2102. The planet Shan to terrestrials.               (Received P.)                  November 13, 2004.

                                                                                                                         22:1522:20 p. m.

                                                                                                                               Place: Martin.






„Daughter, if you want,

hear these words

spoken by your mother,

called the planet Shan.


I have strong and profound feeling,

that the last days draw near

together with the end of significant chapter;

every soul is positive

about ardent pure love

to God, Father, the Creator

love of the Heaven


Ah, I love all beings,

who feel this way

and who clear their hearts towards God,

opening up to him with tenderness,

already looking down

from above on the pseudoworld.


They love, caress, rejoice,

working for the Creator.

I thank them all;

I love and cherish you,

praying to Father watching for your sake.


If only I could carry you

already on the New Earth.

I’m looking forward, time runs out;

the New Earth opens its arms

for all who give way to the genuine will

the will of the Creator.“



I thank you, dear Shan, with joy I shall deliver this poem to my fellowmen. With love, P.






2103. Get on.                                   (Received Rosta D.)                                  May 23, 2004.

                                                                                                                      Place: Cesky Tesin.



„These events you became acquainted with (by means of the Bible and other books) are approaching. Prophecies foretold thousands and thousands of years ago will be fulfilled. You are important as for guiding citizens, your fellowmen. Everybody feels his mission.“







„Our twilight

has already approached;

in a while

shall everything sign off.


People, the time of liberation

has ripened.

Now is the right time

to get on.


You all are encircled

by love.

You all are excited

by that splendour.


Now it is important

to have your heart wide open,

while going to meet us,

and saying a few words of welcome.“






2104. Where life has true meaning (520).   (Received Ivo A. Benda.)        November 18, 2004.

                                                                                                                          19:2819:32 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Where is love, there is peace.


Where is peace, there is life.


Where is life, there is happiness.


Where is happiness, there is welfare.


Where is welfare, there is bliss.


Where is bliss, there life, love and dreams have true meaning !“






2105. The Homecoming (521).            (Received Ivo A. Benda.)              November 18, 2004.

                                                                                                                          19:3319:41 p. m.

                                                                                                                          Place: Ceska Lipa.







„The shining sun

opened with joy in your chest,

glowing by bliss in your heart of hearts,

shall give you everything you are yearning for.


Then you will see paradises worlds

you still carry in your bosom;

these you beheld for the last time,

yet before you were born on this globe.


Then anew, when the time comes,

you will be flooded with magnificence of light brightness,

like a bud found in garden;

and you shall feel the clean wind again !


Therefore you are still meeting us,

the heavenly Angels you know,

since, dear one, you are closely connected with them;

after all, you have just bounced boot out of their presence.


And hear, dear one, how the heart sounds,

sending out stream of light;

your heart of hearts, coming back Home,

is shining so impressively !


My child, you still call us,

to see the Angels of Light again;

when you finish your work here,

then you shall come back Home.


The days of peace go by,

day follows night;

then bright light shall glow

and you will never return any more.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2106. About heaven (522).                (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                November 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                             4:525:12 a. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Love is burning like fire,

any place you set eyes

in that glowing world,

where truth prevails all the time.


There peace reigns incessantly,

for ever and ever:

Heaven and myriads of worlds

testify to the Creator’s astounding work.


He energizes it by vibrations of love,

wisdom, good, intelligence;

His absolute vibrations

are available for everybody.


This way the inhabitants share

the Creator’s absolute energies,

according to them they adapt their choices,

and reciprocate them to the Creator.


This great sharing

is nothing out of the ordinary;

life is thus created

in the Creator’s Truth.


The ones who live here,

are related to three levels of Heaven,

depending on the distance

separating them from the Creator.


Thus the heavenly Angels,

by way of their inner nad outer beauty,

all the time experience life of such kind,

that chance would be a fine thing for you.


There are no sicknesses, causes of starving, wars,

monetary systems, politics, banks,

identifications, denominations, associations

nothing like that.


On the other hand, they enjoy complete FREEDOM:

there is no dominance,

and cosmic beings may move across the universes

just through the medium of thought.


There is plenty of brightness in all places,

everything shines by way of the Creator’s light;

such splendour stems just from the heart,

you would not find it else on the Earth.


You, man, will once also behold

the expanses of many universes;

if you leave the negative state,

you shall find the Home of love.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.









2107. The evacuation of the first wave approaches.      (Received P.)         December 5, 2004.

                                                                                                                          22:4123:05 p. m.

                                                                                                                                Place: Martin.


Please, could you make a report indicating what is happening ?  I have been experiencing a strong feeling for few days, that something very important is going on ...


„I, Ashtar Sheran, say hello to you, and so, do not hesitate and make a record.


You know, as far as your planet Earth is concerned, the situation changes in such a way, that everywhere you look, you can at this time feel continually increasing coarse vibrations of your terrestrials. There are prepared another powerful processes of purifying the globe; the planet Earth proceeds like this with the kind permission given by the primary Creator of everything and everybody. Everything is thus put in motion, touching the darkness. If you besides thus add up that energy of coarse‑vibratory people and mass production of chips various types together with efforts to put them into operation, including satellites then you get clear result: the present condition of your planet Earth and of its inhabitants. I repeat, that everything keeps moving quickly downwards, towards the darkness. The work of all torchbearers here on the Earth must be necessarily INTENSIFIED, and we are continually helping you hard in that all the time. We all are hereat placed on full alert, to help you any time. The evacuation approaches. Its first wave will take place probably at night, pertaining to the majority of people adjusted for that, when they sleep.


People, awake !  It’s high time !  We, your cosmic Angels, are sending you this message with love, hovering above you in spaceships over the planet called Shan, loved and helped so powerfully by us.


You see, dear P., how matters stay, how things develop in its train; you feel that „in your bones“, as terrestrials say.



So, dear people, just try

to awaken those sleeping souls,

let them already arouse from their sleep;

they should not cling to lamb,

that glitters like gold,

just to grip the crowd.


Open your heart,

give love and joy;

do not expect warm thanks,

give away, dispense, and then go.


Anybody may try harder,

that’s what the globe and terrestrials need ... :

the light work

lighted up by the Creator’s love.


That all was transmitted to you with love of those, who are fond of you so much: Ashtar Sheran, Ptaah, Semjase, Asket, Artur, Athar and others.“


I thank the Primary Creator with love, I thank you all, I love you, P.







2108. About faith.                          (Received Helena N.)                     November 23, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.







„Does it make sense to ask about faith,

when the answers should be already known?

Faith reminds of a pigeonhen,

which flies around the big wide world,

and answers that question to others

by means of wings.


Faith reminds of a pinhead,

that makes this world happy,

when its flowers burn in summer,

desiring to emit that divine smell,

which is presently so sensual.

And hundreds of thousands very bright‑coloured blooms,

arranged far and near,

want to brighten up every day,

so that the spark,

which warms your heart,

could adorn the wide sky

like millions of stars,

and fly across whole vast galaxy

to the destination where it belongs:

to its dear Creator.


Thus, likewise the fortune

that will once smile on everybody,

I wish you, that your faith

would not be ever betrayed

by sorrow, misfortune and deception.


This was transmitted to you, dear ones, by Ashtar Sheran“.






2109. About freedom.                         (Received Helena N.)                  November 27, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.







„Freedom is that particular,

which still drowses in your mind,

without being able to recollect

how easy it is sometimes,

to make your decision from heart

win over reason.

And the opening as a whole,

could become infinite,

alike faith and love,

leading also Jesus Christ,

when his steps resounded out in the country.

This way, my dear ones,

I would like to narrate that whole story

with love and understanding.


At that time were poverty and lies

balanced also by courage and justice,

that can change even this world,

in which people who open their heart

establish contact with the Creator.

And their streams of love flood and influence

other persons around us,

who then feel such change,

when the light shines in them

without stopping,

since the Light drives off darkness.


Therefore, dear ones, keep in yourself

small flame of blessing,

hope and believe all the time:

see you in better days,

because your courage will lead you

towards freedom.


To all nations:

if only you become united by love ...

... that would be wonderful.


Loving primary Creator of everything and everybody.“






2110. Heaven on Earth.                       (Received Helena N.)                  November 28, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.







„Dear people, it would be great,

if so much joy,

on that wide world

without any wars and contempt,

would overcome all worries,

and love would flood the globe

with its heavenly glow;

happiness would visit all places,

and faith in our Creator

would not be pursued anywhere by a shadow of doubt.


Love, that’s beautiful feeling,

which cannot be grasped;

if anybody follows the road of destiny

and does not perceive the beauty around,

then he suffers from deceptive illusion.


Perhaps even you will once understand,

that also in the vast universe

now and then somebody thinks of Him,

despairs, yammers,

or laughs joyfully,

so that anybody is disarmed,

by means of this lovely smile

and power of that knowledge,

that congenitally everybody has the right to be happy,

enjoy his life and scream with laughter.


If only that bliss endures

and never keeps out of anybody;

if only smile lights up every human face

and also millions of other hearts,

which will behold its beauty.


This was transmitted with love to you by loving Creator of everything and everybody,

who would like to give you all blessing.“






2111. With love.                               (Received Helena N.)                      December 1, 2004.

                                                                                                                               Place: Zlin.







„With love I write this page,

wanting to express,

how much I love you;

perhaps I should pay you polite compliments

for all your beautiful wishes,

that come from your heart,

and all the time orbit

around vast Milky Way,

waiting to be granted and fulfilled,

although they at times seem

to be hidden and without end.


With love I would like to give

my dedication also others;

if only love always accompanies them

together with good luck,

in order that your life

would be all the time illuminated

by light of love, harmony, calmness and peace.


With love, Ashtar Sheran and Cosmic people.“






2112. In the light of truth.                    (Received Helena N.)                    December 7, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.







„Ever since your times

were so hard as up to now,

you might ask:

Who should condemn anybody,

and become an enforcer of verdicts,

affecting fates of people,

who do not perceive love in their inner reality,

and yet see everything around

devastated and ravaged ?


Much like sooner was everything beautiful

and pure as the driven snow,

thus also your heart will radiate

that infinite love,

which it feels hidden inside:

love makes from human deeds the divine ones.


With love in heart,

I would like to wish you millions of lives

potentiated by right knowledge and spent in love,

which sweeps along its road

towards the beauty of its Creator.


With love, loving primary Creator of everything and everybody.“






2113. About being radiating only love.          (Received Helena N.)            December 7, 2004.

                                                                                                                                    Place: Zlin.







„It is so wonderful to kiss somebody

and see in his eyes that charming feeling,

which uplifts towards the immeasurable celestial heights of the Milky Way,

where you all were born

and had lived eternally with love in heart,

without any fear and contempt;

you did not have a clue,

that also on the Planet Earth

people will try to live with love.


