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Processed by:  Ing. Ivo A. Benda,  August 4, 2000.

If you, dear reader, haven’t read any book of the following list, Ashtar Sheran recommends that you begin with books Bringers of the Dawn and I. Talks with Teachings from My Cosmic Friends.

Most of the following sources are freely available for online reading and download at , .

1) UFO: CONTACTS, Michael Hesemann (50 contacts with crucial people’s testimonies), 75% truth.

2) UFO: ... AND STILL THEY FLY, Quido Moosbrugger (Pleiadians of planet Erra in personal contact with Eduard Albert Meier, comprehensive description of civilization of Erra), 48% truthfulness, these are the only information in Czech language about work of Eduard Albert Meier, hence they are very valuable.

3) ANGELS IN STARHIPS, Giorgio Dibitonto (personal contacts in Italy in 1980s).

4) INSIDE THE SPACE SHIPS, George Adamski (contacts with Venusians in 1950s).

5) THE VOICE FROM HEAVEN: THE MESSAGE TO THE MANKIND, BORUP SPIRITUAL SCHOOL, Orthon (message from Orthon – the spiritual guarantor of our Galaxy, received 30 years ago).

6) BEYOND SPACE AND TIME, Johannes von Buttlar (planet Achele).


8) TALKS WITH TEACHINGS FROM MY COSMIC FRIENDS I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X. Ivo A. Benda, 1997-2005, (8 years of conversations with Ashtar Sheran, Ptaah, Orthon, Guetzal, Jamara, Jamahama, Hating, Alena, Pleja, Semjase, Taljda, Ester, Isaac, Athar, Kohun, Achar, Ebermach, Sikta, Astara, Ija, Isarius, Sol-tec, Karne from planets Nirbua (Venus), Erra, Zetor, Tasiila, Riddh, Ajacit, Aenstria, and with many other beings – over 100 names, including the Creator Himsef/Herself.


10) , , , , – internet web site with a large system of information sources.

11) IVO A. BENDA’S LECTURE, Louny, October 7, 1998, 2 video-cassettes, 90 min. each.



14) THE CELESTINE PROPHECY, (3 books) James Redfield.

15) THE TENTH INSIGHT, James Redfield.

16) BRINGERS OF THE DAWN, TEACHING OF PLEIADIANS. Barbara Marciniak, 99.5% truthfulness.

17) CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD I, Neale Donald Walsch, 98% truthfulness.

18) CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD II, Neale Donald Walsch, 97% truthfulness.

19) CONVERSATIONS WITH GOD III, Neale Donald Walsch, 95% truthfulness.

20) FRIENDSHIP WITH GOD, Neale Donald Walsch, 96% truthfulness, see also web site

21) COMMUNION WITH GOD, Neale Donald Walsch, 96% truthfulness, see also web site

22) PLANET LOGO: Life of one cosmic civilization, Vladimir Strejcek.

23) SPIRIT, POWER, MATTER, Adelma Vay (teaching of Orthon about the structure and development of universes, received 130 years ago in Hungary).

24) HEAVEN AND ITS WONDERS AND HELL, Emanuel Swedenborg, processed in 1758, still very actual, up-to-date and important information about the True Creation – Heaven (2/3 of book contents), the intermediate world – world of spirits, and about hell – the dark worlds. Excellent material based on hearing, seeing and personal visits of Emanuel Swedenborg. The most read one of all 26 his books. Information contained in this book properly supplement our today’s information about inhabited worlds in the Creation.

25) THE HEAVENLY CITY, Emanuel Swedenborg, originally processed in 1758. Very good material based on hearing, seeing and personal visits of Emanuel Swedenborg, suitable as an INTRODUCTION to his 26 books. Information contained in this book properly supplement our today’s information about inhabited worlds in the Creation.

26) SPIRITUAL FIGURES AND SYMBOLS, René Kysucan, Vladan Sladek 1998, (39 pictures, A4 format, high quality coloured PC processing under the guidance of the cosmic hierarchy).

27) EMBRACED BY THE LIGHT, Betty J. Eadie.


29) THE IMMORTAL AUNT – DVD-Video, Bonton, 1993, (99 min.). Czech “fairy tale” which very nicely and precisely ILLUSTRATES today’s society and affect and operation of the Cosmic laws. Characters LUCK and INTELLIGENCE personify some beings of the Forces of light, ENVY (played by the delightful Jirina Bohdalova) personifies the Forces of darkness (saurians, for example). Illustrated here are the control of people by the Forces of darkness based on thought impulses and all consequences resulting from this (decay of the kingdom, civil disorder, …). The movie nicely illustrates many faces and aspects of the Forces of darkness (according to reality), many tests of people. At the end is perfectly shown the only way to force EVIL out the kingdom – when all radiate LOVE and like each other.


