April 22, 1999

The Cosmic beings who contact us in their mental bodies are mostly from the fifth dimension. They are in their cloaked space ships. By understandable reasons, they do not uncloak so as not to bring about the chaos at present times when people are not ready for that yet. The Cosmic beings will uncloak to us once the percentage of the coarse vibrations on planet are reduced under 50% (today it is ca. 82%) and, at the same time, masses of people ask for this contact. Not otherwise.

There is no planet in the Universe not being under surveillance and monitoring by some civilization of the Forces of light, which works for the Creator according to His/Her plan of creation.

Life on highly-developed cosmic planets

In the Universe, there are lots of races and kinds of extraterrestrial civilizations which look like us or also completely differently than us. They have solid bodies like we do, but they have higher vibrations – they are spiritually more developed. They got on other planets, among other things, also by mass exodus during catastrophes of planet Earth (e.g., Atlantis I. II., III.). Just in our Galaxy are circa 5 million developed planets of the Forces of light. Some civilizations live in fleets (space ships).

On planets of our cosmic friends work people, androids and robots. They create space ships by thoughts; it is inadmissible to produce anything for stocking or for nothing – this is waste of energy.

Cosmic beings are allowed to travel all over the Universe. They can visit more developed civilizations, thus having access to information that Earth men can only dream about. Moreover, they keep eyes on less-developed planets and on planets where life is being developed, and they help these in their development. By doing this, they simultaneously promote their own spiritual level (this is the cosmic law).

The travelling takes place in the form of jumping from dimensions – the dematerialization and re-materialization. The material of ships and bodies is decomposed into a beam of energy and information which is subsequently rematerialized in a different space-time or dimension (a parallel space). This travelling is as natural for them as travelling by train or airplane for us.

The friendly cosmic beings of the Forces of light (they are the majority in the Universe) do not know negative thinking,

- do not know what it is to hurt or wound someone; they are not aggressive, insidious, deceitful,

- they do not pressure anybody, they do not command anybody,

- they have ability to help weaker ones – they can sense how to help,

- they love even evil people on Earth because they know well that it’s just the development phase of man,

- they are able to work with experiences from their past lives as well as past lives of other beings.

Some of them voluntarily incarnate on planet Earth; everyone has a specific task he chose prior to birth. There exist specific frequency elements – decoding mechanisms by means of which they remember who they are and what is their mission. Their mission is to help change the frequency on planet Earth – to inform people about their position and situation of planet Earth, and to help them find a solution to this situation. This is in compliance with the Cosmic law.

They do not have money, they don’t need any. Money do not exist on developed planets. There are not stock-markets, currencies, banks, financial system, for all this is a system robbing people of energy which is purposelessly expended (state institutions, army, advertisements, stocks, shops, etc.).

In their dwellings, they have a tele-wall (a wall acting as a display) which serves as a multimedia for communication with anybody or anything.

They have no hospitals; they don’t know diseases. As a result, they live thousands or even tens of thousands of years. Here on planet Earth in the third dimension, the disease is an efficient way to change people’s thinking.

In view of their level of development allowing them to disseminate information faster than a speed of light, it is easy for them to constantly monitor every one of us and to evaluate our behavior and acts. We are watched by millions of civilizations.

The developed civilizations work for society circa 2 hours a day. Then, they devote time to their hobbies (literature, culture, dancing, music, tourism, visits, self-education – 30 science disciplines simultaneously, etc.).

The ways of their spiritual help to people:

- they try to muffle conflicts,

- they inspire one with a good idea,

- they send us loving vibrations, which influence us without us being aware of it,

- they convey information for one’s spiritual development to those who are interested in and have the parameters for contacting them in thought.

The cosmic space ships from Pleiades are so much technically developed that our technical means is a mere scrap compared to them. They travel through Universe not by way of moving, but by way of trans-dimensioning – the vibrations of material of ship incl. its content are changed. They can travel into the past as well as into the future. They normally take intergalactic flights. It takes them 7 minutes to arrive here from planet Erra being 500 light-years far away.

Parameters of one of the evacuation scout space ships which patrols given area:

- height : 80 m (7 floors – 3 work-floors, 1 nature - green, 3 rest-floors)

- diameter : 1500 - 750 m (ellipse)

- crew : 600 beings, The second-in-command is Pleja, 3 hours long shift

- above Earth : 45 - 130 km – the standard operational field above the surface

- another ships :  she launches other manned or unmanned scout ships

Evacuation fleets (spread above all the Earth surface, in alert since November 13, 1997)

- Karne’s evacuation fleet (from a galaxy in Andromeda – 2.3 million light-years far from here)

- Isaac’s evacuation fleet (from our Galaxy)

The communication takes place also with other peaceful Cosmic people mostly from:

- Ashtar’s Grand Cosmic Squadron (Ashtar Command, 10 million space ships with command on space station Share)

- Share is the mother ship, her length is 42 km, cigar-shaped (as large as Prague) and is 1 million years old.

