518.  Our today's medicine.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

January 15, 1999.  7:24-8:30 a.m.

Place: Sumperk.


“I see you have spare time and so we can continue for a while. What would you like to know today?”


What is your opinion on our present medicine? What should be improved in our medicine?


“Your medicine is old and outdated.”


Why outdated?


“Because you always seek to cure everything only by means of drugs, injections, vaccines, electrotherapeutics, etc., you keep spinning in one place. Your medicine cannot move forward until it admits and acknowledges other bodies in addition to the physical one. An example of a good new approach is the kinesiology, the One Brain method, that you are studying now, but it is not the only method. This method can help many people solve their problems, but it doesn't solve for them one fundamental thing – their choice. But we talked about this in our previous conversation, so there is no need to repeat it. People today are learning a new view on the world, a new thinking, and a number of people has still not got used to and realized the change that has been manifesting in their lives – that they can make decisions by themselves. Many people still remain in the old rut, lined for them at the times of the former regime, and are not about to get out of them. Hence, a change, sometimes even a shock, must occur in their lives in order that they wake up and begin to think of something else. Thanks to some Earth men like you, Vlastik, are, they can obtain information from without, from space, and reflect upon themselves and upon the meaning of their existence. The catastrophes like floods, earthquakes, devastating tornadoes and others that might come can still be influenced. If more than some 30 people meet, sit down in a circle holding hands together, meditating and cleansing your planet, the results of this can, among other things, significantly affect a number of those calamities. Remember that calamities of various kinds are here to deflect people from a balance, causing that people stop and reflect on themselves and their surroundings. A catastrophe in the without brings a change in one’s within. And as the people pull together after a catastrophe and one can see all the changes around him, a reflection or projection of those changes is taking place in his thinking and feeling. Of course, it also depends on one’s sensitivity; however, even quite unsensitive people draw some lessons from this. And if these lessons are not enough, another, often more shocking, lessons will come, such as exactly needed by some people for their evolution.


The same applies to the vast majority of doctors and medical personnel. How many people will have to see them with various problems till they begin to move forward and study more and turn to their within? Can't you, dear doctors, see what a miserable state is your population found in? Reflect upon yourself in a quiet, every one of you. If you want to help people and the vast majority of you have decided for this occupation, go to you within. Don't just run after marks, money and many other forms of rewards, but take a think. Pharmacies are crowded. You always give to people the same medicine – pills, drugs, powders, drops – and the number of the sick rather grows than falls. Isn’t a change needed here? The first change occurs when you realize that. It has been enough misery and suffering of this generation, and it’s not going to be better for the next generations either. Change your attitude toward patients. Having his/her specific problems, every patient is unique and you solve it by prescribing your universal medication. Yes I know, it often works, but not always at all. Don’t you think it’s been enough to using people as the medical test subjects to determine which drugs take effect and which not? Don’t learn to test everything (our patient – our customer – is not a guinea-pig – internal motto of some successful businesses !  – editor’s note) and connect with your internal Self, the voice of your heart, which will unmistakably lead you to your goal as far as you are willing to listen to it. More and more people seek help from elsewhere – from healers, true shamans, etc. – just because they believe you no more. Isn’t this strange to you? After all, it’s you who should be the light in the souls and bodies of your clients and patients; the light leading them through knowledge to the better perfection of body and spirit. Lower your ego finally, and look upon healers and various other therapists from the view of cooperation, seeing that they, too, may teach you a lot. Not everything (far from everything!) is contained in and covered by the books that you read in the course of studies. It is needed to go further, to continue to develop yourselves and your knowledge. Once you acknowledge that you may not always be right and that you constantly learn throughout your life, it will be a great leap forwards. And the path toward better health of your population does not run through better instruments, devices, lasers and other aids that are being offered to you for big money from all sides. Each of you has the greatest reserves and sources in your within. Yes, inside of you, and these sources are there at no cost, they just need your effort and time. And enthusiasm, motivation, as you call it. But that motivation is around you every day – it’s your patients and your bigger and bigger impotence to cope with it. It is necessary to reverse the direction of illness operation. All has roots in behavior and so it is needed to always teach people. For example, tick prevention in the form of vaccination is good, but it is much better to teach people how to behave in nature and to nature; to teach them that they shall learn to love one another, to feel things by their hearts, and nature will then reward people for all that. Otherwise, this planet will just defend itself against weakened individuals. Your medical science has already learned that every illness is preceded by organism impairment, but it doesn’t want to admit the cause of the impairment. This impairment is a manifestation of malfunction of the body energetic field – so-called aura. And the aura malfunctions when the energy ceases to flow properly somewhere in the body. And the energy stops flowing properly when an energetic block – a place preventing the energy from its natural flow – is created. Remember: Everything begins and ends with thought. You were conceived by thought and it is thought that takes you away from this world. There is energy all around you; even you are the form of it, and every form has time to change. And this is happening with you right now. The change in thinking will initiate the change in behavior, which will initiate the change in acting. Learn and seek. Seek in your within, there are lots of treasures hidden inside of you that you are not aware of so far, and once you discover them, you will have a desire to reveal another and another treasures, for the road to the within does never end.


