Vaclav Klaus expressed their opinion of this action, although the Petitions regarding chips were delivered to both of them already several times. I stress, that to this petition did not subscribe even many „seekers of Light“ (or whatever else they want to impersonate), who pretend that they throw everything open to the public regarding the problems of living in the Czech Republic. (For instance : its author branded our source as dangerous; the text of this petition was not published even in similarly odd tabloids bringing no substantial effect, because these only serve within additional cunning controlling programs of the Dark forces, who process them slyly as an „alternative“.) The history of mankind reflects many of such alternative controlling programs.


The author of this petition, ing. Ivo A. Benda, was invited into the STV (The Slovak Television) by a number of regional TV and radio stations, where he could warn citizens against the chip technologies in light of possible tyrannizing people of stealing their energies by checkers.


To the petition have attached their signatures especially ordinary people, who thus expressed their DISAGREEMENT with obligatory loading of chips into identity cards and health cards. In this way they cautioned against the danger hidden in technologies controlled by the Forces of Darkness. In case that the mammoth controlling system would function, the mentioned ordinary people would make their own arrangements: They will establish the new loving society the New Earth without money in the fifth dimension of the right Creation of the planet Earth; consequently they will not get involved any more in the old chip slave order of human society. It is the question of FULFILLING THEIR POSITIVE MISSION THE POSITIVE LIFE.


I point out, that the chip technologies should not be labeled as positive or negative ones; the question is, what kind of power disposes of them. No guarantee is afforded against misuse. The greatest health insurance company in this country VZP has already sent out the chip health cards to people (concerning the form of that card see the newspaper articles No. 239), namely in such a way, that some of the clients suppose, that these do not comprise any chips (this fact is not mentioned at all in the covering letter). Till 2006 the Czech government plans to dispatch chip identification cards to citizens (through the medium of the social security administration) and to collect data from them (impressions of fingers, etc.).


It is up to every individual, how he will face this problems: you reap what you sow the corresponding quality of this life or of the future lives.


In our source (Petition and other texts on , ) is clearly stated, that the chip technologies are controlled by the Forces of darkness the cosmic forces, thus aiming at increasing the extent of controlling the mankind from current 95 percent up to 99,9 percent.


The Cosmic people related to the Forces of Light DO NOT INTERVENE AT ALL in this or any other process, since they know very well, that what will be here built, comes from the FREE WILL of terrestrials. However, our Cosmic friend complied with the request made by some workers of Light, and consequently transmitted many warning information into our source , ; these were also disseminated among people.


This was delivered with love in heart by ing. Ivo A. Benda, the author of the Petition against chip totality, who serves as the messenger of Cosmic friends.








2059. The childhood dream (497).            (Received Ivo A. Benda.)           October 15, 2004.

                                                                                                                         13:5014:04 p. m.

                                                     Place: The train Hranice na Morave Valasske Mezirici.








„The system of people living on the planet Earth

reminds a childhood dream;

it depends on your frame of mind:

there are ups and downs.


You can say that again:

the state of mind chosen according to one’s free will,

may adumbrate either happiness

or bondage and ill health the fall into the darkness.


Maybe everybody has already understood,

that in his hands holds

the wheel of happiness or precariousness;

he could even die by drowning in mud.


Every man is subject to

the corresponding extent

of controlling by darkness,

adequate to his choice.



you are surrounded by WAVES

influencing your life,

every second, you already know that.


Since you are living in the field of vibration,

consequently you are exposed to great impact

of energies coming from various worlds you have chosen 

either from the Dark ones or from the Right ones.


The darkness of controlling wave

is weaving continually, very cunningly,

in order to get you into underground slums,

to detach you from the Creator.


The Angels of Light are effective

through the waves of love, by way of advice,

to make you return Home,

into heaven, the right Creation.


Everybody makes his choice,

preferring either Light or Darkness;

accordingly he changes the life

and experiences latent effects.


You are not living just for yourselves,

in a great darkness,

somewhere in a vacuum,

as you were deceived in the school.


Our reports are the daybreak

in the Darkness of your worlds;

awake from your dream, dear child,

and make the right choice !


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.












Report 2060.                                                                                                 October 24, 2004.



Dear people,


it is again time we gave a signal to all those REMOTELY CONTROLLED BOGGARDS, that their time runs out, and that very soon they will be moved into corresponding Dark worlds which can be found in the zone of expulsion into the black universe. These bogies are entities settled especially in MEDIA, POLITICS and STATE ADMINISTRATION, but also else, who digestedly and lastly, mainly for tax­payers’ money, FRIGHTEN INHABITANTS of our beloved Czech Republic. These entities unceasingly transmit, through the medium of relatively effectual technical facilities, SPOOKY COARSE­VIBRATIONAL ENERGIES, flooding with them millions of ignorant persons, their bodies, and worsening level of their vibrations. But not only that. We already know, that they are skillfully, by means of WAVES, from 95 percent remotely controlled puppets (antennae on the moon, resembling mobiles, radio, television), directed in underground holes of the DARK WORLDS, aided by the MACHINE, DATASYYSTEM automatic controlling, also individual controlling by means of COMPUTERS, scilicet by small saurians and through the medium of controlling pyramid with PSEUDOCREATORS on its top the activators of the negative state in the zone of expulsion for hundreds of millions years. We also know, that these terrestrial negative entities bugaboos have chosen this pseudowork already before they were born in given Dark worlds; they were trained in that and thus powerfully supported by teachers. Their popular colours nowadays are: BLACK, GRAY and other DARK COLOURS.




WITH THE CONTENT OF THE CZECH GOVERNMENT and its minister of „culture“, MEDIA TALK AT GREAT LENGTH about our life: IT IS NOT ALLEGEDLY NEGATIVE FROM 90 PERCENT. But we, as decent and loving people, who are not scared stiff of any bugaboos, REFUSE SUCH A CULTURE OF HELL, calling it THE PSEUDOCULTURE FROM THE DARKNESS. These bogies are schooled in controlling of millions of people and in capturing their attention in stealing and draining their energy and especially they cunningly and forcibly influence them by means of ALWAYS NEW MORE PERFIDIOUS AND MEAN VERY STRANGE CONTROLLING PROGRAMS PSEUDOSPIRITUAL PATTERNS FROM THE DARK WORLDS called HELLS.


The remote controlling of mankind is circumstantiated on ,, in report 1761 (Governance of physical bodies by means of individual control system), report 1925 (Levels of controlling programs), report 1985 (The human world), schematic pictures No. 688, 692, 793, 811, and also in seven books of THE NEW REVELATION OF OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST and eight volumes of TALKS WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS.


You, who are not scared stiff of any bogies and AGREE WITH SUSPENDING BUGABOOS here on this our beautiful and dearly loved planet Earth, put your signature to this petition, and also on ,, and send it to this mailing address: IVO A. BENDA, P.O. BOX 51, 470 06 CESKA LIPA 6, CZECH REPUBLIC.