- she patrols the fourth cosmic sector (Bella, Quadra), constantly keeps an eye on Earth (autumn-spring)

- Ptaah’s Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades (planet Erra, Taygeta system, star cluster Pleiades)

- she keeps an eye on Earth constantly (spring-autumn)

- Sol-tec’s squadron (planet Ajacit, Ajacita system, star cluster Hyades)

- Kohun’s squadron (planet Zetor, Proxima Centauri system)

- Ebermach’s squadron (planet Riddh, Epsilon Tukana system)

- Antec’s squadron and other squadrons.

Even dimensions (4th, 6th, ... ) (parallel universes) are so-called “cold” dimensions – mostly occupied by negative beings without love, odd dimensions are “warm” – inhabited by positive cosmic beings – Heavenly Angels – who radiate love.

On February 20, 1954 at Muroc AFB (today’s name is Edwards AFB) air force base in the USA, the extraterrestrials from five ships from planet EISA (Betegueze star, Orion) presented an offer to establish a new order on Earth. President Eisenhower rejected it, however, since it would imply the fall of the power structures. Other governments were subsequently presented these offers, including the Czech republic, but all of them met with no response. (See “I. Talks”, pg. 48, message 77.)

Planet Earth

Planet Earth is located in the third dimension of the fourth sector of the Universe. The entire fourth sector (i.e., including planet Earth) is overseen by Ashtar Sheran, who also is a guardian of reincarnation on planet Earth.

Within the beginning of the new age, the age of Aquarius, our solar system (thus planet Earth too) is after 24000  years reentering the photon belt of Galaxy (the belt of fine-vibratory loving energies rich in information). This means ending of era of activity and operation of the Forces of darkness on this planet and an unique opportunity is offered to extricate oneself from their influence (their mental impulses which are low-vibratory), increase one’s vibrations and, in the case of necessity, to transvibrate to the fifth dimension (here are prepared life conditions, but only for spiritually mature individuals). Sun has been entering the photon belt since 1998 and the entrance will end in 2001.

The Earth has a great significance for other developed civilizations – she is the Living Library of this Universe (a collection of important information). Every Earth man, animal, plant is something life a “library ticket”.

At the present time, there are 6.5 billion people living on planet Earth. This number is twelve times greater than the optimum number (520 million people). This is so, among other things, in order to give the maximum possible number of beings the opportunity to uplift their spiritual level and advance up to a higher dimension (where civilizations of the Cosmic people are).

The DNA helices

- the collection of information about every man, about his every and all behavior and acting in the past and in the future,

- in this new age of Aquarius, with the help of the Creator and the Cosmic people, we have an unparalleled opportunity to discover in us and reactivate these lost helices and chakras and abilities which were removed from us by the Forces of darkness 300 000 years ago.

- at the same time, they are the information channels (corresponding to chakras) by means of which the human is being gradually connected to his/her another multidimensional beings (MDBs) in parallel universes (dimensions). The condition, however, is the spiritual growth of the human – the spiritual interconnection with his MDBs.

Contactees with Cosmic people – with spiritual beings of the Forces of light – Heavenly Angels

- people who communicate with friendly cosmic beings full of love; these people are also loving – it wouldn’t work otherwise.

- the prerequisite for the contact is fulfilling of conditions for the contact – abidance to the cosmic laws and a great desire for knowledge with love and humility.

- after establishing the contact, these people have 6, 8 or even 10 helices in their DNA. The goal is a gradual completion of all 12 helices. This action is performed by the cosmic people (the biolog-doctors) in sleep, without the human even being aware of it. But after the action, he/she is always informed of it.

- the connection to the beings from higher dimensions takes place by the method of telepathic contact. Before starting the contact, we ask with honest love, humility and desire our Creator for the contact. An example of address: “Dear beloved Creator, I’m asking you for the contact with either you or my friends from Cosmos – with Ashtar, Ptaah, Jamahama, Pleja or others.”

- every one of us has his multidimensional counterparts in the Universe. In other words, this means that I am represented in each dimension and these beings (representatives) long for contact. By this contact, you acquire a new information channel – new abilities for better solutions to the everyday life situations (e.g., you can estimate the development of future events around you).