That’s all for now dear Vlastik. I see you are already tired and also your hand doesn’t obey as it would be desirable.


This was given to you with love by Auter from our Creator and the Creator of this Universe.”


Thank you Creator for information for all this conversation, I will pass it on to people. Thanks Auter for your work.   With love, Vlastik.




569.  Health condition of people of the Czech Republic.      (Received by Katerina P.)

March 27, 1999.  8:32-9:17 a.m.

Place: Zlin.


Ivo A. Benda asks questions, civilization DHOH responds.


How many percent of people in the Czech Republic are completely healthy?


“The health condition is given by the quality of life in the course of previous 20 years, not just by the quality of life in the year of determining the health!


1948: 3%

People were scarred by the World War 2, famine, fear, wrong way of living in general, poor health care.


1958: 45%

Consolidation of living conditions took place, people had positive thoughts (e.g., thoughts of building new things), domestic animals were bred at homes and dwellings of people – natural living conditions of animals; in addition, people did not ingest large amounts of meat compared to 10-20 years henceforth. Population explosion, many healthy children were born.


1968: 55%

Years 1961-1968 were marked by the top health quality of the Czech people. The chemicals in agriculture were not yet used. Animal food was given by domestic animals bred in family lands and people did not eat large amounts of meat. People had no stress and fear of future. High birthrate of healthy children continued. The best complex of health care; your health service reached its top-height.


1978: 38%

The use of chemicals in agriculture as well as many years of damaging the living environment (power plants etc.) caused continual degradation of people’s health. People still had no stress and fear of future.


1988: 15%

The major factor of people’s health degradation is the use of chemicals in all spheres of human life. Chemicals are penetrating everything – drinking water, all the food (so-called extensive growth of agriculture – editor’s note), furniture (formaldehyde, PVC), houses, consumer goods, toys. People consume much more food than it is necessary for their life – the meat in particular. The meat of animals is now full of the stress-hormones which are created during slaughters in meat packers. This is a massive infringement of the Cosmic laws!!!  People get much more dissatisfied with their job compared to the past.


1998: 2%

Finding a healthy human is a scarcity, birth of a healthy infant is a miracle. Birth rate fell down to minimum. Main causes of this condition can be summarized as follows:


1. Overall ecology deterioration

- Lack of fresh (drinking) water

- High level of chemicals in everything,

- Improper way of breeding domestic animals

- Excessive meat consumption


2. Stress

- Financial stress

- High job performance for little money

- Work dissatisfaction (the negative thought)

- High social uncertainty in the past 2 years


The overall negative thinking is immediately reflected in the form of illnesses.


3. Health care degradation

- Inhuman attitude toward patients

- Basic health care is inaccessible for many people – expensiveness


Many ill people don’t see a doctor at all – the reason is a high financial loss in work, or job loss.

Patients have to pay for many things. Hospitals are too far from patients’ homes – hospitals in smaller towns are being canceled.




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