Name and surname:

Permanent residence:

(street, locality, zip code)



Please, write LEGIBLY IN BLOCKED LETTERS, otherwise your signature might not be acknowledged as a valid one. You would be welcome to organize petitions also in other countries. You may yet ask for 30­lines paper form for signatures. This petition is still valid. PLEASE, HAND THIS PETITION OVER TO OTHER PEOPLE !








2061. Put up resistance (499).               (Received Ivo A. Benda.)              October 15, 2004.

                                                                                                                         14:0614:24 p. m.

                                                     Place: The train Hranice na Morave Valasske Mezirici.








„These lines serve as an aid for all,

who head into Home;

if only love accompanies you

on the right way, and over edge and ditch, too.


Excellent knowledge is acquired by the one,

who nurses the heart,

preferring love in his life;

it concerns him directly.


The pseudocreators are skillfully arranging

the dark world of Orientals,

who are else cowardly hidden,

but they shall be drawn out soon from the underground slum.


They will have to disclose everything,

what they had withheld so far,

on this outer world, the physical one,

which you regard as the natural creation.


A great scene was made:

villains shoulder blame,

vast spider’s net has been put out

for millions of years.


The one, who tells flat his NO,


will cut to pieces the cobweb,

and shall show the truth clearly.


The one, who uncovers anything,

will become entangled in nets;

he will have to shift like a toy,

by command of pseudocreators.


To say NO does not mean,

that the person in question is angry;

it is just refusal of plans

woven by cunning darkness.


By means of rejection

you may gain space for positive choices;

it is kind of energy,

which is accessible to you.


This way you many select

the change of living any time;

that’s enough to realize

that you are not a yes man.


You know the taste of goal,

what it is that you pass through all wiles,

to address all people

and let everybody live.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2062. The control hall. (500).                (Received Ivo A. Benda.)               October 15, 2004.

                                                                                                                         14:2514:34 p. m.

                                                                            Place: The train Valasske Mezirici  Vsetin.








„We dwell on the cosmic spaceship,

in the company of Angels,

staying in big generous room,

which radiates light.


Everything here is permeated with powerful light:

the Angels, even the walls of the hall;

a terrestrial coming there for the first time,

goes into ecstasies.


You would feel powerful love, peace,

harmony that pervades you,

while seeing still new and other rooms,

the control halls.


In these halls are regulated

all processes of people,

by way of love the limits

of what the Forces of darkness are or are not allowed to do.


Do not believe in a chance;

everything is accurately under control:

The Angels become beforehand cognizant

of the situation, scene, that is directed by the other side.


Through the medium of monitors,

the teams of Angels observe,

how develops the scene

on the puppet Earth.


They do not intervene in this scene,

but offer choices of love;

it is up to the man in question,

whether or not he selects them.


Dozens of Cosmic people

sit in armchairs, preserving their dignity,

others are coming smilingly,

another ones are leaving.


Do not impute to them

any terrestrial characteristics;

they are not ordinary people,

but repeat, that they love you enormously.


In the control halls prevails peace,

there is everything thoroughly managed,

including imposing restrictions

on activities of the Darkness.


For undeveloped planets

is the spirituality directed;

the primary Creator regulates

the extent of the Light and Darkness.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2063. The sectors of evacuation. (501).        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)         October 15, 2004.

                                                                                                                         14:3914:52 p. m.

                                                                            Place: The train Valasske Mezirici  Vsetin.








„During the time of 7 000 000 years the planet Earth has served

as a playing field for the Forces of darkness and Heaven;

nowadays should be revealed

the comprehensive answer the result.


In 1990’s the Darkness

desired to fly in,

but was stopped of doing that

by the Earth and the called squadron from Heaven.


In 1997 were spread

the big evacuation spaceships of Angels,

who expelled the Forces of Darkness physically

and surveyed the Earth’s surface.


They classified it into sectors,

the selected areas with people,

who need help,

to return Home.


Every sector can be defined

as an area, where live people;

there is every dwelling individual monitored,

within the measured parameters of evacuation.


It is the question of their personal vibrations,

the oscillations of many bodies

that human beings have at their disposal,

changing them by way of their choices.


By the quality of these vibrations

is determined the man’s state,

which is decisive factor for the stepping in,

although he is subject to evolution.


He could be taken up on the spaceship,


if the beloved Creator

issues the order.


On this is based the quality of life,

the extent of mediated good,

the way he disposes of love

and seeks rescue.


It might happen any time,

that certain number of terrestrials would be relocated,

in silence, without din of media,

which could cover up skillfully anything.


Something like that occurred also on another planets,

powerfully controlled by the Forces of darkness;

the media there also twaddle

and lie to beings in their lives.


Thus is all the time assured

the safety of pure people,

who set themselves apart,

since they did not enter into Darkness.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2064. The starry societies. (502).             (Received Ivo A. Benda.)              October 15, 2004.

                                                                                                                         17:1417:31 p. m.

                                                                                       Place: The train Trencin Bratislava.








„The starry civilizations of Light,

have their worlds

harmoniously arranged

on your suns.


They appear in parallel dimensions,

where extends beautiful world,

gardens are stretched all over, surrounded with paradises;

there prevails blissful peace.


Pearls of enormous wisdom

springing from the Creator,

are permeated with love,

adorning deep‑rooted traditions.


No terrestrial became cognizant

of the starry life so far,

in the perfect world

stemming from our Creator.


The Cosmic people enjoy there

their eternal lives:

they do not surrender their bodies,

contrary of the terrestrials.


These dimensions are not physical ones,

they are structured by another kinds of energy;

you would not find there

your chemical agents any more.


There dwell wonderful beings,

living in happiness,

flying across the universes

by means of thought or spaceship.


They are endowed with enormous knowledge,

proceeding from CONSCIOUSNESS;

dear little man,

you cannot even imagine something like that.


The starlight n this dimension of yours,

is actually energy,

which was chucked away as a garbage,

according to the laws of free will.


The mentioned beings eradicate undesirable thoughts,

which consequently end in fallaway sections,

in numerous universes,

similar to the one inhabited by terrestrials.


The starry societies themselves also built the worlds,

but they rejoice very much

in their shinning worlds,

which are placed on suns.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2065. Love to Prague. (503).                (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                October 21, 2004.

                                                                                                                         14:2814:39 p. m.

                                                                                              Place: Prague, the Cosmic centre.








„Today is love pleasant‑smelling,

you feel variety of people,

caressing them at a distance,

saturating them with your heart.


Awakening in the morning, you hear persuasive voice:

look into the map of Prague again,

to shine love brightness,

through districts Kobylisy, Ladvi.


And yet Zizkov, Nove Mesto, you know,

those worst places will be flooded

with pure love

the Creator has sent word that this should be done.


The white light purifies

many Prague corners,

to equilibrate again

those coarse‑vibratory energies.


Follows the South Town,

the largest populated housing area;

the stream of light offers

preferable space for living.


There are the loving energies

most desirable:

the ones, which the human hearts

miss for the time being.


And then follow Stodulky, Haje, Barrandov,

the areas where are another fates prepared,

in order that people could breathe

and live in the fine‑vibratory environment.


Thus we send with the Angels

also love, bliss in bed;

the map of Prague serves as the tool now,

another time the map of the Czech Republic.