- in Czech countries exist in circa 50 cities unorganized contact groups (total of 200,000 people).

- the basic work of every human is to inform people in his surrounding (and to do it in the modest and unobtrusive manner), particularly those who are open to these information (just that they read the recommended books uplifts their spiritual level).

Threat of global purification and cleansing – the “catastrophe” of Earth

By acting negatively and thus producing the negative thoughts, people radiate the coarse vibrations to the Universe.

Unless people instantaneously begin changing their behavior and thinking, there is the threat of global catastrophe on Earth, which will simultaneously cleanse the Earth from the accumulated negative energy. For this purpose, evacuation fleets are prepared for evacuation of eligible ones (prepared individuals), 1/15 – 1/10 of Earth men will this way participate in formation of the new society in the fifth dimension. Cosmic people can only save those people who have sufficient vibrational level. Unfortunately, majority of people has such a low spiritual vibration of energies of their bodies that they would immediately die upon entering the fifth dimension (the physical body would cease working).

The most important thing thus here and now is that people open their hearts (the within), so that the fine-vibratory energy of love can enter them and so that people themselves will radiate this energy of love.

Every thought of each of 6.5 billion people is recorded by thousands of civilizations of the Forces of light so that the corrections within the Cosmic Laws can be realized according to the will of our beloved Creator.

If people do not change their vibrations (the transition toward positive behavior and thinking) to the necessary extent and so a cleansing process of Earth is inevitable, people will be divided and organized to various civilizations in accordance to their spiritual development as follows:

- societies of the Cosmic people, current bodies – the fifth dimension (developed planets, here people will be organized to min. two different degrees)

- societies on developing planets, death of these physical bodies – the third dimension (less-developed planets, much like the Middle Ages here on Earth)

- societies of man-apes, death of these physical bodies -  ............... (the most aggressive people displace themselves to these societies)

The transition to the higher dimension will be preceded by so-called transdimensioning:

- stay at a ship (evacuation, transdimensioning from the third to the fifth dimension) or transvibration on Earth from the third to the fifth dimension,

- stay on the rescue planet for the duration of purification and cleansing processes of planet Earth (in the event of evacuation),

- migration back on planet Earth in the fifth dimension (in the event of evacuation).

Saurians (the Forces of darkness, they include also another races):

- negative cosmic entities who do not follow the cosmic laws – laws of the Creator, and so they were excluded from the Cosmic Federation of planets. Hence, these entities are defined by their behavior, not by race !

- they do not know love, they carry out violent abductions of people on planet Earth who permit this by their own negative thinking (like attracts like – the Universal law).

- they live in the fourth dimension, but also in higher dimensions, on asteroids, comets and on this Earth too (in the fourth dimension !).

- they affect and act on us by their mental impulses, mere reception of information about them lowers our vibrations, beware of reading books about them, watching movies about them, etc. – they instantly see you on their monitors and focus on you.

- they have a crystal in the chest serving as a receiver of fear from humans. The fear and anxiety of us, people, is the food for them. Therefore, they have purposely been invoking this fear and other negative emotions in us for as long as 300,000 years. This took and takes place through religions, churches, governments, economic institutions, science and media, schools, which are under their control.

- they do their best to cause the destruction of this planet in order to occupy it subsequently. They are going well on destroyed planets, they don’t know to live in other way and their very planets are destroyed too.

- at the present time (since January 1998) they have been prohibited to materialize. Upon violating this ban, they are instantaneously decomposed into a harmless beam of energy or eliminated by Ashtar’s Grand Cosmic Squadron.

- our civilization is massively controlled by the Forces of darkness by the help of thousands of control programs, because, by our negative thinking, we attracted them from the entire Universe as a magnet and we permit and enable them this control by our own non-love. With our intelligence, we have no chance to get ahead of them for our IQ is 100, and their IQ is 200.

As a protection from the negative influence, you can daily visualize a loving shell around yourself, the shell of golden light – up to distance of 1 km, either in the form of egg (beginners) or cylinder (more advanced ones – in order to maintain connection with the Universe).

The structure of nature on Earth is unique and unparalleled in the entire Universe – it is a data bank of information, so-called Living Library (see book Bringers of the Dawn).

For most people (unfortunately), the evil becomes evil in its true sense as lately as perceive it on their own skin, so to speak.

Through experiences in particular lives, the human being develops and perfects. On Earth, there are people who lived 900,000 – 1,100,000 lives before (these are the more developed ones) or 400,000 lives (the less spiritually developed ones), maximum 1,500 lives on the same planet.