THE NEW REVELATION – an important set of books of a VITAL SIGNIFICANCE for the complex understanding of today’s condition and state of humankind, dictated by The Lord Jesus Christ through Peter D. F. One can also read an important material of Mrs. Gabriela ”Christ exposes the demon’s state”.

30) THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Peter D. F., 1993, 779 pages, complex exposition of The Lord Jesus Christ on PRESENT SITUATION OF EARTHLY HUMANKIND including its history and ways of solution in 30 chapters. Received in 1988. THE KEY MATERIAL !!!

31) FUNDAMENTALS OF HUMAN SPIRITUALITY, Peter D. F., 1994, 262 pages, exposition on human spirituality and its relation to the Creation. Processed in 1982.

32) WHO ARE YOU AND WHY ARE YOU HERE ?, Peter D. F., 1995, 256 pages, position of Earth men in the Creation. Processed in 1984.

33) MESSAGES FROM WITHIN, FOUR CONCEPTS OF THE SPIRITUAL STRUCTURE OF CREATION, REALITY, MYTHS & ILLUSIONS, UNDERSTANDING AND FULFILLMENT OF OUR EARTHLY LIFE, MAJOR IDEAS OF THE NEW REVELATION, Peter D. F., 155 + 66 + 262 + 200 + 130 pages, other additional information to The New Revelation. The first and second book received in 1982, the third one in 1984, the fourth and fifth one processed in 1985.

34) COROLLARIES TO THE NEW REVELATION OF THE LORD JESUS CHRIST, Peter D. F., 1997, 352 pages. Received in 1992-1994. The last additional information to The New Revelation. It is recommended to read this book after triple reading of the previous books.


Furthermore, for those interested in further QUALITY SPIRITUAL EDUCATION, we recommend books and tape recordings with TEACHINGS OF CHRIST offered by UNIVERSAL LIFE ( The books exist also in original German language. Again, some of these books are freely available to download at , , .

A) Books of the inner way to God

35) Meditation course 1

Is aimed at enhancement and stabilization of our awareness. In 12 meditations, we learn to focus our feeling, thinking and acting more and more to God in Christ. Motion exercises done prior to a meditation induce deeper harmonization of soul and body. The course takes 6 months.

36) Meditation course 2

This is 9 month course, it is the path of addressing. We learn to put the spiritual force, i.e., the God’s energy within us into its full operation. We learn to direct and lead the spiritual forces in soul and in body through addressing individual centres of awareness. We learn the building and functions of spiritual body in human and we learn the consequences and impacts of positive and negative feeling, thinking, talking and acting upon human soul and body.

37) Inner path – The degree of order

On the first degree of the Inner path, we learn to put our thoughts in order, restrain our speaking and refine our senses and direct them to within. The tenet is: Get to know yourself! (bodily rhythm, training sight, teaching about the sense of hearing, teaching about the sense of smell and taste, training touch, overcoming past, everything is vibration, human as a target of low forces, human as a toy of external senses, human as a transmitter and receiver).


B) Divine revelations given by God’s Spirit

38) This is My Word Alpha and Omega

The Christ-Revelation which the world does not know. We will learn the true facts about life of Jesus of Nazareth and also his teachings we haven’t know until now. Christ also describes the on-coming period and the creation of His kingdom of peace on this Earth.

39) The Sermon on the Mount

Excerpts from book This is My Word Alpha and Omega. This sermon was given to us by Christ and, at this time, He clarifies, deepens and explains it through prophetic word. These are the concrete advices and instructions for today’s life in accordance to the God’s laws.

40) Christ exposes the demon’s state, its accomplices and its victims

Christ exposes the demon’s state. Who or what are the demons? Why Christ can expose today the activity of demons (and not before)? The Demon’s state and its energy-suppliers. The all-principle “sending and receiving” in the on-going events of creation and the communication in the divine world. The satanic principle “divide, bind and rule” and its consequences.

41) Father Words for You, Too

A small book - but a great gem. With it we are privileged to share in the personal words of the Father for His child. These loving words are also directed toward us, to accept and to adopt for our life. In this way, we are guided into experiencing the love of God, our Father, for His children. In this love, we are guided into coming out from under the burden of our human ego. This brings comfort and security, and the love for God and for our neighbor grows. We begin to feel our own true being which is positive and shining.

42) Liobani: I Explain - Will You Join Me?