The purity of love is determined

by your upright life;

the quality of vibrations is proportional

to the quality of your thoughts.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2066. The come-outers (504).                (Received Ivo A. Benda.)             October 21, 2004.

                                                                                                                         14:4014:56 p. m.

                                                                                              Place: Prague, the Cosmic centre.








„The sun flirts with the Earth:

day follows night,

and thus are on the surface created well‑defined periods,

known as days.


By means of the distance passing over the dark Universe

you are confronted with the reality,

that the light is scarce there;

why, what is here happening?


This universe is black,

because it does not serve as a Home:

there is accumulated garbage energy,

which comes from the Right worlds.


In that garbage appear COME‑OUTERS,

who have decided to work here,

with the aim to direct lost souls

from the night back, towards their Home.


The dark souls stare:

who is approaching them,

speaking clearly,

answering in the affirmative?


The come‑outer shows the way back

by means of his life,

how to live better and better,

consequently persuades the crackpots to return.


In this way are upset the controlling programs,

dependencies, traditions, bad habits,

which are already recorded in genes of bodies,

belonging to those who pulled to this place the darkness.


Such come‑outer reminds

continually flying diligent small bee,

putting love nectar

in the closed hearts.


In order to open them again,

to rescue them from the power of checkers,

to burst their self‑imposed fetters,

to liberate the souls, who forgot their Creator.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2067. The twilight (505).                   (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                   October 23, 2004.

                                                                                                                         18:1418:29 p. m.

                                                                                Place: The train Praha Mlada Boleslav.








„The fruitful clear day

draws to a close,

the light welled all over,

but the darkness does descend.


Now the twilight sky

offered its sombre face,

hiding into darkness

the temporary puppet scene with people.


As if the purple sunset

marked the coming of programs,

which the mankind caused

during previous years.


Everybody can see, that something strange happens,

what formerly did not bother you:

many bugaboos in shop windows,

and also in media.


By way of choices selected energies

remind germinating seed:

the decision makers supposed,

that it will be „PROFITABLE“.


But the ray in tunnel

all the time illuminates that puppet scene,

where appear the ones who chased after „profit“,

but fell into trap.


Everybody can turn for the better also in future:

he may take the life in his own hands

and thus ruin plans woven by checkers,

instead of going back on the puppet stage.


If he helps the come‑outers,

then he is led by the inner Light,

and makes steps in the right direction,

to attain the goal: The Creator with many Angels.


Look here, how he swims against the current,

the crowds cannot nobble him:

he can see with his own eyes the Light in tunnel,

and the time becomes mere illusion.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2068. The Wenceslas Square (506).          (Received Ivo A. Benda.)           October 23, 2004.

                                                                                                                         18:3218:46 p. m.

                                                                                Place: The train Praha Mlada Boleslav.








„The familiar Prague scene,

by people called the Wenceslas Square,

served as the cradle of Darkness,

but the Light clears way.


Among ill‑sorted bugaboos,

that moved into this place,

the candlestick irradiates love

of the coming small hearts.


The horrendous Wenceslas Square

plastered with labels,

is now illuminated by the brightness of light,

brought here by its bearers.


The enduring struggle culminates:

The Light and darkness alternately reign

over the place familiar to everybody,

called the Wenceslas Square.


The permanent demonstration of Light

has to affect the darkness,

as its limit,

which may not be crossed.


Nowadays deep ignorance is promenading

the centre of Prague;

how long are interbred

the energies of Light and darkness?


They function as visual displays:

how does look like

the denied freedom of people,

who have won a democracy?


In the twinkling of an eye,

by means of elections

they bring about their additional fall, nasty one,

that they had not yet experienced so far.


But before it comes about,

a footing will appear,

where the ray of hope in the darkness

shall illuminate the opportunities for their advisable change.


Dear ones, the terrestrials,

who have already long ago amplified love,

serve like a lighthouse

demonstrating the possibility of opening the small heart.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2069. The glitterings (507).                 (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                 October 24, 2004.

                                                                                                                             8:469:04 a. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.








„I face the sky,

which is blue like azure;

I emanate love powerfully,

observing astonishing phenomenon.


While perceiving the width,

I see all the time

thousand dancing little stars,

the dazzlingly white ones.


Ah, what a beauty ! What I see !

Suggesting dancing glitterings,

rejoicing in incessant motion,

some of them decompose into rainbow.


Small arcs, zigzags,

and other quaint, magic moves,

glitterings on the azure background,

are not dependent upon my eye movement.


I asked the Cosmic friends:

What I actually see?

Dear one, you observe our glittering mantles

through the medium of the third eye.


Some of the points that you see,

have lower vibration,

similar to that frequency of yours,

and therefore you can observe them.


It is the same frequency

as the one of your third eye,

corresponding with the points of our mantles,

that you just see.


We are hovering in front of you,

with our mental bodies,

all the time surrounding you with love,

in order that you could see through our light.


The more glitterings you see,

the higher are your frequencies,

which you did upgrade

by way of good, loving deeds.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2070. Where is the Creator?                     (Received Karol T.)                    October 24, 2004.

                                                                                                                         19:0019:05 p. m.

                                                                                                                           Place: Prievidza.







„My children,

do not look for Me in religions

and speculative philosophies !


Search for Me in SIMPLICITY.

Enter the chamber of your HEART.

There I dwell, watching for you !“






2071. Cordial greetings.         (Received Peter S.)            Towards evening October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                          Place: The area of Melnik.



„We all, from the Ashtar’s grand cosmic squadron, are greeting you. Our dear little brother, we cherish you; lot of love is sent to you by Ptaah and Ashtar Sheran, also Ester joins them, together with people from Pleiades belonging to other squadrons, who are in the service of our beloved Creator. We salute you with love in hearts, cherishing you, our dear brothers and sisters; also other beings of Light join us, from our galaxy in Andromeda, Orion, Eridan. This was transmitted to you with love by your Cosmic friends, who cherish you so much. Shine, we help you, the Friends.“








2072. Cordial greetings.            (Received Peter S.)             In the evening October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                          Place: The area of Melnik.



„That’s me, Orthon, your Friend; I’m here with you. Yes, I perceive your thoughts.“


I want to be on friendly terms with you.


„I rejoice that you want that, but actually we are already friends.“


Where are you now ?


„Well, I’m here in this room with you, staying just next to you, providing warmth at the right side of your thigh.


Yes, there I stay, harmonizing your spiritual body by means of my illumination and love, I cherish you. Here are also many Angels related to Forces of Light. I work with your spiritual bodies, especially when you sleep. We harmonize the whole planet yours Gaia, which calls and cherishes us. And we return that love. It’s wonderful.


This was transmitted to you by your Friend Orthon, the spiritual warrantor of this galaxy, and by other beings of Light.“







2073. The politicians.                                      (Received Osho.)                               2004.








„ ... Politicians ...


They are determined ...


It seems that this planet Earth

should be guarded

like a treasure ...


All the other planets around

are dead.


This is the only planet,

which is stimulated

by millions of species,

birds, insects, fish, trees.


All planets around

are very poor.