Once a human goes inward and looks for causes of problems in his within and not outside of himself, it is the great progress for him.

What is the spiritual growth

The spiritual growth is the only way to make use of all the information and abilities a human has in him. This means that:

- he will live in accordance with the cosmic laws – in the first place, he will radiate love, think positively, etc.,

- he will learn and gain knowledge,

- he will learn from his life,

- he will draw conclusions from acts and deeds of his (in the first place of his!) and of other people,

- will help other beings,

- taking courses or lectures, graduating schools are not the condition of the spiritual growth,

- the very good method of the spiritual growth is to let oneself be led by the Cosmic people and the spiritual beings of the Forces of light.

How do we achieve our spiritual growth ?

We can achieve the spiritual growth and progress by eliminating the negative acts and thoughts (the coarse vibrations) and by radiating love (the fine-vibratory energy) and esteem for self, for other people, animals, nature and for the Earth. In addition:

- let’s not use vulgar words,

- let’s eliminate envy and jealousy,

- let’s avoid anger and irritation,

- let’s minimize thinking of money and mammon, possessive needs, sticking to property,

- let’s not treat Earth with contempt by e.g. owning multiple houses or multiple cars just for us, since the sources needed for production of these excess things come from Earth and they are not inevitable – wasting of her energies,

- let’s learn to be “above the situation” so that nothing can discompose us,

- let’s stop being controlled,

- let’s get rid of the desire to control (to own) other people,

- let’s be kind and considerate, let’s help weaker ones and those who need the help,

- let’s not grab someone’s attention in a forceful way (by doing this, we take away their energy)

- let’s not dictate anything to or impose anything on anybody,

- let’s be tolerant and full of understanding,

- let’s not engage in sex or erotic without love,

- let’s not eat meat, smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol

- let’s not read books and watch movies about violence (action, catastrophic or war movies) and about abductions of people by extraterrestrials,

- let’s not keep in our flat books and videos about violence and erotic magazines – they are coarse-vibratory irradiators.

- let’s maintain in us the ability to constantly learn and receive new quality information.

Every human should strive to get to know his mission here on Earth. To achieve this, it is necessary to vibrationally (spiritually) work on oneself. The one who helps others in their spiritual growth also helps himself in his spiritual growth (the direct proportionality).

The Cosmic laws (there are many of them)

1. The most powerful cosmic law is The Law of pure love: if you give the energy of love to some other being, much more than you give you will receive from our Creator. This way you uplift your spiritual level.

2. The law of development: If a higher being helps a lower being or any other living form in her spiritual development, she by this also helps herself since she uplifts her vibrational spiritual level.

3. The esoteric law: Like attracts like (in the sense of spiritual – energetic quality).

4. The law of intelligence (wisdom): Beings knowingly and consciously recognize and acknowledge the Prime Creator of all and everything. (He/She is the first and foremost one for the spiritual beings.)

5. The law of karma: This law provides for the spiritual growth of a being in the form of school of life. The progress depends on understanding and managing the learning subjects of this life. Unmanaged or unhandled life chapters are offered for solution in some of the following lives. The human is creative and he creates and affects his karma in either positive or negative sense.

6. The law of incarnation: This law is effective for souls who fell away from the Prime Creator. These souls must incarnate in material and semi-material bodies so long until they atone for their offences against the Creator – his laws. This usually takes millions of incarnations. Incarnations in the human body are preceded by at least 8 million incarnations in the bodies of minerals, plants and animals.

7. The law of free will: The conscious sentient being is a free being; she has the right to make free decisions and no one must control or limit her in any way. (e.g., on Earth takes effect the massive control by the Forces of darkness – this is violation of this law, but Earth men, by their own free will and choice, let themselves be controlled – the politics, media, science, etc.) Higher civilizations are prohibited to intervene in or interfere with the development of a lower civilization.


On some places on Earth comes about an intensive spiritual-energetic radiation of developed beings – an example is India where, in view of the fact that there is such a poverty, has incarnated number of beings from the higher dimensions (the ompensation).

The health state of population of the Czech republic (the percentage of fully healthy individuals of the entire population):

- year 1948 - 3 %

- year 1958 - 45 % .... cause : - chemicalization (water, food, clothes, furniture ...)

- year 1968 - 55 % – dissatisfaction in work – creation of negative thoughts

- year 1978 - 35 % – increased consummation of meat from slaughter-houses – factories for killing

- year 1988 - 15 % – fear from future and financial stress (the present times)

- year 1998 - 2 % – non-functional system of health care (the present times)

(i.e., as little as 200 000 people out of 10 million inhabitants is completely healthy)

At the present times, it is a miracle if a completely healthy child is born – most newborns usually have corrupt immune system in some way.