That love was full of happiness,

comprising nothing that could make sad

these opened hearts,

radiating only love,

that wanted to embrace you all,

and also suggest,

how important is that feeling:

to like somebody and love fellowmen,

to laugh joyfully,

believing in oneself and Creator himself.


These beings came into the world in rising number,

and every of them here would like

to bring about peace defined by special precedencies:

love, faith, joy and bliss.


Happiness reminds of love,

which does not want to enforce anything,

but only seeking poet

can find in that love the blissful feeling,

which is beyond description,

but can offer boundless satisfaction,

that could be out of that love conjured up

by means of word,

giving others more and more for ever.


From the Creator“.






2114. Swimming (523).                  (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                  December 14, 2004.

                                                                                                                              8:549:09 a. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







“I’m swimming in the pond today again,

I flash with delight and joy,

loving that play of body with water

like a child pregnant with the Creator.


I’m closely connected with water;

after all, I have experienced

hundreds of thousands lives in aquatic worlds,

at Home, near the Creator.


But everything concurrently reflects

the spiritual content of outward process;

„swimming in water“ also symbolizes

help in the Dark worlds.


The man who is enthusiastic about swimming,

is also able to move in the worlds

of dark conditions,

that are located in the zone of expulsion.


There he is swimming and also diving,

in order to provide help,

but he still breathes air,

while imbibing love and truth.


In that pond I rejoice,

illuminated by powerful lights,

signifying the Creator’s Truth

and reflecting around the rainbow of ascent.


Warm water symbolizes

pure Creator’s love,

which surrounds me all the time,

no matter where I splosh about in it.


The small bubbles around indicate,

that the air life can be found all over,

although that’s the subaquatic one,

taking place during lifetime of a nix who steals souls.


Alike a submarine I go down,

led by soft propulsions;

I shall seek terrestrials

requesting saving help coming from above.


Intense inhalation tokens

strength and persistence in mission,

focused on helping fellowmen

robbed of their souls.


That great pleasure I feel there

is defined by the right love,

radiating vibrations

in this aquatic environment.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.”


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2115. The bridge (524).                  (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                   December 14, 2004.

                                                                                                                             9:109:25 a. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Terrestrials will today inaugurate,

on the French territory,

their highest road bridge,

rising to the cope of heaven.


I have admired bridges ever since childhood,

as they always sign INTEGRATION

reconnecting what was once divided by someone,

for the purpose of negative dominating.


White bridge at any time denotes

contact of terrestrials,

with their homeland the right heavenly Home;

they came just from there.


Dear Ivo, also your activities on the Earth

can be regarded as a bridge,

RECONNECTING lost people

with loving Angels.


That bridge is also built by means of „The Talks“,

books you have made available to terrestrials,

that comprise impressive number of our reports

you have processed with love.


You have delivered them to people;

these reports were not written without a hope of being published:

after all, if they remained hidden,

what for they would be recorded ?


The bridge connects two worlds,

which are separated by wide gaping chasm;

but everything can be changed,

if you finish construction of that superstructure.


You are brave architect of the bridge,

which is not supposed to fall into depth;

it is bearing the brunt of people,

who walk Home by way of positive approach.


The new bridge is now inaugurated,

and thus is everybody given chance to grow,

if he turns for the better,

following the road of truth, love, wisdom and good.


Well, any time presents itself the opportunity

to go and walk with the heart wide open,

glowing all the time,

towards the Right Homes.


This was transmitted with love in heart

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2116. The little star.                             (Received P.)                            November 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         17:3017:40 p. m.







„Star, little star,

clearly shines from heaven;

the regular messenger of the daybreak

lights the way for others.


He has good heart

and is as busy as a little bee,

giving us lot of pleasure;

we all are singing with love.


Then we will fly back,

towards the beauty of eternal years.

And who is it ?

Why, you !“


This was transmitted with love to you by me and the Cosmic people; bye‑bye.


I thank you all, beloved dear ones; with love and joy in heart, Ivo.






2117. The blind world.             (From the Buddhist book „THE WAY TO TRUTH“)








„This world is blind,

hardly anybody is here capable of seeing:

Just some few depart from here

to the heavenly worlds like a bird,

that got extricated from a snare.“







2118. The projects on Mars (525).            (Received Ivo A. Benda.)          December 20, 2004.

                                                                                                                            9:5910:23 a. m.

                                                                                                                         Place: Ceska Lipa.


            „Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you a friendly greeting. Yes, I’m glad that you have thus established contact with me, and with pleasure I shall present to you some new reports.


Yes, you have read in newspapers that NASA in the USA received part of resources provided for manned space travels to Mars. Anybody thus can see, that these forces are not interested in inviting us, the Cosmic people, to cooperation; they constantly follow the way to darkness and yet still further, where could be seen only desolate worlds without biosphere, without nature and consequently they fasten their attention to the underground of these planets. That exactly corresponds with their spiritual state the negative one, preserved by them. Thus they provide answer of life, where are heading governments, scientists and also other masses of humanity. Of course, there is practised yet tougher dominance and curtailed freedom more radically than on the planet Earth by now. Such information and pictures of these desolate worlds (waste bins of the Right Creation) located in the zone of expulsion, also serve as interconnecting channels of negative kinds of energy, which come not only from these desolate worlds, but also from the bases of negative entities in the underground, since they already exist there. Therefore I do not recommend to learn news of this type, because a man is thus flooded with low vibrations from these negative sources.


I also want to inform you, that in this way we are here everything monitoring, and so far we do not allow these terrestrials to carry out their negative „expeditions“. Our presence here is preferentially focused on HELP TO PLANET EARTH AND TO THOSE TERRESTRIALS, WHO ARE CHOOSING POSITIVE LOVING LIFE. AND THAT TAKES PRECEDENCE over current and previous negative colonizing plans of some terrestrial governments, especially of the American Administration.


Nowadays is thus crowned THE FIRST WAVE OF REVIBRATION THE EVACUATION OF TERRESTRIALS INTO THE FIFTH DIMENSION OF THE PLANET EARTH. And that’s for this globe THE EVENT OF ESSENTIAL IMPORTANCE. Their near relatives, who are to stay and have the exact information concerning that revibration, will in many cases try to do the same (under conditions of ingoing chip totality), and they have it in their hands, including the preconditions the extent of freedom they preserve. The Health Insurance Companies (VZP) already send out to millions of people chip cards, without saying a word regarding inserted chip in them and about risks of their possible easy misuse. In this way that now proceeds. But it is enabled by people themselves, since they fight against that only a little bit. As a main tool of information serves our „PETITION AGAINST CHIP TOTALITY“, which have read in the Czech Republic more than one million of people, and this number yet increases, thanks to those, who deliver them these petitions against chips (but THESE ARE NOT MEDIATED by the Czech media !!!).


This was transmitted with love in heart to you by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of grand cosmic squadron.“


„And now I, Ptaah, the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades, join in the conversation. Yes, people may well see, how are, after all, MATERIALIZED the plans implemented by the Forces of darkness, and consequently they might in certain way take advantage of possible feedback, in order to make adequate vital decisions. Everybody is by that course dragged into the definite decision process of choices, which MUST be made: either TOWARDS the primary Creator of everything and everybody, or towards the falling into the Dark worlds located in the zone of expulsion in this phase either to the underground slums (where are some technologies), just to fetch and carry for food, clothing and air, or to the green planets, saturated by the impact of natural processes, which govern there (without technologies, with hovels, reminding the ones terrestrials have lived in the past here, on the planet Earth, for hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of years). Thus they find TO THEIR OWN COST the consequences of their choices, and may APPROPRIATELY LEARN THEIR LESSONS as far as outcomes of their decisions are concerned.


This was transmitted to you, dear Ivo, by Ptaah, the cosmic squadron commander from Pleiades.“







2119. We are leaving (526).               (Received Ivo A. Benda.)               December 20, 2004.

                                                                                                                         14:1214:26 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„We, the feeling people,

who believe in truth and love,

and live on this world,

make our way Home, to live there.


We have the place to come back,

carrying it in our heart:

the Right Home on the Earth,

but in another dimension.


The ones who lead the Right life,

have provided selfless help,

without burdening their conscience,

and now they return Home.


They shall establish New Earth,

regarded as an utopia;

everybody dreamt of it,

as confirm thousand years of history.


That’s no fantasy,

since many nations and communities,

in this galaxy of ours,

have been living that way.


It is different society,

based on another principles 

the right ones:

love, faith, good and happiness.


The New Earth is engendered,

in this old cradle of people,

who have found the way to their heart;

they do not worship the golden calf, lies and trappings.


However, we shall lend our helping hands

to people living on the old Earth,

those, who also desire

to return Home one day.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.









2120. The ceremonial Christmas meeting.                                               December 25, 2004.

                                                                                                                          14:4515:28 p. m.



This report is tied together with report 2121 The session with Gorloj, 2128 Taking the New Earth into the Galactic family, 2129 The Galactic family and 2130 The New Earth in the Galactic family adaptor’s comment.


„Dear one, I, Ashtar Sheran, give you a friendly greeting, and also others from the spaceship above you join in the conversation. Yes, we all have thus met again, and our meeting proceeded as follows.


In the evening you all were sitting together at one table, feeling the Primary Creator of everything and everybody, and also our energies of love. Then you were again, by means of the known process of dematerialization and following repeated materialization, together with other people moved from your planet Earth here on the spaceship, where we all were very joyfully already expecting you. We have received you with love, in high‑spirited festive mood. We all rejoiced that with us stayed Gorloj the oldest member of the Galaxial Confederation of Planets, whom we all hold in esteem, and of whom we think very highly. Important was also the agenda of the session you have attended: it was focused on the current situation. Later we have moved to the planet Erra, where you could already for the second time meet your close friends, enjoy yourselves, and also admire beauties of that generous globe in all its glory. Here you have already sincerely communicated with your friends, focusing on the terrestrial adventures and experiences, in comparison with the life on other planets in the Creator’s Right worlds. Among other things you went through information provided during the session. After we have allowed ourselves festive food, we returned on the spaceship, which was then moved to the planet Zetor, where was prepared for us impressive cultural event. There the singing of joy resounded, you all together also danced, and when you went for a walk, you could marvel at the beauties of this planet. You have found there many new Friends and consequently you could develop mutual relations.


It was really fascinating, that joy, love and happiness which radiated from all hearts. You shall already soon also see your new society, arranged on the new Earth in the fifth dimension.


After that we returned back to the spaceship, where by means of the known process we have put you back in your beds. So, you see, that anybody, who is appropriately with love walking on the right road, who fulfills selflessly, with love and joy, his mission of work for the Creator, can in this manner rejoice and in successive steps thus go through the fifth dimension.


This was transmitted to you and all by Ashtar Sheran, by way of encouragement for those, who already now live in love.“







„As you look round,

dear chit, just newly‑hatched

from the thick scruple called capsule,

you thus see everything clearly

and heat the darkness by your heart.