There just projects dead stone,

without anything growing;

there are no oceans, no rivers,

no trees produce fruit.


And your politicians as if were determined

to change into something like that also this planet Earth.


Terrestrials never before shouldered

so tremendous responsibility.


And remember: the greater accountability,

the more urgent call and opportunity

for unification with higher intelligence,

for applying inner strength, abilities, creative power.


So that on the one hand can be seen

very sad picture.


But on the other hand mankind was never before confronted

with an appeal of this kind ...


People must appreciate all the time

that pressing invitation they are given.








2074. The Cosmic centre. (508).             (Received Ivo A. Benda.)             October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         11:1811:30 a. m.

                                                                                                                                 Place: Praha.







»Everybody here can see

the beautiful shining pictures,

depicting extraterrestrial life

led by the Cosmic people.


Hundreds of people daily

look round with amazement,

rolling eyes wide,

when examining the Heavenly pictures.


Many of them have seen for the first time,

what was kept from them

by means of controlling systems,

and by their „teachers“.


The exposition is held all the year round;

thousands of people have seen it,

in order to gain in knowledge

as far as their overall position is concerned.


Everybody can make his choice:

either pots,

small glasses over the way,

or the Cosmic life in Heaven.


By these pictures is irradiated with love

everybody who walks through;

even if he did not catch a glimpse of anything,

he is illuminated by information.


Many visitors stare with joy

and in astonishment are amazed:

what they have discovered today,

in that district of Holesovice !


Other terrestrials want to know,

when they will come to paradise;

it is up to you,

it depends on your behaviour.


People then distribute leaflets and pictures

to their fellowmen,

thus providing also for them

unique experiences.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2075.  Message of Jesus to people (509).       (Received by Ivo A. Benda.)

3:30-5:46 p.m.  October 29, 2004.

Place: Train Pardubice - Chocen.







“Dear people,


this human world on planet Earth is a PUPPET-SCENE REMOTELY CONTROLLED by extraterrestrial NEGATIVE ENTITIES via control programs implemented in a MACHINE – the datasystem several years in advance, and corrected via operative (on-the-fly) programming from several days up to several months in advance. The control energies are sent out from an antenna system on an outpost base on Moon. These energies have form of very fine waves which easily penetrate through the entire Earth. Every human has an energetic system (which scientists do not know) into which are in a form of impact – i.e., forcefully – via the right auxiliary negative channel inserted control energies.


Man chooses 95 % of these control energies, and only 5% of true information from the Prime Creator of all and everything, Cosmic people, Me, and from his/her encapsulated Spirit and soul.


People choose and build this pseudo-world by numerous choices they constantly make and realize, and so they are headed to worlds which are more dark than this one on planet Earth.


Everyone has any time a chance and opportunity to come to oneself, collect oneself and return to the positive state of the True Creation, to the state of INDEPENDENCE AND FREEDOM, AWARENESS, WISDOM AND LOVE, where one originally came from and where one was created by the purest love, wisdom, goodness, truth and intelligence – by THE PRIME CREATOR OF ALL AND EVERYTHING. This PUPPET-WORLD is permitted by Him/Her for the purpose of LEARNING WHAT TO UNCHOOSE and for the purpose of illustration of what would the life be like under the baton of the PSEUDO-CREATORS who activated and have been maintaining the NEGATIVE STATE over hundreds of thousands of pseudo-world for billions of years.


This message is for all who have ears to hear and eyes to see the TRUTH about their state and situation, and who seek the LIGHT.


The Lord Jesus Christ.”








2076. Where are you? (510).                (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         15:4815:57 p. m.

                                                                               Place: The train Chocen Ceska Trebova.







„We, the Cosmic ones, are asking:

Dear people, where are you ?

What kind of world do you inhabit ?

How did you build such strange world ?


We seek love here with microscope,

but we see hardly any;

instead of love we find

the daily grind continuing for hundreds of years.


What kind of strange lifestyle you have applied ?

What are you actually building up ?

When are you supposed to finish that ?

What kind of reward will you reap ?


We see from our spaceships,

that after physical death,

overwhelming majority of terrestrials moves

towards the Dark worlds you do not believe in.


And then you yet marvel,

that in spite of that lasting drudgery,

you do not work your way up;

you could cry your eyes out, couldn’t you ?


You still chase after anything,

thus accumulating BLOCKS in your bodies,

behaving mechanically;

and you call that earthly HAPPINESS ?


Dear ones, we also know,

that you make a mockery of our lines;

we see everything here,

and that all is then recorded.


There is nothing irretrievably lost:

even every movement of mind is chronicled;

dear ones, also in future

pay extraordinary attention to your choices.


We know millions of your lives;

here is everything recorded,

even without any regression:

it’s enough to set off on a journey to us.


Everything can be found in computers here,

on the cosmic station SHARE,

which we have incessantly guarded

for 1 000 000 years.


Dear people, one way or other,

appreciate every day

experienced beyond reach of program pushed through by those,

who want to hold you in their power also in future.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2077. Breath of the Universe (511).           (Received Ivo A. Benda.)            October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         15:5816:06 p. m.

                                                                               Place: The train Chocen Ceska Trebova.








„The eternal breath of the Universe

echoes already for aeons of years;

distance is gazing at you

all the time.


Do not cry, dear little man;

you are imprisoned somewhere,

and as soon as you are liberated,

the Cosmic distance will be overcome.


The eternal breath of the Universe

is giving you a chance;

it can be seen any time,

every day, when you fall asleep.


So, get up with love !

It’s clear day present others with daybreak !

Put out yesterday,

that program the unreal dream.


Yes, day already goes,

everything develops in beautiful way;

the perfect creation saturated

the cosmic computer with alternatives.


By means of his choices,

every man like a switch

determines where his train runs:

whether into Light or Darkness.


Yes, your CHOICES are coming into force

every second, all the time.

Dear one, how are you going to make up your mind ?

In favour of darkness or freedom ?


If somebody decides on Darkness,

calling it Light,

he has clouded his mind,

regarding nigritude as whiteness.


The one, who decides on Light,

calls it also Light;

but that’s veritable truth

not an illusion anymore.


Breath of the Universe substantiates the life:

there all the lives suggest

collection comprising myriads of stories,

which happened to all its participants.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2078. When the mighty ones get on? (512).    (Received Ivo A. Benda.)     October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         16:0616:15 p. m.

                                                                            Place: The train Ceska Trebova  Olomouc.








„When are the mighty ones going

to call a halt to this beautiful planet ?

How do they regard the life ?

Only as an empty word nothing more !


What the mighty ones actually want ?

They strive for power, not for love;

and consequently they reap tears, misfortune,

being obsessed with self‑centredness.


What defines their lives ?

Their choice based on

controlling program the phantom:

plans woven by the Forces of darkness.


What the mighty ones show on the Earth ?

Stealing energy from others so skillfully,

that they do not become aware of that,

and yet applaud the robbers.


Why the mighty ones do not swerve ?

They toe their line,

which was programmed by the Forces of darkness long ago,

and now is violently introduced.


By what are the mighty ones motivated ?