The science and politics are controlled by the Forces of darkness – people are controlled like puppets (according to the coarseness of vibrations of individuals). Media is also massively controlled – it is the perfect means of lies and misinformation, it massively spreads the coarse vibrations. Lots of important information are kept hidden from us.

Our science is built on material foundations. There is such an enormous gap between our science and the science of developed extraterrestrial civilizations that we could compare it to the gap between the light of fire-flies and the light of Sun.

If some one is unkind to you, say in thought: “Don’t do this to me, you are doing only what you can, it hurts me”. It has effect.


- a method of unblocking a human in her full consciousness, based on analysis of her past life.

-  this brings about the start-up of her spiritual growth thanks to the synchronization of the left and right hemisphere.

- thus, this helps in overall betterment of human by eliminating blocks preventing from the proper flow of energies in human body.


- Present distribution of coarse-vibratory transmission in programmes of individual television companies (Czech republic):

TV NOVA – 90 % – the control program of Saurians ! (the company is built on former Jewish cemetery full of low souls from the past), the introductory tune shows asteroids (saurians live there and also elsewhere), explosion – destroying, red ribbon – the control program in an egg (anti-clockwise direction)

TV PRIMA – 35 %, ÈT 1 – 25 %, ÈT 2 – 20 %

- an overall burden of televiewers by the coarse vibrations radiated from TV in Czech republic is 80 %.

Meat is a source of coarse vibrations which flood the body and so they make it impossible to receive the high-vibratory information sent to us by extraterrestrial civilizations (contact is almost impossible in such case).

Domestic animal is the highest being in the animal kingdom, her next incarnations take place already in human body. Eating meat of these animals is a gross violation of one of the cosmic laws.

Our technology is far ahead of our spiritual development, it destroys our spiritual culture, our spiritual level.

Diseases and injuries are here to show people they do something wrong. Developed cosmic beings do not have hospitals for they do not know what a disease is. This is also why they live from thousands up to tens of thousands of years. Beings in higher dimensions don’t even put off their bodies whatsoever. Beings come closer to the Creator by means of incarnations, later in thought (without incarnations to material bodies).

Unfortunately, the priorities of modern man are money, career and “success” = negative thoughts destroying planet Earth.

If we changed now from our economic system to the spiritual system, we would work for society as little as 4 hours a day (in work days) – this would suffice amply. This is also in compliance with the Cosmic law stating that a man should work for the society just as much as it is inevitably needed. The New Order offer was made by Cosmic people already in 1952 in the U.S. and later in many other countries; everything is kept secret, concealed and made fun of by governing entities.

A human can enter the higher worlds only when he passes through the Darkness (ignorance), realizes his state and begins developing and improving; when he understands he is being controlled by the Forces of darkness and he liberates from this controlling by the power of love and positivity of thinking and acting. There is no other way to the higher worlds (thus, the condition is not technical solutions, rockets, space ships, new propulsions of ships, etc., willfully presented to us by our science controlled by saurians).

The first public transmission of Cosmic being’s – Ashtar Sheran’s voice took place in England on Sunday November 26, 1977 at 5:05 – 5:10 p.m. through millions of televisions of Southern Television company from Hampshire to Reading and from Berkshire and Whitney to Oxfordshire, including London, Southampton and other cities. The original broadcast was jammed. The voice was heard by ca. 8 million people, it was impossible to turn off TV-sets during the transmission. See “I. Talks with teachings from my Cosmic Friends”, message 221.


Hierarchy of the Universe

The Prime Creator – The Lord Jesus Christ (The Most High Creator, God-Spirit)

- all that exists; the ultimate and original source, substance, essence of everything and all; the highest light and intelligence,

- the absolute love, wisdom, good, truth,

- the entire True Creation is his product, all creatures emerged from Him/Her and will return to Him/Her,

- He/She creates everything by means of the Cosmic (Universal) laws, which work at 100%,

- through the entire Creation, he gets to know himself,

- This material universe is not his/her product, but there are other universes which were created by Him/Her. They share with our universe the common feature – motion. Else, everything is different there (see Creation of Universes in the second part of Talks with teachings from my Cosmic Friends).

- one can communicate with Him/Her provided that one finds a way to Him/Her. Then, one is led by the Prime Creator, which is beautiful and harmonious.

Creators of particular Universes

- all-transcending loving beings of light,

- we are part of him, just like everything else existing in this universe,

- he calls us children.

