2800. "Foreigners" learn Czech language (946).   (Received Peter S., Ivo A. Benda.)

August 25, 2006.

Place: The area of Melnik, Martin.


„Foreigners“ learn CZECH language: Croatians, Germans, Romanians, Hungarians, Poles, Ukrainians, Arabs and others – Ashtar was right, people thus make preparations for life on the NEW EARTH.“

They do that, because:

Terrestrials may read authentically received –
10 volumes of the Czech version series TALKS WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS – 4500 pages and dozens of other quality books and thousands of pictures with LIGHT INFORMATION FROM THE ANGELS OF LIGHT – THE COSMIC PEOPLE – available on the internet address  www.universe-people.cz , www.vesmirni-lide.cz   and  www.andele-svetla.cz  , where in the course of 7.5 years the number of entries reached 1 000 000 (800 000 of the Czech version and 200 000 of the English version, etc.). It is impossible to translate everything into hundreds of languages spoken by terrestrials. Something is translated into English language (the 1st volume of TALKS and more important extracts from other 9 volumes of TALKS). Translator has a right to make 5 percent mistakes and in practice is the content of text distorted yet more. All over the world also live many „foreigners“, who learned Czech language while dwelling in Czechoslovakia in 1950 – 1990, when they studied and worked here, so that they acquired basic verbal skills, which can be developed.

On the NEW EARTH was CZECH chosen as the all planetary language; that corresponds with this most comprehensive, true and nowadays in 2006 on the old planet Earth from 90 percent also the most actual source of LIGHT INFORMATION  www.universe-people.cz , www.vesmirni-lide.cz   and  www.andele-svetla.cz  , coming from the Angels of Light – the Cosmic people. Other sources serve as supporting means; these are not so comprehensive and most of them comprise less then 90 percent of truth – that is reasonable limit for the basic truth contaminated by negative energies.

On the old planet Earth there nowadays in 2006 DOES NOT EXIST ANY ORGANIZATION, ANY MEDIA – ANY TELEVISION STATION, BROADCASTING STATION, NEWSPAPER, JOURNAL, PERIODICAL, which would release at least from 90 percent true, actual and very comprehensive LIGHT INFORMATION, although we already live in time of internet and technically easy accessible information.

Terrestrials begin to appreciate that value of these

People become conscious of fundamental truth regarding
ONE LANGUAGE, revealed by Ptaah in report 509, shared in the 2nd volume of series TALKS WITH INSTRUCTIONS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS:


If we want to speak with other people,
we have to learn their language.
If present conditions reminded life on the planet Erra,
we could travel gaily.

Why, people talk to each other all around their planet

by way of ONLY ONE language.

The answer:

„If you would thus like each other,

then you would also talk by way of only one language.


Some media, especially the CENTRAL MEDIA (settled in capital cities of states, bowing to massive influence of governments, the Churches and „scientists“ – GOVERNMENTAL, CHURCHY AND SCIENTIFIC SECT consisting of small number of negative entities) INTENTIONALLY LIQUIDATE, DESTROY AND BUTCHER LIGHT INFORMATION AND COMMAND HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE INTO DARK WORLDS UNDER THE BATON OF PSEUDOCREATORS FROM LOWER REGIONS, namely throughout dozens of years, when media existed.

ENGLISH IS THE SOURCE CONTROLLING LANGUAGE; the pseudocreators from lower regions – from the Dark worlds – used it during the last 1000 years to pour in pilot projects – the primary ones of outer controlling energies, namely in territory of the language source – Great Britain, and during the last 70 years in territory of the USA, which since 1964 knowingly cooperate with pseudocreators from lower regions on mad projects aimed at controlling mankind with final all planetary CHIP TOTALITY.


Through the medium of English language are thus easily and rapidly distributed all the old and new outer programs of pseudocreators from the Dark worlds, and because of that it CANNOT BECOME NEITHER THE MAIN LANGUAGE FOR DISSEMINATION OF LIGHT INFORMATION on the old planet Earth, nor the all planetary language on the NEW EARTH owing to its negative ambiguity (some words have up to 30 meanings – that’s very negative feature of language). It appears just as mere WASTING PRECIOUS ENERGY AND VAIN UNDERTAKING to wait till in English language appears real and right comprehensive LIGHT SOURCE.

POSITIVE AND LOVING PEOPLE LEARN THE CZECH LANGUAGE EASILY AND FAST, since they are helped by ANGELS OF LIGHT – THE COSMIC PEOPLE – when they read text, listen to sound recording or watch instructional film.

At the beginning of report 1 in the 1st volume of TALKS is also specified condition of selecting one language:


„When all of you enter this way of living, following us, being able to share everything with others, capable of working in this manner and of presenting your work to all with love, but all of you in this way, it will make a difference . . .“.

In the home worlds of the Cosmic people – the Angels of Light in Heaven – they always use
ONE ALL PLANETARY LANGUAGE making all inhabitants easily understood, and everybody there knows the galactic language KOSAN, which is simple (reminding our Roman type or Esperanto).

THE CZECH LANGUAGE is considered as one of the MOST DEVELOPED on the old planet Earth, as far as richness, expliciteness and phonetics are concerned. That’s determined by its eventful history in terms of distributing LIGHT INFORMATION FROM HEAVEN both in the history of human everyday life and of the Czech culture, which is remarkable, especially in the view of so small number (10 000 000) of inhabitants.