By controlling possessions and power,

which completely hardens their hearts

and yet conjures up in their minds the golden calf.


There the mighty ones predominate,

amassing a fabulous fortune every day,

resuming their career

in the Dark worlds.


The mighty ones on the Earth

tell lies to anybody whom they see,

still sticking to their crazy visions,

and consequently they end in the mud of darkness.


The mighty ones and the Light together ?

Man ! In no case !

Surely, these are typical opposites,

contrasting kinds of energy, vibrations !


Thus the mighty ones mess around,

worshipping the golden calf,

projected by the checkers

in front of their clouded mind.


Where disappears

that energy of dark power ?

Certainly, this black universe

ends in litter basket.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2079. Clear your heart (513).               (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         16:1716:27 p. m.

                                                                            Place: The train Ceska Trebova  Olomouc.







„What has that power

to tie, isolate and separate you ?

This knows only wind and time;

frost has set in hearts of hearts.


Dear daughter, how could you liberate yourself

from the evil dream ?

Do you know what about it ?

How to dispel it and live ?


The dream is your PROGRAM

received by means of your choices;

it was sent here from the Darkness,

developed skillfully and deceitfully.


Of course, that’s the work of small saurians,

who have robbed you of life,

which was replaced by foolish program

without love, good and truth !


Throw out into bin

these transmitted programs with all conveniences;

find the way to your heart

and experience there the light of candle !


It is the question of choice,

whether or not you are dominated,

whether they will be cast away,

and you born again.


As the right child,

put up your feelers on the Earth,

to examine these puppets by touch

and take life in your own hands.


You are led by the light of heart,

simply walking without shady plans;

you are not supporting any complexities,

neither securing yourself by the Darkness anymore.


Yes, you shall throw out resolutely into bin

all controlling programs,

which were hammered into yourself;

you shall turn them to dust.


You secure everything by means of your love,

following the nice narrow road,

that leads away from this world,

to your Right Home !


Yet open yourself more,

continue in clearing your heart,

in order to be no longer in your infancy,

to grow up, becoming adult shining Angel.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2080. Glance back once more (514).         (Received Ivo A. Benda.)            October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         16:1716:27 p. m.

                                                                            Place: The train Ceska Trebova  Olomouc.







„Glance back once more,

look on the scene of people,

just take it in your hand

and leave it with all.


The puppet scene was imposed

upon very dear planet Earth,

by the pseudocreators

and refused by love.


Everything consists of vibrations,

energy of human bodies,

and of those, who have deceived

this rather strange world.


After all, love also knows,

that once it will come to life;

falling narrow ray of light

will caress the small heart in callus.


When a small flower opens its bud,

surely, anybody learns of that;

then he leaves the darkness without further delay,

and quickly turns off by means of loving deeds.


Dear one, thus you may get out of your way;

the day filled up:

there is enough Light,

and so, fly up like a free bird.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2081. To the one, who got things moving.       (Received Pavlina B.)         November 2, 2004.

                                                                                                                         22:1522:20 p. m.

                                                                                                              Place: Environs of Brno.







„I am much obliged, with inward joy,

feeling your right way.


Your wisdom and diligence

was added to blessing of Czech people;

your soul is interwoven

with love and feeling.


The Friend wearing blue‑gold dress

goes his own clean way:

he is coming to protect you,

to guide you on the road of black mud.


Thus is carried out your great mission;

look !

There is a blissful happiness in store for you.


Our Father records a big plus for you,

with work of fireflies,

your soul shoots up at full tear.




I thank you both,

small hearts open wide;

with joy I shall deliver that

to other fellowmen ...


In love, Ivo.







2082. The Mother Earth (515).             (Received Ivo A. Benda.)             November 4, 2004.

                                                                                                                         23:0823:22 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.








„The planet Earth,

in its silence,

revolves round the little star,

nowadays called the sun.


Its wondering is difficult:

the Earth carries

special nature’s work:

the humankind that forgot freedom.


Terrestrials anchored to its body,

chase after matter,

while still clinging to illusion,

that slavery makes sense.


They work like a dray horse for the benefit of those,

who threw the instructions for everyday hardship,

which is accepted willingly on the assumption,

that this is the right thing.


The planet Earth observes

what are the terrestrials singing:

the illusory song,

leading to darkness.


The dryland protects

half of the surface,

against devastation

of coarse‑vibratory agonizing notions.


The great mother Earth

yet holds the bodies,

that are chronically sleeping

and have lost the Spirit and soul.


At any rate,

that planet grants time, impulse, to many,

who then could extricate themselves from darkness

and find the sphere of life.


That sphere can be defined as dimensions

with abundance of light;

there everybody is the picture of health,

rejoicing and living in happiness.


Man, listen how the Earth

moans all the time;

but soon it will purge itself

from evil people.


The Mother Earth gave some time,

to have chance,

the sought heart,

and found the quality of life.


Yes, it spins on its axes,

the Mother Earth, nature,

who gave you everything,

having nothing herself, any more.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Mother Earth, with a great pleasure“.


I thank you, dear Earth;

I shall deliver the message to countries,

where people long for love with happiness,

and nowadays try their hardest.









2083. Sure thing. (516).                    (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                   November 6, 2004.

                                                                                                                         20:3021:00 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.








„Day by day

I hear „you must“,

and as we grow weak,

you practise every day.


What drives the body, and why?

That limited unit?

What’s that, what is it about?

Who knows, how is the knowledge amplified?


The world wonders;

regarding this body,

it is like in a puzzle,

and in LOVE !


This physical body

is as the last one in a row,

connected to many other bodies

by way of feeding from the Creator.


Every body with mind,

becomes conscious

of its state and Creation

who I am and where I go.


Why I know so little?

About myself and Creation?

About my position and life?

Where are other worlds?



then SOMEBODY caused that,

went to great lengths

to COVER it.


He aimed at nothing else,

then at cunning dominance of life

enjoyed by terrestrials,

wanting them to think, that it belongs to them.


But it does not, and newer did,

since the life is preprogrammed

dishonestly and forcibly,

by the ones, who still dwell in darkness.


As soon as you seize your reality,

you stand a chance

to take in your own hands personal life, the RIGHT one,

which IS NOT an illusion any more.


Such life is full of good,

wisdom, truth,

wealth of feelings,

coming from dear Creator.


Day by day goes by,

you experience that Creator’s guidance,

against the tide

of controlling on a mass scale.


Dear one, jump out of river,

float light as a feather,

blameless, exonerated from sins,

having taken a weight off your mind.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.





2084. The Cosmic friends.           (Received Petr S.)        In the morning on October 28, 2004.

                                                                                                          Place: The area of Melnik.



„I, your brother Ashtar, give you a friendly greeting. Yes, I’m here. I’m glad that you have thus established contact with me. Yes, our dear little brother, we are with you all the time. Yes, feel our presence. You see our glitterings. We, the beings of Light, are those phosphorescing rays. We furnish you protection, working thus for our beloved Father THE PRIMARY CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY. Also we are here, the men and women from Pleiades, who love you, our dear brother.