The Council of Nine (The Council of 9 lights)

- beings of light,

- they govern all this material Universe (12 dimensions – parallel universes) under the Creator.

The High Council for this cluster of galaxies (Virgo constellation)

- The diameter of cluster of galaxies about the size of 50 million of light-years,

- The High Council is located near by galaxy M87 with a jet.

The High Council for the local group of galaxies

- resides in the Great Andromeda galaxy M31,

- Local group of galaxies is comprised of 30 galaxies.

Every galaxy has its own High (Light-) Council (our Council is located in the Aquarius constellation)

- our Galaxy (where planet Earth is located) is called the Milky Way galaxy.

- it has a diameter of 100 thousand light-years,

- it contains 150 billion stars in 115 billion solar systems. There are 5 million developed planets of the Forces of light in there. Out of these, 2 million planets are members of so-called Cosmic Federation of planets. They are governed by the High Council.

- The High Council is formed by lightbeings,

- the oldest and the most revered member of the Light-council of our Galaxy is Gorloj.

- another member, who is also the spiritual guarantor of our Galaxy, is Orthon (Messiah, Buddha, Jesus – his incarnations)

- another ones are e.g. Arahat Athersata, Arton

Every developed (mother) planet has one planetary government which is represented by the Board of Aldermen (the Board of Wisemen)

- the planetary government falls under the High Council of given galaxy,

- one planetary language,

- the Board solves problems related to planet,

- communication with other planets.

5 % of all planets in the Universe (in various dimensions of the Universe) is inhabited by civilizations.

Moons, planets, suns, galactic suns, cosmic suns, spiritual suns – are intelligent loving beings at these gradual levels (moons … spiritual suns); they are not dead mechanic solids as we are taught by our by our material science !

More information on hierarchy of the Universe can be found in books of The New Revelation (specifically, Four Concepts of the Spiritual Structure of Creation), in book Spirit, Power, Matter (by Adelma Vay) and in II. Talks with teachings from my Cosmic Friends (by Ivo A. Benda) – part Creation of Universes.

Information sources recommended by the Forces of light


If you haven’t read any book of the following list, Ashtar Sheran recommends that you begin with books Bringers of the Dawn and I. Talks with Teachings from My Cosmic Friends.

1) UFO: CONTACTS, Hesemann (50 contacts with crucial people’s testimonies).

2) UFO: ... AND STILL THEY FLY, Quido Moosbrugger (Pleiadians of planet Erra in personal contact with Eduard Albert Meier, comprehensive description of civilization of Erra).

3) ANGELS IN STARHIPS, Giorgio Dibitonto (personal contacts in Italy).

4) INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, George Adamski (contacts with Venusians).

5) THE VOICE FROM HEAVEN: THE MESSAGE TO THE MANKIND, BORUP SPIRITUAL SCHOOL, Orthon (message from Orthon – the spiritual guarantor of our Galaxy, received 30 years ago).


7) TALKS WITH TEACHINGS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X. Ivo A. Benda, 1997-2005, (7 years of conversations with Ashtar Sheran, Ptaah, Orthon, Guetzal, Jamara, Jamahama, Hating, Alena, Pleja, Semjase, Taljda, Ester, Isaac, Athar, Kohun, Achar, Ebermach, Sikta, Astara, Ija, Isarius, Sol-tec, Karne from planets Nirbua (Venus), Erra, Zetor, Tasiila, Riddh, Ajacit, Aenstria, and with many other beings – over 100 names, including with the Creator himsef/herself.

8) Books of THE NEW REVELATION, Peter D. Francuch. The fundamental, essential and key source received from The Lord Jesus Christ deeply elaborating on the history, present position and conditions of earthly mankind, and presenting ways of solutions.

9) HEAVEN AND HELL, Emanual Swedenborg, 1758.

10) THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, (3 books) James Redfield.

11) THE TENTH INSIGHT, James Redfield.

12) BRINGERS OF THE DAWN, Barbara Marciniak.

13) CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD I, II, III, Neale Donald Walsch.

14) PLANET LOGO: Life of one cosmic civilization, Vladimir Strejcek.

16) SPIRIT, POWER, MATTER, Adelma Vay (teaching of Orthon about structure and development of universes, received 130 years ago in Hungary).

These are mostly books about contacts with and messages from Cosmic people (Heavenly Angels) of the Forces of light. These books are recommended by the Cosmic people. The major life philosophy of Cosmic people is love for the Creator, for nature, for living creatures and for everything. There is no violence.

