504.  Food.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

January 5, 1999.  11:47-12:36 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


Question addressed to the Creator. My today’s question relates to food. Our appetites, feelings tell us what to or not to eat. What is the connection among the stomach, appetite and feeling and thought, which affects the choice?


“You are right that appetite = feeling. It is really your feeling telling us what we shall eat, how we should get dressed, what we should do. The thinking interferes with the process from the position of logic and from the position of old programs or patterns that we have learnt from our parents and teachers. This logic and old programs are our burden. It is something that needs to be restrained and sometimes even completely eliminated, especially in the event that we already have overcome a certain level of thinking. But everything should be done gradually, gently, never drastically or in any other violent manner. One who has been taught and is used to eat brawn, meat and meals like that will hardly get persuaded to order vegetable salad as a main menu. First, a feeling will come that what he/she does is not fully okay and, subsequently, a thought (i.e., intention) to change it will emerge. Afterwards, our mind will subconsciously seek something that fits our intention. For example: If I eat brawn and I have intent to change it, I will change the restaurant or canteen for another one, or I will simply get an appetite for something else, e.g. for that I see someone else is eating. This is how you influence one another. The change may even come together with the change of the collective that I use to go for lunch with. As it flashed now through your mind, Vlastik, one of the fundamental laws of Universe can be applied here: same attract same, or in another words, energy of a certain vibration attract energy of a similar vibration. Whether and to what extent every individual wants or doesn’t want to suppress his appetites depends solely on him. If he, however, does this often or for a long time, he will get to the conflict with the needs of his physical body. And this is not paying off. In the form of various defects of body organs, the things we have neglected – our feelings that we have ignored – will manifest themselves. So, one cannot generally say that this meal is healthy and that one is unhealthy. Whatever is healthy for one can be unhealthy for another because that another needs something different now; and so it is essential to have a choice! Our thinking is a reflection of our experience, and it is not always our experience, but too often, we take it over from others, and this is the mistake. It is needed that one learns to listen to her thoughts and to change her thinking patterns once she needs them no more, once she considers them unfit anymore. What’s the exact relation among the three components: STOMACH – FEELING – THOUGHT?



Yes, thank you for the clarification. I guess this scheme demonstrates the relation sufficiently.


Let me emphasize the feeling of the meal. It makes difference whether you eat a meal up just to stuff yourself and to drive that feeling away, or you eat with pleasure, with gratitude to the Creator for the food. In the West, it is considered normal to throw something hastily into one’s stomach and go. This, however, relates also with the esteem for one’s body, and the body, in turn, enables us to experience the feelings “on our own skin.” (Don’t urge, I’ll wait, you are needlessly hurrying with the writing.) If you simply “throw” the meal into you, the body will respond accordingly: heavy feeling, tensions in stomach, heartburn, feeling bloated. You give your body no chance to recover as it needs. You often hurry back to work, you are pressed by time, deadlines, tasks and what is it all good for? One way or another, the body will eventually compel you to stop and reflect upon your acting. And the reason for stopping is health concerns that arise and we begin to contemplate why. The medicine is quite developed today and a lot is known about human body and the concomitants of stress. Yes, stress, because this is the term in your language for the state you are often in while eating. If you are smart, you’ll make a change – you’ll change your diet, your feeding practices or the environment. All this will eventually cause you to calm down and begin changing your thinking on the basis of your own experience. That’s all for now, I see there is quite busy around you. (It really is, some 5 people entered the room – receiver’s note.)


This was answered to you by the Creator of our Cosmos and with love conveyed to you by Itykerjahr and partly by Ashtar.”


Thank you dear Creator and also thank you, friends, for the information and for your help to me and others. I love you for that.  Vlastik.




505.  Food, further information.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

January 5, 1999.  1:36-2:15 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


“We can continue if you want.”


Is that you, Creator?


“Yes, and the message is being conveyed by Aykron from the 9th dimension. I will follow up with the end of the previous ‘message’, as you call it in the “Talks with teachings”.


People who take heed to their feelings, who take proper care of their body, are able to experience just the opposite feelings. They can enjoy and delight at the consumed food; they can feel pleasant warmth flowing through their body. For food as such is not designed for the physical body only, but it also feeds the soul with pleasing feelings from the consumed food. Hence, less is sometimes more. And notice please how everything fits together nicely: Soft people eat slowly, prefer lighter food, abide by their feelings, whereas coarser people eat heavy meals, mostly just to stuff up the stomach, they don’t care about their feelings much and their tastes do always repeat. Meat, meat and meat again. Sure, there are a number of people who sway between the two extremes. On one hand, they want to live healthily (mostly because they’ve already read or heard of something) and on the other hand, they still flounder in the embracement of old programs which are telling them that they need meat and that meat is really tasty.