We send you are regards with love. Also we are here, your multidimensional beings; we observe you on monitor. Feel through the medium of your open heart. We are caressing you. I’m Mixela from Orion, your multidimensional being from the fifth dimension. Yes, I’m here, staying at your right side. I like you very much. Present are also other brothers related to the Forces of Light. Trust your intuition. You have good vibrations. Do not leave yourself at the mercy of your outer world, which is full of violence and coarse vibrations. THE CREATOR presented you with love in heart; therefore radiate it, and you will experience the consequent impact. We love you, as your brothers from Pleiades, where was originated your incarnation. Semjase, Pleja, and others, Ashtar Sheran, your multidimensional being Mixela.“







2085. Celebration on the planet Erra (517).   (Received Ivo A. Benda.)     November 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         15:0015:11 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.


            „Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you a friendly greeting. Yes, I’m glad that you have thus established contact with me, so that I may present to you some new reports.


Yes, three people set out to attend the wonderful CELEBRATION on the planet Erra, held in beautiful gardens with little tables spread over, applying to fulfilling the mission of Light on the planet Earth. Apart from the mentioned three people was this Celebration attended also by other terrestrials, who succeed in their mission of love on the globe, so that they already approached to their return Home, into the Right Creation. Yes, they were given warm welcome by their brothers and sisters from spiritual families, and were enabled to share in person their experiences they get on the planet Earth. These terrestrials were also informed about the discharge of their mission, following procedure, and also about plans woven by the Forces of darkness regarding the planet Earth. Visitors thus could rejoice at the progress as far as the cleansing of the globe is concerned, and at the procedure as for the implementation of the plan developed by the Forces of Light, focused on liberating of all the deceased men from the trap of negative state.


Some of terrestrials attended the session of the galaxial High Council stationed in Petala, thus representing the inhabitants of this dark planet Zero. There they accepted the decision of all 5 000 000 societies regarding the plan of rescue, and could personally present their views and proposals. With that they returned to the planet Erra and from there, through the medium of the spacecraft carrier PLEJA III, they came back to bedrooms. Just from there they were one hour ago dematerialized and by means of light rays relocated and materialized on the spacecraft PLEJA III.“


The testimony offered by another worker of Light, bearing on his return together with three friends, by way of immediate mental observation (during the nighttime service in work):


The course of return unfolded in this way:


November 28, 2004, 1:50 a. m.  the beginning of perception, 2:10 a. m.  the end of operation, altogether approximately 20 minutes of our time.


During nighttime meditation I have found myself mentally on a big spaceship, and there in flood of radiant light, welling from the walls of the spaceship, I saw three terrestrial friends of mine, dressed in a yellow, pink (women) and nacreous blue overalls (man), who were accompanied by Semjase. From their hearts powerfully emanated love. They embraced joyfully and affectionately (at first women and then the man) with Semjase, Ashtar, and Ptaah (they were present on the spaceship all the time). After taking their leave of each other (formally, since in reality they are interconnected) they went away to changing room, and then were my friends transformed into three points of light, which were in ray quickly returned back into three beds placed in a bedroom just under a roof of the house on the planet Earth. The transfer passed by way of strong radiating rays (like in the film Star track, which overall has 50 percent of veracity). Above the house hovered the big spacecraft carrier PLEJA III (ellipse  1,5 kilometres in diameter). Three rays one by one ran through, vertically downwards into beds placed in the bedroom surrounded by larger beams of light the protection against negative energies related to the Forces of darkness. The whole district was intensely illuminated and also in the bedroom was lot of light. At the beds appeared biologist-doctors. As if they were „cleaning“ during materialization of three terrestrials, but in reality they just check the health condition of three visitors, settled them down to sleep and covered them up with a blanket.


After awakening next morning, each of those three terrestrials was imbued with very pleasant uplifting feeling. They began to describe individually the meeting and celebration. Little later they were acquainted with the given evidence regarding observing of their return.


In terrestrial physical bodies, such meetings with Cosmic friends can go on sporadically, beginning with the sixth revolution of the Spiritual path THE ENCHANTER WITH CONTROLLING PROGRAM, and more often within the seventh revolution of the Spiritual path THE SEER, since the high vibrations of love, as far as the physical body is concerned, are sufficient (see the graph in scheme 688 bellow the spiral on , ). From the third revolution of the Spiritual path higher THE FIGHTER AGAINST CONTROLLING PROGRAM, the interested persons have a chance to meet Cosmic friends in mental bodies.


Such are our STANDARD ways of meeting Cosmic friends related to the Forces of Light, by reason of everywhere smelling, very extensive controlling programs, here built in the majority of people (the many‑headed dragon), passing from one generation to the next. These contacts are regarded as PRIVATE ones !!!  Approximately 100 000 000 terrestrials (the sixth and the seventh revolution of the Spiritual path) appear in this process within the approaching first wave of revibration into the fifth dimension of the planet Earth.


In the course of past years, some workers of Light came to meetings in nature with cameras, in order to make photographs and films for the purpose of helping other people in contacts. Such materials are supposed to be CIRCULATED WITHOUT RESTRAINT. No groups should lay false and exclusive claim to them with the intention of forbidding others to spread this documentation something like that would be engineered from the Dark worlds by pseudocreators and small saurians wanting to liquidate and eliminate these light materials. We have PLENTY of them, also on , , although they are not complete, because part of photographs and films was reduced to nothing by negative people, who have stolen them from makers from Mr. George Adamski (1950’s), Paul Villa (1960’s), Eugenio Siragusa (19521978), Giorgio Dibitonto (1960’s and 1970’s)), Eduard Albert Meier (1970’s and 1980’s. These makers produced such documentation together with the Cosmic people for the purpose of delivering them to all terrestrials, not for a robber, who would menace others on account of the desirable dissemination !


Liquidators puppets negative entities, concurrently threaten through the medium of offensive letters and demented articles (Astro, Spirit etc.) to other people, who independently distribute the mentioned relevant documents (experience acquired during 7 years of light work). The liquidators fetch and carry for the small saurians from darkness, and without any rational consideration they are doing what their programmers program for them (owing to their very low spiritual state the starting point of the Spiritual path and the first revolution of the Spiritual path consequently considerable 95 % controllability from the darkness).


Nowadays possible making additional photographs of spaceships is not topical, since there is abundance of them, and in particular, in these days anybody could claim, that the new photos were developed by means of computer so that people, who are eager for sensation, would not fill their needs. Terrestrials do not know, that the Cosmic friends regard filming spaceships here, on the planet Earth, in very coarse‑vibratory environment, as very specific and difficult dangerous projects, because when they take the shade from spaceship, they get in touch with another kinds of energy vibrations. Therefore some of the small spaceships were arranged as pilotlees only for such occasions, so as not to lower unnecessarily vibrations of our Cosmic friends.


If people would not change for the better, if they would not open their hearts, then they could not meet with the Cosmic friends and the other ones shall wait for them the entities from the Dark worlds, who control them like puppets (see for example reports 1602, 1761, 1925, pictures No. 688, 692, 793, 811, 1240, 1243 on , ).








2086. Purification of the High Tatra (518).  (Received Ivo A. Benda.)        November 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         15:1815:31 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.