You can therefore work already better,

for me, the eternal Creator;

you want to change a program into love

and consequently are open hearts of your fellowmen.


You fulfill your mission,

in love and joy, you know,

becoming cognizant of much more,

since you went to meet love.


And so, it is beautiful gift,

presented by the Creator

to you, and also to all others.

who are walking on the right road of love.


Yes, it is possible to embrace with joy

also another beings,

your Cosmic friends,

not just terrestrials.


You can behold also new worlds

and enthusiastically get to know them from direct experience,

in order to LIVE IN LOVE later on the new Earth.


Keep it up, try hard.

as much as you can,

and if you change love to the Creator

by means of your power into deeds of love,


then you shall see: Ah, what a beauty !

Just love, my children,

I love also you powerfully;

and your beautiful Mother Earth

shall get free and will be happy,

surrounding you with love.


And that day approaches;

love each other, dear children !


This was transmitted with love in heart to all,

by the primary Creator and Ashtar.“



Thank you the Primary Creator, thank you, dear Ashtar, sincere thanks to all of you, I love; I shall pass this message on.








2121. The session with Gorloj (527).        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)           December 22, 2004.

                                                                                                                              7:398:18 a. m.

                                                                                                                         Place: Ceska Lipa.



This report is tied together with report 2120 The ceremonial Christmas meeting, 2128 Taking the New Earth into the Galactic family, 2129 The Galactic family and 2130 The New Earth in the Galactic family adaptor’s comment.



            „Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you a friendly greeting. Yes, I can relay to you important information from our session on the cosmic station Share, which attended representatives of civilisations related to the Forces of Light, Gorloj, as the oldest member of the High Council in Petala, and also you, Dear Ivo. This is the question of essential events determining the future development on your planet Earth.


THE EVALUATION was carried on regarding accelerative activity undertaken by the Forces of darkness in seizure and totalization of terrestrials, naturally with help of people themselves, namely, large majority of them. That majority AGREES to increasingly controlling crafty technologies in the fields of MEDIA and CHIP ELEMENTS. These technologies are deployed MORE AND MORE QUICKLY IN ALL SECTIONS OF HUMAN PSEUDOSOCIETY. That all happens with the view of INCREASING THE DEGREE OF DOMINANCE FROM CURRENT 95 PERCENT UP TO 99,9 PERCENT; people put up only little resistance to that process (The petition against chip totality, The petition for liquidation of money, The petition for disestablishment of bugaboos). The mankind already went so far, that COMPLETELY ABANDONED ITSELF TO TECHNOLOGY having THE TOP PLACING in human lives. As a matter of fact, thus could be adumbrated ACCEPTING ADDITIONAL HIGHER DEGREES OF DOMINANCE PRACTISED BY THE FORCES OF DARKNESS; TERRESTRIALS WITH CLOSED HEART THUS STILL ALLOW TO BE MORE AND MORE TYRANNIZED AND DRAGGED TOWARDS DARKNESS.


The European Union carries out giant project of satellites GALILEO comprising 30 satellites launched till the year 2008 for the purpose of massive transfer of data by means of waves in controlling chip technologies on the Earth (chips smaller than 1 millimetre goal‑directedly in anything, in every thing, see the previous report adaptor’s comment.). Chains of business begin to use new generation 0,3 millimeters­sized chips RFID, that are later supposed to check EVERY PRODUCT, including food, EVERY MAN AND EVERY ANIMAL (there will be only precious few of them left adaptor’s comment). Chip health cards, passports, identity cards, driving licence had been already distributed to people. Since December 28, 2004, was in Germany brought into practice new system of toll on freeways for trucks (later for all kinds of cars) the controlling system from satellites. Also other countries plan to make use of such system afterwards.


These are THE MAIN FEATURES OF EVENTS which the Forces of Light do not underestimate. Under conditions defined by implementation chip totality (monitoring and control of everything and everybody from 99,9 percent by pseudocreators) IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to fulfill the mission of Light !  Therefore ALL THE PEOPLE, who are adapted to SUFFICIENT SPIRITUAL VIBRATORY PARAMETERS, since they did WORK ON THEIR MISSION OF LIGHT, will be IN TIME TAKEN UP by the Forces of Light in the course of evacuation, which will pass in PERFECT CALM DURING ONE NIGHT. Concrete time cannot be made known, considering the controlling activities undertaken by the Forces of darkness (for example, see the books THE MESSAGE TO MANKIND I, II, The Borup spiritual school of 19679 on ).


WE CALL ON ALL THE WORKERS OF LIGHT: Try to FULFILL your mission of love and good, with which you were incarnated here, focus mainly on the sphere of RELATIONS, and also on the DECISIVE PARTS OF YOUR SPECIAL PROJECTS (of teleinformation, meditation and traditional medicine). It is important to do that in this way: then you could move easily and without complications into the fifth dimension of the planet Earth related to the Right Creation. BE ON YOUR GUARD ESPECIALLY AGAINST THE DRAFTING CONTROLLING PROGRAMS of the other side and do not distract your attention with unimportant particulars (wasting your energy time, money, thought, etc.) and with matters of coarse vibrations (vain devaluation of your vibrations as result of incorrect feeling in what to get involved or not, accepting media, and the like), (the most usual and standard problem pressing many people involved in the mission of Light, also according to my everyday experiences adaptor’s comment). Because of limited time you could only in this way manage the main tasks you have assumed already in the Right Creation from the primary Creator of everything and everybody. Every human being will be called to account by Him and principally primarily with Him is solving the light mission of love. The Cosmic people will be of help to you, willing to assist till the end.


This fact was STRESSED AND ACCENTUATED during session of the High Council held on the cosmic station Share near the planet Earth. It’s really high time to return Home, into the Right Creation.


Anybody who thus comes back can from that fifth dimension in Heaven HELP survivors living on the old planet Earth, who accepted the controlling program related to Forces of darkness, and who are consequently jeopardized by the chip totality and the processes of purification taking place on the planet Earth.


Open your hearts and come back Home, the place of your origin.


This was transmitted with love in heart to you, dear Ivo, by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of grand cosmic squadron.“


Thank you, dear Ashtar, I shall deliver this message to my fellowmen. With love and joy Ivo.







2122. Christmas Eve (528).               (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                December 24, 2004.

                                                                                                                         16:2216:36 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„The Creator presented you

one day to be celebrated

on the Earth:

you call it CHRISTMAS EVE.


This day reminds people,

how they should love and live in truth,

because most of them

have forgotten that on the globe.


The Creator gave them that day

suggesting a bridge connecting them:

everybody endeavors with love,

to put his best foot forward.


That giver was Jesus of Nazareth;

he arouse love on the planet Earth,

showing how to live in truth,

love, good and wisdom.


Love in truth crossed the bridge

leading from Heaven to the globe,

to light up closed hearts of terrestrials,

to offer them opportunity for returning to Heaven.


People, love through the medium of your shining heart;

that’s the way how to survive,

and in particular, how to come back

and live the Right life again.


Fervour of heart serves as a Christmas key,

which daily fits

for detection of your bright days,

and liberation from slavery.


Christmas time is HELP

provided by your loving Creator,

the One Who carries you in heart

and continues to call: give love.


At that time everybody has the opportunity

to understand again and again:

where dwells love, feeling of people

in their spiritual heart.


Love is wonderful emotion

that you are supposed to stir up;

it is necessary to keep on with enduring effort

to light oneself up.


Focus on your grand goal

of giving love;

you are learning on the planet Earth:

that’s the very school you have chosen !


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2123. Spiritual Christmas.                     (Received Petr S.)                      December 22, 2004.

                                                                                                          Place: The area of Melnik.



„Christmas should be experienced as spiritual holidays, people are supposed to come together and reciprocate love, which is the most valuable emotion, since love is eternal. Do not accumulate any material „presents“, neither the Christ‑child, that right one, brings them. But he arises LOVE, that’s our spontaneousness. Materialism is comprised in our genes; and so, if we want to be in good nick, we have to focus on our bodies and become clean.


Dear parents, please, do not make your children dependent on material „presents“; rather teach them how they should love each other, and that we were born more than once ! With love, citizen of the Czech Republic.“


I have sent that to media as fax. Peter.







2124. Aenstrinians.                            (Received Petr S.)                         November 6, 2004.

                                                                                                          Place: The area of Melnik.



            „Dear Peter,


the Creator hears you and also we are here with you, the Aenstrinians from Andromeda, your brothers and sisters of light, working here for our beloved Creator, to save the mankind. We are, always have been, and will be, here with you, till the Creator calls us back. We love you. This was transmitted to you with love in heart by Aenstrinians.“






2125. The revibration approaches.              (Received Petr S.)               November 19, 2004.

                                                                                                          Place: The area of Melnik.



„Here we are, the Cosmic people from the Ashtar’s grand cosmic squadron. We are very pleased, that you want to have a chat with us. Ashtar is also present. Yes, record that as you feel, without any doubt, which would inhibit you from communicating with us. Open yourself to our love. We are sending it to you all the time. Here are many of us, who want to talks with you: great number of Pleiadeans, Achelans; all who dwell on our spaceships love you very much. We regard love as the salt of our lives. Write, we are here, the Ashtar’s followers. There are many loving beings around your planet Earth (I had thought of revibration).


Yes, your revibration approaches the revibration from the third to the fifth dimension to the higher dimension, where we dwell, your brothers and sisters of light, the Cosmic people. We are looking forward to enjoying your company. Just work on yourself, on your bodies. Open your spiritual hearts and feel, perceive. The Right world of the fifth dimension appears as was created by our beloved Father, the primary Creator of everything and everybody. Yes, we love you all. With love, your brothers and sisters from the Ashtar’s grand cosmic squadron.“








2126.  Problem of humankind (529).           (Received by Ivo A. Benda.)

December 29, 2004.  5:38-6:07 p.m.

Place: Ceska Lipa.























(THE GOAL IS 99.99 % CONTROL) !!!


































2127. The small Earth is joggling (530).     (Received Ivo A. Benda.)         December 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                         18:1319:00 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„The small Earth is joggling,

to get rid of bothersome insect,

of voracious locusts

changing love into mammon.


The earthquake begins,

the Mother keeps on vibrating;

this is important phase

for all participants.


All the people who have harmed the globe,

will examine their conscience;

the Earth shall expel them:

they will suffer in the desolate, dead worlds.


There are many processes of purification under way

on the surface of the Mother:

events move so rapidly,

that even media do not comment on all of them.


After all, anybody can see the light,

turn for the better,

and accept the loving principles

applying to the life on the beautiful Mrs. Earth.


Thoughts of people should be regarded

as very powerful energy,

vibrations that penetrate everything

what exists inside and on the Earth’s surface.


Dear people, this is message for you:

thus feel the events,

so that Mother Earth

and you could rejoice.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.




