There is a streaming flow of Love and Goodness of Creator to the planet Earth (vertical beam upright down) through Orthon - the spiritual guarantor of our galaxy.

Above Gold Gateway there is the Lord Jesus Christ who is expecting and welcoming home beings of Light with open arms.

The white "small feathers" - they are the beings of Light, who are incarnating on planet Earth to help, the shadowy speckles are dark beings who are coming on Earth also and trying to drag her down (in the meantime).

An approach to the Gold Gateway faces over rainbow - it's an ascension, transformation and purification.

They are the universe people in their spaceships around our planet Earth for help.

Shining colours represent the True Creation, dark colour shows a Zone of Displacement in the right bottom corner. The planet Earth is in a midway between the True Creation and the Zone of Displacement, so in transition - ascension - transformation from the 3rd dimension do the 5th dimension - Dimension of the True Creation.