            „Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you a friendly greeting. Now I can inform you of the hurricanes in the High Tatra, Low Tatra, Jeseniky and else.


It is the question of another PURIFYING processes on the planet Earth, which thus gives these negative people to know, how they devastate nature by means of their coarse‑vibratory thoughts and deeds. Bit by bit they will not be enabled to recreate thus in magnificent nature and their environment will accurately REFLECT THEIR NEGATIVE STATE. This is not the final phase yet. If people do not turn for the better, sad events shall follow. Yes, on November 19, 2004, till 15:15 p. m., were by the 180 kilometres per hour hurricane only in the High Tatra destroyed about 150 square kilometres of almost entire forest in the whole south foothills, in the zone 3 kilometres wide and 50 kilometres long, everywhere around recreational facilities.


In this way people got another opportunity to understand, what they commit by way of their negative activities without love, and what consequences follow.


We, the Cosmic people, dwelling here on the cosmic stations, were acquainted with the processes of purification on many others similar planets, and we know, that the planet Earth will not already for long tolerate this bizarre pseudolife of terrestrials. We wish very much, that people understand it at last, confessing their inappropriate behaviour and actions, based on materialism and consumption. Therefore we all the time with love thus help you and advise how to lead positive life, IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAWS OF LOVE FRAMED BY THE PRIMARY CREATOR OF EVERYTHING AND EVERYBODY. You have yet little time to turn for the better, but not much time, and so, we ask everybody who feels yet through the medium of his heart, to warn his fellowmen.


This was transmitted with love in shinning heart by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of grand cosmic squadron.“








2089. Love.                                 (Received Helena N.)                           October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.







„Love reminds of  beautiful mirror,

which serves as a fount of knowledge,

so that people could know their way

about the whole world.


Love reminds of marguerite,

which unfolds and blooms at dawn,

when dew is falling in the morning.


Love reminds of you,

who is recording for approaching November days

the words that seem to be so reliable,

but remain unexpressed,

and hidden like under a spider’s web;

they are waiting till your heart

will be imbued with blissful feeling.

Then the bright Light

will shine endlessly,

on all creations

in the wide world incessantly,

until the planet Earth

changes into PARADISE.


With love, the primary Creator of everything and everybody.“






2090. Beauty.                                (Received Helena N.)                          October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.








„Yellow and orange are colours

of sun and determination,

suggesting its blazing heat:

everybody feels that energy,

which emanates from them.


Perhaps that whole beauty

is rooted only inside,

and outwardly forces their way by means of love,

which wants to permeate that beautiful world.


Beauty reminds of sunflower

exposing itself to sun,

and wanting to change the world

by way of its loveliness.


Beauty suggests infinity

that will accompany you during the whole era,

because immensity as a whole comes from the Creator

and jointly forms your golden age.


With love, the primary Creator of everything and everybody.“






2091. Time.                                 (Received Helena N.)                           October 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.






„Time is one endless passage,

which looks like big bang,

but cannot be measured,

since at its end

is waiting its beginning.


Time was invented

just by people,

who wanted to shorten their period.


And so, in that long,

lasting continuous eternity,

lives, years, months unwind,

and concurrently it seems,

that day follows night,

and that it is supposed to be that way.


With love, your beloved Creator of everything and everybody,

who is here with you for ever and ever.“






2092. About hope.                           (Received Helena N.)                      November 8, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.







„Love, in your eyes I see,

that expressive shining glitter

of your thoughts and emotions,

rising from your heart to the surface,

and with immense desire feeding out

millions of very small hearts,

which shall change your longing

into cosmic infinity,

where will appear

only me and you.


With love in heart satisfies us

even mutual deep look, eyeball to eyeball,

and all our past lives are enough

for our remembering,



Everything goes further,

but from the reached advanced stage

we have already arrived at sooner,

and our voices still remain unanswered by people,

who avoid love and seek happiness in particulars

that are regarded as essential by a man, who believes in them.


That’s maybe also the reason

why I again yearn for inner calm and peace;

memories of you sail in my mind

and pervade my heart with happiness.


Do you want to try, too,

what it is like to be loved,

to love and remain faithful

to your sons and yourself ?


Follow the road leading to the Light,

so that we may be together

locked in a tight embrace,

looking forward to every day,

and whisper sweet words

like two young pigeons:



This was transmitted with love in heart,

by Ashtar Sheran and people from Pleiades,

to those who deserve that poem.“







2093. Fidelity.                                 (Received Helena N.)                                June 4, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.






“Fidelity is given in heart

and for everybody it is thus available;

sometimes maybe it seems to be

cherished too much.


It reminds of Sun,

that leans

on corn poppy,

and also suggests clouds

that sail in the sky,

there, in the bluish distance.


Perhaps you will feel in your bosom

that desire to flow into unity;

then be aware of finding

the real treasure.


When the white pigeonhen waves wings,

and snakes set out on a long journey,

the beloved Earth

will thoroughly see about

all its cherished children,

who love this planet and believe in it.


Its glow of everlasting love,

with eternal light,

shall always burn for that wondering of yours.


And once in the infinite distance

will resound that loving voice:

„God bless you, I love you“.

Again I look forward to those precious moments,

which will remain recorded in my mind for ever,

reminding of limitless gate,

opened evermore for all

who feel the same as I do.


„I shall love you for ever,

it makes me happy to have you,

and I believe, that you, dear Creator,

shall never leave me;

you will be with me for ever and ever.“


From the Creator.”


With love, Helena.







2094. The harmony of souls.                       (Received Helena N.)                    June 5, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.







„Some souls remind a roundabout;

they are turning gloomily all the time,

not being able to disentangle themselves

from malice, hatred and contempt.

Indeed, I cannot event imagine,

that such qualities could persist in hypothetical paradise;

these rather belong to chaos, confusion and wars,

which seem to illustrate reliably,

that power triumphs all over the world,

and as if nobody cared, that:

Starving people are dying,

although natural desire to live

impels them to do everything humanly possible.

The nature looks very devastated,

and the mineral wealth melts away.

Terrestrials do not arouse enough love 

although people of every sort and kind

produce in others false impression,

that they cherish it in their hearts,

and that surround others with love more and more.

My dear friends,

I would like to deliver you message,

that your hidden love deserves to be given

to every being on this Earth.

I desire very much to present you

with that light from my heart, which would remind

of our friendship and interconnection of all things,

that seem to be unbelievable nowadays,

when the time of love is coming.


To the loving ones

Ashtar Sheran and people from Pleiades.“








2095. Love.                                     (Received Helena N.)                              June 5, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.








„Love reminds a rose,

that blooms at the right time.

Maybe that love arouses you from your sleep,

and memories clinging only to the one beloved still crowd on you.


Perhaps you suffer from loneliness and do not believe in it?

That love disturbing your peace,

will feel abandoned,

until your heart believes,

that it is just love,

which unites the whole world.


Therefore I would like to tell you, my dear ones,

that it seems foolish at times,

when sometimes almost carelessly

you want to take it.