Adaptor’s comment:  December 25, 2004  January 2, 2005


Very heavy earthquake (9 degrees of Richter scale) affected the area of southeastern Asia Indonesia (the epicenter at the coastal area of Sumatra), especially the shore at the Bay of Bengal, but also the eastern coast of Africa. Surprisingly strong WAVE TSUNAMI (750 kilometres per hour) flooded Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India in particular the state Tamilnad Malaysia, Thailand, Burma, Maldive and Andaman Islands, etc. It killed huge number of people and caused enormous material damage. In that regain were just spending Christmas many tourists from all quarters of the world (also Czech singer Karel Gott). Over 300 000 people died (this was not yet final number of causalities more than one half of them perished in the Indonesian Sumatra) and there was yet involved danger of subsequent epidemic. Vast regions were stricken with long‑continuing power cut. Even the oldest natives had not experienced anything like that ever before.


Death of these people should not be viewed from a position of personal ignorance. Larger number of them was leaving to the Dark worlds, and on the contrary, others (both children and adults) went Home, coming to the Right worlds. Every human being is destined for hundreds of thousands lives and by means of previous decisions made in the past lives he has built up concrete personal position that is experienced, kept and changed by him. Nobody gets hold of such factual information, and therefore it’s no use trying to find out who is or who is not guilty in concrete individual cases. But in general the rule says: Anything emitted comes home to root. When ? That’s the play of time.


Certainly, regarding the majority of people concerned, this catastrophe was caused by negative thinking and behaviour. The survivors thus went through teaching spiritual lesson, in order to change for the better, but of course, this could be said also about greater part of the 6 500 000 000 terrestrials.


The main evening news of the Czech Television 1, on December 29, 2004:


According to the American geophysicists, the earthquake that affected the area of southeastern Asia caused following ACCELERATING ROTATION of the planet Earth and the axis of rotation consequently leaned to the side.


The whole planetary system is very fine and well‑balanced; its equilibrium is disturbed by any discordant kinds of energy produced through the medium of negative thoughts disseminated by increasing number of people. The planet Earth tends more and more to shake off the originators of the coarse‑vibratory energies thoughts.


These events were not the last ones; you may observe what will follow.








2128. Taking the New Earth into the Galactic family (531).        

                                                                     (Received Ivo A. Benda.)         December 29, 2004.

                                                                                                                          19:5120:00 p. m.

                                                                                                                         Place: Ceska Lipa.



This report is tied together with report 2120 The ceremonial Christmas meeting, 2121 The session with Gorloj, 2129 The Galactic family and 2130 The New Earth in the Galactic family adaptor’s comment.



            „Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you a friendly greeting. Yes, I’m glad, that you have thus contacted me, since I may again relay to you some new information.


Yes, everybody can se, HOW THE PROCESSES OF PURIFICATION ON THE PLANET EARTH INTENSIFY, and that’s just a beginning, which adumbrates the real FULL PROCESSES OF PURIFICATION ON THE PLANET EARTH, caused by mankind through ITS NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS, BECAUSE THUS IS SELECTED THE NEGATIVE STATE. All these processes and events, applying to anybody, should be considered as warning for him and other people. The current situation is defined by its TEACHING TRAINING FUNCTION, so that the person concerned HAS CHANCE TO TURN FOR THE BETTER. It depends on the FREE CHOICE OF EVERY MAN whether or not he will make use of such opportunity. However, there’s no time to lose. The humankind is getting to the edge of a precipice, into the Dark worlds, where is no „living standard“ to which terrestrials were accustomed. Every person can see, that many people mistake the planet Earth for Paradise, but it’s not so: by the earthquake in the Bay of Bengal was given clear answer to them. This is where they are wrong. Terrestrials would have to undergo a RADICAL CHANGE, and START ENFORCING COMPLETELY NEW LIFESTYLE IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE LAWS OF LOVE, if the planet Earth should be changed into Paradise. You see, under what fatal illusion many people „live“, including artists and „notables“. Proceeding from experience of this kind they are disabused of incorrect idea formed on the worlds in which they live, having consequently opportunity to turn for the better as far as their attitude to life and choices are concerned.


Dear Ivo, I want to mention yet specific event, that happened during your last visit on the globe Zetor. Together with other people you have on this lovely planet of the Right Creation participated in TAKING THE NEW EARTH INTO THE GALACTIC FAMILY AS THE ASSOCIATED MEMBER your evolving New society. That’s significant occurrence, consequently CHANGING POSITION AND STANDING OF THESE INHABITANTS WITHIN THIS COSMIC GALAXIAL CONFEDERATION OF PLANETS.




The mentioned important and significant event which occurred on the planet Zetor, was attended by members of the High Council and representatives of civilisations related to the Forces of Light, and as such adumbrated another notable processes closely connected with that. This was yet emphasized with the cultural gala occasion, which was very pleasant and joyous. All the people of the New Earth are already looking forward very much to moving into the fifth dimension of the planet Earth in the Right Creation, and then on the new conditions of life in the Right Creation without majority of negative people anywhere around.


We all here, on the spaceships, are very glad, that we can witness that, contribute to this occurrence with our share of help, and consequently rejoice at your new birth.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all of you by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of grand cosmic squadron.“


Thank you, dear Ashtar, I shall deliver this message to my fellowmen. With love and joy Ivo.


I warn the readers, that their possible mischievous identifying participants of our meetings could be regarded as negative activity with the causative factor of spying, snooping around and violating the right to privacy. This has nothing to do with the work of Light, and if somebody would commit something like that, he will be given „his due“, as is fitting. I make this warning proceeding from experiences of seven years with some individuals, who work for the Forces for darkness, not for the Creator, although they present it as a work of Light, but actually they again follow the controlling program of the other side.


The New Earth comes into existence SEPARATELY from the old society, simply because all principles of life are in comparison completely reverse ones: incompatible and incommensurable. And therefore experiences of people acquired in the New Earth belong only there these are private ones; as in case of other planetary societies, they similarly protect their existence from negative entities related to the Dark worlds.







2129. The Galactic family (532).           (Received Ivo A. Benda.)            December 31, 2004.

                                                                                                                              6:086:23 a. m.

                                                                                                                         Place: Ceska Lipa.







„This cosmic island,

called the Spiral Galaxy,

has provided Home

for a great many Creator’s Right worlds.


There is about 5 million Paradises.

Societies of Spirit, happiness,

permanent enjoyment of life

valued by a huge number of their inhabitants.


They live in Home worlds

with harmonious nature,

where is not caused any earthquake,

nor other disasters.


The Galaxial Confederation

is free alliance,

where everybody is in the right place

and nobody anywhere falls into oblivion.


This family consists

of many various levels,

pervaded with deep relationship to LOVE

and to the primary Creator.


These are His Worlds

set out in Heaven,

where everybody enjoys both peace and abundance,

without knowing war and starvation.


Today significant event took place:

the planet Earth was accepted into the Galaxial Confederation,

just some people, who live in love already now,

not this old world.


Consequently they even became members of the High Council within this Galaxy

and were granted new rights,

including taking part in decision process

keeping track of their lives and existence elsewhere.


They have manifested by way of their lives

legitimacy of this status;

in Heaven everybody knows about them,

although as if they were „invisible“ in the old world.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2130. The New Earth in the Galactic family.                                                     January 1, 2005.

                                                                                                                          19:5720:03 p. m.



This report is tied together with report 2120 The ceremonial Christmas meeting, 2121

The session with Gorloj, 2128 Taking the New Earth into the Galactic family, 2129 The Galactic family adaptor’s comment.



„Dear one, I, Ashtar Sheran, give you my regards. I would like to transmit to you additional information regarding the session on the planet Zetor, also attended by 85 people from your beloved planet Earth and by many people from various planets set out in this whole Galaxy around the central sun Alkyone. There was an excellent reason, expected by the whole Right Creation for long, predetermining that everything was happening that way: Taking the New Earth already existing in the fifth dimension into the Galaxial Confederation of Planets. And that’s very extraordinary event, since also beings from other galaxies rejoice at it very much, welcoming you warmly. Believe, that even the whole Right Creation gets a lot of pleasure from that. Your New Earth in the fifth dimension has already SATISFIED all recognized criteria necessary for its accepting into this Galaxial Confederation. On every new member planet awaits PROBATIONARY PERIOD: together with its inhabitants is supposed to prove the reason by appropriate activities. Thus is also your New Earth prepared for settlement by those terrestrials, who have yet met the conditions for revibration into the fifth dimension. This New society has been developed and shaped for long, and after fulfilling individual mission of every its member can be consequently in love and joy relocated on the New Earth, which is already prepared for it in the fifth dimension. Yes, there remain some changes the New Earth will be in the fifth dimension yet faced with in the following period, but basically already can be populated by new people, who are living in love even now. To the planet Earth are concentrated and flowing powerful energies of love emanated by those, who love and consequently abundantly help and strengthen the globe, which is literally flooded with pure energies of love springing from the Primary Creator of everything and everybody and shown also by the whole Right Creation. The planet Earth these energies of love subsequently harnesses for the continually intensified processes of purification. Time has ripened; we all rejoice and take pleasure in that occurrence, helping and supporting you with love also in these crucial moments. Demonstrate willingness, dear glow‑warms, work like diligent small bees and surround your fellowmen with love. This is supplementary information regarding that great celebration you could also attend, which was held on the planet Zetor by all representatives of the Galaxial Confederation of Planets. Now we give you our regards from the spaceship, looking forward to meeting you again.


With love Ashtar Sheran, Ptaah and others, who love you.“


I thank the Primary Creator, I thank you all, surrounding you with love from my heart; I shall deliver this report to others with joy.







2131. The experience of dematerialization and materialization.                   January 3, 2005.



„Dear Ivo, I will try to describe what I have experienced already several times. I came to believe that it is the question of transferring my physical body to the cosmic spaceship of our Friends related to Forces of Light and love.


For the first time I had a feeling, as if strong ray, thus rather a column of light, impacted my figure and got in touch with it: every particle of my body seemed to become wholly autonomous, but at the same time exactly fitted in the entirety.


The body in this way „pieced together“ is containing the column of light and I feel slight pull, reminding suction, and then „fink“ the figure is again integrated, complete, but in another space. It looks like a scene in a fairy tale: being changes into points of light, but still bears shape and colours, and all of the sudden the light goes out and then appears somewhere else.


I know, that when the first transference attempt (maybe the first one, I’m unsure of that) was under way, I explicitly and emphatically asked the beings of light to keep me all the time in possession of my faculties, fully conscious, of sound mind. I went through that already several times, so that I can sum up and generalize some of acquired experiences, since the course was always the same. I’m glad, that it was made possible for me to observe that through the medium of my consciousness. I thank for that.