But how can one get out of this vicious circle? First and foremost, one has to make a decision to change it and pursue it, and stop listening to those still under the thumb of old thinking who strive to take you back. For it is very comfortable to do nothing new and to follow the same old ruts. But it’s no go anymore! When will you, people, finally decide, activate yourselves and start reflecting upon yourselves? Why should others listen to your complaints that this or that hurts you? It is all your fault!


I love you and as a loving Father, I also have to raise you. For without personal discipline (I mean listening to the voice of your body) and without knowing what is good or bad for you, it is not possible to shift your spiritual evolution. You make decisions, no one else will do it for you, and by every your decision, continuously, at any moment of your existence, you are choosing the present as well as the future. Food, behavior, clothing – all this constantly echoes your choice. It can be seen in your work, in your clothes, in your food. This is the Universe of free will, and I govern this Universe by means of laws that I Myself created, tried out and found good. I’m leading you, my children, to all this good, and I’m helping you on your road to me. What you choose rests with you: the Light or the Darkness? Let those who like the Light to more reflect on themselves, on their behavior and acts; they are on a good road; however, there are always things to improve. Regarding those who have selected Darkness – it’s their choice, they choose their future themselves and I’m giving them enough time, enough lives on other planets in other parts of the Universe where they will be able to mature and to realize who they are and who they want to be. For this is the fundamental issue – to realize WHO YOU ARE and tell yourself who you want to be. Once each of you solves this fundamental question, lots of things will become clearer for you. You can turn to Me anytime, anywhere. You are part of Me, just like I am part of you. And whatever you are doing, whatever you are thinking of, is known to Me, for there is nothing that would be unknown to Me in this Universe.


Pass this on to other people – to those who want to listen and to become better people.


This was given to you by your Creator as well as Creator of the entire Universe. Conveyed by Aykron.”


I thank you Creator from all my heart for this conversation.  With love, Vlastik.




526.  Food and nutrition.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

January 25, 1999.  11:30-12:13 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


“I, Ashtar, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, am greeting you.”


(Part of the private message omitted.)


Should I launch some kind of association or club?


“Why association, why club? Simply meet voluntarily, exchange your experiences, define your further mutual progress, so that it will be of benefit to all people. It is not about help to ten or twelve people, but to masses of people. So that even doctors can see, hear and modify their opinion. We will continue to assist you in this.”


And what about nutrition and healthy food? How to explain that to people?


“Just like you’ve been doing this. By vibrations. It is a pity you don’t have devices for measuring vibrations. Your having them would not be in compliance with marketing of the black T-shirts. They rather do their best that people don’t speak of them whatsoever, and not even to develop devices for that. Your living in darkness like stupes – this is what they like.


Healthy nutrition is closely, really very closely, linked to people’s thinking. When you push people through knowledge, they will find the right way of living by themselves. Healthy nutrition includes plenty of vegetables, fruits, milk and its products, cereals. Eggs to a limited extent and meat as it is stated in the “Talks with teachings”. 1-2x a week maximum, including children. Don’t fear this will harm them! What you eat now is overmeated food, not the food with meat. Meat can eventually be completely omitted, but this may require some time. Obviously, the less meat you eat, the better. And the lower animal you eat, the better, too. All this relates to the laws of the Universe.


And what home?


“Your wife has understood this already, but she doesn’t want to give it up. It’s her reaction on your strict NO to meat. And she is afraid of children, of their growth.”


And are the fears legitimate?


“No, they aren’t. If your wife and children were to reduce meat to even smaller extent than now, nothing would happen. You can check it out yourself.” (Vlastik deals with kinesiology – unblocking – editor’s note.)


Can you tell me what you feed on? I mean some typical menu…


“It depends on diversity of individual planets, on their development degree and on crops they grow there. It partially matches your food, especially when considering the composition of fruits and vegetables. Somewhere no meat and milk are consumed at all; somewhere else no milk and eggs are consumed. Consumed to a greater extent are cereal crops like corn, millet, panic grass, barley, common wheat, rye. We focus mostly on fruits rather than roots and plants themselves, since this way, again, we are in a lower opposition to the Cosmic Laws.


Can Jamahama or some other biologist-doctor, in view of our conditions here on Earth, prepare a weekly menu for me or any other Earth man in general?