Liobani helps young people find freedom in God and take their life into their hands: How do I find out what my type is and what my abilities are?  What is the right profession for me?  How do I deal with difficult situations involving my parents or friends?  Love at first sight? …

43) Your child and you

Every soul comes with different capabilities, talents and qualities into this world, but also with different soul burdens and base human tendencies and emotions. If these qualities, talents and capabilities of the soul as well as what it lacks are recognized in time, then the positive can be supported and the unlawful corrected in time. Your Child and You - an invaluable book for raising babies and small children in the right way. With ground-breaking knowledge about spiritual correlations and many specific instructions for the everyday practical questions a new mother is confronted with. A gem given to you from the Spirit of God - the school of life of selfless love for raising children to become free people!

44) God heals

A book that concerns everyone. For who could say of himself that he is totally healthy? Physical illness and mental suffering are increasing rapidly. New "incurable" diseases are terrifying mankind. Illness is caused by wrong thinking. Mastering one's thoughts is mastering one's life. The one who changes his thoughts and life for the positive attains soothing and healing. The healing of the soul brings about the healing of physical ailments.

45) The Power of Prayer, Meaning and Purpose of Your Earthly Life, The Law of cause and effect (the law of karma)

Christ’s revelation including the law of karma.


C) Writings of Christ’s friends

46) Healing through the power of positive thinking

True and real recovery comes from within. Thoughts are energies. The law of sowing and reaping. The spiritual circulation of energy. Centres of awareness. Nature of health and illness. Knowing oneself as a precondition for healing. Meaning of illness. Healing prayer and healing meditation.

47) Reincarnation

Reincarnation is not only an “Eastern” knowledge, because the thought on reincarnation was still a part of Early Christianity. In seldom-seen clarity and insight, the basic questions of mankind concerning the “where from” and the “whereto,” the “whys” and “what fors” are answered – clearing out many erroneous assumptions and concepts about reincarnation …

48) Where Did I Come From? Where Am I Going?

"When I come, nobody knows who I am or where I come from. Where I go, nobody knows who I was or where I will go." This book contains knowledge from the highest spiritual sources. It gives answers to questions which are as old as mankind. The 75 most-asked questions on life after death are answered here (e.g., Life after death, path of your soul, death is not an end but a transformation, How takes dying place? What is the soul experiencing when leaving the body? Where will all our souls be one day? What causes the grief of bereaved to leaving soul? What’s the meaning f our earthly life? Planets and purification planes.

49) The Dangers of Eastern “Masters”

Disillusioned Christians seek in the East. Where do Eastern Masters lead to? What happens while practicing eastern meditation? Blocking our world of feelings and sensations.

50) The Ten Commandments of God – The Life of the Original Christians

The Ten Commandments of God in their deep meaning, explained in a very practical way - for a life according to higher ethical principles, more relevant than ever before

51) Inner Prayer

Prayer of heart, prayer of soul, etheric prayer and healing prayer.


D) Excerpts from books

52) Excerpts from book “This Is My Word Alpha and Omega”

53) Day – your friend (excerpt)


E) Tape recordings THE WORD OF GOD AROUND THE YEAR 2000

In the series "The Word of God Around the Year 2000" some of the messages from the Spirit of the Christ-of-God, given through the mouth of a human being, His prophetess, are produced as original recordings on tape. (complete series: 25 tapes). Available for purchase at .


The books presented above are mostly or completely dealing with the contacts with and the messages from the Cosmic peoiple and spiritual beings of the Forces of light.

These books are recommended by the Cosmic people of the Forces of light. Their fundamental life philosophy is love to Creator, to nature, to all living creatures and everything, without any violence.


Warning ! Reading books dealing with issues of abductions or ship crashes is dangerous for readers since, while reading such a book, the reader instantaneously sends these thoughts out to space (thoughts travel through space much faster than light), and these thoughts are caught exactly by the negative beings dealt with in this book, who then attack these people. Everything works exactly in accordance to the esoteric law: same attracts same. These attacks take place on a large scale in the USA (millions of people were already abducted) where such literature is available much sooner compared to our country (Czech republic). The same applies to watching face of humanoids (reptiles) with big black eyes.

Hence, I recommend, and Cosmic people of the Forces of light recommend that too, that this literature, as well as any literature about violence (killing and mutilating people) be destroyed. When this happens everywhere, then these negative beings will stop threatening and hurting us. The same applies for films/movies. If, exceptionally, you need to name the negative beings with a reptile-like structure of their bodies (with big black eyes), feel free to call them with love saurians. Unfortunately, Magazin 2000 (Czech UFO magazine) is also very amply equipped with negative extraterrestrials, and so the Forces of light do not recommend reading it until it will, in the first place, contain information from the Forces of light (Pleiadians etc.). After more than two years, Mrs. Tothova, chief editor, is not interested in publishing the “Talks with teachings” in the magazine and she doesn’t want to communicate with me (she lets herself be controlled by the saurians).






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