And so, any time when the transference of physical body is supposed to happen, I feel that evening more powerfully than usually wonderful energies, and some of them vitalize my body.


After confinement to my bed I’m more distinctly than another evenings permeated with warmth and waves, passing through my whole body, before they became stable in certain kind of hot circulation. Afterwards comes a wave of light flowing around me and pervading me. It sometimes causes „twitching of muscles“, which then completely relax.


The transferring of physical body is not carried out in case that the person in question is to an excessive extent hungry, or on the contrary had eaten too much, if the physical body was overburdened or somewhere contused (after sports activity I had strained my ankle and the procedure stopped with waves, as if getting stuck just there).


Then there is silence for a while, and I’m penetrated with certain kind of sweetness, setting my mind at rest and stopping by shortly before I sink into a deep sleep. It is similar state like usually before falling asleep: the human being is yet fully conscious, but at the same time is dozing off (every mother experienced that when she was reading a fairy tale to kid and her body was slowly going to sleep, but through the medium of mind and waking state was contacted the child, who was more mentally alert then the reader). Thus in that waking state I was told: „Do not open your eyes.“ Becoming aware of that I obey and then it comes: I can’t help feeling that the light (here comes on my mind the word „rasters“ I do not like such comparison with technology, but anything more fitting does not occur to me) „rasters“ my little body into that mentioned state of „piecing together“ and in no time is the whole column (roller) transferred to the place of destination (similarly like a elevator of light).


And backwards it is analogous. At first is put in the physical body. I feel how it is laid down, as if somebody while putting me to bed would drop my body one centimeter above it. Immediately afterwards enter into my mortal frame another two or three bodies of specific kind. I have seen two of them directly, having a presentiment of the third one. It looks like white light nebula of the same shape as physical body and exactly fits into it. Another „body“ is brighter and more subtle; it seems to finish the tuning of the two other bodies (the physical and that steady one). And then comes yet something what I feel, although I do not see that: Presently is the whole body pervaded with heat, bodies lie down and fit, I feel relief everywhere inside, and I always completely wake up, regaining full consciousness.


And so, I end my testimony by saying: It is wonderful, darlings, although I regret that I do not remember anything essential about my temporary stay on the spaceship (concretely, I can only visualize fragments and pictures which for the time being have neither rhyme nor reason).


Let us love and help each other yet while we are living on our planet. I also plead for the beings who left this planet: if only they understand the real causes together with consequences and advance within their development in the right direction.“



Adaptor’s comment: Please, respect the right to privacy and do not snoop around to identify experients and authors of texts. Rather focus your attention on your state and situation, not on other people. These texts serve especially as a tool for knowing your way about in your current situation. Thank you, with love and joy, Ivo.







2132. The New Home (533).                 (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                  January 8, 2005.

                                                                                                                         17:2917:38 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„The bright little star shines,

getting light on your way through bushes;

that path is covered by thorn, ages,

but today you can already see the passage.


Dear one, observe,

how you are here walking step by step;

we, the Cosmic people,

lead you through this thorny‑shrub.


The paradise is already on the horizon,

nowadays, when the message

is again delivered to people;

love prevails, as you know.


New homes are prepared

for dads, mums, children,

who feel the change in their hearts

and love the New Earth.


Yes, everybody may try

to offer his share,

so that the New Earth can be build up

and sweet home established.


The Angels on the cosmic spaceships

will instruct you all,

mediating new knowledge,

and uncovering the secret of heart.


This wonderful watershed

has already twanged this day;

you have many visits,

consultations with brothers and sisters.


Dear one, observe the daybreak,

shining now for everybody by means of song,

and chiming with one’s heart

like the God’s harmony.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2133. Message for people from Gorloj (534).   (Received by Ivo A. Benda.)

5:56-6:10 p.m.  January 8, 2005.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







“Dear Ivo,


I, Gorloj, member of THE HIGH COUNCIL of The Cosmic Federation of planets of this Galaxy, am calling you. I have a message for you about an important event that has just took place. The decision was made in our meeting of representatives of many cosmic civilizations of light that planet Earth was accepted as a member of this Federation, and it was decided here that ELIGIBLE PEOPLE WOULD BE PICKED UP ON OUR SHIPS. This NEW SOCIETY OF EARTH is being outlined today – 150 million people are headed for this society and others can join later. We TEACH many about all they need for THE TRUE LIFE, they have EDUCATION today which they’ll use on THE NEW EARTH. Yes, they are being helped by many brothers, sisters, who came from the Galactic family, and who deal with love and wisdom.


Yes, another schooling took place today about life on the New Earth, about organization of society and even about driving space ships. You learn galactic language KOSAN, your consciousness is open, transformation of your bodies continues. Our biolog-physicans are helping. You choose this yourselves, you manage tests, all of you, true people, will learn where to settle your new Homes. The New Earth gets prepared in the 5th dimension of planet Earth, in Heaven, where love reigns. This is great event, we’ve been waiting for thousands of years until humankind matured. Yes, pass this message on to people in the world that bears so much darkness. People’s choices are the key determining where to go next – either to Heavens – The true society, or to dark worlds and holes. Everyone makes choices constantly, on a daily basis, and everyone has lots of chances and opportunities to revert and to grace The Creator with his/her visit. Dear Ivo, trumpet to this dark world the message that the New Earth arises and provides its help to this world.


This message was given to you with deep love by Gorloj, member of THE HIGH COUNCIL OF THE GALAXY.”



Thank you dear Gorloj, I’ll pass this message with love in my heart on to the old Earth. Ivo.


All the information – 7000 pages of texts and 5000 pictures – can be found on the Internet at , , , , .



We love you and we are helping you.








2134. Message for people from the Creator (535). (Received by Ivo A. Benda.)

7:50-8:04 p.m. January 8, 2005.

Place: Ceska Lipa.






“Dear Ivo,


I, The Prime Creator of all and everybody, am talking to you. I’ve got an important message for people of this planet Earth.


Humankind’s society controlled by Darkness has come to the abyss it has been approaching to by its many choices in this as well as previous lives. This is because most of people have not listened to THE VOICE OF HEART, i.e., My Voice, but the voice of the Forces of darkness, which have been working hard on assumption and seizure of this society. Only minor part of people (ca. 150 million people today) let themselves be led by their HEART, and therefore will be SAVED from mad intentions of the Forces of darkness. In near future, these true people will be in absolute calmness during one night LIFTED UP on evacuation space ships and then transferred on the New Earth in the 5th dimension of the True Creation prepared there for them by me. I’ll GIVE them this beautiful and harmonious environment because they HAVE CHOSEN THE LIFE IN LOVE and IN COOPERATION WITH ME – The Prime Creator of all and everybody. This choice is crucial for them and during the on-coming events on planet Earth, everyone will recognize what he/she chose. Yes, I would like to wish everybody to turn to Me by his/her life – that is, to choose LOVINGNESS AND THE POSITIVE STATE, which is key for the true life in Heaven – the True Creation – in lots of My Homes, which have been here since time immemorial. I am constantly helping everybody who did what is stated above and who chooses TRUTH, LOVE, GOOD, WISDOM, HARMONY, PEACE and many other positive attributes inevitable for the True life in the True Creation. Those people who choose negations of these true attributes will experience consequences and outcomes of these choices on their own skin, so to speak, and they will recognize what they committed by such choice.


This message was given with infinite love to all people of planet Earth by The Prime Creator of all and everything.


Thank you dear Creator, with love in my heart I’ll give the message to old Earth. Ivo.



All the information – 7000 pages of texts and 5000 pictures – can be found on the Internet at , , , , .



We love you and we are helping you.








2135. Crying for joy (536).                  (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                    January 5, 2005.

                                                                                                                         10:2310:46 a. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Today was induced so sweet mood,

that near the heart wells up desire

to feel deeply the glow

and concurrently also blissful weeping.


Crying for joy occurs,

when this world is interconnected with Heaven,

the contrast felt

and the relief of Home discovered.


Here you have songs of life,

that connect you with shining Heaven,

with the opposite world,

if compared with the Earth.


Gulp down a little bit of happiness,

you may feel some love,

sincere and genuine,

the one that blossomed in your heart.


On love is built up pure relationship,

the immaculate one,

cultivated every day,

together with people, nature, planet or Angels.


In heart of hearts you carry

many valuable previous experiences;

take them in your palms

and you will be sprinkled by crying for joy.


Give everybody, who comes

with his shining heart,

what he yet lacks;

then you will be overwhelmed with many thanks.


You heart of hearts is still full,

saturated with pleasant warmth;

in your sphere spreads eloquent calm

of interconnection with the Right life.


In those clean worlds,

where is the cradle and Home

tied to you and the Angels,

there Life pulsates by means of joy !


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2136. Talking with friend (537).              (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                 January 5, 2005.

                                                                                                                         11:0011:15 a. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„I’m talking with beautiful friend,

who carries me in big heart;

that chat is transparent

like cloudless velvet sky.


I’m delighted with that discussion

about happiness, work,

life and entertainment,

because that friend speaks from pure heart.


Beautiful day is adorned

just with this conversation,

enlivened by that wonderful person,

who loves me I know that.


Today I shall give love

to that friend divine being,

and I thank sincerely to the Creator,

that he enabled me to be in touch with love.


Dear Creator, I thank you

for finding such rare friend,

the one who is shining in darkness

and loves sincerely.


Although it’s rather dark outside,

in the heart of hearts spreads Light,

so much, that I do not see at all

any darkness that surrounds me.


I can write this message for the world,

because here are the fireflies glowing incessantly,

and all the time sprinkle dear planet Earth

by purity of deeds and their minds.


Chat with beautiful friend

is a major asset to me,

regarding fundamental steps taken on the Earth,

for the purpose of freeing terrestrials from a magic spell.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2137. Protecting the Earth (538).             (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                January 5, 2005.

                                                                                                                         12:1012:41 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Write, small bee,

draft short news items for people,

that are topical today, as you know:

what should be ignored or addressed !


The planet Earth is under our protection,

that is provided by means of love,

amplified through your connection

with us, the cosmic Angels.


Our peace drive, rescue operation,

is focused on the planet Earth and its inhabitants,

namely on those, who concentrate their effort

on the quality of Life.


This Mother Earth is protected

by 100 000 spacecraft carriers,

against Entities from the Darkness,

who would like to take possession of the globe.


The beloved Creator knows

how to save this planet Earth:

it is extensive rescue operation,

carried out by all participants.


Mother Earth calls:


Let me breathe yet,

I shall change the forces of love into rain !


I sprinkle all the time the whole surface

with water that purifies the air and Earth,

that globe, which ignorant people poisoned

by bad thoughts.


The conscious people of light

fulfill here their mission,

chosen by them yet before their birth:

the deeds performed for the purpose of saving planet Earth.