“It is possible. I’ll let them know. I think they will do this gladly for you.


This given to you with love by Ashtar, the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron, Jamahama, the biologist-doctor and Hljara, who is also greeting you this way.”


I am thankful, dear friends, for all these information and for your support. I love you.  With love, Vlastik.




534.  A weekly meal plan for me.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

February 1, 1999.  11:30-12:13 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


“Dear Vlastik, I, Jamahama, the biologist-doctor of the Ashtar’s space squadron, am greeting you.


You’d like to know more about the meal plan and food composition. I know you’ve dealing with this issue recently not only in relation to you. Your meal plan should look as follows:  (Age 26 years.)


Breakfast: Mash, milk, cheese or fruit of your choice, with bread or some other baking. I don’t recommend buns (stuffed cakes). They are not the lightest meal for the morning.


Lunch: Anything of your choice and taste, except meat. Maximum 1 meat-meal per week, or rather 2 weeks. Obviously, the lower animal, the better – for example fish, sometimes even, although rather exceptionally, poultry. It is important to always thank the Creator for given food. It should be a vegetable food, containing enough raw vegetables. Don’t combine it with fruits. Sweet meal (e.g., buns, brown betty that you love so much) once in a week. Take a sauce with dumplings or potatoes or rice rather than all the sweet. That’s bad. Also buns, that your wife bakes you at home, should be eaten once in a week maximum. Don’t forget to eat an apple or some other fruits with it. It shall help your digestion.


Dinner: Should be light again – spread or another vegetable food, e.g. vegetable salad, which can be combined with cheese, milk and buttermilk. I recommend that you drink it down with magnetized water or tea or milk beverages.


Sometimes it occurs to us that you overeat yourselves with pork, beef and other kinds of meat. This leads to overall numbness of your senses and heaviness of your body since the body is flooded with an abnormal amount of poisons which it cannot eliminate in a timely manner. Consequently, this leads to plenty of digestion problems. You know yourself that you need just 2-4 deciliters of milk a week, no more, but on the other hand, you can drink one liter of acidophilous milk or buttermilk a week. It is all individual – you can test it yourself.”


And what about eggs?


“Eggs, yes, sure, they replace meat to some extent, although not completely. It is OK to have them 2-3 times a week.”


May I eat raw eggs?


“Yes, but you must know their source. They shouldn’t be older than 3 days maximum.”


So, it seems our home food is not that bad.


“No, it’s not, except for the buns. This is your weakness at the moment; it’d be fine to correct it. You, especially your children, need more fruits. You have at least 2 apples a day, your children not. Yesterday’s walnut-spread was fine; it is better to eat domestic walnuts rather than imported ones. They are grown in your climate. The salted peanuts often mildew and get rancid. You wife told you that correctly.”


What about cereals?


“We are used to eat more cereals (grains) and vegetables than you. We make variously modified grains; they are always well flavoured – either sweet or salty with vegetables.”


Do you use salt?


“No, we use natural salt from plants and vegetables. The content of natural salts is fully sufficient for your organism, but you have to eat more vegetables, particularly raw vegetables. Through fruits we get natural sugars for our organisms. Simply put, the less salt and various spices, the better. And it is not tasteless, but more natural, food. Our vegetables taste a little differently, too. We have different composition of the soil with regard to the elements contained in it.”


And juices of plants and fruits?


“We drink these to a greater extent. You are still at the beginning with such juices.


This was given to you with love by Jamahama, and Ashtar added something, too. Continue working, dear Vlastik, and spread the love and light. Ashtar.”


Thank you friends for the information, they pleased me a lot. I love you for your help and advices.  With love, Vlastik.




535.  On meat in particular and food in general.      (Received by Vlastimil H.)

February 2, 1999.  11:41-12:05 p.m.

Place: Šumperk.


Jamahama, what’s the truth about meat? Did I receive the yesterday’s message correctly?


“Yes, you did. I know you and your wife wondered about it, but it is so. One should not eat meat at all; but it depends on the evolution degree of a given individual. The lower vibrations of the individual, the higher need for meat. But beware, it makes no difference whether one is a hand worker or one works in the office. It’s about overall thinking! You recalled correctly that in the past, people worked hard, often much harder than today, and they had no meat in most cases, or only a little bit of it and on a seldom basis. If you’d like to maintain these contacts as before, you shouldn’t eat meat more than once in 14 days, and that’s the maximum. It should be fish meat, best the sea fish – they have enough iodine. You can avoid other types of meat completely.”


Am I perhaps making this all up to justify myself?