After all, love suggests teardrop,

which could be put to sleep on morning dew,

and the infinity of your soul,

as if were open afar

and happy like the sun,

which warms in every heart,

although it might be at the parting of the ways,

and seeks home,

which is known so well in one’s heart of hearts.


This was transmitted to you by Ashtar Sheran and people from Pleiades.“







2096. About love.                          (Received Helena N.)                                June 11, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.








„Love reminds a marguerite,

that between others does not look exceptionally

on a flowering meadow,

in beauty and the radiance of the sun,

but inside that glamour is hidden,

and could be found by anybody who seeks,

since nobody is deprived of that yearning

making so beautiful human beings like you,

who go after defined goal,

following love, searching.


We could talk our head off about love,

which never dies and is concealed in every human being:

just find, accept and give it

to all fellowmen.


In this is that love infinite,

because touches others and changes the world:

and all manner of things take their true shape,

thus approaching nearer to the Creator.


It’s fascinating, how that gradual transformation

continually changes everything for the better.

Keep in heart your love,

which should not ever die;

Love is so wonderful

in all its beauty.


With love, loving Ashtar Sheran and people from Pleiades.“








2097. About Grace.                              (Received Helena N.)                         June 11, 2004.

Place: Zlin.








„Grace is not something like science,

which seems to be entirely

explored and analyzed by anybody with anything.

Grace is something completely new, what man discovers

in this era, which seems to be gold one,

like a precious stone hidden inside and found at the right moment.


Perhaps, somebody might say:

after all, Grace existed already since the beginning of time.

That’s true, but as well as the truth looks differently from various viewpoints,

also the Creator’s Grace looks diversify,

as if appeared in one form or other.

That might be regarded as a human folly

to thing that people thus could be guilty,

since they take a dim view of fellowmen’s deeds.

But for that you are incompetent;

Grace should serve as your weapon,

and the Creator Himself will judge, how time proceeded:

everybody’s thoughts will be played through and read at the right time.

Behaviour, love, confidence, understanding

that all is treasured like jewels, which endure for long.

My dear ones, I would like to tell you only,

that the right time draws near now,

when the Grace of anybody and for everybody means:

turning upon God and sympathize with fellowmen.


With love, Ashtar Sheran and people from Pleiades.“








2098. The Cosmic friends.           (Received Petr S.)           In the morning on July 10, 2004.

                                                                                                          Place: The area of Melnik.



„We all form the Ptaah’s cosmic squadron give you friendly greetings. We are very glad, that you have thus again established contact with us. Dear Peter, we love you. We are here with you, observing what you are doing. Also I, Pleja from the spaceship PLEJA III, say hello to you. Yes, I enjoy observing how you are getting along. We send you streams of love from our spaceships hovering over you. Also Ptaah and many other people from Pleiades send you friendly greetings. We cherish you and we like you all very much.“


Dear Pleiadeans, please, tell me, whether Dalai Lama communicates with you.


Yes, subconsciously he does, not consciously. However, he communicates with the primary Creator and he has good heart, being peaceable man (like you). There are many of us, who would like to talk with you: Pleiadeans, Ummitians, Aenstrinians. Also I, Ashtar, say hello to you. Yes, I’m here, too, Ashtar Sheran, your brother. I like you very much. We send you our streams of love, dear friends from the Earth; we are very glad, that you want to have a friendly chat with us. We like to debate about nice things, beautiful nature, little animals, where concrete species live, how they grow. We love nature, forests, parks, streams. You have wonderful streamslets, rivers, for instance the Danube. Yes, we like them.“


Dear friends, may I speak with Ashtar’s wife Esther?


Here I am, dear Peter; that’s me, Ashtar Sheran’s wife Esther, saying hello to you with love in heart. I’m pleased, that you wanted to speak with me. I rejoice at the way how you try to help mother Earth regarding purification. I love you, dear Peta.“


Dear Esther, please, tell me, you were that being of light, the white figure, that appeared in September 1999 ?


No, that was another being from the seventh dimension of existence, who appeared for your sake; thus you will not forget on us and on your task. Work with love for our Father, the Creator. That’s divine gift, when you are led in this way. Appreciate appropriately, that very advanced beings from higher worlds lend you helping hand. We love you all. We, Pleja, Ashtar, Esther and many others, are parting from you, but not for very long.“


And I only add, that the mentioned being appeared in transparent golden body with glare of gold as aura, similarly like our dear Friend Ashtar Sheran; that physiognomy is typical for beings of light from the Right Creation. I wish all the people with all my heart, that they become acquainted with these beautiful beings. With love, brother Peter.






2099. The planet Earth undergoes process of purification.  

                                                                        (Received Peter S.)                       July 12, 2004.

                                                                                                                         21:5322:02 p. m.

                                                                                                          Place: The area of Melnik.



            „Dear Peter,


„We give you friendly greeting from the Ptaah’s cosmic squadron. We, the Pleiadeans, are still here, again placed on alert, because your planet Earth yet undergoes the process of purification.“


Dear Pleiadeans, please, tell me, put me wise to that funny turn and unsteadiness of July 10 and 11, 2004 ?


„Yes, dear Peter; you thus felt the earthquake affecting North Italy, Austria and part of your territory. It came so near, that in this way some people could feel that. Rely on your intuition. Your heart is guiding you. Dear people, there you should turn, into your INNER REALITY, where dwells your Father, the primary Creator of everything and everybody. Dear people, be wide‑awake, since the purification IS NOT OVER. It is up to you, depending on your thoughts and treating fellowmen. We love you all. This was transmitted with love to you by Ptaah, Semjase, Pleja and others.“






2100. Jesus and beings of Light in heart. 

                                                (Received Petr S.)            In the morning on August 28, 2004.

                                                                                                          Place: The area of Melnik.



            „Dear Peter,


That’s me, Lord Jesus Christ, in your heart. I’m very glad, that you have thus established contact with me. My dear lambs of light, I love you. We, the Angels of love, from Heaven, of the Right worlds, your protectors, emanate lot of love, good, from our hearts to you, our dear ones; we cherish you. This was transmitted with love to you by Angels of Light and Lord Jesus Christ, in your open heart, together with the Cosmic people related to the Forces of Light.“


I thank Lord Jesus Christ and all beings related to the Forces of Light; with love, Peter.






2101. Help from the universe.                (Received Martin S.)                 November 10, 2004.

                                                                                                                             5:005:20 a. m.

                                                                                                                               Place: Turany.







„It is late in the night, the daybreak draws on,

the sky sprinkled with bright stars,

cleared up,

and warmed the cockles of my heart.


Among these shines

I look for the moving ones.

At my request

they change into big lights.


Like pharos flash me with a wave;

only intelligent being,

from another planet,

is able to set it tight.


This way the Cosmic people say hello,

when they are hovering over us in spaceships,

thus giving us friendly greeting

and encouraging signal.


They fly around planet Earth,

and concurrently make up for a loss of ozone.

Humankind would become sick

without their help.


We have polluted our globe enormously,

while it is unbeknown to us,

how much we are thus harming it;

we will have to find that to our cost.


It is a good thing,

that somebody has enough reason to relieve it;

but people, you have to realize,

that this help will not be provided forever !“






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