All these books and many other texts, lectures, images, movies about Cosmic people – Heavenly Angels – can be found at , .  Free downloading, duplication and dissemination of these information is allowed and important for the positive development of mankind on planet Earth.


Reading books dealing with issues of abductions or ship crashes is dangerous for readers since, while reading such a book, the reader instantaneously sends these thoughts out to space (thoughts travel through space much faster than light), and these thoughts are caught exactly by the negative beings dealt with in this book, who then attack these people. Everything works exactly in accordance to the esoteric law: same attracts same. These attacks take place on a large scale in the USA (millions of people were already abducted) where such literature is available much sooner compared to our country (Czech republic). The same applies to watching face of humanoids (reptiles) with big black eyes.

Hence, I recommend, and Cosmic people of the Forces of light recommend that too, that this literature, as well as any literature about violence) be destroyed. When this happens everywhere, then these negative beings will stop threatening and hurting us. The same applies for films/movies. If, exceptionally, you need to name the negative beings with a reptile-like structure of their bodies (with big black eyes), feel free to call them with love saurians.


Ivo A. BENDA gives lectures based on interest and invitation by people themselves. A lecture takes ca. 5 hours with a hour-long pause and with meditations. The time of lectures is usually on Saturday at 1 or 2 p.m. It is allowed to record the lecture.



Conditions of contact with Friends from Space and with the Creator

These conditions are listed in texts of "Talks with teachings" books, and I present them here summarily. Those of you who have too materialist thinking and have your sentiment inhibited, focus on removal of these barriers. The conditions here are actually conditions of abidance to Cosmic Laws of our Prime Creator, and thanks to them, you will uplift and stabilize your vibratory - spiritual level. Cosmic people long for contacts with every Earth men who fulfills these conditions. As of July 6, 1998, 670 000 people in the Czech Republic have experienced such contacts. After fulfillment of these conditions, everybody can contact the Creator, too. You need no CETI or SETI projects to establish the contact !!!

1. Live a loving, harmonious, well-ordered and spiritually - sentimentally founded life. Love your Prime Creator of all and everything, your Spirit and physical body - by this you love your Creator, for you are part of him/her. Don't drink alcohol excessively, preferably not at all; don't smoke cigarettes excessively, preferably not at all. Forgive yourself and your fellows.

2. Love other human beings, even those who harm you, for they do only what they can. Forgive them.

3. Love all other Creatures, the "living" and "non-living" ones, i.e. nature, plants, animals, and the planet Earth who is a higher being than us.

4. Reduce eating of meat to minimum, best no meat at all (one is able to begin contacts after circa 10 days from that day).

5. Eliminate - destroy any negative literature, i.e. books and magazines about wars, eroticism and negative extraterrestrials (UFO - abductions, crashes of ships, etc.) - irradiators of coarse-vibratory energies.

6. Don't read negative books and magazines, don't watch negative movies. It's recommended to ignore politics since it's full of the coarse vibrations.

7. Don't possess excessive property (2 and more houses for yourself, 2 and more cars for yourself, etc.)

8. Help people in need according to your potentialities.

9. Work for people at least in the matter of disseminating information about Cosmic Friends (in a moderate, unobtrusive manner).

10. Don't harm or hurt other creatures.

One can ask for a contact with these words:

“Dear Creator, my beloved one, I'm asking you for a contact

            – with You.

            – with my cosmic friends, with Ashtar, Ptaah, ... etc. ”

At the same time, it is necessary to have the purest thoughts and love in the heart, a pen in the hand and paper prepared. While writing, beam with love and don't insert your own thoughts and, especially, doubts. The best communication is IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CHEST via 4th – the heart chakra ("in spirit", no hearable voice), which, when open, serves as a filter from negative entities; or via 7th chakra (hearable voice), but there can be the both sides, i.e. also negative entities – more intuition-intensive! Wish you a lot of joy, edification and lovely experiences at building-up of friendship with Cosmic People!

It might be appropriate to verify the messages (by other people who truly communicate with Cosmic Friends).


576. War in Kosovo (173).   (Received by Ivo A. Benda).   April 7, 1999. 4:05–4:30 p.m.

Place: Zlin.

“Dear Ivo,

I, Ashtar, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, am sincerely greeting you.