The decisive battles go on,

Light and Darkness come out

more and more visibly,

to climax impressively soon.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2138. Fields of training for the New Earth (539).        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)

                                                                                                                          January 5, 2005.

                                                                                                                          20:3021:30 p. m.

                                                                                                                          Place: Ceska Lipa.



„Since Christmas 2004 are during nocturnal visits people capable of revibrating intensely TRAINED in the following fields:



LOVE, LOVE, LOVE we learn how to live in love.






The fabric of New society (see also the third part of the book „Foundations of human spirituality“ on).



Training with the HIGH COUNCIL The Cosmic Confederation of Planets 5 000 000 positive societies.



The positive societies the fabric and specifics of society shaped by the Forces of Light, possibilities of development on the way to the Primary Creator of everything and everybody.



Meditation with the Cosmic people enormous energy of love for the planet Earth.



Purification, renewal regeneration of the planet Earth, utilisation and recycling as for the sources of energy on the planet Earth.



Instruction dealing with the history of the planet Earth, including variants of the future development (see also seven books of NEW REVELATION and regarding variants of the future development yet the third part of the book „Foundations of human spirituality“ on



Transformation arrangement of physical body and mind together with uniting into the whole.



Preparation for specific functions individualized study trends of technological development.



Piloting cosmic spaceships.



Acquaintance with the plans and intentions formed by the Forces of darkness.



Description of the nearest solar systems.



Learning about planets.



Instruction dealing with the galactic language KOSAN.



Preparation of mission for another day on the old Earth.



Spare time learning about culture and everyday life of cosmic nations related to the Forces of Light visiting planets free conversations, entertainment, dancing, songs, work with energies, walking in the open, etc.



The instructions are provided in various ways, from the classic teaching texts, pictures and films, personal visits of environment and sundry observations of worlds and course of events in them to the forms on the Earth unknown, but very effective ones FROM MIND TO MIND especially the teaching from Lord Jesus Christ. Desired result will be EVIDENT: it means, that content of the curriculum is always mastered.“


The topics of evacuation and New Earth are also covered in books THE MESSAGE TO MANKIND I, II; the letter one is developed particularly in the third part of the book FOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN SPIRITUALITY“ on !”







2139. Open your heart (540).       (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                           January 8, 2005.

                                                                                                                         16:4316:52 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Open your heart, my child,

the depth of your inner reality calls you;

there dwells the truthful counselor:

the primary Creator.


Focus your attention on the heart

hidden in your chest,

where the warmth of home‑place pervades

and love with light flares up.


Your chest radiates love,

there you carry the spiritual heart,

the centre of your old being,

that remembers the travels of lives.


In the spiritual heart are hidden

ways of so many experiences;

just take them and open yourself

where the truth dwells and helps.


As the key of love to life serves the road,

that emanates in your heart;

it stems from the Creator,

who concurrently loves you all the time.


My child, learn how to love:

that’s the key to happiness;

I shall tell you sweetly any time,

anything about truth and good of heart.


Where to go and walk

in a maze called the Earth:

to the closed hearts;

there is the Light so scarce.


Your love is leading you,

illuminates your steps;

after all, dear ones support each other

and nowadays love is already singing.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2140. Your small steps (541).                (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                 January 8, 2005.

                                                                                                                         16:4316:52 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„It is not finished yet,

the bell still does not ring;

the work of light will be crowned

and sincere love disclosed.


Darling, write down the words of love;

the Creator shall stroke your hair,

and the light ray will fall on the Earth,

which is hidden in darkness.


The work may be finished now;

nobody wants to miss this chance,

when leaving the old world,

while feeling the Creator’s Grace.


We have in mind joint objective here:

to provide generous help for all fellowmen,

to extricate them from the mud of ignorance and illusion;

they shall live on the right Earth.


This step approaches:

many people already look up there;

they are going to leave that mud

and close door after.


Write, my faithful love,

you, who is not afraid of the dark,

carrying on walking fearlessly,

getting near finishing line.


I’m continually leading your small steps of a child,

through the terrestrial mud,

across the illusory world of spiders:

they have cast their nets set traps.


Everything behind you falls down,

bright points are shining;

with joy people search for

the handholds in the net.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all people

by the primary Creator.“


I thank you, dear Creator;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2141. The New society (542).                 (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                  January 8, 2005.

                                                                                                                          17:0817:16 p. m.

                                                                                                                          Place: Ceska Lipa.






„We are building new society;

its members invite there happiness and love,

carrying in heart love with meekness:

wisdom is wedded with truth.


This New Earth

is build already nowadays,

by those, who during the night revibrate

on spaceships and planets.


There are many people heading,

their number increases,

yet other ones continually join them,

leaving this dark world.


On the history of beloved planet Earth

was thrown the light of important process;

transmission of 140 000 000 terrestrials

draws to conclusion.


Everybody who longed

to love and be fond of fellowmen,

builds the new society

already on the old Earth.


That’s magic moment:

we, the Cosmic ones, lend helping hand to all,

who prefer love

and adore the right life.


Our wealth belongs also to you,

with joy we help with advice,

how to live in happiness

and leave the checkers.


Dear Ivo, you are filled with desire

to see New Earth, living there,

to enjoy company of happy people

and hear how they are singing.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2142. The peace (543).                     (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                     January 8, 2005.

                                                                                                                         17:1817:26 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„I want to tell you yet,

that this is my idea of perfect bliss:

once we all will meet

and enjoy sweet PEACE.


Peace is precious word,

related to peaceful soul

regaling truth and love today,

forming the whole families.


Our galaxy rejoices,

that the planet Earth will be finally lifted;

love shall rise terrestrials,

on the globe will be build Paradise,


That’s already happening:

every night come together the ones,

who show love

on the Earth and other planets.


Peace is the basic choice,

nowadays made by human beings,

who treasure life in truth

and love to help fellowmen.


Peace meetings on spaceships

are welcome also by beautiful planets;

Cosmic people and terrestrials come together,

the ones with song of life in heart.


The peace‑song reverberates

throughout our expanding universe,

the song of all who arouse love,

singing again for all.


Dear one, love and give

the good you carry in your heart,

today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow;

you thus secure everything by means of peace.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2143. Small steps of child (544).              (Received Ivo A. Benda.)              January 8, 2005.

                                                                                                                         17:4317:52 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Dear one, you are just making steps

like a small child,

while showing love

as much as it takes.


You fill the role of small child

on the terrestrial scene the stage;

but you are supposed to grow enough,

and consequently fly up to Heaven.


Your effort is appreciated,

but the result is certain;

your choices, deeds,

shine in this world of garbage.


Yes, you are pulling them out, one by one,

from the black whole oblivion;

you shall open their consciousness

and adjust the road leading Home.


In your determined steps

is reflected courage and conviction;

love secures the work,

and Grace comes from the Creator.


My child, bend up,

put on wings and fly up;

time has ripened, we call,

the new society is built.


Love prevails again,

we have been observing that for ages;

happiness and paradise spreads everywhere

in cosmic distances.


Child is in Creator’s favour;

He breathes Life

and presents everybody

with gifts of the Direction and road to Home.


Dear one, follow the way,

marked out for you by your heart,

night and day on the Earth,

where you have chosen your travels.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2144. The soil samplings and preparation of New Earth (545).                      

                                                            (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                      January 8, 2005.

                                                                                                                          19:1919:42 p. m.

                                                                                                                          Place: Ceska Lipa.



            „Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you a friendly greeting. Yes, I’m glad that you have thus established contact with me, and with pleasure I shall present to you some new reports for terrestrials.


On the planet Earth was at the beginning of December 2004 carried out series of soil samplings. You have discovered them again near Ceska Lipa on the known spot and also elsewhere. Yes, we have sampled the soil and consequently we analyse here again the measure of revibration vibrations of the planet Earth, extent of negative thoughts that terrestrials put into practice, limits of pollution caused by chemistry and by radioactivity, together with other biochemical parameters of soil. We can say, that all above‑mentioned quantities INCREASED in comparison with the last measuring carried out at the beginning of 2002; in concrete terms, pollution by negative thoughts yet increased, including chemistry and radioactivity. The pollution level thus climbed up to 89 percent and approaches to the critical point as for the global processes of purification on the planed Earth. Yet the extent of revibrating the globe has shifted and now nears to the fourth dimension as far as that place is concerned.


I also want to inform you, that our flight crews were placed on full alert of evacuation programme in higher degree (we have seven of them altogether) than before the decision of the High Council regarding taking the planet Earth into the Galactic family. It means that nears the gigantic evacuation action regarding the main phase of the first wave as for capable people, and is characterized by high state of readiness. Within that first wave WERE already evacuated some capable individuals after fulfilling their mission of light (up to dozens of years with retroactive effect) and people from localities affected by the processes of purification on the planet Earth (for example, the earthquake in Bay of Bengal at the end of 2004). Yet following the main evacuation operation, carried out in perfect calm during one night, concerning approximately 140 000 000 people, some other terrestrials shall be taken up on our spaceships sometimes later, as soon as they would become adapted to the parameters of revibration into the fifth dimension. You can visualize the WAVE of revibration as if you would reap fruit in the orchard: At first you would gather the first mellow fruit tasting it, then most of the expected harvest, and afterwards continuously the fruit that ripens finally (just small amount). Yes, in future, if other terrestrials would choose that, they might prepare the second wave of evacuation in few years or in dozens of years it is up to them.


The decision as for taking the planet Earth into the Cosmic Confederation of Planets is tied together with following making additional important steps starting activities that are going on and will occur even later, especially training of many capable people on a mass scale during their nocturnal visits on spaceships, and also speedy preparing the basic infrastructure for the newcomers on the New Earth in the fifth dimension. In that are participating terrestrials from all nations on the planet Earth, and every capable human being shares in the preparation and arrangement of the New society. The following step will thus lead to the taking up and transmission of approximately 140 000 000 people (their number varies all the time) in exact positions on the New Earth in the fifth dimension of the Right Creation. Therefore we were placed on fuller alert for the case of evacuation provided by means of aircraft carriers there is sufficient number of them near the planet Earth (about 100 000 of them). This way is everything covered and we still help you all in fulfilling your missions of Light, which you have chosen yet before you were incarnated. Be on your guard and do not get prematurely soothed by inactivity. All the time work on what substantiates your mission of Light thus helping your fellowmen.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all terrestrials by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of grand cosmic squadron “



I thank you, dear Ashtar; with love and joy I shall deliver the message to terrestrials. Ivo.


The topic of evacuation and New Earth are also covered in booksTHE MESSAGE TO MANKIND I, II; the letter one is developed particularly in the third part of the bookFOUNDATIONS OF HUMAN SPIRITUALITY on ) !







2145. The way up (546).                     (Received Ivo A. Benda.)                    January 8, 2005.

                                                                                                                         19:1919:42 p. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Dear little man, living on Earth,

now you have a chance

to ascend towards the celestial heights

and enjoy the real life.