“No, of course not, and we are wondering you still doubt after such a long row of contacts. But I know you are searching for an optimum solution, for a radical solution is not always viable. I would advise you to continue in your current direction. You won’t miss the meat. The source of the problem you had recently lies in the sweet meal, in sugar.”


And what about tomorrow’s cakes with vanilla cream?


“You can have it; this is the one and only one sweet meal in a week. But don’t overeat it to not have problems again.”


What do you mean by “overeating”?


“A plate overflowing with cream.”


But I love it so much…


“I know, but still you should restrain. Nor today’s overflowing plate was all right. Don’t surfeit. I know, you argue that you feel comfortably saturated; however, as you are sitting here, it can be seen in the area of your stomach that not everything there is okay. In your words, at least as I know it, sometimes less is more.”


You know it correctly. Thank you for the advice, I’ll keep it in mind.


And what about children?


“Children need to eat meat or rather an animal protein. Especially if they have been led to it by parents since the earliest childhood, it is hard to stop at once. It can, however, be gradually restricted down to one portion of meat (again, best the fish meat) in 2 weeks. Although some people may be skeptic about this, that amount of meat is sufficient for a kid, indeed. To change the outer world, you must, in the first place, begin within yourselves and set new goals, modify original conceptions and establish a new order in your vicinity first. To this relates also a change of your eating habits, for this, on the other hand, is related to the freedom of thinking. The less heavy the meal is, the easier and better it becomes for your mind to free itself from matter and think from the perspective of love and goodness for all. It is an error that many people think that the better life they live compared to their parents and grandparents, the more meat they must eat (to show how fine they are). Such people are just the matter-oriented ones.


This was given to you with love by Jamahama, the biologist-doctor of the Ashtar’s space squadron, and I shall present you regards from all of us here.


With regards, “keep it up!”, Jamahama.”


Thank you, Jamahama, for confirming the correctness of my thinking and for other information.  With love, Vlastik.




569.  Health condition of people of the Czech Republic.      (Received by Katerina P.)

March 27, 1999.  8:32-9:17 a.m.

Place: Zlin.


Ivo A. Benda asks questions, civilization DHOH responds.


How many percent of people in the Czech Republic are completely healthy?


“The health condition is given by the quality of life in the course of previous 20 years, not just by the quality of life in the year of determining the health!


1948: 3%

People were scarred by the World War 2, famine, fear, wrong way of living in general, poor health care.


1958: 45%

Consolidation of living conditions took place, people had positive thoughts (e.g., thoughts of building new things), domestic animals were bred at homes and dwellings of people – natural living conditions of animals; in addition, people did not ingest large amounts of meat compared to 10-20 years henceforth. Population explosion, many healthy children were born.


1968: 55%

Years 1961-1968 were marked by the top health quality of the Czech people. The chemicals in agriculture were not yet used. Animal food was given by domestic animals bred in family lands and people did not eat large amounts of meat. People had no stress and fear of future. High birthrate of healthy children continued. The best complex of health care; your health service reached its top-height.


1978: 38%

The use of chemicals in agriculture as well as many years of damaging the living environment (power plants etc.) caused continual degradation of people’s health. People still had no stress and fear of future.


1988: 15%

The major factor of people’s health degradation is the use of chemicals in all spheres of human life. Chemicals are penetrating everything – drinking water, all the food (so-called extensive growth of agriculture – editor’s note), furniture (formaldehyde, PVC), houses, consumer goods, toys. People consume much more food than it is necessary for their life – the meat in particular. The meat of animals is now full of the stress-hormones which are created during slaughters in meat packers. This is a massive infringement of the Cosmic laws!!!  People get much more dissatisfied with their job compared to the past.


1998: 2%

Finding a healthy human is a scarcity, birth of a healthy infant is a miracle. Birth rate fell down to minimum. Main causes of this condition can be summarized as follows:


1. Overall ecology deterioration

- Lack of fresh (drinking) water

- High level of chemicals in everything,

- Improper way of breeding domestic animals

- Excessive meat consumption


2. Stress

- Financial stress

- High job performance for little money

- Work dissatisfaction (the negative thought)

- High social uncertainty in the past 2 years


The overall negative thinking is immediately reflected in the form of illnesses.


3. Health care degradation

- Inhuman attitude toward patients

- Basic health care is inaccessible for many people – expensiveness


Many ill people don’t see a doctor at all – the reason is a high financial loss in work, or job loss.

Patients have to pay for many things. Hospitals are too far from patients’ homes – hospitals in smaller towns are being canceled.




*  *  *




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