Ashtar Sheran

The commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron of 10 million mother space ships with headquarters at the space station SHARE.


THE COSMIC GUARD. Lovely friend.

He is in charge of a part of the Universe which the Cosmic people call Bella, Quadra, or the Fourth Sector of the Universe.

The basis of his work lies in the constant excellent communication with the PRIME CREATOR OF ALL AND EVERYBODY
as well as with another heavenly hierarchy of this Universe.

He comes from a high spiritual society in the fifth dimension of Heaven of the planet NIRBUA (our Venus in the third dimension).

In addition to the half-substantial body, he's got thousands of mental bodies by means of which he works in many parts of the Universe. He communicates with thousands of beings simultaneously.

A hug with this beautiful being is an unparalleled and unforgettable experience, which brings you, dear people, to tears.

His place of work was painted e.g. by Terezka from Havirov (Czech republic) on several beautiful paintings, which you may find among our pictures at .

He has the wife Ester and the oldest son Isaac, he loves all people of planet Earth and looks forward to the further cooperation with a new civilization on planet Earth in the fifth dimension after purification and cleansing of old planet Earth. He is 28,000 years old, his face looks like a face of 18 years old average Earth man.

He cooperated and lived also in the Atlantean civilization until its fall 11,200 years ago.

The information system that you are having in front of you has been created thanks to Ashtar’s realization of our Prime Creator‘s plan, together with me - Ivo A. Benda - and other terrestrials with this mission.

This realization is supported by Ashtar’s Grand Cosmic Squadron, Ptaah’s Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades and, moreover, by thousands of civilizations of the Forces of Light who are closely watching and analyzing the development on planet Earth.

You can use side and particularly front portraits of Ashtar Sheran for better contact with him (especially useful for beginners) and also for the purpose of uplifting your own momentary vibrations.

The front portrait is a very strong radiator of fine-vibratory energy – LOVE, and it is 90% true, for people could not stand the 100% true portrait due to a very high degree of love radiation.

It is appropriate to place it into a laminate foil (advertising agencies offer this service) of A6, A5, A4, A3 formats.


Here is one of the hundreds of messages that I've received from Ashtar Sheran:

109. Message 2.  (Received by Ivo Benda.)  September 24, 1997, 6:30-7:00 a. m.

“Dear Ivo,

I, Ashtar, am greeting you sincerely and I wish you success in your work for people.

We have a lot of work with those humanoids, who have constantly been flying here, but you do not have to be afraid, everything is watched and under control.

We love you, dear people, and so we believe that we will be able to commence contacts in a greater scale and so be able to meet often in person. We are constantly ready to help you, just as you help people on this planet Earth and strive to manage as soon as possible these difficult times, this period of transition, which is so important for you and for us as well, for we are feeling like your brothers and we want you to join us in such a way that people who would be thus prepared can contact us in person, and then it will only depend on their free decision where they want to live. This planet is so much polluted with coarse vibrations that it is necessary to carry out cardinal cleansing in such a way that the soil and things on it submerge under seas, and the soil under seas lifts up above the sea level in order to be populated by those people who have decided for this before. We know these people are here and their number will not be low, it is necessary to inform them so that they will have an option to act according to the on-coming events and to prepare for coming of the New age. We know this will be difficult, but is given by the fact that there are various groups of people here, part of which will definitely refuse joining us since they are self-centered, interested in their own success, and are materialistic and matter-oriented. This is why your work is necessary - so that the true people, people with higher spiritual values, can be informed about us and decide themselves what to do in the on-coming period.

We love you, and we wish you all well, so that you can really uplift yourselves to a new higher level of being in such a way that you join us and that you will receive and accept spiritual teaching and love for Creator, who governs all and creates all. We would like you to manage and fulfill these on-coming tasks, and everything thus goes smoothly as it should, and we know it will be this way. It depends also on you, Ivo, on your further efforts, and therefore we strive that you go on well.

Miluska has advanced so much that she communicates with us constantly, but she doesn't have to devote herself to work as much as you do, we know that, and so we think we will be able to meet with you soon so that we can talk more and so that you can get to know us better.

This was transmitted to you by Ashtar himself, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron.”