Presently the opportunity presents itself,

do not hesitate, otherwise it could pass;

your heart will indicate

what decision to put into effect.


Our dear little man, living on the Earth,

we the Angels who see the cross of terrestrials,

we call you from spaceships,

already hovering over you.


Take the cup of pure water,

then peace will be in your heart;

only there you can find your truth,

making clear which way to go and where to stop.


We can observe everything from the cosmic spaceships,

we are leading you step by step by means of love,

in the world that is spun

from thread of dark programs.


Rise and go up to Heaven,

there the Light shines all the time;

give love and lend helping hand to people,

so that they could be surrounded by glow of heart.


Love in heart

is the key to life;

today and tomorrow everything will glare

by knowledge of revealed truth.


Gulp down a little bit of truth;

after all, haste and illusion disappeared:

why should you be a puppet in someone’s hands

and perform nonsensical dance ?


The Angels call you,

inviting you by singing of love to Heaven,

where all the time Life pulsates

and happiness radiates in all places.


I will give you yet the final advice:


like a traveler who never drops anchor into dead matter;

THE HEART OF HEARTS is the only fixed point.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all by Ptaah,

who always gives people songs.“


I thank you, dear Ptaah;

with joy I shall deliver the message to terrestrials ! Ivo.






2146. The message from Heaven (547).        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)          January 9, 2005.

                                                                                                                         10:5711:09 a. m.

                                                                                                                        Place: Ceska Lipa.







„Right now I bring to people

the news from heaven, looking on you;

terrestrials have the chance to experience great love

reminding of candle giving light upwards.


You were granted the Creator’s Grace:

the opportunity to leave the infernal work,

emerge from the maze of puppets

and see the glow of the Right worlds again.


Dear men, observe the Earth;

you might ascend

to the right Paradises in Heaven,

without coming back again.


Day by day goes by;

time is still relentless,

but you might stop it whenever

that hinges on your decision and fly up !


Take already some account of your inner voice

you carry in your heart all the time;

as you already know, that voice is always with you,

it never departs from you to go somewhere far away !


Keep your love still in front of yourself,

focus your special attention on it;

you shall break the cross effortlessly:

help your fellowman tactfully.


Nowadays significant events occur;

many brothers and sisters

dwell on the planet Earth with love,

and establish the new society.


With our help from Heaven,

in the fifth dimension on the Earth,

where the Paradise and Light spreads,

and the spring breeze blows all the time.


Take a breather, do not hurry anymore;

leave the puppets and this scene,

which is artificially controlled

by those, who are condemned to live in underground slums.


The Angels in Heaven

call the terrestrial child,

to come back Home

and already reveal own love.


The Creator’s Grace is here granted,

everybody thus can join

the beautiful, wonderful community,

developed in the Right Creation on the New Earth.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all

by Ashtar Sheran.“


I thank you, dear Ashtar;

with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.







2147. Preparing the New Earth (548).         (Received Ivo A. Benda.)             January 9, 2005.

                                                                                                                          11:1311:38 a. m.

                                                                                                                         Place: Ceska Lipa.



            „Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you a friendly greeting. Yes, with joy I will deliver you another new reports.


You have asked about overall shape of the New Earth in the fifth dimension. Yes, it is beautiful harmonious world of nature shining in pleasant breeze climate. There is one continent dry land extending symmetrically along the equator, with promontories and gulfs, into two oceans: the North and the South one. On this mainland you could find many rivers, valleys, mountains and ranges beautifully arranged in nature, which is shaped always peacefully, without any negative features you know on the old Earth. Here are numerous waterfalls and for the water it is characteristic that in nature plays the principle role of regeneration. Also the pure sea is full of life, maintaining the beauty of azure glitter and refreshing the air everywhere. All over the dry land there are likewise scattered wonderful lakes, fulfilling important function by means of energy that streams from the Earth.


Following the decision of the High Council concerning taking the planet Earth into the Cosmic Confederation of Planets was started intensive work on building homes and infrastructure on the New Earth. These constructions are erected by way of manifestation our thoughts on the New Earth. Yes, we are still preparing for that event the capable terrestrials on our spaceships during their nocturnal visits, at present culminating. However, the memory of terrestrials on the old Earth was clouded, and thus they are enabled to fulfill in this environment at rest the remaining part of their mission. Afterwards they will be already accurately prepared for life on the New Earth and they shall enter into new era of their living, the era of the adequate Right life in its entirety. You cannot even imagine that now. The remembrance of the life on the old Earth will remain, and you shall be additionally enriched by the consequent experiences. For the evacuation on our cosmic spaceships will be qualified people appearing in the higher revolutions of the Spiritual path, since in this case they can thus further work on their development. The ones who will reach the point of revibration during evacuation shall be transferred very smoothly and then already on the New Earth they can fully attend to the tasks they had chosen yet before this incarnation.


The New Earth is prepared for individuals who show good will to live in love and act in accordance with LAWS OF LOVE in Creation, regarding the Primary Creator as the first Friend and Parent. These people are already now, after the acceptance, spontaneously welcome by other brothers and sisters from the Right worlds of the Galaxial Confederation of Planets. In this context at present is also series of celebrations under way on spaceships and planets of this Galactic family. It is great landmark in history of this terrestrial mankind, since more than two percent of inhabitants nowadays establishes new society of higher type, based on spiritual principles of the Primary Creator of everything and everybody. I wish all these people composure, peace, happiness and joy in heart, together with fulfilling their mission both on the old and the New Earth.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all terrestrials by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of grand cosmic squadron “



I thank you, dear Ashtar; with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.






2148. Preparing the New Earth (549).        (Received Ivo A. Benda.)            January 10, 2005.

                                                                                                                              7:388:22 a. m.

                                                                                                                         Place: Ceska Lipa.



            „Dear Ivo,


I, Ashtar, the commander of grand cosmic squadron, give you a friendly greeting. Yes, with joy I will deliver you another new reports.


During the nocturnal visit we have taken flight together with Ptaah and some other terrestrials to look on the New Earth in the fifth dimension of the Right Creation. Yes, we were hovering over beautiful country, which is supposed to become your new Home. Since the continent extends along the equator, the temperature is all the time very pleasant one: around 25 degrees Celsius, without any fluctuation in temperature you have experienced on the old Earth. By both oceans the North and the South one is reliably secured that evenness and pleasant climate on the dry land. There are numerous gulfs, peninsulas and island, by which is shaped the typical coastal physique.


There continues the construction of homes and some important precints necessary for securing the New society without states, capitals, identity cards, money, superfluous buildings and good sheds. The inhabitants will select one all‑planetary language. Means of force would be here good for nothing, since the protection will be ensured from the Galactic squadron of defense. The New Earth will be self‑sufficient in relatively shorter run, both in subjects of everyday use and building infrastructure together with the cosmic squadron. There will be no railway on the New Earth; the transportation shall be secured at first with our help and later by means of cosmic vessels. You learn already nowadays, quickly mastering piloting of cosmic spacecrafts during current nocturnal visits when you are sleeping. You could see lot of life also under the sea, as well as on the dry land, where can be found plenty of beautiful ever blooming plants and trees, many friendly small animals, neither disturbing nor harming each other everything in harmony likewise in other Right worlds of the Right Creation. You also had a look at your potentially future house and were choosing the concrete place for your home. Yes, thus during the nocturnal visit you acquainted with your new Home.


This was transmitted with love in heart to all terrestrials by Ashtar Sheran, the commander of grand cosmic squadron “



I thank you, dear Ashtar; with love and joy I shall deliver the message to all. Ivo.








2151.   In love and peace.               (Received Helena N.)                        December 31, 2004.

Place: Zlin.







„In love and peace we will live,

awaiting our wonderful future,

and always enjoy so booming times,

and love each other

as if it was for the first time,

and our minds will be filled with desires

to attain even the highest goals.

In our heart then will occur permeation

changed soon into blissful feeling and peace,

for the Creator’s joy.


We will live again in such a way as we wanted,

only in love and imbued with ideals

and perhaps we will add to that

sprinkling of laughter and enthusiasm

to substantiate our effort

by a due goal.


This was transmitted to you with love and revently

by Ashtar Sheran,

the one, who loves you all the time.“





2156.  Message from Jesus (550).          (Received by Ivo A. Benda.)

5:04-5:42 a.m.  January 21, 2005.

Place: Ceska Lipa.







“Dear Ivo, I, The Lord Jesus Christ, am talking to you. I love you and encompass you with love.


At the present time, the mankind of this planet Earth reached the limits of its activities and efforts, and it now repeatedly more and more faces consequences of its prevailing matter-oriented kinds of behavior and acts, which brings many outcomes: on the one hand, CLEANSING PROCESSES of planet Earth from coarse-vibratory energies – negative thoughts of people, and on the other hand, respective people get themselves AFFLICTED by these consequences in their concrete life situations in precise accordance to the choices they made. As a result, the quality of life of most people is constantly deteriorating – from slavery in work, through fears of debts and existential problems, to diseases and injuries.


Planet Earth, however, does not intend to keep such individuals on her surface and therefore, after their death, they are subsequently moved to corresponding dark worlds of the zone of displacement without so-called standard and quality of living they had before.


Some minor part of humankind, though, has chosen and chooses the positive way of life according to laws of love inscribed in their heart. Thus, these people don’t focus on matter goods and pleasures excessively and they try to help with love to their fellows and they have a vision of beautiful harmonious society. These people have in front of them the corresponding quality of live in True worlds of The True Creation – their True homes offered to them by The Prime Creator of all and everything. Hence, this part of people is either after physical death of body or with living physical body gradually moved on the True Earth in the 5th dimension, and now it is even a bigger number of people who are preparing for this transition – ca. 150 million people in the 1st evacuation wave. A month ago (in your time), planet Earth joined the Cosmic Federation of planets of this Galaxy and so she now has a historic opportunity to show other people, who so far choose old style of life, how to change and create a New society based on spiritual principles of love, joy, good, truth and thus to walk closer and closer to The Prime Creator of all and everybody.


Moreover, I want to tell to you that our cultural action – the lecture in Prague on January 15, 2005 participated by 500 people – was very important for passing further key information of light on to people, who came here not only from Prague, but from the entire Czech and Slovak country. In the presence of Cosmic people of the Forces of light and myself, they learned everything they needed to know in this important phase and so they would have a good opportunity to show their qualities at fulfilling their missions of light. Everyone who underestimates the other side and doesn’t abide by his/her spiritual heart, will experience on his/her own skin the consequences of outcomes of his/her short-sighted and matter-oriented behavior under the illusion of “profit” – THE GOLDEN CALF in fact.