Yes, you are worried about that part of Yugoslavia, I understand you, we here on our ships know that it is normal here on planet Earth to kill people and cast them out of their homes. Observing the thousands of years long rule of Darkness on your planet, we have learned good information about how Darkness maintains its power – by disseminating fear. The war in Yugoslavia is a “movie of fear” which is forcefully by means of televisions and newspapers imposed on hundreds of millions of people on planet Earth so that they, too, will produce fear and anxiety = the coarse vibrations. Yes, people still haven’t learned about how evil operates and so they continue supporting it and feeding it by their own fear – emotions; this, indeed, is the food of saurians, who have been controlling you here for thousands of years just because you have been permitting them to. This is the Truth about this matter and the whole Universe knows this.

I love you dear Ivo for your striving to disseminate love around you and to further disseminate the Light on planet Earth. Yes, many people are beginning to see through the manipulation with fear and the coarse vibrations and are realizing more and more the ways evil operates and the ways to face evil. You are pleased that many people are already informed and hence are calm and composed and do not let themselves get affected by these coarse-vibratory channels of evil, violence and fear.

Every human has a free will and voluntarily accepts or rejects the coarse-vibratory operation of your media. It’s one’s free choice, every one chooses his/her future in this life as well as in following lives. This is assured by the Cosmic Laws – same attracts same and the law of karma. Yes, we won’t need to return to this topic later on, you are constantly spreading love, joy and light, I see you shining beautifully. You don’t let yourself get influenced by the negative energies in your work for our beloved Creator.

This was communicated to you by Ashtar, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron.”

Thank you dear Ashtar for this edificatory message you’ve given to people of planet Earth. With love, Ivo.

“And now I, Ptaah, commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades, am joining. Yes, I love you dear Ivo for being so firm, loving and for not letting yourself get flooded with the coarse vibrations, because you know this is the operation of Darkness. Many beings of the Forces of light now fight with love against the Forces of darkness and try to quench this war conflict in Yugoslavia. These are beings both on Earth and in the Universe. People on Earth carry out lots of meditations and thus try sending love to warmen who disseminate evil and violence. This was so in past, and is so also now. You know that there has been a fight between the Forces of darkness and the Forces of light for 300,000 years, and that the Forces of darkness do not want to give up this area. Therefore, they seek to provoke these spastic wars in order to control humankind by means of fear and violence. This has always been the case. Now you can see the effects and results of this in not great distance from you. You know we are constantly trying to send love to planet Earth, who needs it so much, and many people on Earth are trying this too. I am glad that the number of such people is increasing and that they have a great desire to change this system of evil into the system of Love.

This was passed on to you with love by Ptaah, commander of the Cosmic Squadron from Pleiades.”

Thank you dear Ptaah, I will gladly pass this message on to people of planet Earth so that they can learn and replace thoughts of evil by thoughts of love. With love, Ivo.


582. Chat with friends.   (Received by Jiri L.)   March 31, 1999. 11:30–00:00 p.m.

Place: Stribrna.

“Hi Jirko, I – Pleja – am talking to you now.

Yes, I am a commander, but as you said yourself, the commander cares for ones who are under him in the first place, and then she cares for herself. You see that, and my father will pardon me nothing. Yes, but wait until the time comes (inquiry about a possibility of contact).

I know you long for contact, for closer getting to know each other, but these personal meetings are also a reward for work for the Creator. Now it is all clear to you with regard to the meeting. You will be evacuated (I’m constantly thinking of an intensive help to others in the process of evacuation and boarding the ship among the last ones). You want to help during evacuation and we know you have a great pleasure of helping others. But do not forget to also take care of yourself, this is no excessive self-love. I will now communicate you a message, dear Jirko, and please pass this message on to Ivo Benda:”


If you destroy your planet Earth, it is your choice; however, if you want to interfere with surrounding Universe, we will stop you. It is all about your decision – what you choose you will also gather. Many of you have read the flyer and thought a while about its content; however, you have put it aside at once and you continue living in the old way. But you have an unparalleled opportunity to increase the vibrations in your current body to the extent that you will be able to enter other dimension. There are people in the Universe who are waiting for the moment you join them. It becomes much clearer when you realize that the entire Universe was not created by itself and from itself and that it serves some purpose. You, people on planet Shan, have destroyed your planet to such an extent that your mother Earth refuses carrying you anymore and wants to cleanse herself from you. That she is still carrying you is only thanks to love and meditations of some people and also thanks to great love that we, Cosmic people, are sending her. In the event of evacuation, any attempt from your side to stop the evacuation will be useless. We are able to eliminate your nuclear potential at once. Anytime you look in to the Universe, you can only see a fiddling fraction of what is really happening out there. It is the Universe replete with life, love and harmony, and we have a right to prevent you from having access to it in case you would try to interfere with it or disrupt it in any manner or way.

This message was communicated to you by Ashtar Sheran, commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron.”









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