At this meeting, people took with them lots of materials of light, mostly leaflets – over 5000 of them out of 10 000 in total (available in 100 kinds). Furthermore, everybody could view over 500 exposed pictures about the Cosmic people and situation of mankind, which are normally exhibited in the Cosmic center in Holesovicka marketplace (hall 7). Information of light are available in the first place at to the extent of 7000 pages of texts and 5000 pictures, audio and video recordings of some lectures and actions of light. This way, the information are available to anyone who is interested in information of true state of people, of the way of positive change and of your helpers – Cosmic people of the Forces of light. At the present time, many people realize and become aware of their position and mission, because of which they came here, and therefore they have a great interest in managing their missions of light which they had been preparing for prior to the birth. I’m helping everyone in his/her heart and lead him/her so that his/her acts of help to fellows will carry him/her out of slavery and trap of the negative state. Keep up in your endeavor, dear people, and have your hearts always open.


This message was transmitted with love to all of you by The Lord Jesus Christ.


Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, I’ll gladly give this message to people of planet Earth. Ivo.








2158.  Earth man as a transmitter; definition of vibrational quotient of our environment.

January 22, 2005.


An important message.









Relayed from our Cosmic Friends from evacuation ships (out of their love):


“TRANSMITTERS generally are:


Sources emitting or radiating electromagnetic waves of either long-wave or short-wave nature.


These WAVES originate together with the origination of electric charge. Simultaneously, an electromagnetic field is created (described by 2 parameters: permittivity for electric field and permeability for magnetic field). These parameters determine electromagnetic field stability – they indicate the ability to accumulate energy in given environment in a direct proportionality. They are determining for given environment.


Or, in other words, everywhere an electric charge exists, originates also an electromagnetic field, whose fundamental attribute is that it always enables transfer of electromagnetic waves, thus transfer of energy and current if conditions for this are met (gradient among two or more energetic potentials).



NATURAL electromagnetic fields exist INDEPENDENTLY of transmission from modulating sources; they normally occur in natural environment on the ground as well as in the air, but they aren’t pulsating. They aren’t unhealthy.



ARTIFICIALLY created pulsating resonance fields in our environment:


Transmitters of electromagnetic waves create unhealthy electromagnetic resonance fields with relatively high frequencies and with constantly markedly varying values of intensity. Transmission is continually expanded to new frequency bands with constantly increasing power. Type of modulation also changes (new digital broadcasting with more significant impacts on human health). The number of transmitters is being increased rapidly (GSM – cell phones, Wi-Fi internet …).


At the present time, EU works on Galileo location system formed by set of 30 satellites on 3 tracks (there will always be at least 4 satellites for active surveillance of any place on Earth) constantly emitting monitoring signal. Galileo is intended to cooperate with U.S. GPS system. GPS has also a set of 30 satellites which by means of steady transmission monitor activities of every human on planet with resolution up to 15 meters (ca. 50 feet). After Galileo is put into operation, all beings or objects (with implanted chip) will be monitored with resolution of 2 meters (6.5 feet) even inside buildings, shopping centers or tunnels. Until now this was impossible (however, the true maximum technical resolution is several centimeters). Creators of Galileo themselves say this system can be massively applied in all spheres of our life. Frequency assignments are executed by International Telecommunication Union in Geneva, Switzerland). By means of frequencies of physical bodies (without chips being necessary), the location of every Earth man will be identified !!! (See: .)


This unambiguously implies that already today scientists know:


Frequency parameters of human body and they know that this transmission or radiation harms our health.


A commonly used modulation source – a transmitter – is composed of (simplified): Carrier waves generator, modulator and power amplifier.


The signal intended for transmission (an information) is encoded (modulated) at the output and is broadcasted via antenna to the ether, where, as a result of transmission, originates the electromagnetic field through which pulsates the electromagnetic oscillation and it resonates with electromagnetic field of planet. These resonance fields constantly flood our living environment.


Cosmic Friends use devices where EVERY single component is SCREENED so as not to interfere with vibrational field of human body and of natural environment. I.e., there occurs no activation of electromagnetic field in the surrounding of any source of transmission. And therefore, no pulsating resonance field, which would in a negative way interfere with vibration parameters of human body, is created.


The entire device, however, is screened too. This results in perfectly screened device or source of transmission. In addition, Cosmic people say they use various types of transmission sources, not only devices mankind use of alternating current.


Established terminology:



Frequency level: Indicates the number of changes of polarity of transmitted electromagnetic signal within one second in a defined range.



Modulation source: Artificially made source dedicated for transmission of information in various frequency levels. Transmitted information is stored (modulated) on the main carrier wave.



Vibration parameter: The electromagnetic field resulting from all mutually influencing components of electromagnetic oscillation and radiation in given environment. It indicates its characteristic profile. It originates by combining all possible electromagnetic fields from surrounding sources (for which hold the laws of folding, refraction and reflection).



Vibration coefficient: (generally formulated): Represents ratio of vibration parameters of 2 various environments. For ratio of vibration parameters of natural environment and an artificially (by modulation sources creating pulsating resonance electromagnetic field) created environment, we use the term vibration quotient.



VIBRATION QUOTIENT thus is: Ratio of two vibration coefficients; it determinates the relation between vibration coefficient of NATURAL environment and vibration coefficient of an environment with ARTIFICIALLY created pulsating resonance electromagnetic field.



The value of vibration parameters for NATURAL healthy environments is equal to values of the natural environment. And these fields are NOT pulsating.


On Earth, vibration quotient IS NOT included in the vibration fields and, therefore, this phenomenon IS NOT responsibly MONITORED !!!


Somebody is missing here who would responsibly proclaim that this phenomenon is a RESONANCE EFFECT, and who would include it in vibration fields and observe and consider values of vibration quotients as a determining factor providing fundamental information about our environment.



According to the EFFECT ON EARTH MAN, electromagnetic fields can be divided to COARSE-VIBRATORY and FINE-VIBRATORY fields.



FINE-VIBRATORY FIELDS – natural sources, stable and non-pulsating, existing independently of earthly transmission sources.


Planet Earth – earth surface, water sources, water packings, flora, fauna. (Sun and other cosmic sources have pulsating either long-wave or short-wave nature.)


Planet Earth has steady North pole and South pole. (Magnetic north and south pole do not coincide with geographic ones). In the sphere of planet, there is a constant stable (non-pulsating) earthly electromagnetic field.



COARSE-VIBRATORY FIELDS – Our living environment is constantly flooded by electromagnetic currents; this results in origination of pulsating electromagnetic coarse-vibratory field with its characteristic traits.


There are two types of coarse-vibratory energy transmitters. The criteria is their wave length:


1. Long-wave coarse-vibratory radiators (emitters)


a) Artificially manufactured coarse-vibratory long-wave radiators:


Modulation sources (transmitters of TV, radio, GSM signals, cell phones, radars, satellite dishes, earth satellites etc.)


b) Other electric appliances and devices (e.g., translation stations, amplifiers, electric energy distribution system) which use electric energy for their operation. They become sources of electromagnetic fields, sometimes even they are not working (are just connected to the electric outlet).


2. Short-wave coarse-vibratory radiators (emitters)


a) Radiation from other earthly and Cosmic sources (e.g., X-rays, electromagnetic component of cosmic radiation).


b) HUMAN – thoughts and feelings significantly affect vibration structure of living environment. NEGATIVE THOUGHTS = COARSE-VIBRATORY ENERGIES !!!


Coarse-vibratory radiators constantly in a negative way (by means of its constant pulsation) deform the calm and stable field of planet Earth, resulting in resonance effect. This results in a field harmful for human health. Size of values of electromagnetic field frequency levels, as well as length of stay inside it, are the determining factors of damage to human health. These fields have negative effect also on nature, fauna and flora. They are sources of another yet unexplained phenomenons. (Other harmful source is our polluted living environment – the air, water, soil, and thus the entire food chain.)


The pulsating electromagnetic field, thanks to its resonance, causes the separation of individual substances in an organism in accordance with its molecular weight. This separation results in origination of so called resonance product and this is constantly being accumulated in other parts of the body. This consequently results in origination of ALL civilization diseases (damage to permanent character – the nerve-centre and genetics, impairment of immune system etc.). The chemical disruptions to health is, considering the order in terms of significance, BEHIND the vibrational disruptions to health !!!



Vibration diagram of human body and its frequency levels:


Given by our Cosmic Friends out of love for us, November 20, 2004:


Vibration values of environments we move in:


(According to Cosmic Friends, these values are standard for all kinds of planets.)




Physical body – 1020 and more Hz  – rises depending on rising of spiritual awareness – the Spiritual Path, pic. 688, messages 819 - 847 (corresponding frequency of energies comes both from True worlds – intuition – help of Cosmic people of the Forces of light, to the left auxiliary positive channel, and from dark worlds – negative controlling energies fed by negative entities into the right auxiliary negative channel, see pic. 811, message 1761).


Spiritual component (emotional component) – 1024 and more Hz


Vibrations of spiritual body according to the position on the Spiritual Path:


Being in the    1st revolution –  1024 - 1025   Hz

                        2nd revolution – 1025 - 1026   Hz

                        3rd revolution – 1026 - 1027  Hz

                        4th revolution –1027 - 1028  Hz

                        5th revolution –1028 - 1029  Hz

                        6th revolution – 1029 - 1030  Hz

                        7th revolution – 1030 and more Hz


Mental body (thinking) –  101500 - 1015000 Hz


Emotional body (emotional component) –  101 200 000 and more Hz



Compare this with today’s frequency levels:


According to information from our Cosmic Friends -


Digital broadcast: 1013 Hz – 1026 Hz


X-rays: 1016 – 1020 Hz


Gamma rays: 1018 – 1025 Hz



Vibration parameters of planet Earth:


(According to Cosmic Friends, these values are standard for all kinds of planets.)


The following vibration values refer to physical bodies of animals and plants:


Animals: 1027 Hz

Plants: 1028 - 1039 Hz

Soil profiles: 1017 Hz

Water lines: 1075 - 1076 Hz



Vibration parameters of every man are very specific (every human has immutable – specific vibrations). It is possible to scan his vibration level and having a sufficient access to the source of transmission, one can monitor it easily (with the intention of help) – both content of thoughts and emotions, and his location.


For purposes of better fixation while measuring from Cosmos, we (Cosmic people) use a technique named elimination of vibrational cover.


Based on knowledge that every building has its specific traits, we can monitor not only facilities, buildings and areas, but also people who are inside such facilities or buildings.


After screening out selected parts of building, the remaining part of building is shown on our monitors and so we get a perfect image about interior of that part.”


(I was shown a large hall with moving people and some disciplinal staff in uniforms. The entire image looked as if the hall was being scanned from its ceiling.)


I thank our Friends from Cosmos for this information and, in the first place, I thank to the Prime Creator of all and everything.


Editor’s note:


Some important addresses of those who control many frequencies of energies:







B – 1047







F - 67070




















More than 7000 pages of texts and 5000 pictures about Cosmic people

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